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8-20 Beach and Company Hour 3

Aug 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- back where their Beijing company were talking about Ferguson of course are always talking about that the attorney general Eric Holder is not there yet. Maybe a little early form is that going to be better or worse I think it's going to be worse. -- he obviously has an agenda before you went there notice he didn't go to the border when he was in Texas to see the illegal immigration. He didn't bother -- Ben Ghazi buddies on the first plane for this one. Because that might involving civil rights violations and that's it that's his stock in trade. He's the one that says as a nation. Regarding racism. A regarding race period we are nation of cowards as this is -- the attorney general who's going do it -- the investigation. He also said what attorney general and president of had to. Deal with this treatment he's talking about the fact that -- -- President Obama criticized they assume it's because they're black. They were black before they became president attorney general the -- black after they stop being attorney general president. It has to do with the ability to do the job and the ideas of brought to the table nothing to do -- your skin color. Meanwhile. -- I call hard statistic brought the Wall Street Journal. -- black reporter being interviewed said that 13%. Of the population is black. 50% of the murders are committed by the 13%. Zealots that's pretty dramatic meanwhile Eugene Robinson. It's -- kind of matches up with a -- -- Riley was talking about. And he does come back on course occasionally. He says our society says. Expects police to keep unemployed poorly educated African American men out of sight and out of mind and when they take center stage were surprised okay. And we address that he says and this is back on track. But note that the undeniable evidence of progress on the issues of race. Which would have been unimaginable when Harlem exploded in 1964. Over the police shooting a fifteen year old boy. Makes no apparent difference to the young men who have been rampaging through the streets of Ferguson so even though there has been great. Strides made in civil rights it doesn't matter to these young guys. And he goes on to say millions of African Americans took advantage of the opportunities created by the civil rights movement. The climb into the middle class and in some cases far beyond exemplified by the president and the attorney general so it's true. They have the opportunity some took advantage of it and some didn't but there again. As a society what we have to do all we can do is offering it. And make it available. And -- Florida and make it attractive and kinda. Give guidance we can't drag people out of their house into a school and make them study. As as we said. The man who got there are killed Michael Michael Brown. Is that part of the equation here no. He graduated from high school he was going to go to a technical college and yet what was he dealing with his summer vacation. Robbing a store. All right so this isn't I have no education I have no future I don't know what's gonna happen to me so I better going grab some free cigar is. This is the fact that he was robbing a store during his summer vacation he wasn't volunteering his time anybody he wasn't mentoring anybody in reading. He wasn't playing you know it wasn't hoping hoping -- -- Delaware park dropping against the war. So we are going to be on the hook for that kind of stuff right it's our fault. The school was there the teachers were there the curriculum was very the only thing missing were the students and weren -- however parents. When you wake up and your kid is still there and didn't go to school or your kid is gone. And not in school. What did you do about it. Did you see that it didn't happen again now we have some parents hold value education and those -- the ones whose kids are making it. So Ollie can do is make it available we can't make them do it. Is -- it's like medicine we can't make it swallow the medicine and make you feel better you gotta do it yourself but here's the Madison. The medicine in this case is education. And education leads to jobs leads to self worth leads to a lot of positive things if you don't wanna -- would you rather gang -- around you rather collect the blame him. Have a hit people over the head with a board with a male and if there's nothing much we can do about that except. To keep the streets say and that's what the cops ago. That's their job. So we've done our job making it available the cops are doing their job trying to keep the streets safe to protect and serve who's not doing their job. I we've -- parents of those kids. I don't know about you. But I couldn't have gotten away would that would my mother father or my grandmother my grandfather but apparently you don't care don't picture about it when they get caught up in the in this sort of stuff. That's what. Happens. I think more of any team that this is that goes on. When you have. Low education you have about poverty when you have poverty if people that make dumb decisions in life Michael it was also a corner tech -- According to the house that we have heard attacked a police officer punched him we heard in the account sound bytes that we aired yesterday here's a. It broken bones that they are right here right -- so tell me how cop gets broken bones from the guy if the guy didn't punch them. What and -- -- he follow on the steering wheel or what. And there again totally oblivious don't care about facts this is about the narrative we don't care don't we call it facts get in the way. And you know you can expect that from a crazed mob but you don't expect that from a governor of Missouri who said we we should pursue vigorous prosecution. He doesn't even have the evidence yet the grand jury -- of being yet and they're ready to prosecute the cup. Because politics is more important than anything exactly right