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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Ferguson Still Unsettled - KMOX Reporter Michael Calhoun

Ferguson Still Unsettled - KMOX Reporter Michael Calhoun

Aug 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- a TV and you sent 652. Of Michael Calhoun KM -- reporter covering the unrest in Ferguson is joining us on the WB and lifeline. Michael we've been listening to your coverage -- Europe -- the last week or so a -- like captain Ron Johnson of the Missouri Highway Patrol. -- state New York tech community there has reached a turning point. Didn't language he used last night after. Many many hours of protests in the street and they were absolutely he. All -- ball kind of a street party aperture for certain moments there was. A marks the kept circling around the main street who count on the sidewalks. Protesters stayed out of the street like police and act two that would stand set up what. -- water for creepy suffering roses for people with all that they've marched into the state troopers who stand in a row without an -- -- it for. -- war you know it that the shield in court -- caring. I have looked at -- tell me are that there are a lot of the state trooper that they heard last night she knew. Talked with the county police and with a -- and city police about how to really connect with the community now. After midnight after many of the protesters at left. After being asked to do so by the clergy should they get a more have a sort the sport. There was a courtroom while there were 47 the last mostly -- people who failed so -- Up but even then police didn't for -- the church what they have reviewed by. Michael does anybody at this early stage know any thing about US attorney general Eric Holder is a scheduled visit today. Who is going to meet with the places is going to visit. I talked to the community activist who was reading some of the marchers yesterday in separate he was hoping. -- holder would meet with some people who -- called the boots on the ground social organizing. This community response. And who are some of those -- leaders of some of the organizations. The various communities Saint Louis. At the hope is just generally -- -- -- here. That. Or some reassurance because a lot of the reason why people you wouldn't keep a lot of protests. Is that they don't trust the system -- trucks that were chaotic prosecutor. Is going to spare although investigations and so. There's really there's hope that -- -- will bring us some of that leadership. And and inspire and well in the. Do you think he would meet for the family of the shooting victim. That would certainly I would imagine be on the table. A lot of you. So when nobody. Require the government and there are all the corporate. Al Sharpton and other figures to come through a group that the family out sharp and -- eulogy at Michael -- fuel a bit. Either there or are even called for Obama to come out. And of course is not -- -- it's happening at this point pleased not about what the White House and it doesn't seem could be imminent but. With Eric Holder coming to town and he scored beat it ought to be investigation and -- that -- so reassuring. Dimensional and we will be part of it. We understand that air colder wrote an op Ed piece ahead of his visit in the at the paper there. What was he asking for what was he what was he saying. But that he ordered an op -- it was in the Saint Louis post -- -- kind of as a long beat these scenes of and you know saying that you can trust. That the Department of Justice is going to be there are and the Department of Justice is going to make sure. That -- that everything is done properly and that whatever. Needs to be done to bring justice for Michael Brown stepped will be dark. Michael the police officer -- the shoulder of all this unrest now we're hearing reports that he was injured. But these reports are mostly like -- blog some alternative. Web sites. Haven't heard much of this on mainstream immediately CBS or AP you know anything about -- was he hurt anyway. We talked with the police chief in the city person last week at camp based on these type of -- it was swirling around and actually in person sent. That the officers -- -- and that local board nuclear parity offshore. That face would beat up really badly but it was sick in the hospital. The day -- assure -- of course we later learn more. About the circumstance about the however we -- the name of the officer but -- but for simply you to confirm to us what would that there were injuries the -- -- -- -- Michael we appreciate your time again this morning thank you very much. Michael Calhoun KM -- reporter who's been covering the unrest in Ferguson.

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