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8-20 Tom Bauerle Hour 4

Aug 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBS. Yeah. I don't prefer taking administrative action. I'd rather see permanent fixes. To -- issue we face certainly that's true on immigration. I've made that clear multiple times I would love nothing more. Then bipartisan legislation to pass the house the senate. Land on my desk. So I can -- wherever and whenever. I can pick up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do. Com hourly and that's was -- within 200 feet of the school. Or cheese and its life. It's local group that is it's Tom hourly ask another question trying to get this much this isn't the real -- knows it wouldn't. He's Olympia. Now -- them on the news radio 930 -- here to tell you about an awesome place called new horizons. -- does have -- W. Yeah. The big word and Virgil and now friends. Of friends now. Plain words you could say there -- of them. -- am sorry about eleven minutes of the 600 radio 930 WBD and paper every Shakespeare. Play every I also try to watch at least eight team brain -- companies. To try to keep it eclectic. Or -- -- -- eclectic about. -- -- eleven minutes it presents its hourly and I wish to say that that was the star -- but I'm not the callers have been the star Anthony show and you know some of the all the -- in order for just second. Some of the best chose that I have done. In like -- over the past. I've been ten years have involved race. And one of the thing is that I have particularly enjoy. Is the fact that. I have been blessed by being able to talk about this stuff. Seriously. Honestly. With some occasional wise as you -- thrown -- and I think that I've done. My part. To. It's human rights. That beat less divisive if you understand from where I am coming. Because my basic premise is I don't think -- in need but the black white Asian Indian eskimo. I don't think anybody is immune from that tribal feeling we have on us vs them. Us and them -- Pink Floyd. But. A game. That I play it myself but again books and they got there. A little game that I use gays. For every -- IC in Ferguson. For every black person I see acting like freaky animal and looting -- store. I try to imagine how many more black people are wearing the uniform of armed forces police departments fire departments across America. We take a bullet. And the kind of changes your perception just a little bit. If you find yourself. Giving in to that in turtle. Jihad. That I think is inherent in the human race. And I don't think anybody is 100%. Q were I'm not have prejudices. I don't know anybody who doesn't have prejudices. But fortunately human animal is able to be logical. And rational. And work through that that's what separates it. All that and opposable thumbs up fourteen minutes after six thank you overly big -- of the day. To many people is a guy named Jonathan gentry gentry. He's a black. And folks this video has gone viral. It is at the top of my FaceBook page on dot hourly. My last name is spelled like our Jack -- the show 24 just an LE to the on FaceBook. And you'll wanna go to the page with the 101000 likes. The one where that handsome -- Wear a tuxedo. But without any further hesitation ladies and gentlemen. The audio of a video that has gone by. Everyone is Jonathan I just wanna get straight to the point about this Michael Brown incident -- -- tell you something and I think this before what we're doing out here it's not. Help but rioting mouton burning down doughnuts and stores and everything else that distortion -- -- -- -- forty extinction it's it's not helping. Both acted up or not you'd cut wheat pit stop at the police did not help and I picked it up or not fit again change it's not gonna come and tell weeks. You understand what I'm saying this is not helping. Changes they've got to come until we check in. All we know how to do with my auction why did we do. Just could not help that. Let's look at your door is -- open is thick but I'm gonna tell you what to hear -- pulled into what you want here. All we know and -- -- -- the -- -- -- bulk spot -- thought you know a lot of DeWitt playing bungling their way but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Gonna tell you when we go march we don't do is we don't know what did she thinks. -- -- -- -- Yeah Georgia -- to grow up on -- -- don't well. And yet about the grow up we hit it. -- -- it's up to -- streak and we portal this mountain golf and we get to oil this mountain long enough. Forty plus years he's been in -- Has been over fifty years think since we think that's all ye should two. Blue blue. -- tell me. We could overcome. Now with fifty plus years ago and always dornin corner route and circle. Blown around and start. You activist out there and civil rights leaders. All of a Phil black -- do NAACP Kamal will work it just came I don't know well we -- won't do it justice we won't yet. Don't get -- -- -- that's all you do know there's no -- -- And it was sixty question and did Chicago a few weeks back. Where -- you nowhere to be found. Few weeks later it's 45 and got him a weak team where would you know -- to be. When you re rate -- little -- We're -- you nowhere to be back okay Wyndham did little girl what shock when -- -- tricycle and bright garden stray bullet hit. We're review -- wouldn't be out. Police beat up -- got it all of them favorites delete these secrets did this all Shia. Did it to say if you don't notice it's gonna get a lot of people off -- incident lasting. Autograph that's what that this resistant are real and -- dropped. Okay. It did. To get a -- hit detection. Does not want to debunk that myth that sparked -- you don't get to meet treated. I'm young black dropped brand new BMW live in about them in Canada -- -- the -- mini. How many times they got out control -- it. Not. -- College about that bit about it didn't mis treat you and reliever -- Voting no why do we don't know black men and none fits. I had really account with the -- and I became good friends with. Tell me how come to live that life and you can't. Tell me. If not for us to paint it black people marching may. Argue civil rights leaders argue. Joker out there are telling us what we need to do it's we need to do that and we need to check each. