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8-19 Tom Bauerle Hour 4

Aug 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- news radio 930 WBA. And -- Welcome you. If they -- -- extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one hunts with an assault rifle. No one. His ball club. Com hourly. Column in the went to. Now let everybody know linking it. -- got covered up right welcome. It's live these local -- Walton. Looks like it's huge it's Tom hourly -- would have been the biggest stage and make it. Except for -- And 930. But I just think about the stories that aren't. Being poor excuse me that's not an awfully screech. Take so I want you think for a minute about all the stories. That have not been reported upon in any great detail. Since this idiot kid was shot by the cop. In Ferguson -- it. Our borders are still wide open. Ebola. Is still out here. Jews and Israel are under constant bombardment. From G hobbyists next door. And Christians. In the Middle East are being slaughtered. By the thousands. By militant Muslims who tell them either convert or die. -- are the stories. That are getting scant coverage. All because an eighteen year old thug get. Who has been exposed. As not being a gentle giant but I'd be a strong armed robber. Decided that he was gonna show the cop who ran the street and Ferguson. And the cop shot him as he was charging the police officer. And these polls. Come in and block late followed by hate mongers. And decide that they're going to prove racist wrong. By looting and stealing. Army really. It's like all that does is feed the fighter. Of white racists. And you guys are making these -- for white racist to say -- -- The backup job. It really is a disgusting mess in Ferguson. By the way a couple of notes here. In addition to the other stories. The Ferguson Missouri nonsense has got off of the news in terms of the amount of coverage received. What are the things that. I think you should know about is. And I. Actually am surprised. Ted Nugent. Look guys. I have to hold you. About my grave doubts about Ted Nugent over the years. And there was a time when his COLT following would call my show and -- kinds of things. But now at least locally. Even -- Ted Nugent -- following I think is starting to see that Ted Nugent is a fraud that a charlatan. And a phony. He's a coward to. You know it's ironic his biggest hit was cat scratch fever. Because when it comes to coming on my show Ted Nugent is a lot. I'll call it out. This is a phony. Because -- Accepts endorsement money. From a local munitions company. That donates to Andrew ball ball and other gun grabbing politicians come intelligent can't have it both boys. And instead of taking -- the offer. Because -- a decent human being something. I have offered to help Ted Nugent dig him out of the hole of his own making. Broadest. And crisis communication is something which although I have no formal training in doing. I am a natural adept at do ask Michael -- I'd be happy and I would have been happy to help -- dig himself out of it. If he was sincere. About the Second Amendment and his fight for. But Ted Nugent is all about Ted Nugent Ted Nugent is all about the dollars for Ted Nugent. Done. I have told you it again -- this would I would have been all over this a lot on the year but the developments in Ferguson. Have. Basically preempted that. When Ted Nugent was presented with facts. That accompany it with which he chooses to associate his name as an endorser. Contributes to people like Cuomo. His original response was to call all the people. Bringing this to his attention liars. Phonies. Small minded dim wits. The facts speak for themselves -- And by the way to -- that the people doing the research on view. And you were. Deal with peers. And the fact that you talk out of one -- your mouth will you accept money from the other side your mouth. They're not piers Morgan's. They are Second Amendment freedom fighters. The guy who's done most of the work on this story for me up by the way without pay is a retired cop. An investigator. Don't think he's gonna let up on this it's not Ted like you've got the great liberal media. Going after. We're not liberals. We are Second Amendment freedom fighters. And I have review older. To my listeners. The fact that. As they were taking time off without pay from their 25000. Dollar a year jobs. You'll want to 50000 dollars plus just is a speaking fees for the rally in Albany the first big one. You want to first class air for yourself and your posse of a luxury hotel. Some freedom fighter -- I was among the 101000 or so people. Who stood in the federal worry drizzle in Albany. To show our contempt for Andrew ball ball. You were missing because you just wanted to payday. 50000. Dollars plus. And I know the facts to -- and I'll bury you with them. Furthermore -- You can't take endorsement money. From a company. That donates to Andrew Cuomo regularly. And I have any credibility. With gun owners. Whatsoever. And you know Ted. I don't mean to tell tales out of school here bit. They keep here and that you turn and were first class -- You are rude and abusive. To fans who come backstage to meet your. -- even people who like you. Are saying that you were all about Ted Nugent out about the clause. Ted Nugent is about Ted Nugent. So Ted you can insult me all you want. You call gray area and inconsequential. Dim -- But you know Ted Nugent I'm calling you out. And if you had any stones. Since I'm such a dim -- you come on my show in a new debate. You try to go back to back with me but you won't do you know why Ted. Because I'm right in your wrong. And because of smarter than you war. And I think. Better than you think. I get out Choo -- Ted Nugent. I wouldn't get into a duel with you that's illegal. But I can out shoot targets with you any day of the week. People have seen me shoot no I am