exactly right this is a guy who wants to be seen as -- where we brought justice to the scene when indeed you did -- capitulated. You're taking justice away and is setting a rip it for example. Does this mean that no matter what kind of crime has been committed that all we have to do was take to the streets in sufficient numbers and they'll back down. They will back down that's the way it will be. And we'll find out Eric Holder of course if you think he's a neutral party going there you are delusional. Because he has not he's looking for some more civil rights violation fresh meats. -- -- We'll be back after this there was one thing last night that I saw in the coverage. It seems like visual reports and there were verified. Of that with some of the vandalism. As -- people would break into a business and looted it's. The police were standing down they were not confronting. The people breaking into the business and and they were standing down as they -- of the shelves dry. And though when asked about this -- that Fonda was stroke however. There was an interview with a guy who own the business. And he says that's not gonna happen with his business the -- He said well my friends and I are out front of my business. And though we're not going to allow that to happen you know his business says. A gun store. The guy owns a gun store he said we stood in front where armed we're prepared to protect our property. And nothing happened to a gun store you remembered during the Rodney King verdict. When they mobs were actually moving in residential areas. And via first of all in the in the urban area. The Korean I think you'll mainly perimeter or Asian. I thought they were mainly Korean. Our shop owners were on the top of their rules we have rifles to make sure they could protect their business. And then they went in through parts of the via. -- Memorabilia. Residential area. And armor being on the air that in saying and I didn't to a talk shows doing music but saying. How do you feel about gun control now. Because you were at the mercy of that month. There was so many out there cops couldn't keep up -- and if they want to -- our house there are common Andy your house if they want -- -- your goods and services or your daughter whatever they were looking for. You're powerless to stop them and the police were not available. As you would like as they normally would be. And I was wondering how all the advocates of gun control feel about that. Well I think it's the same thing with these people -- his guy who owned the gun shop. Saying no we just stood out front we were armed legally were legally armed and they didn't have any problem meanwhile the others. Broken glass looting shops -- and looting. Things just turned upside down just destroyed. For a lot. And you know how idiotic is this there were eighteen. Arrest by the way from people out of town how idiotic is that to trash your own house. I could never figure that out remember years ago when Detroit won an NBA title and it was years ago and -- They trash Detroit. Why would you trash your own down I don't get that I really don't it's it's asinine but so is this mob mentality. Let's go to examine buffalo -- there on WB -- Good morning hello -- bankrolling. -- and I agree with you and I agree with Bill O'Reilly on every single thing -- it on my grandparents. On both rights. Over here. With the absolutely -- And armed. They did not kill it did not steal. -- it it bothers me also that -- black businesses. -- businessman don't invest in her own community and I wonder why that is. Do you use it -- Peter ballplayer complaining. About so gracious some white states in their -- on everything but in rural community. Muslims store owners say they have all the delicate essence. They are they on the businesses and the blacks complain about the Muslim. If you remember a few years ago you know we complained about their -- While they also complained certainly they complain about Hispanics. And and the people willing to invest in their community who think you would do business with them and not trash there -- -- places when you had a chance though. Yes you know and I and I I also hear that you know they they've they've -- -- video on our integration okay immigration but you know I really believed. That they -- segregation. In and then a couple of examples. Just look what's happened recently in the local schools -- with com. The superintendent situations. The last three or four run. He wanted to get that white cannot be the super and that's because they cannot relate to the Blackstone. They said they said that they said that they white teachers Ambilight superintendent don't understand the black culture. Yes. Well you know if that's the case and it that's OK let's say that -- -- they don't want them in order of the desegregated. And -- -- -- we can't live together because I think 800%. Of blacks on guilt and one about what -- But you're icing on TV -- -- -- Ferguson. But a lot of other places. It's 99.9. Percent of blacks -- -- -- you feel the same way about whites and they -- not and -- been negative feeling. And I think that gets its affect the light and I don't I don't know what we're gonna do it but. You know I. Something is wrong with the black community and Bill -- -- of it yeah a lot of it and it's it's very -- and I believe it does that would -- Well even in the form of education. A noted black author was brought in the town -- -- -- speech and -- was a worthwhile thing. But the good gist of the speech was the black students don't do as well. As they should because the white teachers they have don't understand the culture. And that the teachers should adapt to the student and so my point at that time was this. Why would you do that at at the academic level when it's not going to happen in life. The army is not going to. Going to oblige the students' wishes -- employer is not going to bend to what the student wants. The stone has the learned to live within the world. And end if you're not willing to