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's time for a stitch and each. It's just people. Am not talking about Obama changed that we still waiting for that change. That's a whole another video but we still wait no no actually Joker makes it not been about noted. It's time for us to change you civil rights leaders confident if you forgot and get a revelation we need to change I think the direction. She just hit a black man to beat the bracket that hope don't fall into each Matthew 1515. Don't get it twisted. Stop burning down -- community -- wake you idiot if you met at the -- Clean up your own neighborhood and didn't help clean up there it starts with you. Alerts outfit that from -- Rick and Al Sharpton argue leaders out there NAACP. Picked it together. Let's get it together because they've -- bear. The whole country is watching a black planet it's part three okay where it probably will we -- need it. But -- won't be -- did not hold back where at hobby will would you need because there is slated it going on right now. Let's get it together folks -- change are what it's -- it's all comes forward we need to chill and relax. Okay -- here at French Open and act like she did George told ripples and help. And help I don't support. I don't support that Mike you're looking at TV I let -- an autograph it. No well I walk on the street with -- you could do well that looks. -- I think as black people. Left out option and that it should change. Okay that -- -- -- -- not fit it to get. I'm still waiting for us to overcome. Okay announced that the left used to go. Round around and -- -- work in anymore. Tablets you walked keep moving forward at the nation that. That is the audio from. Video that is at the very top right now my FaceBook page Jonathan gentry gentry is his name and predictably. She is taking some hits on his FaceBook page. Certain people are calling him via com. At a race -- Doing the white bands. All I have to say is he can smile every time he gets into his -- starts it up. And takes that bad boy on the road with his ultimate driving machine from birds but variations. All right folks. I have actually open lines for the first time all day and your thoughts on what. Jonathan and say in that video. You heard the audio of the video. And this is something else. Facts. Are in very short supply. Coming out of Ferguson I mentioned this earlier one of the callers I don't know if you guys are where it's. But do you know. That we can't even decide. Whether these so called gentle giant stole. The cigars. Or whether he paid for this cigars. And the fight was over his lack of ID. There are people saying the store owners never called the cops. It was somebody at the store who called the cops. To report the strong armed robbery. That really wasn't a robbery because he paper to cigars. We can't even agree and the that basic fact. But what effect I think it is beyond Eddie. Up frustration whatsoever is the fact that. The dead man. Ever to tragedy eighteen years old dude it's stupid things when you were eight team idea. I survived mine Michael Brown did not. The tragedy is he's that nothing will ever bring him back now. That tragedy can become pounded by a miscarriage of justice. In whatever that justice it's. A dole dole at this point if the cop was justified. In using deadly physical force. I will tell you that the gunshots to the front of Michael Brown's arms are going to be problematical for the defense. A lot of it is gonna depend on the which of these expert forensic pathologist is the most credible to the injury. If the cup is -- and is there any doubt that he will be. You've got forty FBI special agents on the ground investigating -- The attorney general of the United States is mayor. Do you think he wants to look like an -- by not insisting on an indictment if nothing else on federal civil rights violations against the cup. Seriously. Eric Holder is as corrupt as Obama is as corrupt as well. They have a leftist political agenda actually a regressive political agenda. -- at 626 more calls coming up phone number 8030930. 8030930. Start at thirty. And what 80616. WBBM. Got a guy called on holder says he's tired of the race conversation -- -- up. -- Okay. -- -- Is that 636 news radio 930 WBD. And he sustain one of the most infamous injuries at all of rock and roll my -- describe it on the year but just look at chuck Negron and EGR. Old negro just at the end to the end. It is six my audience is mature enough to handle the humor. 