and the depth. Soul. You're not -- -- -- Morgan Ted. You're dealing with somebody with testicles. And somebody who is a proven a genuine a defender of the Second Amendment. And by the way. So is frank the investigators. Who has been researching this story diligently. I have everything listed on my FaceBook page those of you were interested in you know I'm kind of encouraged. Because the Ted Nugent cult. Seems to have. Realized the error of its ways and the fact that they've been taken for a ride by this phony charlatan Ted Nugent -- all about the dollar. Not about the cause. For a long time. And you know what Ted. I'd have been happy to help you -- -- -- -- happy to help you dig out of it. But you chose to attack. You chose to do -- hominem. Against me. You try to tell people it was some kind of a liberal media. Tool. And -- in the my FaceBook page you idiot. Ted Nugent you are a coward I am calling you out. I cannot be any more explicit. Ted Nugent I'm calling you out be a man. Stack up come on my show. Because I'll destroy you. MI was real simple. Ted. You have my cell phone number frankly I couldn't care less about you as a rock star okay. I don't year. I've met some really nice people in your business. Rick Springfield Graham Nash Stephen Stills Roderic win Melanie -- go on. And frankly that as far as rock stars -- I'd much rather me or talked to Donald Fagan for Steely Dan Bob Dylan -- you. So forget that aspect I really don't care. I mean I've been around people and music business most of my life. So. You know just imagine what my hand is doing right now. And that's pretty much -- I feel about that aspect of your life I'm not a guitar -- -- It's real simple. You are your people. Call me on my private cellphone. I want one day notice. Why because I want the word to get out -- I want as many people listen as possible. Because I want as many people as possible to hear me destroy you. As the fraud. Phony charlatan you are. It is coming up on 644 news -- -- 930 WB yen. Intel -- -- -- but I probably have more hot women chasing me than you do at this point but that's just another story. Let's go to amber got WBM hey Julie Europe and I. I'm I don't think it picnic arguing that they thought about the first second day because Zambrano thinks that leadership today announced open Caldwell didn't get a chance. I think -- The senate -- but who. -- the young man. You know I should direct. Immediately. Explode the way -- deal before you here. Or the -- To me crying -- I don't I don't think that we got a problem. There but wait it out. I think that -- -- -- -- to our. That is. I don't want to say if it because you can let my dear I able to talk as much as you want after the news break okay. So -- -- -- hold on because. Were taking calls today about Ferguson Missouri and race in America. Those are the subjects and is thought really the code word for black. Which is all over the message boards now and sometimes I think the world is gone for conducts a news radio 930 WB. -- -- Thank you -- we Gilbert's. Over his little help here and he had 26 minutes we have left anyway. People little confused here -- talk about Ted Nugent I don't have time to get into it again buds go to my FaceBook page and all I will tell you is I'm calling about because he's a fraud he's Charlotte and he's a phoney and so is the NRA by the but Tom. They're pro gun. Folks. For the NRA to keep this buffoon. Ted Nugent on its board of directors. Is a slap in the face let me suggest something that your. Instead of joining the NRA. Put that money toward a membership in scope and why shooters committee a political education right here in New York State. Is frankly I don't think the NRA gives a flying -- about New York State they've written it off. It is 635 let's get back to Julie in Hamburg. We're talking about the situation in Kyrgyzstan. And will this result in a better or worse America and who's trying to politicize this and why. And I continue -- But I think he you know what you said is that -- -- you know. Who are at a increments and forgive me -- and -- And I don't want to call -- it because. And the sort of trying to it was you know sitting in the front of eighteen it's not that the school -- hanging out in the street. You know and if you definitely -- inadequate or somewhere and everything she tries not at all. If you recently said that -- was about it will be out there that your mother and an eighteen year old wants something better for light. If she does not even want to. And -- any idea because she says everybody. Yeah and everybody that -- -- the duck hunt and if you're wondering you know on the street. Would you rather have that and him being a cop now I think amber. Just suggesting take the firefighter exam instead. Well. You know whenever they're. You know important if they live. How many people. Let me get very toxic environment that even the good -- are always -- and you know. I don't think people are now fairly -- -- that a color that pregnant of the -- You know in like -- think you can -- like you could go to Africa you could go to any other country I'd gone to other countries it doesn't matter what you what. Electrically immigrant I. But all the transpired and the incredible. Well you don't want -- -- -- and it's the population under street. She grew up there and her street they're like people think the American people it's -- But what he. But at different culture and you know don't conflict -- -- -- and -- I'm sure that they get they're -- opt if you of them coming actually -- and that apple you'll. -- -- -- He outweighed that you -- -- we act in order to make because they're so hot so. -- -- Forgive my interruption it real quickly first option -- birds suburban cops don't like to go to. I won't name one of them but what but the all big grain elevators used beyond military end of the tunnel tunnel one. You would not go there -- a hard hat because if somebody was up one of those silos you can expect the -- talk a concrete you can crashing down. Exactly exactly you know and so. At certain areas that a different. 