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8-20 Beach and Company Hour 1

Aug 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello to his major company have said -- -- so -- I was last night watching television and getting disgusted. And -- and just revolved about what I'm sitting on the strings I decide I've got to get away from this. Because we're showing too much weakness so I want at some strength in my life so I got out by my iPod and I started listening to Ted Nugent. Matt Hyde has nothing like I'll let you know didn't they get -- going in the morning. Sometimes they -- Ted Nugent is I mean he represents strength usually see pictures without Rashard he's a ball on terror he's an average Second Amendment guy this is my kind of guy shot and roll rock and roll I'm white buffalo I'm just talent is so even I was feeling down. I just dug out the Nugent and -- my iPod it's very easy to find it all alphabetical by songs or artists and there it is right under T for tad I was getting and he -- -- to -- -- to keep the tennis that you are true yeah passing Nugent mania is sweeping the nation he's always been my favorite and its retail. I now it is up -- and company and. Kinds of stuff going on here with -- all of the world's falling apart and if you pay any attention it is. I had to I had a really takers. Great about a pleasure saying. If there's a group a New York City that is protesting vigorously. Against police action no it's got nothing to do what what we're talking about with partisan. This is a group of costumed characters. Giant elmo's. Mickey Mouse is statues of liberty. And other children's characters all played by Spanish speaking immigrants. They held a news conference saying that the police should not have told. The public that they didn't need to tip them. -- -- -- I'd like to tip them over a tip English is optional. And they said since the police New York -- police department told visitors are tips are optional as a result the intake has plummeted. Because see a lot of people visit New York -- little intimidated by edit the you know leave your from a a town that has fourteen people on -- he get intimidated by new York and you think that one of these a costumed characters comes up and does something for you you are required to tip them and indeed you're not. And so while there is there room. Their money's going down and look at these clowns. Luck is seriously the victim of it while -- you know I hate them because I work in San Francisco. And if you're in San Francisco San Francisco is the home. Of street performers I hate street. I don't Doug -- don't do that mime thing for me. Because I'll wanna push in the bay you know whether or the -- cut glass box is about. How has ever been caught in a glass box nobody or they're trying to walk against the win. You know -- Marcus. All I'm trying to walk against the way and the airport some money down there thank you very much I don't know why you put money down there I'm pretending to walk against the way hadn't. -- -- And then they have -- besides the mines. They have the street performers that play instruments and they usually have a guitar case open. In which are supposed to throw money. And a when I would get off the -- every day to go to work. There's about six blocks through where NBC was. And on every corner you have street performers so these these -- clowns. As -- column. Not my favorite entertainers like street performers. Not really. Like Yucca street musicians I've seen some of several videos. Of our amazing guitar players that perform on the street -- -- -- and there's one from Poland I can't remember his name could probably cause too difficult for Niles. But he is incredible rush. -- yes I should. Yeah that's -- -- a specified what should you play over and over and I'm so good on his -- yeah. Sasha nine have tried -- She was fifty Pat Hill before rushing yeah I said that's that's that that's -- going on. Let's see what what is going on the world not a lot of good stuff I can tell you that but seriously I did so -- there at the opening by. I'm watching television last night and I'm thinking as I'm watching. The ramp up for the nightly. Follies have Ferguson Ferguson -- going on there. And I see these these people. Assembling although there were last of them last night and the night before. I'm getting ready to do their usual -- and then. It's so we'd find out some things during the course of the evening about the beheading of an American journalist. Fox interviewed him three years ago that was a year before it became captive because they've been captive by another. It and -- and was not harmed. But in this case O Reilly's interviewing this man and a year they showed him in an orange jumpsuit. Will they quoted a figure dressed in black behind him who beheaded him during the interview going to be having him. And saw that and then of the governor. Of the state of Missouri. Comes out I keep mine. The governor before he was governor. Well was in the attorney general's office for sixteen years so he should know something about the log on to thank you thank you I would think. He puts out a televised piece that says that we must have vigorous prosecution. Of of the policeman Darrin walls that. A vigorous prosecution. They have an even finish investigation yet a big grand jury's going to hear