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8-20 Tom Bauerle Hour 2

Aug 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And welcome to you. If they -- a bit extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one -- with an assault rifle. No one. And -- then. The -- ball club. Mom hourly column. In the went up to. Now what about -- outrage and now -- -- like -- welcome. It's live its local capital. All -- mobile. Looks like it's huge it's Tom hourly remember what happens in Vegas stage and make the trip for her recent. And -- thirty W yeah. Yeah. You can senator random. It's ten minutes after foreign news radio 930 WB the end up on the -- the hangover movies got off of my Austin Powers care. -- problem is though bad Santa that would Billy Bob -- it cracks me up for retirement watch it but I don't think there's a single sentence we could use as part of the overthrow. Because it is -- It's that's how it -- I think it really got edited so much at every meeting would be lost anyway thanks very much for being well as well. Quickly earlier I don't wanna again alternate temple on you but I made the comment that president hourly. Would use tactical. Nuclear weapons against all crisis bases. Everywhere. In the Middle East in light of the be heading -- the American journalist. And a tactical nuclear weapon. Think of that war as a battlefield. Nuclear weapon. OK it's not like something we'd love Moscow god forbid an open ever comes to. But in terms of the nicest groups and the -- bodies absolutely. But please please please I'm imploring you people. You people. Really -- people. Imagine 150 is little bastards outside the -- with teeny tiny microphone yelling your name. Anyway it started dancing at the reference anyway. Up folks. Not all Arabs are Muslims. I know Arab Christians. They're great people -- speak -- questions. Summer camps -- summer for. There and grabs there Arabs and they're awesome people. Also. Not every Muslim is eight terrorist. Any more than every gun owner is a mass murderer. Now the people in these terrorist groups bay. Are absolutely. Animals and they must be destroyed. If I could push a button and kill every member of Hamas. And every member of crisis and al-Qaeda I would do it. Without any regret whatsoever. But. In our desire to see justice done. I do wanna see justice done. Let's not. -- oysters. Let's not forget. That. There are more people. Then just the militant Jihad the terrorist Howard scum bags. Network. I wanna kill everyone of the scum bags don't get me wrong. But and you know win win you say well let's kill all Europe's that's not cool. It just it's seriously folks were better. We are better than that. Could you be killing of Christians. You'd be killing innocent Arab Muslims. You know I do that I don't want that in my soul to you and I don't. It is -- twelve minutes after four WB Yemeni defected Daniel on Buffalo's west side. Then we're talking about the commentary aired earlier in which I will read here from this fellow from the LA area. And basically the racial mass in America ago. Yeah well you know I feel I -- it was the right now because like you got a lot of or Asians who. -- Communist they're getting they're getting great recruitment and social Allred. Different generation. There they did that all week. And both introductory. And though and -- the root of the problem people -- understand. That. Getting as being hurt that they're up for either very they were. We we. And now we've got such out. Let the people -- that's small. -- pain arm where where. You -- well and -- And the result we got out that you'll remind you -- Miami -- my. Oldest. -- Reminded you of your favorite jet did you see Janis Joplin quote no. Lyndon Johnson okay equated difference you use. All you did after he signed the Civil Rights Act and it said this'll get those blanks voting for Democrats for the next 100 years. You know let the -- thing has he managed just what the priority because that what what -- -- -- -- -- became about social. And there was there was. You usually see each one -- -- -- -- and a government programs but in the country. And -- and it was a snowball. At all the end bit lucky on that -- be and -- So hard for generations of people -- welcome now. You know are you looking at the most to you there is so yeah at our is we won't end up. You know I was always LP in. Two. Are they put. Now you know their their burdensome it's -- government. And does you know and -- Well then a lot of great now I want to thank you for the call. Unfortunately your cellphone noted that started doing bad thing again. But -- folks at a point this out before. How many of you know people from the Indian subcontinent. Some of the credit -- RE VI authentic above that. How many of you know people. For. Let's today China Thailand. Viet well. Now these are racial minorities and in the case of people from the