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8-19 Tom Bauerle Hour 1

Aug 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And -- Yes they broke the law but it's not a felony. It's kind of -- it's it's that it's so it's a it's an act of love it's an act of commitment to your family. -- -- -- And repeats Tom hourly. It's -- it's local option. Being. Third yeah yeah. Not being heard Tom hourly. Effects work on news radio 930 W. -- -- -- Wrong kind of cool but at Saint Louis Tony odd years ago it's now earlier in his regular thirty WB. He and good afternoon. And IE cannot keep up with all of the developments out of the Saint Louis area first things first. And -- like I told you during the news at 3 o'clock. The police in Saint Louis now this is the Saint Louis city police. Not to be confused with the Ferguson police and when you live in Saint Louis basically. -- -- people there will refer to things -- North County south county. Mean answers Saint Louis nomenclature but this is the city of Saint Louis police department. And officer. Involved shooting in north Saint Louis outside a convenience store it happened -- Just before 1 o'clock Tuesday Saint Louis time. So that'd be what -- just before noon our time. If I'm not smoking crack. The store owner says he got into an argument with the man police were called in the suspect refused to put down a knife. The suspect tried to attack cops and was shot and killed. Now. Ladies and gentlemen. I certainly hope. -- this is it going to spawn another wave of idiocy in Saint Louis I don't know whether the man who shot. AM Saint Louis is black. Or why I don't know if the cop who shot him is black or white. I don't. Have a clue at this point but that is breaking news out of the city of Saint Louis not to be confused with. Ferguson Missouri. I told you before Saint Louis is. It's it's a place I mean not perhaps market rank wise but when you go to Saint Louis. There's downtown Saint Louis and the other places that are kind of like many downtown Saint Louis is I heard rush -- refer to Clayton. There's also fancy place called Webster Groves or -- everybody ripped through -- watch the movie at high school sixteen in Webster grove. And Edward. Of his error the Edward. But in any event don't know if the guy was black don't know if he was white don't know the cop was blacked out of the cop was white. And all I can tell it is because sounds to me like suicide by cop. -- I'm sorry about suicide by cop does happen it's happened locally. It is happen nationally it is not an uncommon. Occurrence. And if the facts are as represented in the earlier reports that the cops. Responded to a robbery. And followed a guy holding a knife and the guys refused to put down the weapon and then attacked cops. Folks that's a pretty much shut. That's open and shut case of justifiable use of deadly physical force now look it's gonna go to -- grand jury they always are. But there's no way in hell any grand jury with a common sense is gonna fine. A reason for a true bill against the cop in this kind of a situation anymore than they should find you. Worthy of standing trial for the offense is pretty clearly. If this is as it is represented -- represented or was represented. Pretty clearly. A case of justifiable use of deadly physical force but it won't force officer or for that matter by anybody else somebody comes at me with a knife -- going to die. It's that simple. And I make no apologies for that -- I want that -- happen now. I would feel like hell if it did open ever putts but if it does better them than your humble host Kurz who do three to seven. -- -- I know probably 100 other people who doing much better thanks thanks for ruining my -- John Germans master control for -- -- get -- and Ryan gates is your call screener today. If there is even our breaking news opt out of saint Louis Missouri. -- -- Again folks I hate to be the bearer. Tidings that go against what the popular culture is right now but. Even more information. Bet the police in the Ferguson shooting have been telling the truth all along about the shooting of Michael Brown. Rush and his program. Mentioned an NPR reporter. Now for those who don't know MPR stands for national public radio. National public radio is about as left as you get in in media as far as what you might consider mainstream media MP. -- -- -- Public. -- I think everybody who works at national public radio has been constipated for at least 28 years but that's another story altogether. But their reporter. Tweeted that she had spoken with eyewitnesses in the eyewitnesses backed up the cops accounts and now she is being hunted down by the not the mafia mob. But the mob of animal looters and criminals who have descended upon this situation to make of it as they will. And bat is