do that you're going to be a failure the rest of your life. They're actually -- anybody -- people eligible argues -- missing one thing it's. There's a lot of racial problems in this country without a doubt we don't know bad. The feeling that I get there's a white person has a white man. The killing yet again. Blacks feel the same way about whites. It's very negative. Most small I'm not -- everyone. You know what if you if you look if you if it's if it's it's over 90% of what I feel like -- -- it very negative view of malignant. You know what I don't -- gonna be out. It's but I and one other thing. When people vote for Barack Obama now all you guys whenever a president they didn't and that's right that's how we got any idea because white vote. Because of the black vote he got it because of the white people got to make shall I I I believe adage it's you know if it was a one way street on this thing. He got a man and he kept them a testament to thank you thank you very much yet regarding education which I think we can all agree. We can all agree black white Hispanic does not matter. We can and -- we can all agree that without a proper education boot big attack Israel is stacked against you for making a success out of your life. But when it is available. And it's available. Through a lot of taxpayer money. And though a lot of people ready to teach. Where the students when they're sitting at home or or works but they're not in the school world. -- whose fault is that it's the fault of the parents. The kids it's a natural thing for kids it's a wanna skip school that's kind of -- in a sampling error but cutting class African art class after class not showing up day after day out today. Not making it through the school system probably dropping out. All of that wasted time and energy and an opportunity. -- more than anger I get frustrated over this -- really do because the opportunities. There which gonna wanna do. He got a wanna do it he got to reach out for. You know there are many many successful minority of people many successful minority businesses in our country. Those are the ones who wanted to reach out and those are the ones who wanted to do the work. If you don't want to reach on you don't wanna do the working -- -- -- asterisk in your life while don't expect don't expect them to come with a reward truck and knocking at your door. You've got to do what I can't tell you how many times. As a program director. When we would have an opening for an air personality. A we're required. By law. To advertise in the minority community and reach out and we did very much though I advertise in minority publications -- put the word out we have an opening blah blah blah blah but any actual people and knocking on the door almost none. Is not and guess what that that wasn't taken by the company -- work for as an answer we had to be proactive and ought to knock on their doors. I mean this is what it is where the opportunities there to grab it you go for you make the best of it then to make the best of your life if you don't wanna try for why should we be responsible. For your failure I'd like to know that if we have something to do what your failure we'd take the blame but we've -- will be back after this. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and star nine journey and -- toll free line is 1806169236. Yes earlier we played a of -- from bill Riley who's actually on vacation but has called into his show on fox. And -- a couple of startling statistics. One being homicide rate now earlier I have heard. From a you know -- Wall Street Journal reporter who happen to be black. That the blacks compose a 13% of the population yet commit 50%. Of the murders. O -- have a different boroughs of fuel on and read a little different angle. He says the homicide rate in the black community is ten times greater then whites and Hispanics combined. As remarkable. And so before before we start reaching out lashing out at the at the police. And they're trying to make Michael. Brown. Who lost his wife and and he shouldn't lose your life over. Over robbery. Certainly. The crime is the crime the proper punishment is the proper punishment but nobody should put their life on the line for a box of cigars basically. But it's it's that was a starting point -- -- -- with him deceased his funeral I think is a is in a few days. But bottom line is -- you shouldn't have to do that you shouldn't do that should be smarter than that but. He graduated. From high school and he was going to a technical college. In the fall. What was he doing in the summer before you go to college robbing a store. You've got to get. Past this oh he's maybe. People are against those you gotta you gotta take care some of these things at that level. And it's not society's fault because he didn't have a cigar wanted to pay for those of the law only made one asylum or given as a money. But the bottom line is it's a mess I don't think Eric holder's gonna make it any better he's gonna make it worse the governor of Missouri should be ashamed of himself. Calling for a vigorous prosecution. Of the -- He did that yesterday the is the information hasn't been fully gathered. The grand jury hasn't been convened its this afternoon and he's calling for prosecution. -- so what happens now if the grand jury says no -- going to go forward with this. -- more rioting in the streets justified rage is that we're looking at. And what do they do indictment they do and item I hope he gets a fair trial but it certainly doesn't look like it. Eric -- is on the grounds and he's. Civil rights poster guy I mean that's what he does. And that's what they'll be looking for. Let's go to two or Kevin and candles and Kevin on WB yeah. It's Sunday and or play it again there are some are of course Robert Parish Sheen. Of recorder -- bark Obama Jesse Jackson and -- Deep right increasing broke out shocked and it is. -- really really. I'm. I think more people callers should should really. Because old all these people