Indian subcontinent. I hate to tell you that -- rather some of them on the brown -- Side. I have never heard of a quote Indian community leader. I have never hurt. Despite years of British oppression which ended after Gandhi led the nonviolent. Indian. Independence movement homespun thing and always on the movie with Ben -- late. But I don't hear people coming from India or Pakistan who tend to be very brow. Bitching about races. And one of the reasons I think is they're too busy in medical school they're too busy in engineering school and the same thing with Asians. They don't know. Really do a lot of bitching about racism. Because they're too busy leading productive lives were trying to. Now I'm not going to look at Asians through rose colored glasses of course there are Asian street -- -- -- had been since the first Asian waves from China. In the mid that nineteenth century America. But by and large culturally speaking in this world I -- would dress if weekend. Quote unquote black urban culture. You can never make it in America. Unless you are either being enormously count that as a performer or athlete. That represents well under 1%. Of everybody. Or you have an education. And if your community. And again folks this is just something that has to be set. If you live in the community. Where attending school. Excel at school. And hoping to earned a doctorate is frowned upon as being the white man's world. All of them. Tell me how glamorous it is to get gunned down on the street at sixty. Because that's not glamorous telling how awesome it is to be -- her legion with a spinal gunshot wound when you're 21. And I hate to break it to you but when -- purposely GQ -- will not work kind of takes some of the fun -- life nothing left nothing glamorous about that. Okay. And I hate to put it in such terms. But I'm trying to make a very graphic point. There is nothing glorious or glamorous about thug life. And I don't have time to go into right now so wanna take more calls I wanna do less talking more hearing you but. Even -- the glamorized aspects. Of Sicilian slash Jewish organized crime in the twentieth century. The counter balance abet. The photographs of all the guys who got whacked. You know being in a we'd G photographed very famous crime photographer in New York City. In a giant pool of blood. I don't see the glamour -- -- and you'll see the circuit is you'll be debt. -- let's get back to the -- here's Bob in Amherst on WB EM Bob welcome to the show thank you for holding and I want your thoughts. For talk time myself and you're right it's a solution go to net earlier this year -- well real quickly what -- -- normal -- like this has meant. I'm very political and second registered independents in it so corrupt it's either. Side of the I don't know what I'm talking about that there's one guy that order. -- for president would actually positively worked for this kind of what -- paper and that's criminal elements anything -- He he most certainly gets and he's not alone I -- if -- if we're going to look at the minute presume that your idea here is to look at as a white guy. Black people. Formal we have a grow wheat being white people have a great deal of respect and would like the seat in positions of power and authority Allen west is in that list of people. So if if you know here's where I -- address my black Brothers and sisters who think that. Anybody who's a conservative Terry and or conservative or government or Republican white person just automatically has this knee jerk fear of black people and god forbid a black person in power. Then explain that explain Alan west and the names I mentioned earlier you can't. -- It. I shall try my best -- up. And I appreciate it. 8030930. Start and I'm 3180616. WB EM IQ problems that the best I can do every day is what I do every day. As much as I like to joke about mailing it in the people who work would mean no I don't mail in eagle and I say I'm -- then. I've still at the computer look stuff up on -- money year. So I am glad that you noticed that we're gonna get to -- Brittany coming up not France but the caller. Here's Britney in buffalo WB Ian Brittany welcome to abolish -- -- My term -- but hey you on a regular -- is that I air. Eighty African American and now arm and I have two children on the side here as well. A lot of statements that the president yet it was very very. -- out there. He would -- its. IE an opt out -- framed as well black. Girlfriend who said the same thing we were attacked leaflet is is. You know his talk yesterday. It what it is an absolutely no emotion. Whatsoever in me or her. -- a very flat at -- and your the feeling Brittany that. You mean if you voted for Obama in yes I'm making the assumption if you voted for Obama. You you were sold a bill of goods because he will not go to Ferguson. And if you are the first. Half black president of the United States. This