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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Ferguson Legal Issues in Focus: Paul Cambria; Pt I

Ferguson Legal Issues in Focus: Paul Cambria; Pt I

Aug 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're -- and good in studio off for a discussion of what's going on in Ferguson Missouri our guest is Paul can Maria. The buffalo defense attorney at 7:20 this morning will be. The joined by another attorney Dennis Marco Paula good morning thank you for coming in what do you make of this whole thing for well and what's -- top of mind and well you know first first off you hear other versions. Of what happened and their delayed in coming out. And their very favorable to the police officer. And the first thing that comes to my mind is why. Weren't these versions rolled out earlier because they could have prevented all of this. The one scenario is that the officers assaulted he has a weapon. And you know the -- is 64300. Pounds. In that situation and the officer. Can have his weapon turned on him and he can be killed. So it is -- clear self defense situation. But it seems to me of that or that those were the facts they should've come out immediately. Through the police department of public relations people whatever and it may have prevented all of us. And now you know because it didn't come out right away. Eight at the Missouri governor the other day saying we need vigorous prosecution here talking about -- to come up. And and that and that you know that's the next thing will he become a scapegoat. And I say that I mean we really don't know the facts we didn't see what happened but assuming that. A 300 pound person came at you when you had a gun drawn you have to first of all assume that they're not being rational because who would do that. And secondly they're gonna take that away from you and kill you so you kill them I mean that is a defensible scenario. And you know as you listen to all these details that are coming out of the story hopefuls. I mean there's little doubt that this young man. Was robbing the store. Well but it does the casualties is supposedly the police officer did not know that. And that was another issue that came up which is why did the police department released the video. Of the deceased robbing the store when that something the police officers shot him didn't know. Was that a spin is that some way to try to well this is a bad guy so it's okay to kill I mean that's not a scenario that is acceptable. But I think just the dynamics of this situation. Somebody coming at you you have a weapon Europe police officer. If they take it away from -- year debt so that is defensible and that's the way it should have come out if those were the facts immediately. But with all the fans that have taken place there. Do you think that there's a chance he's going to be indicted well I think that could happen and you know it it makes me think of the Atticus situation. When the troopers were had to take -- back if you will the prison. There was a special task force -- special prosecutor. And it became a political situation. And a number of troopers. We're told that they were going to be indicted one of whom I represented years later. In the civil suit. And they became scapegoats and that the you know that was a very. Unpleasant situation a lot of the murders that happened there were very much justified. But it became a political thing and that's the question here will this become a political. -- grand jury is a subpoena. The person who was the target of the investigation. This police officer -- to come before the ranger well. They if they did then and well. Let's put it this. They could subpoena them and then the police officer has two choices they either invoke the Fifth Amendment or they testify. In New York. If you were compelled to go before the grand jury to testify I would have my client do all day long because they would be automatically given immunity. That's how it works in New York State. So he and Missouri will have the choice of saying you know I'm going to claim my Fifth Amendment right at this moment you can in indict me -- -- and I'll have a trial and will worry about testifying then. Or. They could have him he could infect testify and explain. Fascinating stuff -- agrees with us through 8 this morning. Nationally renowned defense attorney Paul came --

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