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8-20 Tom Bauerle Hour 3

Aug 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. And and and just system. That speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. Boy here it wasn't going to set a world. Tom hourly just when I think you could possibly be anything Dover. -- you going to do. Having told. -- -- when it's live it's local Mini Cooper and you hope it's Tom -- Arthur -- news radio 930 W. -- I've been here -- the responsibility on my FaceBook page from something -- first off on -- options FaceBook page article also legally buy it. Because it's spread like a virus from last to me not the first time we've passed the virus back and worth. Just getting -- has the goods except that you -- as well as I do. But the longer the short of -- news it's a video from a man named Jonathan. Gentry gentry he's a black man and it basically calls out. The black writers. In Ferguson. He says we as black people have to change. Now I want to watch video he says things that it white person could not say. Because of the unwritten rule of American public discourse which. Is never gonna change and probably is best for civil society RK. I can't say what he set in the way he said it. I can make the same spot I can't do it in the eighties -- because I beat. All kinds of things and I would simply give the opposition. Fuel for fire for those who don't know me who don't listen to me that would be the only thing they would ever year. From my lips. And already played again before the end of the show will be here until 7 o'clock in all -- you just got in your cars I played it about 440 this afternoon I'll try to replace again sooner rather than later. But go to my FaceBook page you can watch it yourself but I hope you'll share. With your friends and bed this thing continues to go viral I think it's a masterful piece of work now how -- go -- -- the girl. -- is has called this program before -- is a black man he is educated he has a six figure income I remember these things are -- And he has made something of his life. You know what I was listening to Jonathan my thought was. Not specifically about you. But my thought was -- you know what if I were a professional. Black guy or lady if I were a lawyer or doctor I was -- I might think that this guy was maybe a little over the top saying we as black people must change because. I don't need to change I have a doctorate. Do you have any thoughts on the avenue -- hope by god if I start showing signs of white guilt -- -- now. Well you you may have little because I agree with him he did not over generalize because -- looked at the other figures from the education. Board ridicule from any major city. Half I have to Americans don't you more than half of Americans do not graduate. And about 70% of the middle electric rate so that you're being built urban policy is looking -- if we correct. The majority -- -- act like that. Like animals or that he's a candidate I know that's the thing about me but again unfortunately when I go out I represent them and I of course. And meet in a funny thing that they don't want it represented at which it's hilarious to me and I certainly do not want to rip and me. We talked about this boy if if you start tell me that I start showing signs of white guilt really dude you need to slug it. You need to slug B when we meet because that is persona may. OK I have to ask your question. We've talked about this before but. I think it's important to reiterate here's what got crap did you get. From your so called friends were people with whom you grew up. Because hey you actually went to school. You actually do your homework. You actually. Were in when the street lights came on you actually let the college talk about the kind of crap you took which made you say you know what. I am so out of the city and I -- moving among the Bali les I'm going into Williams real. To upgrade to -- class myself. The separate was always the -- you are quote on quote acting like. And that pat feels sad for anyone tell you that because I don't know because there's so much vitality classes they have a collective low self esteem. Anything invading you -- ask myself what the big view as. Better than them and not not my -- premiere there's sentiment. Well if not for black people liking -- and I can aspire to that it must only be pro -- people because again obviously Rea mentioned affordable rate in about from. Outside world. It -- slavery of the mind. So if you don't think you'll work to anything. And you see -- -- -- remember. -- school for whoever try to achieve what they deem as normal. And you see all like I can't really Tibet which is again ridiculous and. But is there ever. And again I'm asking you to generalize and that generalization will be based on your subjective experiences and I'm asking you about his. Isn't ever the thought wait a minute these people from India. Come over here they have brown skin may look more like I do then most quote unquote white people do. But we don't see Al sharpton's in the Indian community. We see the Indian kids in school we see the Indian kids applying to college we see the Indian kids going in the medical school in developing successful practices. How come today as minorities in America are making it and we aren't up. Is there ever any kind of serious introspection. That can get past that slavery of the mind you've discussed. Yes they've been number one you have to do is eliminate all quote unquote political leaders. Their jets that by its best. Al Sharpton Jesse Jackson and whomever else because if you listen to face -- It's a step back activity that makes absolutely no effects if they had -- a robbery. They would have a clean all the main players and go to Chicago but they don't what does that tell -- They have an agenda the habit hitters are not to know what they're people want. They're people are just too stupid to realize that -- Charlotte in this snake oil children. They