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8-20 Beach and Company Hour 2

Aug 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

How -- backwards -- governor a a couple of questions here regarding Ferguson attorney general Eric Holder is there today will this make it better or awards. He's looking for civil rights violations of the certainly -- behalf -- book. A Michael brown and not Darrin walls and -- governor of Missouri is calling for a vigorous prosecution. Even though. None of the evidence has been heard the grand jury has an even convene. He spent sixteen years in the attorney general's office tell me why he would do that. Are they just a throwing this cup to a mob is that it was that would -- for. The overall perception is of the USA -- weakness and that's why we're seeing things I think like the bee headings. And even more important than that I think is the lack of respect for the law. In other words if the president doesn't respect the law then why should the person on the street respected. It -- not try to drag Obama and everything but I am I'm thinking when you have. That kind of a pulpit where as you disregard this law you don't fund that law used to stand. You know enforcement of this law. Then why would you think that anybody else would have and respectful while on the top guy doesn't I think that has something to do that and do you trust the police. Our survey which we've been running all days is usually about 6040 that yes our listeners. It's not a scientific poll and in England it's anecdotal but yes they trust the police. And the deaths of high percentage. India and these statistics I've ever seen regarding blacks is that they don't trust the police I think yesterday we gave -- that of 20%. 20% one in five do trust the police four and five adults. So I'd like your opinion and though will chatted up on -- and I don't know sort of built on a cellphone failure on WB yen. I call me as ours are the police not sure and I knew this base stopped what I don't eat factual evidence and a lot of regulations. There is -- -- shut -- in California got eight or not importantly lies are rock and border. -- almost held accountable I was border and on all all the outrage or watch the mortgage -- For the raid the police at the pop the -- and -- public market about their situation -- child California which almost made it. Out of mistake want to address it like a war based ballot and spread eagle the record set top gun go off accidentally -- just wearing out. He could out of all it was an action that have a MySpace -- extremely adult back -- -- Let me ask you this though obviously if if the question where it are the police perfectly answer would be no -- I think we can all agree on that. The other question would be is every couple good cup in the answered there again would be no. But I think if there was some way to know how many police actions. How many calls how many responses. All those sort of things they're -- in the USA every single day regarding police and and other non police. I think you'd find it's a very small percentage now we'd like to have a 0%. That's not realistic fair trial. Well I as far as these guys getting aware what order they're not held accountable for their actions you'll get what they it. You order to even just moving its corporate law. If these guys do it there were also let all of department for a call -- a nice day. -- -- -- They were and what we spoke brutality that when am I right at the University of Maryland and being just absolutely like now I really -- -- But might just -- -- -- elect they -- that he attacked or at least not a patrol when the video showed the children will lie. A record edit it about that yet results they've got -- actually -- the rest were given up slap on the wrist and acknowledged what they're back. Well what I like about what you just that is via video I think the best of friends of the taxpayer. Of these citizens and of the police is the video. It is they started putting Amman on dashboards a long time ago now they have personal little -- that they Wear either their battering their pocket which I think is a very beneficial so a fellow I understand what you're saying it's not perfect but I don't think I don't think it -- be to be honest with you. Yes well with you I'm sure you can see here all day long and you can point out to our bad -- accounts to which could also point out great acts that they do. I was -- one yesterday where a -- Responded to a call. Little boy called 911. He didn't want to live what does mother anymore and the short of bid. Is a bad situation with his own mind -- went out and bought. Showed up several days later with a TV do bad for the -- Another video that's been circling around the Internet. Cops pull over to some. Young kids play basketball on the street. They have a pickup game with the kids in the street. And then that that no local news affiliate interviews accused this is a great thing that we got so there are playing your stories that are one -- the great sight of police scored above and beyond the call of duty. And it is a very difficult if you are not a policeman and I'm not. To see and understand and appreciate. Video of the level of danger the level of maybe not being able to come home at the end of your shift. That goes on every single day with a policeman. I now basically it's kind of easy to sit back and and say this should have been that -- should have been that. And whatever a but I think what you find is very seldom. Especially in the inner city. Do the police get the cooperation they need to get things done I mean Byron brown just mentioned that again the other day. That. We need more more of that. Police people usually don't want to cooperate with the police makes the job harder. But the bottom