proportionately we -- built into what's currently -- -- we should treat. Com you know the connection between all those -- -- hitters aren't involved who came from New York right here -- New York State California and elsewhere. Right. Our -- a big part of them are from Oakland and wrestler Jesse Jackson's room. That strike breaks -- Jesse actually going checks in this trying to read when he went to open them to register to pull out my goal you know. It'll be viewed it should investigate -- ouch Upton should be putting you right now trip of making the situation would. From the sugar on the common Monday right here. Partly covered -- well and putting windshield because this is the problem you have all year and then they sit in the talk. A -- all be immigrants from other countries coming here. Reggae great and awful president and the duty on. And that -- or that it Somalia until -- shops and open and businesses fool you look mayor. What you can do -- in all the I mean -- -- really kids but. You know -- I've been. And it relative to mine cool widgets. And everything. It's it's biased media and and and it's in our error you know all com. Structure is doing compete and they are. Almost picture -- -- we ignore. Yeah although the problem they're going to have a is that you're informed a lot of people just. Are willing to swallow -- -- hole and just accept anything that said to them here tomorrow informed you are the more frustrated you're -- be and I think we have to deal with that Kevin you an idea because we -- know what's going -- we don't need the BS by the opportunistic. People. It's the it is indeed he could sit DT here central -- it's about my -- I guess or equity -- done in which oral. It's reasonable it's like that -- make it out but anyway -- -- and to -- or are important for November. You know people -- reduces your remember. Parts he's given me check this September oh well I I'm on the information or -- it definitely means and state thanks a lot. Beautiful thank you governor. Thank you very much I got. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Were encouraging voter registration. Now why you think that would be. Let's look at the situation. The policemen and the and the go Michael Brown have an altercation. Michael Brown ends up dead. These eighteen aren't. What do well what would voter registration have to do with that we don't collect the policeman. We don't elect the people who decide to go rob a store and get involved -- atmosphere light of that. So what does that have to do what it does is positioning. Here again OK everything nowadays. You look for the political side of its positioning the positioning is. All the man which would be the Republicans are out to get you look at here's an example now we don't know if this cop is a Republican. We don't know if Michael Brown as a Democrat. We don't know any of that stuff but it doesn't matter because that's positioning. The positioning is where here to help you so that's why they were actually setting up and so our thing voter registration. At the site. To make sure we continue this crap. To make sure we continue the charade. Of one party being against minorities in the other party standing up notably -- I think if you look. You'll see the people taking advantage. Of the minorities are indeed the minorities. The Al sharpton's the Jesse Jackson's of the world. They're nothing but charlatans snake oil salesman they always have been and they always will be. And be where people tell you -- your friend because there's a reason they're telling you because you might not have guessed that. On your own so they'll force region that you know what your friends they're your enemies got it and if you're dumb enough to accept that then it's their own problems. It 03093018061692. Visits are 930 we will return after this where basically asking about Ferguson. The attorney general Eric holder. Will be there today and will that make it better or worse crisis or worse the governor of Missouri not only did he put on a video yesterday. Asking for a bigger is prosecution. Of the cop. Before any. Investigation. Was even done he wants -- his -- he also said and I have -- and including this in my set ups. Because that escape me why I don't know he also said we must find justice. For the family of Michael Brown. Okay we can certainly find condolences and sympathy for anybody who lost the idea. A child a brother a son whatever. But that makes the assumption. That Michael Brown was in the right and the cop was in the wrong. Where indeed justice for the accident might be a good idea no no further charges against the cup and that's that. What we forget is that the accusation is that Michael Brown punched the cup which he has orbital bones broken. -- -- ads a year for two with the -- -- make him look good as ridiculous that it would be set up. So I don't know it is governor is coming from. But I can tell you that the presumption of innocence should apply to everybody. Including the cops especially the cops. Because otherwise I mean we -- it's drove in our head the presumption of innocence you come across somebody with a smoking gun he's -- -- he's obviously guilty look he has a well wait a minute. Is gray zone innocent until found guilty by a jury of his players don't you understand the law. But yet -- this. The governor of the state is willing to go ahead with a vigorous prosecution thank god he's not still on the attorney general's office he was in the attorney general's office sixteen years and this is what he wants to do it wants to circumvent it. Just drag the cops through the streets like they did in Mogadishu. Only do that would that make the crowd happy will that be enough. And after that what what are we gonna feed the angry mob. I'd like to have now because appeasing a mob. You shouldn't be in public office you shouldn't be in law enforcement you shouldn't be in any way shape or form involved with anything like this if your job is to just to appease the mob. We are that we are supposed