get a most people would -- we -- this but there's sheep mentality of my people they refute it. I think a lot of people have sheep mentality. I I honestly cannot say that I think African Americans or black people have more of a sheep mentality than Mullen say Ted Nugent fans. They -- beat we all do but depend on the message. You know I mean -- and a spirited elections get bigger airports because someone develop like yourself in this particular topic. RC mentality is you know give me give me give me. You know -- Mexico what again what bothers people. To go to school you have everything you -- you watch. You want an opportunity -- and my daughter into school on Monday. I don't it shouldn't we indication it absolutely nothing. This particular laughter that's when you know we won -- best reforms so my daughter has to rely on her father whereas if you comfort in her city. You get it for twenty so what is it that you have every opportunity in front you and -- sure not to take that is -- this. -- -- -- How much crap have you taken. For not speaking of the quote unquote. And this is a linguistic term is not a ratio is racist or the black English dialect how much crap -- taken in your life because of. A lot. But I also take advantage of our I stop immediately with this since this sentence. There's not speaking black or speaking light. I -- speaking publicly declaring English is taught in school when both -- public schools were actually pretty good in the seventies -- eighties. A -- that they're not different I've had had a personal you know arguing it was. Are seen -- -- brown why can't -- player. And what about orbit and care what color the teachers -- -- it it was the best teacher who got hired. If you start hiring teachers basin in color this is what you get you get a below 2% graduation right. So again. I able to them all think I'm old enough to know is not sustain speaking collects between light -- speaking English. Well you know what if I I understand what you're saying black English dialect is a recognized dialect within English but. You know what. As you were talking I'm reminded of some of the people with whom I hung out on vacation. From Texas and specifically Louisiana. And if I close they were white and if I closed my eyes it would be very easy to imagine that I'm speaking to a black person and they were wider than it. My parents are for herself so -- I took a long time to get rid of some in my. Southern plain. -- -- -- -- it's always a pleasure and I certainly hope that you'll make your presence more shall we say. Frequently fell on my program. Our thanks there'll still thrilled I'm thirtieth news radio 930 WB. The end the most disturbing part of that whole conversation when we was when Darryl said that I might be showing signs of white guilt. Where have I failed. Let them all here alone in wheat field and WB Ian demo and speak. It's home that speech should be playing every day. But unfortunately it'll never reached -- -- it -- this year equity in your. Arm. There'll just kind of seeing the whole context but what I wanted to say. Would need our local while dialect what you guys start talking about oh. Though -- English language and how old it's actually speak when Jaaber. Would it really require actual dialect is very important because. Students in the cold -- -- to do it can't relate. If they -- they collected their teacher doesn't understand them in order to enter their -- program that they have. If they have -- view of that teacher. -- -- the -- and in -- carpet where groups of and that's one of the courtroom and not with Arabs when our. Target. In the class school would not be able to relate could be used to Beers and it was only asked -- -- in a particular district that I'll. Work. What you -- -- more because you you're you're a teacher. Okay I want to hold out because I wanna get -- story Daryl I've spoken before so I'm somewhat conversant with his biography but to hold -- if you with the -- because -- wanna get further into what you have to say. You know what to bulwark we're talking about you and your story and you're a teacher and can you explain the context in which you were asked whether or not you can relate to the students with whom you're supposed to be. -- Only was it in buffalo was it in the suburbs. And I don't know Russia why aren't our intro uterus are out there -- -- four votes are home. If from a student stayed one and they told me not thrown out so like I was like. They told me out -- like because I Wear shoes and trusting that certain. And arm I don't know why. Kimono we'll never call you articulate that's this one that's one of my pet peeves I'm sorry but you never hear anybody say that about a white guy it's always the police articulate I'd try to go there I've I've always found it's new. And no that's white guilt that's just my social commentary. I think it is too I mean. Speak white hero the way out pot in the buffalo schools back in eighty. I mean our home there at the school district used to be for -- -- -- -- I mean -- I was also told you don't bite certain elite members set out sort of white you know because -- purchased a -- Baltimore. You know and that we built all of -- -- -- I mean this is not. It's it's. I think there's that I think there's are jealousy. Issue walk so and I don't know what that issue who has never even touched the Serbs or even their spoken. We're. You know maybe some black people may think that. You know white people old Paula Carter. You know they -- everything in you don't look what we are not -- scrape your knee attitude on -- all out war. -- -- -- -- But you know I I don't get that and -- Because I'd look at for example the industry in my industry the entertainment industry OK and I see Oprah Winfrey. And it's got more money that increases the guy who owns black entertainment television is a multi billionaire. There are so many people and entertainment. That are very well off and they are. And I want to devote if you can't watch -- on hold on because I want I just what are your thoughts I'm. What we should be doing to cover what's happening in Ferguson and your own situation. A relative to. Being. And articulate black man. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So yeah. An addiction. Yeah the mile race. New horizon the. -- does sound off. It's at 536 it is ready at 930 W. You be the end what was the first phase denial. That it's anger over you guys telling me that I -- stimulate an addiction. And I'm gonna have to admit it to myself is -- that this works. Screw all her act and administer or that -- it is up 536 -- news radio 930 WBBM. On a running battle. With summary of FaceBook. Who. Use criticizing. The jacket. I were to Steely -- Because. There is actually photographic evidence that I did in fact stalked the Steely Dan tour bus outside B Seneca Niagara casino. The individual says it does not fit. On. The sleeves a bed jacket when one wears a teacher. Do look. -- law in certain positions. But the Jack it was intended for dress shirt which tend to be bulky. Many teachers. Also when I sit down owing to the dimensions of my shoulders and biceps. The natural tendency of the sleeve is to ride up so I have to have just a little bit humble side. So to the sartorial critic on my FaceBook each. Take it -- with monopolies. Because I'm very happy with the blazers. And nobody who has ever seen the unit has said anything like hey it doesn't fit hey it looks like you're sweating a merit -- In fact I'd say monopolies. Please housing magic gets better by time in Chicago. Daresay that's. Job that burden and Ryan and I -- Those efforts have done more for me than any German sports car begin with the letter PX. All right it's up 538 and who's ready at 930 WB -- What -- really see you drive a Porsche on the road. But they see that jacket in person. In -- at all jealous because I just budget my money in such a way as to maximize the stud potential. I live in a very small house. All let's go to double enough wheat field on the WB yeah. Now I've -- -- -- getting back to what we were discussing earlier you're talking about jealousy in some circles of the black community. Founded on and in security. And I want to take that just one step further. Is it cannot hold you but why is. Hatred of Jews. Seemingly on the increase over the last ten to fifteen years in the black community. When in fact jurors were some of the biggest allies in the civil rights movement of the 1960s. Please tell me wish -- just each. And Hymie town all those years ago in the 1970s but nobody called about a -- because you know he was Jesse Jackson. -- that old crap in a barrel period. You know people people connected to anybody that bickering have had a little bit more -- now or can achieve a little bit more now. After -- with more predominant in the black community he cars. We're not put -- the war -- we see. Me leave we have their. -- -- In order all of black people are not monolithic. Vote Obama. You know habit without sin that we could be given up there and oracle entered your. You know fallen or lack there and you know you're there it's not like you know and why. Black people don't value education. I -- I -- a mobile -- he's criminal now our. And in the classroom itself -- it. If that happened after -- even harder you know it's -- cordon off that education. It's what gonna help you to achieve -- future. So let's let's just get this straight you're black guy teaching black periods and you can't reach them because a U -- quote talk white -- the queen's English. Can be because you actually got an education how do you even begin to overcome. That kind of -- the Olympic mindset. Well you can corner I mean. We don't we don't because you know we may 00 all the money I mean we each because we love it every topic is. I mean alternately some of the weapons that are appeared you know -- -- Market the program completely Saturday appeared you know you know under standard of me. Everywhere acting prominent in why Arum or whatnot parent or mob like and ordered it you're aware higher. I mean they're they're they're not open up from the Buick people were -- -- -- opener you definitely can't exceed the creepy looking. But it it looked like. But do you ever wider. If they were working in an interior where voters our group here. They're ready who are -- But even that isn't the the quote on quote white suburban community. People. Might see the houses the cars the manicured lawns but. It's not it's not like people like your humble host were born with a silver spoon in their ballots -- -- and everything. Where you work for it and and that got about a little under -- -- a ball you know her community where people don't wanna Greek hero of the country they're not they're. Wolf while you're at it if you go. You don't think you're Herbert your book here if you pray in order to get your -- And our partners are in under standard -- Peter -- -- culpable in black but he. It took the golf. I mean there'd be a purple and orange down here in the period eluding an all out there are absolutely call it -- and support every. Everybody roared down here we're here and they're tired they're -- they ought. So I. How confident are you. As a black guy within education presumably a masters teacher and how confident are you. That justice what ever it. Is in this case and and I don't. Know what it's going to be I don't know if the cop was justified in the use of deadly physical force. Or whether he overreacted. I don't know at this point. Are are you confident that justice is going to be done. They're they're who concurred oh imovie you're not going story calmer now. You know a long after. Widen the gory Kamal. Police talked for third. Are you order injury that -- like what they're -- they're -- right along with the video. Wave of Michael why don't you know what we're not. The shop owner I mean why. There are -- made an -- with heralded barely. Whom the entire crop. All I know