is exactly the kind of situation that wasn't supposed to -- Happened when America -- you. Shouldn't you be there. To put in an appearance to urged all at the wait for the facts to come. -- What actually add it and so little and unfortunately haven't pregnant at the time and how would. They can get solved so. Actually did well. -- -- -- -- that was situated in the democratic state so our models. You know. And the big Atlantic the kind that hurt you know -- what really count whatever unfortunately but I would definitely. Be participate in. In the next election. -- Yeah acting day he it'd definitely. Show that Apple's -- and Ferguson. I mean. EE game seems so disconnected. And this powerful. You know just not -- I'm an -- at apple -- get a good. From now about this and you know I'd actually agree with it and he has not been writing it the country one bit. You know -- this has -- right it. And that they were worried then inspected. This is now more now. I think it's I think it's more so and in -- -- if you wanna hold out Buchanan I have to get a break here I think it's more so and it's not. Just race -- it's the entire spectrum of human emotion and opinion. We are very polarized stay with us on news radio 930 WB. Z. What did you do do do. He's. Couple. Com. -- Rulers. -- reasonable plan yes he need me because -- The video that's gone viral. In the video moon named Ernie and successful young black man takes issue me with people yeah. As he -- yeah. US -- games. Again Ferguson Missouri some strong words that only a black person. Can say I cannot say that because of the unwritten rule of American politics and political opinion. And you know what that is picked it says. But to go but they'll let it affect the Britney in buffalo on WB EM. Brittany yeah we started off by talking about the president and you were being less than even numbered his. Presentation the other day about Ferguson of course Eric Holder has arrived in Saint Louis at what I fear Brittany. More than anything is that somehow. True justice. Is going to be subverted. By politicians. Who have an agenda. In other words. The administration. And the politicians in Missouri. Have basically already decided. That the cop is guilty. Am I bet he is going to be in -- this. I get that distinct feeling that this will be all politics. And it will not have anything to do with justice. Go one place. All right and it'll. So funny because all very. -- In a certain where clarkin last night. I was networking she was trying to improve trying to describe. You know the wage debt people weren't saying and everything went down between -- that happened target band and she couldn't even keep that straight right you can't. I don't know what will matter why are you -- you really believe Richard Petty and I'm like you can keep a straight trade balance is still very convict seventy different person. -- wet -- in and mean all the Agassi any cash Latin -- and then you know which was. Right an armed how he pulled them from inside the -- in the thick -- I -- Now what I ever -- all the different story. And we had to laugh because -- look at her right -- wouldn't sound crazy. Foul me. -- me and you know mapping and then. At the end of the day ignore black on black thank you know there will be no witness -- there will be nobody coming forward there will be nobody. Spain maintained you know and so -- -- -- -- and thank all of that aren't as active part I don't know whatever. You know -- because it is. You know there then media is bought an app and V. -- -- -- -- I mean I don't know -- and the entire. You know an anti war activist and himself you know I mean. I don't either I mean they're -- they're part there's only two explanations -- -- -- out why Michael Brown could have been shot in the front of the arm. Today he was charging the cop and the cop was shooting at an angle. And as Michael Brown's arm was extended to his right side he took rounds in the arm that will depend on the trajectory the angle at which the bullets entered the car. If Michael Brown was in -- shot as he had his hands raised in a surrendering posture then the cops got a problem. And I mean well -- it and and it evidently there's a positive view it as as best -- -- at their -- scuffle and he did get into that Scott. -- -- Never that is beyond refutation at this point. -- -- in my thing is that you know I can't tell my girlfriend last night you know she -- this thing in the scuffle or whenever. But I am like -- -- somehow. You know when you -- at you have to act I. Mapping get down and eat a gang of open air app immediately which you don't want don't -- don't talk bad. Now you know if -- You know yet we expect it. In villagers how. You know -- And they didn't wanna fight it in court they go about it that way. But I mean tablets that insults and eat it get tired I didn't black. I mean you know I don't wanna teach him at least