to be a nation of laws. And I apparently is only a national laws when it fits us. We can have people out there drunk driving have 1520. Times before anything happens of them that's okay we understand that. But we can't understand a cop getting his eye socket broken. And shooting the person. Who's broken the ice are we can understand that that's that's remarkable you know. However Eric Holder will be marching down the street with the other era people in the mob without his FBI body guard contingent. -- I wonder if that's gonna happen probably not. Meanwhile we have people who try to calm the situation and there minimize. -- -- captain of -- state police there Johnson. He seems to have had a good effect on the crowd especially the first the earlier part of this and he was minimized by others because it didn't fit the bill mean. Didn't fit the narrative. Let's go to George and we feel Georgia on WB again. I think they know of all people want to black people wonder whether direct Q looked at all the village not. Stepping up reported here radical from what that's not that that's what this is just a little about or just open their visits Jordan took an event the -- to the duke lacrosse team. The Brigham -- -- about stopping understand -- That's exam that's a good point and no justice no -- first of all of -- -- -- justice and then I'll give -- -- they're looking for retribution -- what they can get out of it and that's that they're looking to profit from a. And the atomic time a lot of -- -- the black and is that. The neighborhood go to get destroyed or are Lewiston at the Lewiston captures the black men -- -- -- -- that history about its people are worried about if if. This is a story about this that same cop shot -- white -- it wouldn't be a news story. Just as you know black cops shooting a blanket because it doesn't fit the narrative of the narrative is. They Baird did it because it's personal they went beyond the scope of their duty to get somebody because they were of a different race if it doesn't fit the narrative you don't hear about it thank you. And where they said this before about where the out of town. Circuits. Participants. When we have a weekend of -- violent crime as we a dual almost every weekend in the summer of buffalo. -- drive by shootings. People dead. Where the out of towners for that. You know I don't see them you know line is almost all of it is black on black and that doesn't yet. Hum black doesn't do you can't use that they don't understand us. We're poorly educated but they have the advantage. It's -- campy at us and they situation. It's an us and us situation which is not that's not -- they don't like that at all. Though it's the Madonna yes your cellphone thanks for calling Madonna here on WB again. I can't I think that cable news on outlets have. Really played up there's so much that I think the protesters are playing to the camera a little bit and that's -- totally. Oh ya ya CL YWC a marching. C a marching with the reporters now. And I think reporters have to always keep objectivity. And I've seen several times and let it -- when I was watching. That's some of them have not and I thought there bear arms producers and others charged like it's with states like openoffice it again. I do think that the rush to judgment here. I think that that's a terrible that this young men died but. I don't know if it is something that the grand jury will teach in one way or another don't have a crystal ball but I think we all latency. I do so and what I'm afraid of is either way it can be problematic if they don't indict. The crowd is not going to be happy about that if they do and -- A lot of people who will -- we won't see the evidence because it's Columbia testimony before a grand jury. Will wonder what that grand jury saw or heard that we didn't. So it's not going to be happy times no matter what. I all but one thing I don't agree with your -- few -- ago -- said. He thinks that we want to segregated society I don't think that's what the American public want you really don't. I think that we all want an end to violence where averages buffalo burgers where ever -- And it really out there you see the video of this man's deal and our. That's that's -- I'm wrong. At -- here and he graduated high school was going to college in the fall in the stealing cigars in the because it's a lack of respect for law and order. Another words if there's no respect toward its almost like it's no big deal it's only a box of cigars he doesn't see it as a theft he sees it as an entitlement. Well white -- -- -- away from him and you know we're still young and we all need to be patient and wait that out and and look at the back. And not be rushing to -- I really. I'm with the so I I hope the governor here's your say that to thank you Madonna thank -- Ally -- -- I wish the governor learned that save. When we say a win as well we're told that we don't understand the black culture. Does the black culture say it's OK to go -- way and establishment. And steals something without paying court and then when the owner comes -- -- you just brush them aside. Cultural allow that nothing wrong with that in your culture. There's something wrong -- out of my cultural tell you that and the laws seem to the back that up that there is something wrong. But if you don't have any respect for the law. And you sees a certain laws not being enforce our laws not being. You know funded whatever and that starts right -- Barack Obama. You don't have respectable off without him -- boxes or charge you wanna take them that's the way and his -- everything's a free lunch now. Everything's a free lunch if the government didn't send his cigars go into a store to rob a mobile box of cigars either way. Either way it's not I have the future is as far as race relations. All right out of our lives and libel suit tomorrow morning at nine. A -- and -- thirty WB. The local movie which they never has to these these.

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