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8-19 Tom Bauerle Hour 2

Aug 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And -- And in them. And this system. That speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. We're here -- wasn't going to set a world. Tom and our lady just when I think you could possibly be anything -- You -- and suddenly things there and told. -- felt when it's live it's local ethnic food and you hope it's Tom hourly. Are your -- news radio 930 W. Hand. Have any traffic updates that you need to get on the air. Please. Feel free to call obviously were talking about the situation in Missouri and the various twists and turns the story has taken even in the basically then two hours since I have been getting ready to come on the year. Another police shooting in downtown Saint Louis this one sounds like suicide by cop -- -- pretty clear case of a justifiable use of deadly physical ports and I'm sure the surveillance video will confirm that. And -- -- for the Saint Louis paid the I would have that video out in time for the 6 o'clock news in Saint Louis just to doused the fire. That might if some people might use as an excuse to continue looting rioting and acting like freaking idiots. We have a constitutional. Right to peaceably. Protest. We do not have a constitutional right to riot loot burn plunder and pillage. We don't have a constitutional right to act like vikings. Who were white by the way -- just as a point of fact. Now I mentioned earlier that the police officer. In Ferguson Missouri. Had basically one of his eyes punched him. Orbital bones broken at least one of the bones constituting the orbital bones around his eyes. -- And I kind of jokingly said. Even with bad information they're going to be people who think that officer Wilson went back to the station it's okay. I would be screwed here could what are you guys just hit in the face. -- -- Did raise an interesting point and I don't think email it was trying to be a wiser -- Did the autopsy report multiple autopsy reports -- Michael Brown indicate. Bet his fists were involved. In an altercation. Prior to this year. Was there any evidence. Of Bruce was there any evidence of swelling. Now. I need to be a port operator to pathologist to intelligently all time. As to how much swelling can take place post mortem. But it's a fair question. But keeping in mind that some people have big handy beefy hands. -- my fingers are pretty much all ball. Is -- very little of my fingers are bold and my hands are strong but my knuckles and my eight my bones bigger. If I punched John Sherman right now in the face. I guarantee within ten minutes might hand would be which shows signs -- a -- out of the race which had never. I mean really I'm a lover not a fighter but it's a third question. And I don't know the answer to it but I appreciate the critical thinking. I really do. We have two little of that number. Let's get to the calls this is still weak on Grand Island still it's while you're -- WB and welcome to the show. They'd come middle of the longest. As long dispute this generation. And continues to look into the poverty pimps. And others in the on the local side of the spectrum to tellem. It'll you don't have to work look at channel board could -- phone. -- -- your free food ligature and how we'll go to this particular -- -- that the cabinet and I I think that it this easily. I'm not trying to sound crazy here but this is easily become. Almost like a national. You could have national -- this isn't saying -- because it's just it's not it's not -- and as long as the liberals are charged I really do blame liberalism. And the policies. All of this occurred an entire generation of kids between the age of now ten and 25 to just sit around and do nothing because that's what you're getting. We -- there. I don't mean to dip in to nomenclature. And harassing things a lot. But there are great American liberal traditions and conservatory and it's as I've said -- to find common ground with reasonable liberals but the poverty pimp style of liberal. Or the regressive. Liberal like. Obama is good buddy the terrorist Bill Ayers by the way does anybody ever care about the cops Bill -- people killed -- sixties and early seventy's how come they just don't matter anymore they're just as that is Michael Brown. But you know I I agree with what you were saying. And there's also a dynamic in the black community. And no this does not apply to all black people may I say the black hood without getting myself into trouble. That if you get an education. If you go to school if you tried to legitimately make a better life for yourself. That somehow that's white. Behavior but then of course the minute you don't make it as a doctor or a lawyer swat. Those same people who who gave who gave you -- -- -- when you're go to school all. Jet just for what they -- liberties their first and not giving back to the community whatever the hell athletes. Right right I just I just -- a -- -- high class -- in the south closed down South Carolina. Government offered solace in the Tennessee on the way home look different in -- -- -- looking for a moment that the government found put the gulf. Agreed to -- defenses there's some high class folks down there. And I was like wow you know you're not in the little northeast where everybody sits around does nothing. I mean educated they're looking -- physical laws -- -- -- as analyst in the Hampton and -- the -- knocked out all over town. And you know -- -- epic and it's three states North Carolina -- north Tennessee Kentucky and a little Vanilla type and a big difference between class B. -- -- And the northerners who just wanted to sit on the block and they have governor is like saying all. And governance like of Malloy Connecticut and Andy hill and a little -- at the Fulton Illinois that -- so sick of it. So sick of what's going on in the north. -- they're just ready to pack up