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8-20 Tom Bauerle Hour 1

Aug 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Yes they broke the law but it's not a felony. It's kind of a it's it's it's -- it's a it's an act of love it's an act of commitment to your -- -- hope Tom hourly. This -- day it is and guess what there is it is. It's lives -- I know you can hear every local it's humps and Tom hourly. On news radio 930 all and yeah. Yeah. WB. Was something that. Brooklyn church at every concert in north on a lot of yelled out in between getting Beers every two minutes -- must. It's our they had news radio 930 WB and good afternoon thanks for being -- And I don't know how much it via radio stations are programming at. Is part of your life I was listening sandy beach this morning and I heard sandy beach play the bill. Hilly piece from last night admittedly I am not the world's biggest Bill O'Reilly planned. And that may be an understatement. I mean he's not. But it is where he he's not high up on my list of people I would like to be in the life. Seriously he has. But what he had to say about the situation in the Ferguson and elsewhere I think we're spot up. And I thought it was a great piece and every now and again you know even somebody who. You sometimes. Don't. Agree with on all that many things will hit a home run Angela rightly did I don't know that we're gonna get to that a decade since the beach already did it. And I don't wanna steals in the east under of course if you didn't listen -- -- that you have no idea what I'm talking about but I think we'll all due respect to my esteemed colleague. I do think I have something even better than Bill O'Reilly. Because I got a black guy yet that Bill O'Reilly is a cracker I got myself a generalized black eye for the simple. Sorry you know by six -- you -- you understand that's him with love and nothing but but I actually saw this for the first time unrest Thompson's page. And I watched that. And I thought to myself -- I give this a minute to see if he sucks -- again. -- four minutes later. I was in trance. Five minutes later I didn't want it to end when it finally ended six minutes later I said. All I am a G and there had been another -- in there somewhere but that's what I is that this is. Frankly an amazing commentary. And here's the -- Given our society. These words had to have been spoken by a black guy. They had to have been spoken by a black guy a white guy could not say what this guy says is this video. Ominous start playing it right off the bat. And I also wanna tell you that if you are saying to yourself whole week out that's outs it. I put up on my FaceBook page I shared it progresses page -- heard it from somebody else's page so it has really gone viral. Why it caught viral why do you think it's gone by its final look at the -- speak the truth. And the guy is able. There's apart in the video you're gonna a year. Where he says I'm young I'm black -- driver in new BMW and I live in the valley. Atoms they get a myself. Yes. That says and you know what. Bad situations with the police but guess what they didn't escalate and now they're my France. -- regular. Yeah all right anyway without any further introduction necessary on my part. This is I don't think the ultimate commentary. On the situation in Ferguson. And the race pimps. And the haters and the dividers who have moved them like Jack polls -- to feed off of the mob this is. Not this is a a gentleman. Whose commentary is entitled to. When will we change. As black people. Everyone is Jonathan I just wanna get straight to the point about this Michael Brown incident -- tell you something and I fifties before. What we're doing out here it's not. Help but rioting mutant burning down doughnuts and stores and everything else distortion any -- from forty agent -- -- not helping. Both acted a little doubt you'd cut wheat pit stop at the police -- not help -- -- -- -- -- -- again changed its not gonna come and tell weeks. You understand what I'm saying this is not helping. Changes they've got to come until we check in. All we know how to do with my auction why -- we do. This could not help that. What you got here it is not an open and effective but I'm gonna tell what you need to hear him pulled into what you want. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Gonna tell you when we go -- we don't do is we don't -- She thinks. She did you have people. Of. Yeah Georgia got a couple under Dennis don't -- Get up to grow up till we hit it. Welcome news chopper two -- streak and we portal this mountain golf and we get oil that mountain -- you know. Forty plus. Year's -- -- you know we'll. Debate over fifty years think since we think that's all you should it'll. -- tell me that we could overcome. And now with people a few years ago and always do what the -- around -- circle. Blown around and start. You activist out there and civil rights leaders. All of a sudden after June at least you've come off the won't work he just came I don't know well we don't won't do it justice we won't -- the no you know whose pathology you know there's no plea. -- And it was sixty question and did Chicago a few weeks back where you nowhere to be found. Few weeks later it's 45 and got him when we -- -- nowhere to be now. When you re rate he'll -- is where you know -- to be back. Okay when a little bit girlish until Ryder tricycle and -- -- -- bullet hit her where would you know wouldn't be back. Bogeys beat -- -- -- -- all