00 culture. -- -- -- for the people who are bidding parents are subject when -- out. You know and -- -- for -- in you know the police certificate social worker wondered environment. And it's not because of one breed of people speak quite. Are careful breathe it pretzels that you could be racist code. Wondering the people because of the Arctic environments you know and -- a few months ago they're young English I drive site. A three year old I don't know if you remember -- but it. Seen and a three year old. Think the trial. To be a subject of an innocent people but T know that said that he would its seventh grade they all that it really into the picture out and -- the and they know that because they know somebody who worked with the team. You fifteen year any days and we had been -- people -- -- That they keep it differently in the newspaper and they need to get. Shame that they -- not completely -- -- permanent a little bit I think we could. In the news unsure of the newspaper -- misrepresented the facts of the case I'm shocked shocked I tell. I believed in I am I news breaking that story. -- -- -- -- bring about a -- the end of the bench who ailing red light and ran after the and they won't be tomorrow the front -- running how will say yeah we get to Tiffany Moore how dare you kill and shoot a white and but just so you know it didn't people. Looking for a fight I read and you what do you think anybody. You know you don't -- I don't even know what I -- Anybody that. And I didn't have good representation. And I wouldn't. The culture if you they're living. In hurrying in throwing. We are the players. Say you know we will debate them here. Well at the -- the obvious thing is well news if five. It if if police have a prejudice or stereotyped or if other people were -- are losers every prejudiced -- stereotype about young black man. In what way does the looting rioting and pillaging counteract that stereotype. It's simply fuels the stereotype. They you know and -- know it was immediate -- It makes people more angry at breeding hatred. You know. I mean I don't me. I I don't ever erase them from and why and why am I right I. -- somebody that Scott they always talk about all races and other -- white white. And you're in other Caucasian Americans with so -- Scott. -- you left the property because they couldn't do believe it's one individual over how to. -- -- But I mean. Chris and the fact that why do you know in every white person who embrace her entry to him and a Q what are they. I put everything I treaty that would still deeply into what could -- -- get one vote for and but it didn't mean every white person is. And it -- We're hearing it and -- but being a reason why people -- is doing better for their lives. Not benefiting. And -- -- -- get back in an uninformed or edit or any youthful white people aren't doing better for their life. President. And politician didn't this. -- -- -- Check keeping them down and nobody could there be. Out there not -- they think that people are helping out and they're not. I -- Leo who is working for a the -- social circuit and I'll say social. Services within their apartment and they credit that our country. But -- thinking you're fixing it. They both work. You don't want to thank you -- you. Know all the government job. Can fix the problem that we're -- sepia portrait it would be that. Lets you bought the food worker they would go out and yeah he he worked. By the way. I just I need to break in here there is some other news happening in this story just coming out now. -- -- The terrorist group. -- -- Muslims. Had is just release a videotape. Showing. Her wonderful capacity to co exist I guess they didn't get the bumper sticker. They have behead it. And American. Journalist. A room and of course they released the video. Did not see the guys -- I saw the guy's name very quickly and they just plastic quickly but I basis. Has be headed and American journalist and I just want people to remember that crisis has obtained a lot of its weapons due to the Obama administration. Sending weapons. In two Syria. In the jihadist war. Against Assad in Syria who may not be the world's nicest guy almost enlightened leader but he eight crisis and the eight. -- -- So out just thought I'd just thought I'd break that break an enemy you wanna talk about the unsafe to be a journalist in America. Being a journalist in the Middle East and -- running into somebody from crisis. Not exactly something. You want and it's a terrible story. But again. I guess I wouldn't expect any thing. From a pig but -- -- out. Thank you -- magic called. Did mean to end at such a somber note but that is our breaking news. Out of I believe this out of Iraq. And it's very disgusting. Memories -- of mr. berg. And mr. IBM pearl come to mind. Here is. Christine in Amherst on WB -- Christine. What do you make of everything happening in Ferguson Missouri and where what what is the end game and who's politicizing this. Well I think in there for a while I'm a black woman. And like they're trading card that. If I can barely. And re saying I get a culture of being young you who are out of or I don't. Cab frustrated out there and getting all hire you know that yeah they're they're carving a lot of mayhem but that. Problem has. It -- really give it to me because like I hope that they thought. Everybody has a cell phone when it comes to the police and I don't know the whole factor that played lately are looking to come out before I make a judgment. For myself -- Everybody have -- Obama -- the police but in our inner city where kids are turning fourteen. In Europe are getting shot. Every single day he fell eighteen anything