and head down try to find agreement pastors and some and some conservatism and common sense tax policies. So I don't wanna you know it's like I don't wanna lose you from New York State and for that matter from my listening audience but but. I can't argue with the logic and thought about doing the same thing myself my dilemma is that this is my home town and I love living here. And I get treated like a rock star here by my fans and that would be really tough to walk away for a. And it would be good -- a -- point to hear from you but I can't do it anymore. I'm gone you know I'll be divorced impeccable posting here I really won't be. -- -- -- -- -- Never there's never enough money my wife always bugging me -- -- fifteen dollars on pump and on what we can I live a little bit so. Like OK -- run it through the when we visited the real estate office I was in shock and then I got to have a connection for a job down there with a chance little movement freight company. That shook some hands that I visit and state and down there's some on the people's absolutely I have. We're women story hi I. I did not know that you were an entrepreneur and all about your brother being part of the LI RR and I know that you -- of the projects I knew that you grew up in Italy slot and you have made something of yourself. That was pretty that we would there's an oil well about a week ago and looking good and hard work you know artwork you you do not gonna work. It didn't walk the streets if you're going to be a bomb. You know want it didn't expect so much that has something -- you and your gonna be -- forever and the problem is when the liberals do that it's never enough. Well OK I have a I have a sandwich now have a -- all. And then now I want that no one on the city's ban chemical robs somebody get -- on an -- like Cadillac and now want that it's never enough we have to ask -- stop it stop promised in the generation of people. Everything they want that they need to go to work forward and learn. From the college of -- not that used this way a little bit the nobody is allowed this -- not allowed to be embarrassed the -- in the same week. Yeah we we we can't offend anybody we can embarrass anybody I hated before it was horrible welfare checks and look what. Everybody's socks and I'm sorry but still I think. -- is a society had made it too easy to be more. -- are not too easy to be poor but too easy to pretend like you're -- and can't lift a finger to help yourself and I really am. I'm not try to insult people were going through a tough action in their lives or legitimately are disabled either because of a mental condition or a physical condition I know people of disability who would love to work they can't. They can't that there have been a lot of people I bet they have character and they have. They have integrity and have morals that I visit that the locals -- they continue to go about what level Wasilla. There's the a couple of good -- -- money to give up of people that don't work. But let's legalize. Let let's have Obama legalize. The underclass we're now importing. From set. From my Central American -- buyers are so they can vote Democrat so all of the opposition. Which is anemic anyway. Can go away. I think you know what they need to say the bonuses -- at the Podemus it's done it's over and let you know what let let the lights begin let's get it alone would that -- with. Let's make it happen we're gonna win where the middle class we have to win if we can. You gonna have a real part journalist -- -- I'm not trying to sound the alarm that the future. It's gonna get real bark if we don't get this situation straightened out and is not gonna happen with guys on the left it's not gonna happen. And unfortunately I don't think it's gonna happen with the Republican establishment the best we can cope with the Republican establishment is to delay the rocks. And that's why I mean I'm I'm gonna vote for asked to Reno. And it's only because they realize that Andrew Cuomo always got to be politically destroyed at the molecular level not because I think -- Reno is going to be any different than George but tacky but. But I at least -- slowed down the lot. Yeah that's -- that's all we can afford this pretty bad situation with the hope for the best that dispute during the off. -- that -- but that's but that's my view on Obama. -- story as a guy who grew up. In really -- circumstances. And by the way so did my family before I was born immature and projects when my dad got back from Korea. Before I was born they moved to colonial avenue when can work. But believe me I've heard the story of the rats in the house I've heard the story put the coal bucket over the hole in the bathroom or otherwise at night the rats would come out start nibbling on your. You know that tournament that was -- recruit who's in the first infantry basic services. You know you know what -- the past -- nine but we didn't back their -- it was nice that I love visiting California political -- -- -- -- We may appease the my mom excuse but. You know what I -- week if what if etiquette if I was ports deal with regard them but -- -- my mom my -- -- -- whether I would I probably would have been dead. Would have been -- I would be ashamed personally I wouldn't. I would go out you'll. Be all right -- they get a break I've got other folks but it's always great here and probably in better. I'll talk to you real soon my -- thank you. All right for twentieth news radio 930 WB NC folks you can grow up -- and make something of yourself but there's that don't work out -- called work. And it is -- because you're gonna become some big rap star were rock star. A professional athlete the odds against success in those fields but there are a lot of things you can do -- at least which into the middle class. If you wanna be either tons of people on hold onto a lot of talking I said I wouldn't do that I won't do that coming up after the news at 430 