I don't think -- there and beat her because you have one or one site. You have a life that dog or the other side you have -- Geithner look alike there -- network yeah. Goal I mean you're you're not the way people -- not -- I don't think you can truly Albert it's. And a way to handle it now it's their -- and -- now roughly where you have got to warn that investigator. You have these. Community people don't even know or even fatal were eager to order. What -- whatever they are not who don't know what -- And I'm talking about this are concerned that back and then when Perot -- you know the effort now Mary you've got. All the people down here -- burned -- apartment you I mean how could you -- Within their immunity. To actually you know look at -- -- in India cut beards and pray that that what happened in clumps of -- in the. But there is disagreement we just kind of talked about this obliquely -- did. There is disagreement even just the most basic facts of the case. Did Michael Brown steal the cigars or do store owner give him a hard time because he didn't have IED. Did this to work all the police to report the robbery or did a citizen or did the cops call after the fact to try to cover their asses we can't. Even agree on the basic facts of that. Aspect of the case. Right and and I remember I mean are up folksy story in a you don't retreat from our own thing in use you -- -- several -- you -- if you. You prepare your order -- wouldn't be a political beyond a reasonable doubt. An -- long. And kingpins -- you know government was was not justified then you'll like in -- life. -- in in this case. Oh it will -- Its goal I mean you got witnesses they're saying is totally different thing what pro. He -- order Fargo the other -- to -- away -- longer certain you know it's -- for their complaint. Will be the perimeter. You know basically. -- I think it what I said last week when all -- started to break loose is alternately this is going to be based the forensics. Of the case the the science of the case that is what will determine whether or not the cop acted reasonably. Or unreasonably. And of course. Hope. He gets big again thank you thank you I. I don't know how you can have three or four different forensic pathologist looking at the same ones and in a courtroom. Presumably testifying before different conclusions as to those -- I thought science was supposed to be pretty cut and dry. Like talk radio leaders -- you do is you go to it it's -- Irrefutable that you could you know actually cool -- period and going what you have here there and it's all think it now I mean -- you have completed here and there were inaccurate thing or not. That's a bigger you can either go. To happen again a cold comfort partnered and other Kremlin partnered there. -- the police department -- that are under their BI partner -- in the coroner -- it's just. Amen to well I think one of the games -- and the bottom really happy to hear from you and what are the games I always play with myself just keep myself honest views that. Every time I see a black. Looting a store in Ferguson I wonder how many more blacks are wearing the uniform of armed forces. Defending -- in Afghanistan. Or serving. In some capacity. In the armed forces every time I see somebody carrying off aid a bottle blues who is black. I wonder how many black police officers there are who would be trying to stop the guy. I wonder how many black firefighters have given their lives trying to save white people. Like for example a Jonathan chrome. The anniversary of his -- these are coming up along with -- lieutenant McCarthy from the buffalo police department that's a little game I play with myself to keep myself honest and to try to keep. Racial stuff in perspective. They're not -- That everybody didn't -- -- -- -- every body got there was spared black people work Falconer her. You know -- -- -- -- you know all it. One -- paper cutting all black or means. We're were Parker. You know even though won't work Smart look. At the -- -- -- four you are like different things we are. We don't do everything that framework. Well -- -- -- do not monolithic anymore than white people are monolithic and Arab -- mean there are white trash people out there and has nothing to do with trailer parks has to do with what's between the years. And thank you thank you much for the call. Well -- end up like folks. If you're not -- and that you see the worst of black behavior on display at TV play games with yourself. For every those people how many people looked just like they do it wearing the uniform of the Marines the -- the airports. The or whatever. Services you'd you'd like to. Wear the fire department the police -- You can play tricks with yourself. In an attempt to -- -- never missed the Jules. Prejudice shoes that produces world racism. Yeah. And that goes the other way -- echoes for black people -- Probably not every white person as a -- outfit you know waiting to be warned in the dead of night is we don't. For one thing -- look in legal leaches out like complexion I've always joked. Well -- since I started to dressed better which I felt was a necessity if I'm gonna have -- long. Bet if gay men tell you you look good if gay men tell you. Well as an awesome show notes you know you're doing something right. Because as a stereotype. That I have to be true. -- and typically know there close. Thank you gave them. It is 555. At news radio 930 WBE and the and well you know what I have a chance to see gauge a science center because this regard that they thought it was a B three -- it turned into an eight Howard -- And I called -- is placed early enough so they can reschedule somebody else who plotted by 130 appointment so -- -- gauge case soon and he is. He's the official here Dresser isn't though yet of via hourly show great guy. Loves his guns loves his campaign. Great with fair always and he's homosexual the deal. Alone 555 WB.

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