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8-19 Tom Bauerle Hour 3

Aug 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And. I don't prefer taking administrative action. I'd rather see permanent fixes. To -- issue we face certainly that's true on immigration. I've made that clear multiple times I would love nothing more. Then bipartisan legislation to pass the house the senate. Land on my desk. So I can -- wherever and whenever. I can pick up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do it here. Com hourly and that must be within 200 feet of the school. Or cheese it's life. It's local group that this guy it's Tom hourly cash in at a question and try to get this -- this isn't the real Jesus knows it wouldn't. -- -- Now -- -- on news radio 930 -- here to tell you about an awesome place called new horizons. It does have a -- -- Something that is now asking if I have yet to see. By August praying mantis. The answer is. Not at Western New York but it the Charlotte airport in late July. Ladies and gentlemen I am not to put a picture up on my FaceBook page. I saw -- praying mantis which was the biggest praying at this I have ever seen I'm not exaggerating it had to be seven inches long. And development exaggerate but I'm serious this had to be at least seven inches long I've got the pictures to prove it. Leading to the obvious question in my mind. Was real. Or was that a drone. Praying mantis. Pressure I've -- drone drag implies but I'll tell you about that some of the time it is ten minutes after five news. John Sherman. Go on line and look up drone insects. Drone dragonfly just look at. That's all that's. It is ten minutes after five and Israel 930 WBM traffic is a mess any traffic calls. We're local radio station were also technicals but Ferguson rioting race etc. But if you're caught in traffic I have no problem at all taking traffic calls as well kind of my responsibility and duty to -- Traffic calls plus. What's happening in Ferguson Missouri. And the cop involved in the shooting. The so called gentle giant and that -- my friends I think has been dispelled. He was a giant but he wasn't gentle. The cop in the shooter. Fractured bones or bone around one of his eyes. Now the cynics will say yes he probably had one of his buddies do it after the shooting. Well I'm not sure what the autopsy showed with respect to these so called gentle giant and and whether there was any evidence. But it is something we keep in mind all right let's get back to the calls on a WB Ian -- us on in buffalo Hasan talked of -- good -- excellent thank you -- A beautiful this is not a Sissy sort time. The with. First black people don't take that people this -- gantlet emaciated despite outrage because it doesn't mean nothing. -- -- There are some. I think there -- some black people who hate. Themselves as black people. NN did the resource if you if you read Jewish media there's a whole phenomenon known as the self -- Jew for some reason there are people who just don't like. There -- all. And I I think I can't understand it but I just put that up there. What they do Leo I'd get caught up the American. I guess the label that at this content and I'd do different privilege is being black and my skin color doesn't resemble. Can check it out there remember truly black person you're right. Yes I -- an American. You know another thing Paula Wagner and I'll bet it wouldn't argue about who. That those that -- do you want and it was a good competition. -- Stated major thing about this is really important. Is -- Children. Are dying because of you know unfortunate circumstances. You know now say that there are ready or not they've -- their -- In Australia. You know I think that debut of its position. Authority. But the doctors are there and they should be more discretion. You know I mean I've heard. Does he got. He would engage in you political move his car and move the current legacy to move fast enough and -- -- -- wish you we're not talking about Michael Brown. I don't know Michael Brown is an argument you know and I think -- Ferguson and who whose -- has caused all these rights. OK -- OK it would out it is. Yeah. Listen to other countries as a country I don't remember the name of the country and -- should that you know or compartment. -- it's that got killed over -- fourteen year old child. College you went into and out. I'm not condone and actions. You know what these people -- -- in this fire is -- is. Because other countries in the it will that is standard would -- the -- if you are not gonna -- our children despite the -- You know. Because two on that list but my grandmother's life. Not that my mother is black and Indian. And you know so you know what I see people -- effect so it really people look at me in -- -- favorite days you make. I'm -- something though not -- know it being. The fire where a goal and out -- policy and I think that. And