but basically. If you have traffic photo it's we have basically messes abounding today. You may send them to me is more you can safely take the pictures it safely send them to meet. Tom at WB EN dot com Thomas WBM dot com or news room at WB -- dot com or call my show with any breaking traffic developments but we're also probably early talking about Ferguson. And will America be better or worse for all of the flap that's going on in Ferguson Missouri. Hourly a WB -- news coming up. Now our get beat up by getting into the show here at WB eat better start getting at a show and stop the music. -- Ferguson Missouri. Your thoughts by the way the breaking news news bad. The top Derrick Wilson. Who essentially. Is going to be looking over his shoulders. For the rest of his life. Because of the hatred fomented by groups like the new black Panthers. Even if he is not guilty. Apparently done anything wrong. Doctors. Diagnosed -- this is according to two different sources within Saint Louis up police agencies. Have said the Derrick Wilson a police officer killed Michael Brown. Had. Orbital fractures. And that means. He was punched. About the guy with such force. That it broke Balkans. Not a cop is in his twenties. Baldwin's when your in your twenties break a lot harder. With your your fifties or sixties. Now the question news and I know this is gonna come up. Did Michael Brown's -- the top. Or did Garrett Wilson go back to the station house and say. I need the biggest strongest guy here or -- slugged me in the face a like and make a self defense claim. I guarantee people are gonna make that point. You know what John. Right you don't. John service master control relegate you call screener. There were gonna do a -- report and update for you at 440 today. Because this is a day where you're gonna need extra traffic in any additional traffic information you have. Worker caught in any mess that would not covering you feel free to call the show start at 930 or called WB in traffic command 80303218030321. As the traffic command number. And I know we get home today is going to be a colossal pain in the ass for a lot of folks. But. There is a family that is good is dealing right now with a lot more than just being late or haven't taken alternate route home. It was a fatal accident so they're dealing with bad. Someone they love who is not coming home so in the great scheme of life. They're dealing with that you're dealing with the delay just percent to perspective back to the call authors and WB Ian thanks for holding and your term. Yeah I think there are excellent as always. Go. Back. We all bad one. And outgunned that we're out Alabama. Montgomery. Did you -- -- -- Problem I mean I'd go about our -- -- that way sample. I -- -- wouldn't get carried away. And that didn't care Airways. Hopefully it -- they can get. At -- and -- well. Comment. I get old. Currently at. All he. -- not. Thought he thought they'll all white. -- People. If you want to. Hit it -- then. That more people. There. Well. Let's not you know what -- that's not generalize. There are some black people. It want it. Okay we'll look at what you're a lot with your thoughts. But -- you don't you don't advocate and -- they are good -- bad bad -- as who that they are. Let error. But that vote is. -- -- is so cool yeah. -- -- able -- get him back there and then act out there and although incurred. And then Lou Brock out so I'll be back at the gate. -- and that little pop of color -- I don't how many rat Nan used to see you Iraq War how -- patents. Harmed you all that's next in and out opted out those people. -- -- though they. Can. But they always good app. Went -- all. -- good at what you pay me now. It wouldn't be because there's money at it because if Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton announced tomorrow that you know what. We believe that the racial problem in America there is pretty much over. They'd be out of business they have to actually get a job. Yeah app like that yeah app and that you don't sound right but I'm not I won't pay when I bet. Yeah I have -- Open up I don't. I. Mean -- -- What they -- saying is -- and has not always as it appears to be. Well look I. You know what there are. Heroes worthy of respect and mark chain. Such as Dr. Martin Luther King who is a personal hero of mine and that surprises a lot of people but he really years and there are people who. Our heroes and I don't understand Michael Brown was not and is not a hero I take no joy in his death. But he acted like a freaking idiot and if he were white I would say the same thing. Yeah. I know I'm not an -- that you are out and warm. It is not is it out now and -- -- all -- well. That the family we need some. And what you and now we have always been oh. All we need now about being -- On wall and it definitely acts as an analogy people I don't really get. His actual speech let me get to get cardinal bank last Pat Carroll. I have -- saw the I -- sneaking suspicion and you could pretty much take Jesse Jackson to school any day of the agree on pretty much any subject. But you don't -- you know we will wait you know he's got app. And a -- hold on just committed because as you say you're 66 year old black woman from the back woods of Alabama. And wanna I wanna -- years just a little bit about some of the changes you've seen. And some of these charlatans. As opposed to the real heroes. Of civil rights speakers you were there you've been there you've seen that you were there -- those girls were killed by the white scum bags in the church's. Were also there win a great man. Engaged in peaceful protest -- I want it yen because. I I -- to percent of his. Now Candace called and and is. Six black woman from the backwards. Alabama. And and it in your time on you've seen a lot of changes and a lot of those changes have been for the better. I was a little boy when Martin Luther King was making history when he was writing his letter