of whom favorites -- these secrets did this all shadow. Good way to say it is and I noted it's got to pick a lot of people off on incident dusting. Autograph that's what -- this resist in Iraq and -- and drop. Okay. -- -- did -- -- to get a true. It detection. Does not want to debunk that myth that sparked the and you don't get to meet treated. I'm young black -- brand new BMW and -- about it happening -- not that I have with the police mini. How many times they got out control none. Not. -- Knowledge about that bit about it didn't make sure you. Potentially beaver re voting no but do we don't know black men and none fits. I hadn't really encounter with the -- it's -- became good friends with. Tell me how come -- lived that life and you can't. Tell me. If not for us to paint it black people marching may cut. Are you feel the rights leaders argue. Joker out there are telling us what we need to do it's we need to do that we need to check each. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If -- for a stitch and each. She did people. Am not talking about Obama change that we still waiting for that change. That the whole another video but we still -- known. Actually -- makes it not been about noted. It's time for us to change you civil rights leaders confident if you -- and get a revelation. We need to change I think to direction. She just got a black man to beat the bracket think well don't fall into each Matthew 1515. Don't get it twisted. Stop burning down your community in which you hit that you met the Pope meets. Clean up your own neighborhood and didn't help clean up there start with you. Alerts outfit that from Shia Reverend Al Sharpton -- leaders out there NAACP. Let's do it together. Let's get it together because they've been there. The whole country watching a black planet it's part three okay where it probably will when he needed it. But -- won't be -- didn't hold back where -- -- will would you need because there is slated. Going on right now. Let's keep it together folks -- change are what it's Mattel it's all comes forward we need to CNN relax. Okay I'll -- acting stupid and act like she did George told red bulls and help. And help apple support yeah. I don't support that Mike you're looking at the I will let go about already. No word out. Walk on the street with TV you could do well that looks. -- think. People. Left out option and they had to check HOK. That -- shall notebook will not -- -- it again. I'm still waiting for us to overcome. Okay announced that the left used to go. Round and round in circles and work in anymore. Tablets walked keep moving forward at the -- net. All right there is -- -- Croatia I think Jonathan entering -- trying to get him on the shell. Is his commentary. When will we change as black people. It is pointed. At times it's funny at times. Well and it's honest throughout edit if I could see how some people would be offended by it particularly the planet of the eight. -- -- Which com. Yeah I think he's probably gonna catch them some help for Ed is she over generalize. When he says it's time for us to change as black people because it seems as well. Look much pandered everybody understood a look at things logically rationally. It seems as though -- the Fed is looking at black people as being more like Ferguson Missouri and less like the black doctor. More like Ferguson Missouri and less like a black lawyer. More like Ferguson Missouri less like the black engineer or the ladies will call my show yesterday -- the gentleman who called my show yesterday. And I'm not sure exactly what percentage of black people Jonathan wants to change. But Jonathan is a living example. Presumably. Up upward mobility in America. Again. I've young black -- driver brand new BMW. Any stats other plenty of encounters with the pulleys how many of them got out of hand out of control not. And it also says that of the encounters he has witnessed between the Brothers and the cops the Brothers are resisting. And then things escalate and the slavery. Are we you know we go back we go back to that again. -- also we're just a small criticism. And it's not really criticism is just a clarification of the -- the we shall overcome thing. It it started fifty plus years ago. But it went well in two the late 1960s and that even well beyond that the best that's just the -- emissions -- You know let's just Poland that who -- -- pepper but I felt it was my responsibility to at least mentioned that you know fifty years give or take would probably be. The best way to phrase that would -- -- Jonathan had this. -- he has gotten hundreds of thousands of abuse of bears. And he says things that a white guy or a white woman simply cannot say. Because the unwritten rule in America. I am as guilty of this as anybody else the on written rule of America is. You dot are really mind your p.s and campers when you're talking about people who don't look like you because perception is reality and the moment you are perceived as being racist. The ball that will be the exact moment that that becomes your reality of perpetuated by the media what do you think of what he had this. About we as black people must change I NLV. Obviously folks water seeks its own level. Can we agree on. You tend to hang out with people with whom you have things in common. Can we accept that. OK can we accept the notion that most of us have friends who are kind of the way we -- In terms of hopes and dreams and ambitions. And intelligence. And