line is we have been up perfect. And I I do think that at the end of the day if you pardon that a cliche if you took the total number of things that they do on a single day and you find the things that they've done wrong it be a small percentage I think. You also throw in the fact it seems like into any society. We are huge conspiracies. -- -- loves these -- and you know biggest example the Internet. The Internet just loves that somebody can post somebody with -- no credentials. At all none. They sit down and they blog something out and suddenly it goes boom here there everywhere and next you know it's viral. And the person doesn't have credentials. It -- they have no expertise in the area they just posting summit is their opinion everybody's a lot of opinions certainly that's what we do -- talk -- But the bottom line is not everybody's opinion carries same weight. It is an informed opinion. Certainly is welcome and adjust and off -- -- top of his head something you throw out doesn't give at the weight of only this is the real deal I got to believe that. And so that goes on all the time as social media is famous for that right now there are people just waiting to take something and make something of that. Of which they have no. Real evidence they just decide to do it and it takes on a life of its own that's why said that. Under no circumstances. Do I ever use something from the Internet without a backup without getting a backup verification -- -- yes this is true. Because a lot of it is just fantasy. A lot of it is -- a lot of it is I've got a bone to pick where the -- of a blank and I cannot. I can carry on over the Internet you know why 'cause it doesn't take any balls that do. All right your home alone or you or your sitting in your car with -- Europe. -- your Smartphone or whatever you can do it nobody knows who you are sometimes used to sign it sometimes you don't. But it doesn't take any balls to do that guess what it takes a lot of balls the beer cup some of them. Go wrong most of them adults. And I think I give them the benefit of the doubt is a perfect no I went through a little seen remember all we're talking about. When they were -- did the slowdown in buffalo yeah I have my around with a -- But basically. My attitude is by and large -- trust them because if we didn't. Trust them at all. What code we have it's called anarchy. Then it's every man and every woman for themselves. You wanna go to -- I don't think so. We'll be back tomorrow -- company -- over questions do you trust the police. The other questions as the overall perception of a weak US. Narratives that are giving it's empowering people who do things that they would've done before the total lack of respect for law and order. You know not enforcing our laws the same as this respecting the law. -- because otherwise you'd be enforcing it we see that coming for the white house on a daily basis. So we got not respect for the law then you send your attorney general to a place where there's a lot of people who don't respect the law and you you set the pace for that. And there's a guy who has a complex that everybody that disagrees -- them or colder and the president. Must be racist that's the only reason you're -- it couldn't be because they were wrong or inept or or wrongheaded. It's just because they're black widow wallow load that is will be back after the basic questions are these and Ferguson today. Attorney general Eric Holder will be there will let -- make it better or worse the governor of Missouri Jay Nixon. Says that they put out a video yesterday said vigorous prosecution. Should take effect. Of a Darrin walls and that's a little before the facts are RN. As it is before the grand jury convene. This guy spent sixteen years in the in the attorney general's office that he not learn anything while it was there or does innocent until proven guilty. Only. Only go to the bad guy or the alleged bad guy the cops don't get any benefit of the doubt apparently and no protection that others would get. The overall perception of weakness in the USA is that while we're getting things like the bee headings not that this is the first one. But I think -- nations are more likely to try to do something those who -- who would like to do it when they see in action they see weakness. And the president would every speech telling us how war where do we are we are. There's not much doubt about that but -- just I've heard many many top officials say you don't have to keep drumming edit and only encourages problems. Do you trust the police. Do you trust the police and I think of the overall a thing as the lack of respect for the law. I don't think the president respects and I certainly don't think of the lawless mobs respected leader. Let's go to -- in Rochester stand on WB yen. I think you re doing. Well I agree with you when you -- to open earlier said that the other media. Sort of sets the agenda and they can accomplish things and you only hear what they want company here. I am totally disgusted. With both the left wing and -- greatly biased media. They are political tagging everything kind of make hay out of it. It's like a -- problem and they just continue to do whatever they. Any way to contempt their agenda further they just keep doing and I am totally disgusted with the media well. He is is a certain way -- poisonous atmosphere now more than I've ever seen not just the media but with congress. With the approval ratings of our public officials which. In all of them president. Congress say everybody our our Nvidia. Are in the dumps nobody nobody seems to have any faith that we're heading in the right direction and we just keep plodding along and it's getting worse and worse. There's so much on the plate of the president right now just today. That I