636 misery the united thirty WBZ. And -- is -- In East -- I think that may have misunderstood. What Michael straighter put on the -- -- Tom is with us on WBE and the and it's not his fault it's -- -- just to be clear. Top talked to me. -- -- -- -- This game I think it is I don't know too many people leaving -- him about and color anymore. Most people know you get broke either. Richard with a bothered him more or you drew that you -- well human being that you are convert more. And get over. The -- and soul. Food or fuel on the -- to predict. It now. I have asked myself and maybe some input from you guys would be appreciated. Seat I have to tell you as he radio talk show host. Every radio talk show host in America is talking about this story in some way shape or form. Perhaps it isn't the Ferguson aspect but they're asking local audiences for example do you trust the police have you had good or bad police stories. In what way do you think the media and Ferguson. Are blowing this out of proportion because I have thoughts on that and I wanna see if we match. What everybody and you know just what people should thank -- mean I didn't know until it -- yesterday. That the -- and sugar what I believe -- what he's obviously pretty civic center that's just the thing is pretty. Something like that for you know a pretty light -- -- -- -- elect uttering broke. So regret and you know you're. William. Go. -- and I might also point out pitcher bones. The -- of a twenty something year old police officer are a lot harder to break to the bones of a fifty year old man. I'm not quite fit the bra picker worked for a shot. A -- But it. I just I'm sick and tired of it you don't know. In my head because you know -- -- -- we have older generation. They look at their thoughts about you know by that -- whatever. Emblem what it's like immediately so it goes it's like we -- as it is still there and you don't act. But because the secure it -- it and a -- -- on the -- at the golf or actually no impact. It's just -- -- on because it's useless stupid thought. It's. I -- my grandmother. You look at all of the actual -- would be horrible well shortly -- then. She was she all of the other neighbor legal Malone -- taken better care out there who are. So is there but Stewart older generation that I look where. It's like -- stigma all but. There's where people in every way shape form their skill but black white whoever they're great people. Just some real bad -- so so -- console it. Well you know what more ratings what -- what I personally offended. Is the people who are the professional race hustlers like Al Sharpton. Like Jesse Jackson like the new black Panthers they've got a totally different agenda by the -- in Jackson and Sharpton for them it's all about the Benjamin's. -- the new black Panthers I think it goes beyond the Benjamin's into a more militant area of thinking. Without the perception. That there is a man keeping you down the man keeping you down. What kind of in chemistry with Jesse Jackson have what Al Sharpton and this is not some original -- I think that there is a growing realization. Bet if Jesse Jackson came out today and said you know what. America has elected a black man as president twice. We officially think racism is not. As it used to be and were closing down shop. What do you do for a living. I think this stupid thing and certainly realize. I think you can go to -- -- go very well but heaven forbid somebody look at it that -- in action taking action. OK so you know you say certainly interest that. And by the way. I appreciate your honesty. You said what you do have those thoughts they pop up but they immediately go away. Because common sense overrides your tribal action and what might theories of why it is we all. Have a mental tribe to which we belong or with these two which we believe we are associate. How are good that you're -- Other -- I mean. Even you know sucked -- a good person. You're -- and get the good news is that the kids you got here because -- don't need him that you can have against somebody. But then -- let you know whoever your own personal. Interaction. So I will go to the stupidity. -- an election remote order that I mean the kid can get it when it. I will play a bit farm I've had far many far more bad interactions with white people than with black people. Some of that obviously because where I lived has been mostly white. I was on vacation. And had an interest in exchange with a white guy and it was actually quite hilarious but the guy was basically a drunken idiot. And I've said this before you cannot argue with a -- you cannot reason with an insane person. And you cannot -- discussed rationally with a mob. And he was a white guy it was just it was a little bit it was actually hilarious looking back on it. And in -- and it is our right everything else that you wanna bring up. I'm glad you -- to thank you very much and thank you by the way if you're ever in that situation. The way to handle -- hold. -- psych ops the other person out keep your voice low. But most importantly show zero. Fear. Zero. Because when you -- zero fear. The aggressor no matter how drunk. Deep within himself or herself as are a lot of chick fights these days. Kind of wonders how you can be so called. Just a little trick. Here is Mario on Buffalo's east side Mario you're on WB -- welcome. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We have spoken with. No we haven't. Thought we. I'm there might have been assuming we're polar but I am not be here are back. Well -- is now I'm stereotyping. It's kind of like the hangover movies it's black dog. -- those and other there's another guy named Mario who. Has called into the show. And I thought you were that Mario anyway go ahead. Well Tom you know -- people say you know what we handle maybe your political alert. All out a lot as well as some -- important and I think he will he won't announce that poverty in black beauty. On you got a lot of and we what -- They -- -- The -- -- -- poor neighborhood. For school. -- in overtime it is cheap people whom Cabrera -- -- pop and general. And the black community. And that's why it would be Reid won't -- -- -- pro -- and next in the eighteen or years. I don't think -- financial incomes going to change that stance we accuracy changes in people's behavior. Action or discrimination. But if it's somebody in the -- -- if somebody is fifteen years old sixteen years old. Date and they get knocked up by some eighteen year old who is never to be heard from again. -- I'm