ideas and ideals it's under yeah. Okay now what he says we must change as black people. I think what he's referring to is the idiocy that we've all -- unfolding in Ferguson. Ed by the way it's not just the rioting. And the looting and the burning. And the fury. It it goes beyond that it goes to. Jumping to conclusions. That may or may not be founded for example. In the local newspaper today. There is an account. The shooting. Michael Brown. Where. Michael Brown is described as being shot at by the -- adds Michael Brown is running from the police officer. Now. The autopsy. And the article in all fairness to point this out the autopsy he's on Michael Brown there have been multiple post more times. Have shown that every single bullet. That entered Michael Brown entered Michael Brown. While Michael Brown was facing. The police officers. Now I have to tell you. Bad I wonder the angle at which the officer was shooting. And if that had something to do with the fact that Michael Brown was shot. In. In such away is that. You can interpret the gunshots and this depends on April on forensic pathology and about a -- apologized but. It has to be determined the shops -- and every single one of them was fired from the front. The shots that entered Michael Brown fired by the cup and there were six let's just focus on the -- Superman. Where they shots were fired as Michael Brown had his hands up and surrendering posture. If they were -- then the cops got a problem. If they entered at an angle which would be consistent with the arms going forward as brown was running at the top. Well then that tends to exculpate the cop who did the shooting. There are still so many on answered questions. And folks I hate to say I told -- -- all the time but I told us so at the George government case -- folks. I don't know how many people have transcripts or any thing -- old recordings of the shows we did about the truth about Markakis. I think they're probably -- to -- website I don't. Honestly go back and listen to my old shows. Anymore than The Beatles sat around listening to The Beatles you just you know when you do something you'd do you like to -- other stuff other than what you do. -- I called the -- on Martin's case absolutely 100%. Spot on I told you. That ultimately the case would be decided. By. Hand -- stay true beyond a reasonable doubt. That George Zimmerman murdered Tre -- mark. Or is there reasonable doubt Q could you reasonable people a person's say bet Zimmerman. Was in mortal fear of his life. That was the only question that mattered when all was said and done and George Zimmerman was acquitted. The burden of proof. Let's just say this police officer is indictment. Let's just say that a grand jury brings back a true battle against Garrett Wilson the -- Then. It goes it would try. And the Burton is gonna be honest it. To prove. That the police officer murdered or committed manslaughter. Against Michael Brown. -- vet the police officer acted reasonably. And used deadly physical force in a manner consistent with police training procedures policy. Protocol. And remember. As much as OJ got off. Because of doubts about the State's case. George -- got off because of doubts against the State's case. And I suspect the cop in Missouri if he's indicted I don't think there's any doubt he will be because that's with the politicians want. I think he'll probably get off because the burden of proof is on the state. I'd stay with us under is ready at 930 WBE and much more to come what do you think -- commentary. 8030930. Start -- 3180616. WB. It is folly others could have -- thirty WV eat that there are guys are looking at. Well it's not -- time for the intervention. A big pensive. -- -- To big word -- where jeweler that. Friends. What friends -- Playing word with friends. What friends we just random. -- right it's 335 news radio 930 WB EM. So all I've played via audio from the video of Jonathan gentry or gentry. He's been on fox which show by the way some people on his page. Andy got tons of followers. And he. Is able to say things that a white person cannot -- because of the -- written law of America and race you can mock. Or tell some serious hard truths. About your perceptions of your own or people who look like you. But you Clinton mocked him so if you don't look like them. Again. Folks it's the -- written rule. And if you go Jonathan's page as I have done you'll see that he is taken all kinds there's crap. From people calling him a Tom. Yeah that's how predictable is that. Black -- successful. Living in the valley driving a brand new BMW. I don't know he's married to a white woman. -- but in any event and a few guys just spit out your copy. -- but in any event. Obviously. The guy is very intelligent he's obviously very funny he's like Chris Rock used to be before Chris Rock decided to get all politically correct Chris Rock that one of the funniest freaking grip on race. I have ever hurt. And it's like twenty years old -- and I can't use the word but and I wouldn't use the word I don't eat right. Now unless I'm learning Bob Dylan song hurricane. I don't use the N word I excised that from my vocabulary respect. -- I've not turn it or -- can't be filled by do you liberal. It's just -- respect but problem they -- that idol but I I can't I can't at this it's it's. I I I won't stop that -- a year ago. Saying the N word. Oh come on is there a person in the USA who's never use that word anybody who tells you that a sport correct. Do not