it comes down to the -- card you know not boxes like build houses bought the -- everybody. Is -- Course we're not you know what just as you were not really black -- really why I mean why. Kernel against flesh toned. In the summertime I tend to be more darker than in the winter. I work with a beautiful group of men. All there -- -- cada and I'm just a different color I don't outfit but when I'm there. -- who has. But we do that it is system. You didn't eat at advocate and the senate at the chance that they are so I don't think it will rain didn't involve a bit. So that main problem is is. And attention to the people. But it coincides the house and senate passes. I think the main thing. There is acknowledge him dead children and make mistakes very -- week. I know computers you -- out. Grand. It's and I like a low you know. But at a state so what has not yours -- gotta disagree. There are mistakes. And then there are really really bad mistakes when I was -- team. A may have been doing 67 and 55 zone and got pulled over that was a mistake okay. Michael Brown. Charged Michael Brown charging any police officer after apparently. Hitting him in the face that's not a mistake. That spoke at. Not a mistake and also. A little as like. And we -- that I married you know like you know I don't like late. I'm not let them see that people local -- good to argue it -- simple thing. -- -- -- -- -- You know I'll put those there to protect themselves and protect everybody else and that's apartment he looked a -- on. It up there are some people are individuals you know he used to start off by saying I am and Americans and that is so encourage. But -- were all. Thank you and likewise and a -- thank you very much for the call may we are were all individuals. You know I've I've gone through and we all go through evolution it's in our thinking publisher brain dead but. One of the most. Eye opening experiences for me. Has becoming era has has been in becoming as close as I've become to the people in Jamaica which is 85% black animal like that. And asked me if I've ever felt threatened in Jamaica and the answer is absolutely not. It's just a totally different buyer and you just don't get I never get the sense that I'm white. In their black is just like hey we're just people we're going about our business it's that different racial dynamic in Jamaica. And I daresay it would be on the east side of buffalo. And I feel sometimes more a hole in Jamaica that they would on the east side of awful now is at freaked out. I I you know there you know what I really like to say but I'll say is that freaked out or what 523 back to the calls this is Paul in Amherst Paul thank you for holding your your term. -- Well enough to at least get us started on the combo and a I'll give him more time after the break. -- I have to disagree we -- last caller -- -- -- -- OK I have to he had made mention that it's not a race thing but -- on the left is making it restating and case in point is I have to be listening to Chris Matthews last night. Let her get bull -- you. We don't why. Why aren't why would you subject yourself to such other and -- Only here and I'm -- station nor are many others. But he -- hit I guess I'm Michelle Bernard who he had done frequently. And as he made a statement that it about knocked me off my chair. And she said referring dispersant during the a lot of these problems stem from the fact that our school system is now become racist. -- -- exact words it. And later I took off well off my chair and I'm a kick myself. You're -- leaning. Our school education system has left leaning in now. You're trying to use the excuse that a lot of these problems are -- because our school system has become operational. Day how does one prove that be how does one want Eric quantify it racism and public schools -- we gonna talk about math two plus two is four is racist what exactly are we talking about with respect education. Well she referred to the school systems teaching. Education based on the colts. I'm not sort followed or entirely with with that but. And -- accurately that it will knock off that. Michelle Bernard who legacy is that mostly left leaning. A liberal. It would would make a statement like that. OK I. Need more obvious and you have set up the next half hour my show brilliantly because anybody listening now. Just for their own sanity. Is gonna want to know what you heard and I don't know Ryan John contract that audio -- Yeah it was on last night's show here. Hold on because it's not output jumped right after the news at 530 on a WBBM. Sometimes I think the world has just gone absolutely bat blank crazy on WB yeah. Three. -- I'm 35 Israeli -- Thirty WB yeah by the way I have instructed John -- right dates it to do an intervention when they believe it's necessary. They're starting to tell me it's getting close. Aren't. We -- get back from Saratoga boys and revealing