stealing something here from Bill O'Reilly commentary from last night but. There's nothing I can do about that I did not tell the man to unzip I did not tell the woman to spread. That was a choice they -- You're absolutely. Right you know however just limited in America. In a society are we living over to -- giving birth to see differences siding giving culture. And in America you know you have sports and into -- counting. In South -- who stamps no Andyaat. It -- Think should be regulated more you know broke and so I think that's where problem. And you see it per hour. But -- what I have heard is that in some of urban black communities having. Multiple children with a whole bunch of baby mama is basically tells the community you are men -- man which in my book is bottom manly man. Because copying the -- and is you take care of your kits. You're absolutely. Correct. Term it's I think if you start here and able to California. Are you see the problem or what lies in art this just the upbringing of the kids. And -- an old. That's not financially stable you know to grow grow from our kids. For our children to grow in your church. Your finances are not there -- or not there he can't respect -- enough respect for rest of the world re support children. So what's your story Mario. You're calling are calling the show you are an avid listener to the show which tells me that you are upwardly mobile. And you're trying to bust your hump to make something of yourself tell me a little bit about Mario. Mario -- I -- actually an engineer area. I'm army engineer out in Amherst New York -- not -- give so much information just innocent so that they don't however human engineering in Amherst New York. And are buying it from -- both blacks are still a lot still without any fatter while -- to these issue these topics that. If you make speed more callers may call live in -- with thirteen -- -- beaten The -- sometimes is not about. People being racist -- kind of dispute the facts got direct. Young black girls -- given post for five and seven children. You know in its like who can race trigger for -- your children are gonna -- -- on -- foul -- the primary you're -- crime and you're going to have more cases like the -- and works. Okay now. Let's look at this a different way white family from Amherst goes to the buffalo Museum of Science to see the -- you get off the 33 you immediately lock your car doors and say hey it's the sound of the city. -- you park your car and very carefully walked to the Museum of Science which is not located in the best -- Now on the other side as a black guy you drive into the suburbs. Driving while black tell me. Just put the picture of your car your -- in your vehicle. Checking your rear view mirror or passing the cop at the intersection. Does that does that ever enter your mind driving while black. Your notes on your -- aid you know a just let's talk. On river roll around kinda want I'd just in email and even now even in north of the -- she kind of went wherever that is. -- -- -- Keep old books -- to -- see -- people just speaking to say it would. Year -- they're blacked out there with so even now he's kind of like are here black guy in. Young black guy -- don't -- it -- -- that would. Maybe if you elderly people -- some kids -- would -- with the idea. I don't automatically does say oh there -- or oh are in the greatest brave pull me over. You know what you know Tom racism. It's I just don't allow it to -- -- -- Well let me let me ask you this in a different way. In the past year in the suburbs how many times you've you've got pulled over. -- believe and that's how I was poor poor conductors and Amherst -- work maybe. Three weeks ago. It was about the only time in the year or does this regularly happened here. Are -- police you know -- honestly say Vietnam. I won't -- -- rats are now one of partners they're bad by our unique sport. It out and light maybe a bit there toward retirement was -- over the past years we just speechless you know I'm not -- their eight open black. And maybe to cops -- Well. Because I looked at that this is a concern. To -- because seriously I have not been pulled over in just over a decade and that was just for a stupid at light that was operated right it was just an equipment violation which has -- that they anyway. So it if you believe that that is an issue that's -- issue. I don't I'm not that say eighty Amber's school we sort of awful pleased are kind of wonderful filing however which -- currency which which notices. -- is that you've got the rest of the world regarding the you got people coming up from YouTube awful. Our current noble went out into the suburban. And you -- eight it's like on -- gravity -- areas. And you know this resonant even media members of police force. Or you know different small local branches of government. There aren't linked and you know in just a couple people and I think on wooden door reduce its startup -- Race relations out there in every time a black person that you -- -- over automatically. -- race -- 08 your theories -- Some product or is it just a matter of become comfortable and -- All right I wish it were to talk RL I hope -- call again and I hope you'll do it soon and hope that a deal would mistake you for the other Mario and do the your black dog from a hangover thing again. -- Which. Are Mario thank you very much it is. My audience just can access the lowest audience ever by the -- 651 at WB yeah. Brings in mines and intriguing possibility is always good to travel abroad. I'll think Jennifer great job -- control today thanks to write them after work call screening I wish we had wartime illustrated guide your. Two words he -- everybody. You know. Yourself.

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