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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Handling Police Mistrust - Former BPD PIO Larry Baehre

Handling Police Mistrust - Former BPD PIO Larry Baehre

Aug 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us on the WB and live on this morning is Larry barrier retired buffalo police. Public information officer Larry good talk with you again. Good morning actually our -- gray morning. You sound great listener might like so many you must be following the events of Ferguson very closely and it does seem like there was a different dynamic in play their last night it was calmer wasn't. Quiet but it was comer in their last night. A lot of this though Larry they say goes to a point of police mistrust. What what do you make of this and and and what's happening in Ferguson. Well it's an unfortunate situation and you know right now many many people are. Rushing to judgment about what happened there because of what they've sort of -- further north that you remove. Or. Here's a here. There's almost some conjecture but what happened and and really the police department there unfortunately for them. Are they should have gotten on this story initiative. Then their first. The first in the post or the first -- -- is because the most politically. Never -- there. -- congestion -- the first person so in video from an old story tell the truth. Tell people exactly what happened and meant dispelled rumors and known years ago on both political. Shooting our swat officer had issues suspect. At that time that -- commissioner was there. -- reluctant to speak to the public about it all -- there's no comment or. It's under investigation. Well head Jim Cunningham and commissioner at that time. -- -- an astronomer at the point sent outlook this in the -- as a mentally unstable person had a lot of problems it is the -- that was social. Please world justified what you're doing. Followed the rules. They did nothing wrong. And nobody on this story but. Because -- as a -- in the same thing for a couple of very is the things faster and faster and faster. And then you have people like that collect all the -- customers and Kamal there and they're not there to promote Tom. Thought their format on rushed. Think about that if there was peace. On the streets are being on the interviews. Share -- with disrespect here and three piece suit up -- -- Erica. They're fiery rhetoric about you know what the restore the please don't. And we were unfortunate culture. Ammunition they would have missed that call up gangster culture. Is. Young black men. That are out there looking for something you know they have no. Paternal guidance unfortunately many of them. So without -- And shall go to -- -- -- on the corner. And on and look to him for guidance and leadership. And that's -- have just that there is there's a disconnect -- -- in the -- culture and please. Hillary does it remind you think you're here when operation rescue was set up. You know for sometime in buffalo and all those out of towners -- with merely their own agendas does -- remind -- kind of that situation. -- projector to -- captivated and Victor would have bitten and the -- for peace protest at the bridge and a lot of outside people coming and who didn't have. The best and as a possible -- have their own agenda and that was happening here into the machine uses these so called -- literally during the famine. For -- attorneys. Represented assembly it's for them it's like having the winning. Million dollar lottery ticket because there aren't a lot of fame and fortune out of this thing and -- who have an agenda there and then that didn't. Wrote justice -- -- similar -- what they can do for themselves. And what the government so what their. What -- can do -- do we need to do would -- to get. Attorneys and then the with the people that I called race hustlers and an issue go to Chicago you know every week there's scores shouldn't. Chicago. Probably more people shot to struggle within our shot and Afghanistan. In. Those are those in the middle -- -- really have an and one. Want to genuinely helpful via the black community should be you know competitors. Trying to have a positive impact them. Exhibition young man bit off the corner. An indication that it Jeb better yourself but they don't. Larry were just about out of time W brought up little incident when you were buffalo -- to swat team incident. Which led to some police. Miss trust what do you do on a case like that to restore trust. And that's that's -- that's higher hurdle on god really -- and and only in Europe the real facts of the case. And a complete investigation. And timer ridiculed because. That is so before people believe what bigger first -- -- read in the paper but -- And hamburgers and what are your report is what your senator to choose to wanna say anything while they're gonna get an interview with the -- shall we also we're gonna jump on the street. I can -- so that and the people here in Jerusalem must be the gospel. All it takes so -- trying to restore trust. No one has been broken but to the most important thing -- department and there was uses to look through. Arnold back. Larry great to have you on this morning thank you for joining us. Are stuck conditions and I'm. YouTube that's Larry Barry. He's a retired buffalo police public information officer.

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