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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>United Way Day of Caring - Michael Weiner

United Way Day of Caring - Michael Weiner

Aug 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The united ways days caring is underway joining us on the WB online plan this morning as Michael Weiner president and CEO. The united way of buffalo and Erie county Michael good morning. Sure great -- should Tynan the kickoff was last hour at first 9% -- Tell us about it. Well at the carrier right away is the largest volunteer engagement effort here in Western Europe quicker each year out at a time -- year. They thought it. It's an opportunity to bring together this year over 3600 volunteers. That represents a 145 companies in Erie county. Who are going to be out in the community support not for profit service needs. Doing things like a leading to -- doing some landscaping. Helping to revitalize an outdoor playground. Do some painting -- -- a thought that we take for granted. But that are valuable archer projects that are of great value to not for profit. Community and then after that consumers who receive services on the right. You know you mention reading to the kids doing some landscaping and other projects talk about some of these projects of these volunteers get involved with. Now some of these are just one day of volunteers but to some of them got hooked on or they're doing and then they come back to continue helping. That's a great question we have all different types of volunteers to come together the states some are historically committed. Departure Serbs and there are participating board members -- they're -- knowledge or service worked throughout eager. For other individuals. In their first time and the community -- vouchers circus approach so you can. Are different types of people are coming together. -- -- thought about it a company's airport to greet team building exercise. It's a great way you are institutionalized for the workforce. Valuable work that's done by the not for profit sector industry -- at -- and then also allow a combination of what the interest that copy may bit. Some properties may be particularly. Working. Which seniors -- working with children or outdoor indoor shall we do all adding an extra make a comment about -- they'll. This seems to grow by the year do you get more volunteers each -- Michael. Are averaging over thirty street harder ball purity -- this year one of the largest. A compliment about -- hands on and you're right she continued to grow. Reflection of how caring you know here we only hear about a charitable community as well. You know what you're getting money it's also giving your child and the corporate. A quick break. People. Together are getting help support not opt out that they can do things. If they don't have the resource you are encouraged. Michael how new volunteers get there assignment today -- shortage of anything into it like to do or do they do -- go where there told ago. -- expect it probably operational quality about but. Obviously you what we do we -- we have a great game and united way that you start with. Asking questions what it to -- company at that particular interest. What time that hey what I put program how many people they eat all -- Location the big interest it and we do we were kind of match go back. Not a proper that we are relationships where. And we help them sort group project skull that they are. What -- available they can make available supplies to a great extent they're not brought by not brought you by the arms -- The organization. Prior art I kinda think -- most important event or they can -- so yeah. Ultimately we want it. You ideal match -- the WR -- circumstance where in early may get deployed with a large group of employees -- play to a side that they didn't have a lot. About but remember the value that I mentioned earlier. Edit or -- a lot about their agency just -- virtual -- -- together or situation. And get to step organization of the consumers. And it will walk away a better appreciation in the value of the work done by about a tropical servers and education programs you know. It is rewarding all the way around Michael thank you for joining us this morning and no it's going to be a busy one but I wish you well we all wish you much success today. That's Michael -- the president CEO of the united way of buffalo and Erie county.

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