think it's overwhelming I don't I think he's the wrong guy for the job. You know -- anybody to visit public equity. Voter -- -- in people are just tired. They don't want to know they don't care. Everybody preaching to acquire. -- is an awful. Look at look at yeah regarding what you just said look at Ferguson you know what they're doing there they're doing voter registration and there. As if the people Obey did the things you don't like are Republicans. And the ones that are trying to stand up for you are Democrats so you -- -- politicizing that's something that those people are doing and that it's not the networks is not the correspondence. It's the Al -- world -- Jesse Jackson's or Jesse Jackson sort of staged and try to raise a money. And they got booed off the stage Sharpton is taking some criticism so so it's everybody's in there to get their piece of the action. And almost forgotten in this is the guy that died Michael brown and totally forgotten as the cop that was trying to defend himself. And meanwhile I Greeley totally and if she picked a media attending -- seeking the current legal resident. And just to both on and on eleven days did he break it up a little bit and give us some really knows when it happens senator Greg and Greg. I thought well here's what here's the problem they got a 24 hour news cycle now. And the best way for the news channels who have nothing but satellite time reporters trucks and on all of that kind of stuff. The best time for them to use this stuff. Is to go opposite primetime programming and things like that so they have a chance to compete with them with a story like this and believe me they don't pass that up. They go for. And you know you can't compete you're right it's over advertising dollars. Yeah of course it is how many how many people can get to watch your regular TV channel thank you thank you very much. Guy and other words if NBC or CBS or ABC or whatever. A -- regular programming. Then indeed the news channels have a chance to counter program would this. You talk about reality show this is the ultimate reality show and this is where they make their bones whatever we have a major. -- -- when they were looking for that. That the girl was missing. Down in Aruba. Is camping rename right now and we all Natalee Holloway yup she was missing for months and months and they stayed on the same sorry for months and months and months. Because when they have. The one thing they'll tell you is we have a thing called time spent listening. It's how much time you spend listening to your radio station this one that I don't I assume television has the same kind of thing. So what they what they don't know is how many people have any one time -- and and that if you just tune in and you're not up to par. You don't know what's happened they have to refresh that for. So if you're going to stay there for a long time with -- -- glued to the set missing a lot of repetition. But if you're in for a normal cycle of 101520. Minutes you're gonna get the package and then hopefully. Do something else but for those who are watching all the time it's very repetitious. And so what are you gonna do I mean when this a story first broke. You found go oh cool who was ready to do do a good job women who wasn't. I mean that they're ready to go at all times and over saturated of course -- That's exactly what they'll do that's how they make their bones that's how they make their money. Take a break we'll be back with more -- the attorney general Eric Holder -- Fergus said I guess all of our troubles -- over. While one -- one will be. Your hearing the voice of buffalo WB yen that call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 930 or toll free line is 180616. 9236. And times like this week tend to want leadership. Is -- like kids wanting rules. Kids may or may not think that they want rules but they really do. Examples you always find is that the parents who want to know where the kids are what time they're going to be home. What other people -- -- -- things like that. They're actually more appreciative of the map and parents -- say you have you know have a good time and get home when your home. Because and they feel you don't really care unity of personal. A stake in it. Well I think that when times like this and instantly everything's falling apart. We need leadership that -- not getting it from Washington certainly you know -- Barack Obama and -- I don't think we're getting older colder. Because the bottom line is nothing goes goes on hold while we -- battle another crisis. Yes we have via a crisis and Ferguson. It's got it was a little better last night but depends on what goes on today and tomorrow is the weather gets worse and not. But while that's happening. Israel and and the Palestinians that's still a concern where you know it's off the headlines. What about via illegal immigrants coming across the border where we -- part of how we got a deal that are we wanted to part of what kind of money is involved to take care of them. That's off the of that that's off via. Off the front page to and so we get all of these stories and as something new. Happens they get pushed to the back burner. But that is stuff is still going on a what about though what's going on with the Russians. And so we got a lot of things going on the world stage follow wants that we going to be heading. Of -- James Foley by yeah crisis. In which date they didn't just do it like you would think that it used to be done in in ancient England. Oh with a guillotine. Or even -- acts they literally pulled his head back. And it took tonight and sought his hand off widow with a large I mean that is buyers barbarian as you can get. -- protesting. Bombing raids by the US. So all of this is going on Monday and it seems like it's you