stuff today. So I don't know what the hell's going on up there but it's it is it really is is that. And I'm also thinking that while this is going on. You know the rest the world continues doing what the rest the world does. And I'm thinking okay. While this is going on we still have the immigration problem with thousands flooding over the border where are they going to be an hour we do we have any kind of why am. To straighten this out -- what's going on in the Ukraine. What is what is going on well with the Palestinians. And the yeah. And the Israelis. Other stuff going on at once. And while we have a president and go to a couple of days ago -- the rule lodging companies is essentially a vacation. And his answer to what's going on -- Ferguson. Is dissent and whole hour. Gotta -- me Eric Holder. -- remind you a little bit about Eric Holder after we take a break. And see why maybe this wasn't the best choice but a purposeful choice -- what they want to accomplish. On news radio 930 WB yeah. -- -- congratulations. John is supposedly going to emcee the hall of fame awards ceremonies this year who all of the -- yeah they're good they're they're very very professional and really aren't very good question get a chance to see the the lovely Susan. Rose in the semi lovely Johns back. By the way Susan belongs in mental thing yeah absolutely I think so these are very very good you should see what goes on behind the scenes here with -- -- Randy and Chris I mean it's. Insane. It is it is absolutely insane and they -- have a fabulous and so should build a great job as I'm season of the annual hall of Famer Jack Armstrong. Former KB disc -- Is going into the hall or in need -- leader. I broke a man on its first night on -- be used to follow me I I was up at seven he was on a seven. And I had good -- good act and a high powered very high powered his memories of -- -- dragway commercials and all man. He -- going into the Niagara dragway commercials you're lucky if there was glass left in the studio. He was really good at that. In and day and upon and it was a Zynga. He's so talented IE. I still listen to this day because I really enjoyed a while we were on TV and I was able to listen. A lot of times they were doing that the voice tracking and Ericsson in there and listen it is blown away by why is this stuff. And the -- he would going to high gear in a hurry. Just hit that Mike -- ideas on legacies posthumously going to be. Inducted into the -- Amanda I'll voice and name -- you're familiar with is that -- gonna go in with them the -- will have to go to them. Bill lacy is going and so yeah he was before this microphone many times that produced -- -- exactly. I'm glad to see you finally we have some diversity in the hall don't know what -- -- there -- some diversity. We have the first at all we have white people Oliphant and yes if there are in the hall of fame -- -- myself by the way. We have black people in the hall and it okay. And this will be the first year we haven't already check that. Acknowledgment on proposals will what do. Abducted project called for and a to a 779. Victories and hike with a it -- -- now we've ever black white and orange. Where would you put an actuary applied person will be inducted into people's war of the adversity. As well. It's it should be a good event coming up next month. Now here's what's going on and a Ferguson the good knows about Ferguson yesterday is that they were fewer people. Out on the streets late at night. But there was still some that refused to leave after the afternoon time element and they were rested them but there was. Think your. There was. Oh it was remarkably better than the night before so that's that that's the good part about it in because they had asked people -- approach as a -- doing today you can certainly -- -- justices a as vividly. Hydrant today -- that night. -- probably get better camera angles and better shots during the day and so that seemed to have happen. But there was still all kinds of events that took place during the course of the evening. And today. The scenario changes as the attorney general Eric Holder sent by President Obama why. I don't know. He's he's being sent there now he is being sent there are sensibly to investigate. Civil rights violations. Now for those of you who don't know -- I don't know if you know this and not the Eric -- black did did you pick that up. And and so is the president president is black and Eric -- black as a matter fact Eric Holder made it very public pronouncement not too long ago he said. What attorney general and president of had to deal with this treatment talking about criticism from the public. Because the president's black and he's black in the assumption by Eric Holder is that any criticism past the bi racial. It can't possibly beat performance oriented it has the -- because he's black in the president's black. This is the man you're sending to investigate civil rights violations you're also sending the same man. Who had a quote a very famous quote. When he said regarding race we are really a nation of cowards. This is the guy we're sending to investigate civil rights violations. Are you gonna hear him say we're a nation of cowards. You're going Jews see -- say that the president and he were treated badly because they're black but here's what you're not going to hear him say OK take a holy picture of this. Because I want I want to hear this come out of his charisma out that he's going to be fair and balanced. According to the Wall Street Journal. Blacks make up 13%. Of the population 13%. And commit. 