believe them. Is there a person in the United States who is not hit a prejudicial fought about another race of people. Really we were all board as mother -- we're all -- as saints. Now. We are products in many respects of genetics which of course don't teach hate prejudiced but are also products of the environment in which we grow up. And there are people with -- we grow up who influence us to think certain ways about certain people. Whether you're black or what your wife. And my policies real simple. If you are a black person and you've ever referred to somebody like me as -- hawking. A Google. -- in my eyes. A cracker. From or any other white double if you ever -- any of those things about white people and as you gotten older you've said yet it was really stupid. We're cool it's all good. Because we're all works in progress every single one of us but the basic bottom line here the news. This guy in the video. Has made a success of himself. And Chris Rock. To get back to -- thought before it went -- gentle on you Chris Rock did a piece which you can still find on the Internet. The difference between black people and Latin. He and it was tell parents. That it was hilarious that all white people black people. Because. When you actually know people were black or your friends that you love them because the your friends in the up because you -- a token friend. Were friends with mom. They'll say the same thing just like white people like I can say there's a difference between white people and white trash. And nobody can say -- -- that's a bigoted statement because I looked mostly right except for my eyes and my kids look more Eurasia. My -- looks totally patient. But that's another story altogether. And I also have this belief. Perhaps it's misguided I don't know but that we all ultimately descended from a scientific Adam. And that we are all basically each -- cousins on this planet. You know I told you before and I don't -- -- -- philosophical with you because sometimes it's easier to keep -- stupid and keep it simple. But I recently today yet the NA test not to be confused with the IQ test but. The DNA test. Shows. Fifth cousins in my line. Pretty much all over Europe. A surprising. Number in Ireland and our Great Britain a surprising number actually shouldn't be it in Russia. Eastern Europe. And some in the some of southeast Asia. Which obviously did not surprised. So. Fifth cousins a ball all over the world and these are people with whom we share common you know Greg Greg Greg our grandparents. And I really do think. If you could peel back the scales of time. And see through the mists of history. You realize that in some way shape or form we are all each other's cousins. -- for making racism. And racial hatred absolutely stupid because you're actually -- your own brother your own cousin. And if I didn't mean it I wouldn't be that passionate about. So. The Chris Brown bear the Chris Brown now he's he's a different. Our -- beats up women Soviets applause but the rule but the what's what it's big guys. I can't see I can't. It's because of the unwritten rule of American racial politics and racial I can't it but it's funny as well. And it's true -- that's I think what makes it work is it's true. Just like there's a difference between white people and white trash. Like if you're black I guarantee most white trash will think that you are and word. Because that is the white trash mentality. And by the way trash just nothing to do with how much money ahead. Or whether or not to live at a trailer park it's an attitude it's -- state of mind is what is between the years are people it's -- -- I consider to be white trash not because they don't have money but because they don't have any everything between the ears. In terms of an appreciation of humanity or spirituality. Or anything philosophical it's all material material material possessions possessions possessions. But. This. Guy whose video I was able to post because there is no swearing in it. I will play a few things about him and it shouldn't surprise you because he does quote the Bible at least two occasions in his six minute bit. I -- do morality and he makes another biblical reference I don't work all right now but he is a very much a Christian. And he on his page as a man who is that we have blacks have got to change. Has been called an uncle Tom. And every other cliche. You can possibly think. And I know that I have been blessed. By a great number of black listeners. And over the years I have the face of that we have -- show is on race. That have been powerful. Genuine. Movement. And not pandering in the least. And we have addressed some very serious issues had done. And respectfully. And I have never taken crap for any of those shows anything I've said anything callers have sent. Because we tried to look. Intelligently. And not politically correctly. At racism no matter where the source of that racism happens to be. And I just -- submit to you with all due respect to my new man crush Jonathan whose video we heard. Bat I think he may be over generalize. Because if I said about water seeking its own level if you're listening to this shell -- -- a mix of presumptions about you. Bet you are above the nor. You are above the average in terms of intelligence. In terms of your feeling. Being an American no matter what you look like. And I'm -- tiger that if you if you're white and you have black friends. This video does not. Include the black friends with whom you