know it can be overwhelming. Meanwhile Eric Holder. -- is is. Is in there should be Ian today in Ferguson. To investigate civil rights violations. So that's what it's about and anybody wanna bet on who's civil rights he's investigating. One would say it'll be Michael brown and not Darren Wilson. Far as his civil rights that the army as a cop you know summarize it needs that. The governor of the state said he should be prosecuted vigorously even all the evidence as a team and a fully put together and presented. Grand jury's gonna hear here at this afternoon the governor who is sixteen years in the attorney general's office obviously gonna learn a damn thing. You're supposed to be innocent until proven guilty and that goes for cops through. But that's where that is Eric Holder. Doesn't go in with a good attitude does it now Eric Holder said and these are famous quotes. Net as far as racial situations are concerned. The United States as a nation of cowards look at some other guy -- an open mind right. How about. Well what the attorney general and president have had to go through -- this treatment. What other attorney general president about to go through this treatment meeting their black so that's the only reason we'd be critical. Not because they couldn't do the job. And meanwhile. I saw a -- Wall Street Journal reporter. Who happens to be black. Says that blacks constitute 13%. Of our population yet are responsible for 50% of the numbers. I -- I -- -- Eric Holder with a war on murderers. But he's very comfortable with a war on anything else that doesn't agree. Okay now. If you are tuning in the box. You found out that for the last few days Bill -- is on vacation but even on vacation he calls him with the the oppose the sitting in. Because he is quite disturbed by what's going on as we all are and as it gets caught up on Bill O'Reilly slots. But the culture that we have in this country does lead to criminal profiling because young black American men. Are so often involved in front. The statistics. Overwhelming but here's the headline. Young black men commit homicides. At a rate ten times greater. Than whites and Hispanics -- When presented with damning evidence like that and like the mini -- passenger Congo where hundreds of African Americans are murdered each year. The civil rights industry. Looks the other way or makes excuses. They blamed guns poor education lack of jobs. Rarely do they define the problem accurately. So here it is. The reason there is so much violence and chaos. In the black precincts is the disintegration. Of the African American family. Right now about 783%. Of all black babies are born out of wedlock. That drives poverty. And the lack of involved fathers. Leads to young boys growing up resentful. And aren't super box. When was the last time you saw. Opt -- public service ad telling young black girls. To avoid becoming pregnant. As President Obama done such an -- -- -- Jackson or Sharpton. Has a Congressional Black Caucus demanded an ad like that. How about the PC pundits who work for NBC news. White people don't force black people to have babies out of wedlock. That's a personal decision. A decision. That is devastated millions of children and led to disaster both socially and economically saw. Raised without much structure. Young black men often reject education and gravitate towards the street culture drugs hustling gangs. Nobody forces them to do that again it is a personal decision. But the entertainment industry encourages the responsibility. By marketing a gang subculture. Hip hop movies trashy TV shows to impressionable children. The fact President Obama has welcomed some of the worst offenders in that cesspool. To the White House. When he should be condemned me with these weasels are doing. These so called entertainers get rich while the kids who emulate their lyrics and attitude destroy themselves. And then there's the drug situation. Go to Detroit. And ask anyone living on the south side of the eight mile road what destroyed their city. They will tell you narcotics. They now addiction leads to crime in the basement. What are the race hustlers and limousine liberals yell about. The number of black men in prison for selling drops -- it's so unfair it's a nonviolent crime at blacks are targeted. As one of the biggest lies in the history of this country. The thugs and sell hard drugs no matter what color today off. Deserve to be put away for long periods of time they sell poison they sell a product that in slaves and kills they are stop. When was the last time you heard that Congressional Black Caucus save back. How about Jackson and Sharpton how about President Obama. The solution to the epidemic a violent crime and poor black neighborhoods is to actively discourage pregnancies out of match. To impose strict discipline in the public schools including mandatory student -- from. And to create -- zero tolerance policy -- gonna drug crimes imposing harsh mandatory prison time on the offenders. And finally. Challenging the entertainment industry to stop peddling garbage. Hey listen up you greed heads if McCain can't speak proper English. Uses the F word and every sentence is disgraceful is disrespectful. Is disrespectful. In his -- her map. That child will never never be able to commit compete in the marketplace of America never. And has nothing to do with slavery. It has everything to do with you Hollywood people and you derelict parents you are the ones hurting these vulnerable children. You want a conversation. You got it. That's bill Riley -- forceful presentation. And I have a back up here in today's buffalo and goes by Eugene Robinson. From the Washington Post writers group talking about some of the things O'Reilly talking about and Robinson has moments of clarity in this