that the times worse. These are closed they'll -- him that when he shakes his head up I may be lucky enough to get some of his DNA again. It is OK I don't even know that I liked the way that's not a bit let's just move on. Paul. Burst out all the reasons I don't understand. Why any sane person would do they decided to watch Chris Matthews last night. Andy liberal commentator. Long. Made the allegation that schools in Ferguson misery. And I don't normally believe everything -- I -- coming out of his -- serve many of the guests that he has done it -- But this came straight from the horse's mouth. The woman guest what would you. And what on what basis but what we're the fact she will get a permit -- Grasping for any strong -- they can to explain. The best to a condition of some people. Granted there's some -- that -- Can't hold that position that they -- in but there's so many other struck -- offer. That those -- that. They're big -- anything to try and get more money. Fix things that are totally role that will never be fixed and it. The thing politically incorrect -- a lot of poor white people. There was no life is on the wrong and I don't remember any white riots after OJ Simpson was acquitted in the criminal price. Right -- there I think they're using this is just another excuse to exploit the people. That don't want to war. That wanna continually -- the government benefits that they're getting. And then sit back and wonder why they can't advance themselves more. And you can always thinking and to do that. You can always find a reason at all. Well. Home. Market for some people black and white. Yes it's always somebody else's fault it's because of the differential and CEO pay vs worker. It's because some people are born with silver spoons in their -- and others others -- and the fact of the matter is most American millionaires did not inherited they made it themselves. Correct. Greg summer capital term I believe in the else. But private economy and been told -- so forth in our school system is -- he knows that. You've got in the opposite and -- But for for someone to come -- saying that it. School doesn't come race I don't know what the answer to that is. Wasn't there is no. -- debate OK if somebody comes not just the sky is green how do you even debate somebody like. Cry a little -- -- a car you because I was just taken aback by her statement. I guess I have no rhyme or reason for four wide she said would -- that especially as. -- leaning is this woman has but it sort of blaming them school system now. By the way. All right Beck thank you very interesting call -- can you -- president Obama's reaction. What these were Tea Party writes. What it. A group of Americans. Who belong to keep partied like organizations. Upon John Roberts and whatever Obama has on him I don't know. But what if Tea Party organizations after obamacare was found to be constitutional. What if the Tea Party gone on a Rampage like what we've seen in Ferguson Missouri can you imagine. President Obama. Being as supportive. Of those. Bits of outrage. As he seems to be. -- what is going on. In Ferguson Missouri also. Rush Limbaugh reported today. There are 440. Special agents of the FBI. In and around Ferguson Missouri. Investigating. This one particular homicide. If you wanna talk about it absolutely. Disproportionate. And idiotic allocation of law enforcement resources. This would be example number 140. Special agents of the FBI. Investigating. On the ground in and around Ferguson Missouri that is absurd. And I'd really like to know why focus on this one homicide. Where was the Justice Department with the IRS scandal with the missing emails. I didn't hear -- for Eric Holder I didn't hear any thing from the director of the FBI I heard I ever hear that. Even a dozen FBI agents were dispatched to investigate the missing emails. And the point are trying to -- here folks is this is political. In case you haven't figured that out yet there is a major political component to this story and there is a political component to law enforcement. And do you think Eric Holder. Wants to come before the American people and say I spent your money to send forty special agents of the FBI the Saint Louis and guess what. They found out that Michael Brown. Was guilty. That the police officer involved. Reasonably used deadly physical force do you think it in your honest opinion that he's gonna come to the American people and say that. Well. Nothing short of this police officers public execution. Is going to go for some people. Some people what do you mean I mean people on the left your -- Specter. Of color. Are going to. Demand this officers execution. If the original reports had any credence to them short and. I honestly don't understand the whole thing about racism in schools in and Ferguson Missouri. I don't get it. I don't understand what basis somebody would make that claim I don't