associated. Because you associate with them because there's so much like you. Birds of a feather it's the buy -- birds of a feather theory which by the way isn't really mine but I put my name out of disputed out there. People hang out with people who are like that water seeking its own level. And I -- Maybe some of the upwardly mobile Western New York black men and women. There might be part of you know again I'm making an assumption here there might be a part of you that's a little bit offended by what Jonathan said. But I think you also understand the point he's trying to make specifically. About the behavior. Of the people in Ferguson Missouri and generally. About the race and poverty pimps. Who have made fortunes and -- established national reputations. Based on this continuing the cycle of division. And is continuing. Pattern of playing. The victim. Which I have to tell you -- has gotten very old and has -- very thin. Over the years especially. Folks because this country now two successive elections. Has put into office as its Chief Executive Officer a man who is half black and half white. And who was raised of course by a typical white grandmother. I'd have to throw that in there because that was what Obama said that is not what I said I'm simply echoing what the president sent. It thinking about the people we have here at Western New York who or young black male or female. Who live in nice houses who have great jobs who have established themselves imperfections. I could name names but I won't but I can thank -- doctors. I can think of lawyers. Were held in great esteem. And great reputation. And I'm not talk about national talking about right here in Western New York nationally votes. It is a question that militant radical. Blacks as always the victims crowd you really have to ask yourself. If white people are the man. You know if you generalize. White people as wanting to keep you down. And believing that you were somehow inferior to white people please explain to me. Why so many white people wanna see doctor Ben Carson run for political office doctor Ben Carson is black. Explain to me why so many of us love doctor Walter Williams who is a black intellectual. Explain to me why so many of us read and appreciate the values and opinions of doctor Thomas double. Who is a black man. See it doesn't make sense. If white people especially white people -- my side of the political aisle which is conservative Terry and by the way mixture of conservative -- libertarian. Explain to me why. If we are inherently racist. So many of us read the people I mentioned because of we -- regarded blacks as. Inferior. If we regarded -- is not to be taken seriously as intellectuals. Whereas professionals why the hell can I name three black guys off the top of my head. That we -- And why is it that we -- Generally speaking. As white people tend to give them more respect than they get from people in the black community who call them up pops. In an NY. -- is being educated a white fashion. I need the break about a lot of talk. You can take part in the show as well I don't Jonathan the tough act to follow even for broadcast pro. 8030930. Is the poll numbers start on a thirty on the cellphone. 180616. WB -- all -- either way president Obama's response -- the -- yesterday. My response would have been tactical nuclear strikes on every single -- crisis base well be heading. That is slow thirteenth century try this on presides bitches mushroom cloud. 348. All right it is as I mentioned 75 degrees right now here's -- Buffalo's west side. -- hello you're on don't. Why are you hearing this I can't display marked the first time you've ever called before 530 -- appeared -- You know there are you going on I got I have to say this subject this old loaded. Bit it's it's hard to have. Talked about and it's and the corporate because they're manipulative people involved in don't want us talking about. Well the problem I mean the American black community has. A cultural insulation has been put up from the inside -- Canadian black community doesn't have a were English let community don't -- end up our. Jamaica electric editors and haven't either by the way to see you know -- Jamaican black community -- -- a forgive me for over emphasizing there's. But I feel more -- in large stake in mostly black Jamaican neighborhoods that I would in my old hometown of buffalo in some mostly black neighborhoods. Yeah yeah and at an annual where specialists and academic and endemic to boot so at least people. There and black when the support of an excellent tease him again Canadian border on the other for robbery and you know. On -- and -- all in the that they work. As you know as well some wire to wire we. -- only the group but it can't treat that as leaders. Well. On all speculations and -- Obama because you always have good points and I wanted to give you a fair hearing and it's been awhile since we've spoken I think you've got a better -- at least a better connection so don't go anywhere we're gonna continue this. All right folks winners and losers out of the Ferguson situation. We're talking about this video from my new may have -- Johnson who's a black man who just goes off against the rioting and the looting and and he says toward the end of the video this is like planet of the -- from the life. He's a black man. He can say that I can't. I think you've got a bit overboard. But. That's subjective on WB.

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