spell that already. And follow the rules. And you know -- Would be you know -- we want the Iraq played at the wrong and I but that that was -- laughter. Well I have I have two kids they're and they're both white one is a girl one is aboard and I have told them. First of all never consent to a search of your vehicle number one number two. Never answer any questions without an attorney number three always be polite and respectful. You you you can stand up for your rights while being polite and respectful. Even if the cop starts becoming belligerent and frankly some cops you become belligerent and bad charity. And not just with black people I mean that's what I I -- people understood that. Yeah and I have a that I grabbed me and I have a lot -- my -- -- wanna -- -- your parent. But I mean. Both my mother because I have. Certain opinions and beliefs you know lack listening to you. And I mean instant opened mine back at all. July why people should have deal about these things because you know none of -- were alive today. And today they're slavery -- that I don't believe that reparations because. You know. They change the way are now that a slight pay the way of that week as you all rolled forward and and live in an NB free and now I'm saying being. Now education or talents elsewhere well. I'm not gonna sit up and try to -- eight or I'm Beth says that he is you know they already opened that door probably have a little walk through it. Well -- amen and I'm glad and by the way I have learned a lot from the audience. Including black callers I've learned an awful lot and that's why I'm able to do shows like these -- and it makes you feel any better about being called uncle Tom by her own mother. I've gone from being suspected by some people in the black community of being a closet racist. To being called by some people in the white community -- and and lover and eight and oh yeah so you know what. -- I -- kind of take that as a badge of honor because Martin Luther King also took crap from. FBI and he took crap for militant blacks who felt that he was. Being a howl like a huge. So I want to thank you very much for your call Britney really appreciated. All right thank you. I mean it's it's just I don't know folks say this whole racial thing is just funny to us from one talk show host republic persons. -- Perception. Of -- in the community how you can go from being I think that hourly could be a closet racist too. My god -- pander to negroes my goodness he's an inward lover. Yeah I guess I just wanna see justice done for everybody I don't think that's I just think that's an American way. But. So -- it. It is 442 news radio about thirty WB and before we go any further ladies and gentlemen this is the audio from a video which is gone -- it's by a guy named Jonathan gantry or gentry it's on my FaceBook page I hope you share it. I warn you. He's funny. He's pointed he does not pull punches and he says things that would get a white guy in a lot of trouble. RWB Ian you're ago. Everyone is Jonathan I just wanna get straight to the point about this Michael Brown incident -- tell you something and I think this before. What we're doing out here it's not. Help but rioting -- burning down doughnuts and stores and everything else liquor stores and an -- hair salon putting it into it's it's not help. Both acted a fool not you'd cut wheat pit stop at the police to not help and I picked it up or not -- again changed its not gonna come and -- weeks. You understand what I'm saying this is not helping. Changes they've got to come until we check into. All we know how to do we -- launch in riot in duped. This could not help that. What you got here is not open to -- but to tell what to -- -- -- pulled into what you want. All we know and do -- blamed opponent until folks thought -- thought you know a lot of do we blame but living that way but. Knowing that oh they need to reduce the unit -- -- room that cup. But when it went so much we don't do is we don't -- -- -- -- Did you have people. Of. Yeah George I -- to grow up under and -- don't. Forget about the grow up out here and how are welcome -- to park street and we portal this mountain golf and we get to oil the mountain long enough. Forty plus years he's been in -- If they don't -- fifty years think since we think that's all ye should -- blue blue. Well. We could overcome. And now -- fifty. Years ago and always dornin -- around in circles. Blown around in circles. You acted without their civil rights leaders. All of a -- At the NAACP Kamal we'll work it just came I don't know well we don't -- -- justice we won't feel the no. No please that's -- you know there's no -- -- And it was sixty question did Chicago a few weeks back where -- you know where to be found. Few weeks later with 45 and got him when we've -- where would you know where to be that. When you re great -- new new -- We're would you