what you know not they don't us shut out. -- snitches get stitches. What I did a cultural thing that need to get that where the probe has. Where -- when you are and I don't believe in the -- if you think it. But by alien in order to adequately where they don't have to. But there's way more black on black crime and actually a -- everybody can be mad because -- I'll be able to trust the police. What is the violation when the police does something because that's -- we turn to protect that. -- where the protests what they're kids killing at every single day in Buffalo, New York not even talking about the very. I either I don't see anybody lining up. Saturday. Fifteen year old boy -- shot today. Absolutely and yesterday and Maria Isabel another thirteen -- seventeen you're aware that the same day. Absolutely. Proud. Can you answer me the question and answer it four of my listeners just for from your perspective I mean I -- it -- risk of using -- Code word and I again I never got my white guy decoder books on got a little lost here. But in Chicago it is not unusual to have thirty people shot. And fifteen people dead from those shootings in a single weekend. Here in buffalo. Black on black violence across the country black on black homicides generally young black men killing other young black man. An epidemic. We have groups in buffalo and other cities of dedicated black man trying to get young black men out of situations where they're killing anybody. Including other young black man but for some reason. I I don't get. I honestly don't understand the culture. And it -- a debate issue. There are baby having baby. And they're teenagers. Who are not they don't have don't even want have been trying to raise these kids pay attention to where they are. And and and stay on top of their school work. And very good marriage here what they're called are you are kids having kids at 1617 years old they're still trying to go out on the week. They're not trying to what their -- are you and when they grow up. I mean again -- -- school system per dropping out of school at doing great and there on the street -- nothing to do. At a drug dealers know what you -- it is -- he'd appreciate. Situation well light. If it is because I you know what most of us and I'm sure Christine you made mistakes when you're a teenager I made mistakes when I was a teenager but none of those mistakes ever put me on the business end of a gun that was not the culture where I grew up. Bet if you had -- argument with somebody you would end up taking a shot to the it just didn't. Oh my -- it if you step on somebody sneaker. Today you right back in and had his -- that true you can walk into restore and you might be standing next to murder. And that is just such it's got it it's that it hard thing to wrap your head around -- live in the suburbs so I don't. Rarely do you update -- I had never -- actually -- Bite out you get it right. Know somebody can earn it like unheard of one. I'd probably -- -- people. Off here. I -- I have a friend who's been in a similar situation and I mean in in one respect. It adds to this individual's depth of character and wisdom. In another sense it's very tragic because I know of some of the losses this person has endured. And by and large stupid. Senseless. Loss. It's hard work well. They have made are being torn apart because. Kids have access to these guys that are who knows how I paid. There are we walking down the street. With -- in their hands and you never know who had any broad daylight it's not like night time you know people -- Broad daylight that this is not happening. I mean the only answer to me at. What I don't feel like we do need a more. Better police prestige in interstate eight all of buffalo its not bad. Just that concentrated. Area well that the murder rate is at it's it's -- You are correct and I have to tell you at. At one point backed geez I think they goes a WG -- them but at one point a couple leaders. -- -- so called of the black community came forward said. And you you really need to stop identifying the east side is the location of these murders even though he was the east side. So if that's that was my response and I furthermore -- -- told another caller today. As a white guy when I go to chip maker which is in 95% black country I know totally 100%. At home race is just not even an issue. I feel safe for bear that -- took the wrong exit off the 33 and ended up in my own home tone. In buffalo because they are suddenly it's an issue. And meet you know and it and -- would like -- so great and -- -- the Dillard. I don't and I'm I'm I'm doing almost think because I'm weird here so it's not commit. There is an issue of -- let's be clear I'm not saying that that's not an issue any -- in America today. But I mean we -- Black people we can say all we want ala -- the wiping now we need to stand -- to -- the ball -- and not actually seeing cold of the -- that we try to live by. And our -- orchestra that. -- -- couple upon -- wore a brown telling our. Our Christine I'm so happy to a halt to call again because. You're a great caller I love your passion. And I'm delighted to hear from you thank you so much a layup I need to break -- on news radio 930 WB Ian otherwise I just totally Christine talk for the next ten minutes but. We have sponsors and we have bills prepare. You to. Now I was afraid of traffic being especially heavy. Even in addition to the normal rush hour and -- -- -- -- texted me -- derby. 2 and I -- the westbound. Ramp. The -- the westbound ramp at Sheridan. The news this scene of where a car has hit a bicycle -- So if you were in that area that is what is going that comes as a pretext from someone myself. Please drive safely folks it's been a mess out there today thanks John Sherman thanks to Ryan gage its hourly no yourself. Yeah.

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