50% of the murders OK -- -- mentioned that. I doubt it very much so he's going to be there meeting with the FBI. For possible civil rights violations I don't think. He's going to be looking for the civil rights. Of a Darren Wilson. Those Goldman guys like cops alive there's a lot of other white cops so a lot of the got a broken my sock dad orbital fracture. You know it probably -- on a desk or something. We're not only -- investigate that we're just gonna investigate the other side of the coin on this one social sending Eric Holder there. Is ridiculous. It is absolutely ridiculous and that's going to be the -- showed today. Whip Eric Holder there will this make it better or worse I can tell you right now it's going to be worse because also last night. The governor. Of the state of Missouri. Gotta wonder where they get these guys who as I told you before he became governor. Spent sixteen. Years in the attorney general's office of the state of Missouri so he should know something about law apparently doesn't care about law. When it doesn't sodium. Because he in is a televised -- said that they should proceed with vigorous prosecution. Against Darren Wilson. The investigation. Hasn't finished yet. It is not over. These are grand jury is going to hear testimony today this afternoon. And yet you talk about aren't you talk about bypassing the process. When's the last time you heard that the governor of a state wants to a wants to prosecute somebody that isn't even held and a I held the -- If he's gonna held -- -- all the blame at all. So when you have this. That what happens nothing good. Because no matter what happens with a grand jury. If they indict him it'll probably be because of pressure from the governor and the rioters if they don't indict them there's going to be more Friday. But they have to operate the grand juries the testimony and and things regarding them are totally secret. But they have to -- disregard what's going on the street and follow the law. And seek justice because even though the governor may now be looking for it. Even -- attorney general holder may not be looking -- let's hope that the grand jury is will be back with more with beach company under his radio I'm thirty WB -- The home of Rush Limbaugh weekdays noon till three news radio 9:30 AM. WBA and. Man that's I've got Johnny. That's as good as it's it's reinvigorated. Me and my attitude toward life. There was watching television last night thinking -- end of the world was mayor because I'm watching what's going on in Ferguson. That idea I saw via the still picture of the be heading. And certainly very distressing. -- and I I saw and heard the audio. And video -- the governor of Missouri put out calling Torre for a vigorous prosecution. Of Daryn -- also the -- vigorous prosecution. Keep in mind the investigation. Hasn't ended yet. Keep in mind the grand jury hasn't convene yet that's going to be this afternoon. And he's calling for vigorous prosecution. Now -- said vigorous investigation. That's fine it should be. But a vigorous prosecution you talk about innocent until proven guilty is that only applied to lawbreakers or potential lawbreakers. I guess cops are considered guilty until proven innocent is that what it is in the state of Missouri. So I found that to be outrageous. So I saw a -- reporter. For the Wall Street Journal. A big interview today who happen to be black we identified for the sake of the argument here. Who happened to be black and when he was asked why Eric Holder was going. To Ferguson he said simple optics. It looks good for the president. President's black Eric holders black a lot of the protests as a black. The person that died was black. So optically it's it's a benefit for the president and this is all calculated stuff. But the bottom line is Eric holders of stock in trade is civil rights violations. He is not going to be. Considerate I think of these civil rights of the policeman. He will only be considerate of the civil rights. Of the deceased. Now as far as I know we all have civil rights and they should apply equally but I'm just thinking is this going to be better or worse. It's going to be worse I think the whole situations going to be worse. Like right now if the indictment takes place. Yeah the crowd may be quiet for awhile and solo of course the actual trial and if he's not convicted this law come back again. If he's not. If he's not in in. Indicted Democrat out is which is already there is gonna get worse as then that's as simple as that gets. A meanwhile the governor's acting like an idiot I I just don't get that well what kind of a responsible. Decision is that. The claim for a vigorous prosecution of somebody whose investigation has in the human concluded. So we've we've got of that going on. And and here's the deal it just keeps getting more and more convincing. That these story happened as it was reported after the first wave of reporting for instance. It was said that the via the decedent. Michael Brown. Punched the policeman. And the now you and I said not now that's no no we didn't then we heard