know -- to be back OK when a little bit girlish -- Ryder tricycle and bright garden stray bullet hit her. We're -- you know -- to be back. Police beat a quarterback all of whom favorites -- these secrets did this all Shia. Good to fade if you don't notice it's gonna get a lot of people off -- incident I think. Ought to -- put that this -- in Iraq and -- and drop. -- -- It did -- to get a true it did get a true. About one debunked that myth that sparked the and you don't get to meet treated. I'm young black -- brand new BMW -- about it happening -- not that I have a police mini. I'm tired -- it got out control -- Not. -- -- about -- about it didn't -- treat attention that you regret voting -- -- -- we don't -- black men and none fits. I had it kind of with the -- cannot became good friends with. Tell me how come to live that I think you can. Tell me. If not for us to paint it black people marching may. Argue civil rights leader -- Joker out there are telling us what we need to do it's we need to do that we need to change. The book on the run up against up to -- -- -- -- -- -- now to open up go north east if not for a stitch and each. She -- people. Am not talking about Obama changed that we still waiting for that change. That's a whole another big Yelp but we still wait known. Actually joke or -- it not been about noted. It's time for us to change you civil rights leaders instructed you to hear from -- and get a revelation. We need to introduction to direction. She -- hit a black candidate that bracket think well don't fall into each Matthew 1515. Don't get it twisted. Stop burning down your community and -- you hit that you met the Pope meets. Clean up your own neighborhood and didn't help clean up there stocks with you. Alerts outfit that from -- Rick and Al Sharpton argue leaders out there NAACP. -- it together. Let's get it together because they've been there. The whole country watching out hot -- -- it's part three okay where it's probably will we do need it. But I won't be ought to give it Cole. We're at hobby will would you need because there is slated. Going on right. Let's get it together folks let change are what it's -- it's all comes forward we need to chill and relax. Okay I'll -- acting stupid and act like she did George already airports and help. And help apple support. I don't support that Mike you're looking at the. I will let -- already. No way out and walk on the street with these these -- -- way around that looks. Didn't. Think black people. Let's stop macho and it had to -- -- broke and then we'd -- -- -- not finished yet it did get the I'm still waiting for us to overcome. OK now it's fifty plus years ago. Round around in circles and work in any more. Tablet to -- keep moving forward at the nation at -- That is a video gone viral the man's name is Jonathan gantry or gentry GE and the TRY yours and I can't wait to get all the this year with all while I assured -- progress Thompson's page thanks a -- Russ and you can cheer -- my page and I get the word out. But again like I do also wanna say that I think if I think if I were black doctor or black border I might say hey Jonathan you might be over generalize. A little bit here about black people is there are. A lot of black millionaires who made it on their own because they got educated. Com but again I -- I'm not trying to pick the -- the pieces I'm not gonna like putting this. But. When you're talking about a subculture. Within a community. Those are the ones who read your message. It is for 49 at WB. Let's get back to the calls on WB and here is -- and Williams were all on the bottom met at the start dropped Gerald at all -- the show off after the news talk. I don't. First blog at the moment right it didn't -- but a lot out here that got pulled over by the cops with the no description. Now a little upset and I am out. And I got hit. I told my parents and some are calling aggregate and they told me out. Until Africa is well respect the what would happen if you get up at me to say they expect you do it. In every parent -- they're they're zero murder or older not to go on and it's embarrassing how much it'll let you or acting now. Actually I don't think there's slavery going on not from a white people labeling of the line of the black community. -- if if there is slavery and act like a little we're excited about the transition to new -- rarely did government subsidy. I think -- how it went here. -- -- -- But again our black leather and Papa are changing our -- It's ridiculous. Well when you've got 73%. Of black babies born in two. Shall we say father Louis Holmes it's not exactly giving the kids off to a great start. -- I wanna -- -- wanna put on hold it's been awhile since we talk I don't wanna give a short trip to you've got the time I've got the year old weather sun news radio 930 WB you know.

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