but there are times when he falls into the same old -- And we'll talk about that or turn on those radio I'm thirty WBA. Is BGW sir you heard Bill O'Reilly is a piece. And -- very forceful very dramatic he remind he's been on vacation I think he retired and he returns tonight. But he's been calling in even would be a co hosting make is that a points regarding what is going on -- Ferguson. -- actually not up in person over and Ferguson. A but some of the things that O'Reilly talked about. Very. Very much in sync with of this column by Eugene Robinson. Now Eugene Robinson is they Washington Post writer he happens to be black. A lot of his columns have to do with the blacks. And oftentimes you'll take the same path. The expected path but occasionally. He'll take a little bit different look at it and this is what he's trying to do with this. I'm argued given a couple of paragraphs written here. A first of all whatever -- When I read. That something's happened because it's somebody else's fault I always wanna look to see if that's true. Because it's really easy to say it's not my fault because this happened now this is happening. And it wasn't my idea but I I was I don't like had to be part of it. Okay. The fire this time is about and visibility our society expects the police to keep unemployed. Poorly educated African American men out of sight. And out of mind when they suddenly takes center stage eliminated by the flash and flicker of Molotov cocktails. So what he's saying is we shouldn't be surprised. Though a lot of the faces of throwing the bottles of the Molotov cocktails or whatever are black as we starts -- And so when he started -- of unemployed and poorly educated. As soon as I saw that in that was in the third the third line. I'm thinking wait a minute I'm thinking ahead as far as I know Michael Brown had just graduated from high school. It was going to college he was going to a technical college. Why was he robbing a store. Why was he robbing a store. If indeed if if the if the theory is because you're uneducated. That -- that would lead to more involvement with crime he's educated when the car I went through high school was when you go to college so that doesn't cut it in the right there. Also. Later on Edgar and -- regarding poorly educated. Whose fault is that. When the school is they are the teachers -- there the computers are bear the lessons are there but the kid isn't there. Whose fault is that. Is that the fault of white America because. This black kid didn't go to school. Cut classes did Google goggles watt but didn't go to school -- that that's the issue here. If the school is ready for him or her why -- they not ready for the school. I don't know about you. But. My mother when -- grabbed me by the air and strongly on the school bus if I started cutting classes and she was aware of it. But it seems like you've talked to any. -- the educators they'll tell you one of the biggest problems is that they can't teach to an empty seat. -- -- -- And because of that the absentee. Is very very high. And guess what if they're not in school what are they going to be doing something else you'd think it is beneficial as the day of learning I don't think so. So whose fault is that the money is there -- a look at the -- schools as the money's there it's a bit a billion dollar a year deal a billion dollars a year for buffalo and absenteeism is through the roof. Especially -- minority students. But whose fault is that is that the fault of the community. No is that the fault of the school system no. It's the fault of those involved which would be the kids and their parents. So if you're not gonna take responsibility to get your kids. That's in this in the in school then why are we responsible. When their dismal failures because they didn't go to school and they're robbing a 7-Eleven. And now we've got a we've got to house them for the rest of their lives to -- why it's our problem I'd like to know that. Because it isn't. There really isn't but who's standing up wherever it -- Jesse Jackson's. And they Sharpton standing up about absenteeism which is a huge part of it. Believe me that's not a minor part it education is contagious. When you start to learn things you wanna learn more things. As you wanna learn more things your intellectual curiosity. Is is peaking. Suddenly a non interest in him going and getting the wind is blowing or. Dealing drugs or using drugs or holding up a store you're interested in and what you can learn and how you can use that they have a better life. -- we never get any credit when I say we I mean non minorities would ever get any credit we got all the blame and credit. When indeed we don't have the kids. And we let him stay home and win a lot of stay out how many times have you heard about these shootings that happened at 3 o'clock in the morning. I don't know -- do you -- them I was not allowed to stay out of 3 in the morning. And this is the kind of narrative we get all the time it's not the kids' -- It's just the way it is. It's because they're under educated whose fault is that they're unemployed well that leads that that doesn't yeah doesn't take a genius to figure that out. If you are under educated and uneducated your employment. Prospects are bleak and even if you get a job -- probably won't pay much so you're gonna look around say this other thing is more exciting it's more fun. And I can make more money so that -- of that meanwhile. The taxpayers are on the hook one way or the other -- you either putting you in school and things sort of putting in jail and praying for. But I will be kicked around like opinion out there anymore it's not our fault. The stuff is there it's not used as a -- Iran will be back after this.

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