well maybe did because it was some injuries and that we heard. Orbital fractures fractures around the ID. So you tell me. If you are cop. How do you how you put fractures around your own eyes anybody out there are punching themselves and the guy lately -- doesn't happen like that. And facility tried to make its satellite. Of this poor innocent. Man. Michael Brown was just being set upon by the police went in -- He was an aggressor. And that did not back -- and did not follow the instructions of the policeman and a bad thing happen remember what I said. That is it to about things don't happen usually of people who are. Or out to you know flora movie are a sporting event. Or watching television are working a term paper or -- painting their -- Roger you know. Those kind of things don't happen but when you put yourself. In. Into harm's way by going into dangerous areas and and in walking that tightrope. Then occasionally something's gonna happen that -- is going to be happy with him this is this problem. So -- with Eric Holder going -- is going to be better -- that I think is going to be -- we're sure also the governor made it worse already. Now I think when you look at the whole picture. And you see that the rest of the world has not stopped because of this is going on -- Ferguson. And you see that the immigration problems still there with thousands coming over the border but it's not on the front page anymore. You see that of the Ukraine situation. Is still there but it's not on the front page anymore a UC via Palestinian. Israeli problem is still bare -- on the front page anymore. So we keep getting stories that eclipsed the prior stories but the prior stories have no resolution to them. They have not been settled they have not been agreed upon and I have a theory. That part of the problem. And it's not specific to everything that I've I I mention but part of the problem we're facing today. Is the perception and remember perception is reality. To have people perceive -- the perception. Of America now is weakness. We've not had that perception before. It during the Cold War nobody started. A problem because they knew that the problem might in the world. And that was the Cold War now we're into the situation we're in now and I think the perception is. That. America is week. And when you get that perception people do things and try things that they wouldn't try if they thought there was going to be. Repercussions they would not have tried some of this stuff -- Ronald Reagan or they have found -- a hurry that he was not the guy you would do this stuff where. But remember how many times has the president told us. That where war -- How many times now we are -- much question about that but. The more he says that. Foreign ears hear that well there war -- even their presidents as and he says that every time he gets a chance though. So we don't have to worry about them intervening because there war query. Even if you -- like that you don't say that you know make it public. Does somebody can guess that somebody might might be pretty close to getting it right but when the president says that that puts the stamp on it. So these kinds of things I think are partly due to the weakness of via of the presidency right now. I did I do not think that we have much respect in the world. And much fear. Is something you better have one of those two things you better have either respect or fear or both. Our other allies people are going to take chances and it and you're going to be drawn and the things you don't wanna be drawn into because you did not present. A good strong image we are the strongest nation on earth we know it but it seems like yeah you know we -- like -- like Billy Jack. But. Those films Billy Jack were Billy Jack was a supreme martial artist. But. I think really he wouldn't go into action at all at all at all Domtar name I don't know I don't know -- -- and until you get to a point. And then he cleaned your clock okay. I think people think of us like now like Billy Jack except without the -- o'clock part. -- -- -- they have it but their record user -- you recommend it if they don't think you could use that there's no sense in having. So it three on -- 301806169236. Start I'm thirty. I want your opinion are not eternity general Eric Holder. Going to Ferguson will -- be better wars. I want your opinion of the governor of Missouri saying calling for a vigorous prosecution. Before the evidence is even -- end. -- and overall perception of weakness in the US today. 803093018061692. Through six and start mine there is -- company. And what's hard about what's going on Ferguson as the most people are discussing that. Some agitated some more agitated than others as attorney general Eric Holder. Is there today why I don't know it's supposedly to investigate. And give inspiration -- one would assume. Through civil rights violations. I did not I don't know I'm civil rights violations civil rights violation on him. On on Michael Brown they really probably don't care much about the civil rights violations. Against the Darren Wilson was a cop who has shattered orbital bones. Because he was punched in the face one what is so -- you have all of the rights of the constitution affords. If indeed -- -- out there rioting or stealing. Port fees or Europe before alleged the four perspective