from Birmingham jail when he was leading the marches in Memphis. And by the way. Watching a documentary recently about how. Very upset. Doctor King was that he was tried to do a peaceful march a dignified march to support the sanitation workers in Memphis because the black ones were paid less than the white ones. And he was so pissed off in furious. Because some black young thugs commandeered he is march and as you know Doctor King eventually. Was murdered on that balcony of the hotel. In Memphis and your friend and mine Jesse Jackson. In that truly iconic photograph is seen hovering over doctor king's lifeless body. And he's made courier out of that picture -- pursuits. And that act and the an avid -- and let -- and and the new plan. At that out there but you we get it will be okay among let me. I don't play back. How me and we have came out ways it's bad and now and -- where. I had accurate and lack you know in the we have because I wanna. Help it what -- -- -- And I. -- level bid called -- in the way until. I got the ball but -- I would -- and that god -- wait on that level in the flat black. -- -- -- But I didn't I did not get out because that they're mad that they -- -- because you've been out. And they were. They were ignorant they were stupid they were class us and frankly they were beneath your dignity. Well you know I -- -- -- -- peak in -- bad and you go up there could say that those people. What that egg roll out there in -- that there are barely know what anywhere at any. And her -- And repair. -- All old people. There are a lot here and they all in play war that. -- you can get one walk and -- It is coming up I don't allow. A while I'd bought it and government to meet you always. You can keep that. Up. Morning. That means that may help but -- -- Well you know. I don't know map. Absolutely we we all do it and I want to thank you for calling and you know it's it's people like you. And a number of other people who do not look as I look. But I think about when -- talk about the need in my personal desire to bring people together enough to. Divide people and I've been very outspoken about that in recent years. -- -- Not because I think it's a marketing ploy not because I think it's a branding idea. But because I wanted to be real clear about where I was coming from on race -- my saints have no -- I use the N word absolutely. Do I regret that I do. -- I try to be a better person absolutely. -- -- think that anybody out there is perfect with relation there with respect to prejudice or racism no I do not. But hopefully the better angels of all of our nature's will prevail and we do see each other as human beings and we ignore the scum bags were white -- -- -- the scum bags were black. Who try to drive wedges the points. Well yeah well and -- -- that help the years and let the people that these particular people that implicated because that is an hour -- -- attack. You are very very kindly -- thank you so much for the call. All right. You know I get a call like that and it just life just seems a lot better. Hatred is such a horrible thing and it will lead to a life. Whether it's race hatred hatred if you're going through divorce hatred of the guys screwed up -- your car each -- For 48 news radio 930 WB yet let's buy hourly and a lot of talking about company I wish I'd known about. A little shorter but the company is universal windows direct and I have spent time with the guys at universal windows direct and of course. I endorse them I used my name to endorse universal's window direct because. I would recommend this company to my own mom. Now universal windows direct has the best window on the market and you know those big brand names. Forget about the big brand names universal windows direct has better quality windows for about. Of what -- pay for those big brand names they have super space -- technology. It was invented by NASA. And that will help keep your home warmer in the wetter and cooler in the summer here for use save money. Universal windows direct has a double true. Lifetime warranty so that's for as long as you own your home and then thirty years to the next -- war. If you were considering the new windows first of all I think it's a great idea because they will save your money. It really well. And they will also -- hole a lot quieter for outside noise in universal windows direct when you see their demonstration in your -- Are gonna break up ice water and they're gonna show you the difference between super space -- technology they use. And the stuff the other guys use there is no comparison folks this is an awesome. Window company I strongly. Recommend them. Their terrific. Universal. Windows. Direct sort of breaks a moment windows just like him. Universal windows direct call 6819800. That's 6819800. Or go to universal. Windows buffalo dot com universal windows buffalo dot com. Before long you'll be saying I love windows please. -- these people before you sign with anybody else best quality windows. For a little more than half. Of what you're gonna pay for the bigger names it really is a no brainer. Universal windows direct 6819800. Strongly recommend. 754. And we are talking about some of the newer developments and Ferguson. Am also asking you guys. What all the fallout from this -- -- -- Lucy and I'm so glad Rush Limbaugh talked about there's today. Do you see this. Is just one facet. That will be and can be used. To try to squelch any opposition. To the progressives. In America. Do you know in a -- display. Jesse Jackson tried -- raising off of the shooting of Michael Brown. And the troop collars and no that's not a racial but the true colors of this. Have been kind of unveiled. When the Democrat party as a voter registration drive. A stone's throw from the Michael Brown memorial. Seriously. -- the body is purely coal. It is up 455. Bad news radio 930 WB and much more coming up.

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