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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Media's Handling of Ferguson Story - Lee Coppola

Media's Handling of Ferguson Story - Lee Coppola

Aug 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's talk about the WBM live line welcome my next guest is Likud called all the former dean of the Russell. -- mass communication at saint Bonaventure university. League good morning thank you for joining us good morning -- aren't really as you move. Personally. Follow what's happening -- Ferguson Missouri is there anything you like or dislike or disapprove of about the coverage. Well I think what I do like is it brings to light a lot of issues and society. Obviously the recent shoot the main issue. But one of the things that really appreciated the fact that the media attention has raised another issue about the album at a local police department. That's been a long. It's been an issue here in society for awhile but it hasn't come to light until relief Ferguson. So little things like that that come out of that I think I appreciate the fact that the media coverage then you know the Marshall gets bigger. What are some things maybe that you. Don't like he heaven approved of and you've been watching. Well you know and we go back to that twenty works of cable news channel and I -- had seen enough pure guess electric -- is now. Sort you know but it is it is visual -- these views but I think the over use of the video of the protest. You know can get under your skin but again we're cable television says we don't know who's watching went so we have to keep showing. In -- -- back when you were. A reporter. On the day to day basis can you call him. And you'll recall and the local events here in the buffalo area. That led to a degree of public mistrust of the police and at that time was as mistrust justified. You know I really can't -- I mean I I remember WB. Right expect in the sixties. And I think a lot of -- stuff it was a mistrust of law enforcement and police. But basically I can't remember specific incident. Where police were undermined and obviously we have police. Involved in situations that maybe they shouldn't be involved in. You know the recent rallies -- thing. But I can't remember an issue that would focus and distrust of police. Completely. Something else that's been brought appearance I'd love to get your take tennis. The AP Associated Press has been criticized. For ignoring its own style block on several occasions they're referring to eighteen year old Michael -- Brown who was shot and Ferguson. As a teen or teenager rather than a man. Well is that a big deal that. It did well of people on the 8 PM in journalism it is but I don't think it's a big deal to the public. I think you know again that the use of the mainland attack loomed those those are the descriptions the script development. Of their up in the air at the time and again AP a change in the style book all the time. But I think what we're trying to show is that this wasn't acting like a kid teen. You know thirteen or fourteen year old it was closer to make. Mean 1918. And nineteen girl. -- of the -- with -- -- again it's always always great to talk with you thank you are right Cabrera. Picture. They go Paula is a former dean of the Russell.

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