they've. But you have none of that when your -- right is that the way that works because of his if it does work that way -- I think a lot of people are gonna wanna give up -- jobs in law enforcement and that war and anarchy. Then we're hoping -- Governor Cuomo hasn't taken the last bit of book. Self defense we have -- New York statement and associated acts and we can at least defend ourselves so that's where it has. And I'm asking what holder's gonna do holders are gonna doing positive. This is the same guy. That out wouldn't investigate -- guys -- this same guy that wouldn't go to the border to see the immigrants flowing across the real grind. He was there but not for that he he was too busy for that. But he's not too busy for this because that this is while the president's. Favor a -- -- -- wanna go after the black Panthers when they were standing outside the Philadelphia polling station but bring him down there isn't that kind of like. Using gasoline to put out a fire. Well that's what I'm afraid up. That's what I am afraid of that it would be gasoline. Because. His penchant for a pool of four the mindset of -- always may we've been put upon because -- black. Mean that's basically what he's said. Keep in -- I quoted a couple of his quotes of the beginning of the show. One attorney general and president had to deal with -- this treatment. He's talking about he and the president Barack Obama being treated differently because they're black. He can't come to the concept that. They're not doing a good job Eric Holder also said regarding race we are a nation of cowards. And and this is the guys that is supposed to be neutral is chief law enforcement officer of the of the country. Give me a break so you he is not his holy pictures he is not going to go there. And lecture -- rioters. Are gonna happen. He's -- trying console he's gonna trying to pretend it's cool bio moment. But when push comes to shove he's already made up his mind as the governor has of the state of Missouri calling for a vigorous prosecution. I'll vote Darrow Darren Wilson. This is a cop who got punched in the face who tried to defend himself. And that they going to prosecute him according to the governor before the facts -- and they've already found him guilty -- found him guilty is right. You think about it like that when the government -- that out how to gonna how -- assemble a jury. When the governor puts out a statement like that prosecute him vigorously. Well the grand jury will make the first decision on that and that they're not even convene the -- be -- together this afternoon. So totally irresponsible. And I think it's gonna get worse before it gets better also all of a matter of trust. And because we're running a survey now on WBN dot com do you trust the police most of our analysts as majority of them do -- like 6040. And you'll find that most people in the black community don't. It's an exact reverse it and as we've also got information. Regarding how many times. The police have bill and a investigated. Four homicides and found them justified. Is a lot more than you would think. According to the FBI files. More than 400. Fatal police killings a year are sanctioned by local state and federal authorities as justified homicides. The FBI doesn't specifically track. How many times offices -- prosecutor for improperly causing. A person's death but 400. Times a year policeman and it's approximately course policeman are room. -- of from the not guilty. The FBI said Tuesday it doesn't keep specific. Prosecution of the block enforcement officers because it doesn't track. Crimes by profession. Though does -- justified homicide rulings in 2012. Last year available for full stats. Law enforcement rule of total 410. Deaths as justified homicide. According to the FBI so the cops can get a fair break. But I'm wondering how fair it's going to be for the cop think about it like this right. Now if you if you take an overview of America. The people that are breaking the law are being rewarded. The people breaking the immigration laws are coming into the country illegally. They're being rewarded. People off the thirteen million or already here. Are being rewarded. Now you are -- the head the mob. And that's the best way to describe them the mob if indeed they get some solace from a I'm from Eric Holder they'll be rewarded through please stop will try and do something that'll make you happy but when -- stop. When -- stop if the grand jury doesn't indict. Of a cop. Then indeed it's going to be worse by a lot if they -- guy that's a miscarriage of justice justice shall always say no grand jury testimony. Is secret so we would not know exactly what swayed them. But the bottom line is if you are just throwing this -- to the mob the triumph pacified a mob that won't do it either because it's always going to be some thing. Some perceive miscarriage of justice some perceived slight some perceived a problem that you have because you don't look like other people that are charging you with a crime. It's the same ball symbol it never ends it just never ends and this president is totally and absolutely. Incapable of dealing -- Boy you talk about having the wrong guy in the wrong place at the wrong time. That's Barack Obama right now we'll be back after this.

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