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Ferguson - Latest Update with Steve Futterman

Aug 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

CBS news correspondent Steve Letterman covering the unrest in Ferguson Missouri since the police shooting an eighteen year old Michael Brown. He's with us now on the WBM lifeline Steve good morning how was last night how does it compare to previous night's. All the election that was completely. A huge different than the previous night it was. Basically a peaceful like there were few problems there were. Six the -- apparently there was one bottle from -- essentially in the last night was -- People marching. Wound it around and finally getting tired and going home they chanted. The police were there there were no confrontation. No tear -- no Molotov cocktails. Apparently the -- and -- -- and before one bottle throwing early in the evening it would it would essentially people marching. People going home without any problems so it is a huge different than a officials are hoping that really marks the change in in the attitude that the marchers have during the demonstrations in treatments. Shave what is media making a guest today is visit to Ferguson by US attorney general Eric Holder did his visit do anything two. You know helpful calm down the situation. You know I don't think it really and that's certainly affected last night's. Demonstration for you I don't think the protesters are waiting to. I think that I think overall it was great symbolic gesture just to reassure people to reassure the family that he did meet with. Michael Brown's current took to reassure everyone that there will be eight operate their investigation and that yesterday looked. An article in the east and boost post dispatch where he promised the people that Ferguson a beer and independent and full investigation so it. I think we're somewhat symbolic which is sometimes what. President or in this case attorney general and they can do so unconscionable and can be very very helpful. Speaking of that investigation a grand jury is at work now looking at evidence in the case right. Right and that this is that these errors states it's possible state -- remember there are -- that full investigation to see a civil rights violations were violated there are no murder chargers like except in rare instances. And in Central Europe for physical chargers so that the murder murder chargers -- manslaughter charges if they are quantity -- will be brought by the state. Stayed in this case the Saint Louis county prosecutor the brain injury begin. Its investigation yesterday the court to take some time the chief prosecutor in street Louis -- -- He doesn't expect the grand jury to hear all the evidence. Until October or maybe a couple more months before we joke its impact. This offers early in the pit during world and will be charged with any crimes connected with the shooting and killing of Michael Brown. Stephen Nokia mobile have also been wondering about the whereabouts of this police officer and a new developments along that line. -- I picked up enabled and be checked exact the worry is we which all it's generally companies let out of the general Saint Louis area. The only they'd be somewhere else in the jury could be in the Illinois your -- of course just across the river so I am not aware of any specific spot where he is it certainly a couple of that he is. Not in the septic Saint Louis county area right now. Steve we're glad you could join us the update thank you. Here Steve -- CBS news correspondent lines in Ferguson Missouri.

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