understand how you would quantify. Racism in the schools in Missouri. Especially when it comes to science and math. My experience is. -- hydrogen. Oxygen. And every of those elements on the periodic table are completely and totally race neutral. I also am of the belief that numbers can be racist. I could be wrong but the number seven. You know what. Of long suspected the number seven of racism. Now I have seven may be racist number. One is global leaders number. You can be as bad as not as well. I've heard some recent what you tours by the way there's an email I -- share with -- put it on my FaceBook page because it was that compelling. You know -- I want you to. Think about this because. There are people. On the left regardless of what they look like were when it's their ancestors came. Who are politicizing this who were using this to advance a left wing agenda. May I remind you in case you're forgotten that President Obama -- good friend Bill Ayers. Is a cop killing domestic terrorist. His group killed cops. All right. So Obama knows a thing or two about killing cops. Well vicariously through his buddy Bill Ayers. But. There are people who are politicizing. This to the point now. Where even the use of the word fog. Is being considered as some kind of white code -- it's the new Edward. I don't even know how to address this kind of ignorance first of all the word thug get. Is a word. We have come to associated in the United States. Where. People behaving in violent. Anti ballistic ways irrespective. Of what they look like number one number -- the origin of the word thug. And America. -- transcript. The original bugs were members of the religious sect in. The out the subcontinent. Who got off by telling the English tourists. Europeans. Who were in India. You know anything about thugs. At about the way. I -- I I could best care for an hour on the subject of the original bugs. I guess they would be old school thoughts. As opposed. To new school bugs but. Is followed the new -- word. Says the people have brought up -- to calling blackmail a thug is just a code for calling them at the end word. That is a dog whistle word that indicates the user is he racist -- But is covering himself up by using the word -- have you burgers well yes I have. But it goes far deeper than that folks. Does anybody else remember like two years ago. It was said that if you used the word Chicago. That was racist that was racist cult. Chicago was racist code. For white people talking about black cry. That -- was racist. Folks. My friends. My dear black Brothers and sisters. It's a man who is largely white with -- in him. I have to tell you I did not get my official white guy code book. At birth nor was it given to me at the age of 18213040. Or fifty. There is no white guy code book we don't have little secret decoder rings. Now just as offensive. If you wanna talk about big offended by the -- Chicago. As some kind of a subtle reference for black people. You don't really offends me. Sometimes elicit a police scanners are police news -- operatives and Kobe talking about a very heinous murder. Whether it's committed by black or white doesn't matter. But the -- say the gentleman involved is six foot three. Whatever the gentleman involved limit he took a kid and bashed it over the head to the Braves humanity is -- your calling it a gentle. I suspect Webster's has eight different definition of gentleman. That's offensive to me. But. -- is racist. Chicago is racist state people on the left have a political agenda to demonize. Everybody. Who points these things out sure I'll be demonized not that hasn't happened before. It's 549 at WB Ian. All right this give back to the calls. Here is. Don't even know who is next year. All this is drew in buffalo drew talked to me I've got a minute to get started now go. I I'm glad that you're being specific about language and what in what. I'm earlier you talked about Eric Holder holder -- is doing just fine Mike -- guilty. I'm an and that's an error compared colder than investigating Mike Brown. Mike Brown can't be charged with anything because he's yet. I you have to be able -- -- sergeant Cooper and Eric Holder is little device around. I I I think you may have misinterpreted. What I said or you're just trying to be of huge -- Eric Holder is going to Saint Louis. He's put forty FBI agents on the ground in Saint Louis to investigate the shooting of one man Michael Brown. If by in some way miss communicated bad. By AM -- obviously Michael Brown is dead cannot be charged with any bearing. After all he was such a pure and innocent Angel I'm sure the store clerk he tossed around like a rag doll has -- -- of his meeting with Michael Brown but I I sensed that you are the -- -- version of a patrol. And don't waste your time -- just go just go go play with Chris Matthews. 555 W beyond.

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