disgusting. One -- even done yet I told -- -- real hard time keeping up with all of the breaking developments on a Saint Louis but part of that is my job. Then there is this to back up what the cops that. About why Michael Brown was shot. Michael Brown these so called gentle giant I told -- on Friday when police released that video. That once and for all we can dispel the idiocy that Michael Brown was some kind of a gentle giant he wasn't. Gentle giants by definition do not take smaller men and swing them around like a Barbie doll as they make off with a cheap box of cigars. Bullies do thugs do that criminals do gentle giants don't do that a gentle giant would have intervened on the store owners recap. He would out of perpetrated the crime. Well guess what turns out the cop -- the new Black Panther Party and others want dead or indicted. Got that crap kicked out even before the shooting by Michael Brown. Officer Derek Wilson. And this is from gateway pundit. Officer Derek Wilson was plugged in the face soul heart. Presumably by Michael Brown. That he basically had what the doctors call and or brutal blow up fracture. To eye socket. Now the orbital bones are the ball which around both of your -- OK you have orbital bones on all sides of your place. Bilaterally. Right and left little -- well guess what. The officer involved was slugged it hard that he had a fracture. To one of those bones. I don't remember now how severe would you have to hit somebody in order to cause that kind of an injury. Folks. Let's just put this in perspective. Anybody watch hockey. Yeah one -- two people in the next rumor hockey fans we've seen a lot of hockey fights over the years right. I've seen hockey fights from the Wayne Cashman era on. Including the broad street bullies the Philadelphia Flyers in the mid 1970 I have never hurt. I'm sure it happened. But I've never heard of and or little blowup fracture as a result of even the most violent fights in the National Hockey League where it appear. Was in Buffalo Sabres defenseman number 27 who was I never saw Larry lose -- fight. Ever. And eventually by the way he got sick of that little. After he knocked one guy out he actually went into the locker room and cried after because he felt so bad. He basically just destroyed biscuit with one punch because he's a strong. And if you know Larry you know that -- really gentle -- He fought. He would take the fight. But in real life -- as one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet -- cross my -- animal did not. But I've ever heard of an NHL player. And again I'm sure it's happened. But. Having been kind of a fracture to the bones around his. So what you consider. The I would. -- Conversation from the video we played yesterday. That Michael Brown was charging at the cop. What you consider what the cop -- Wilson's friend said days before. That the officer. Shot as Michael Brown was quote bomb rushing him translation. Charging at him. Then when you consider the fact that the officer involved. Darren Wilson. Basically had his ball was pulverized around his I prior to the shooting. This is not looking good for those were tried to turn this -- because a lap. Folks. I try to be real circumspect. About all of this kind of stuff. But the facts. As we know that so far do not support. The original. Narrative or story that Michael Brown was a gentle giant who is gone down like it all industry because he was a big black kid. It just it it doesn't fit. I don't wanna give you more here this is from gateway pundit put it up on my FaceBook page this is what we call it breaking development. The gateway pundit can now confirm. From two local Saint Louis sources. The police officer Derek Wilson suffered facial fractures. During its confrontation. With Michael Brown. Officer Wilson clearly feared for his life during the incident that led to the shooting death of brown. Now we've all seen the video of Michael Brown acting violently. Toward the store clerk when he ripped off the box of cigars. Prior to his shooting and by the way the officer in the shooting did not know. The -- was. Something for which Michael Brown out was a suspect Michael Brown no but the cop did not know. But local Saint -- sources. Are saying that the cop. For gold in the black at the new book while black at the parties that will go -- there and also a lot of debt. Well it seems that he has an orbital blowout fracture to the eye socket. And or total blowout fracture to the eye socket. Now this comes from a source within the prosecuting attorney's office and has been confirmed by Saint Louis county police. A blow up fracture. I didn't go to medical school. But I could fake it kind of well -- blow up fracture is a fracture of one or more of the bones surrounding the guy. And is commonly referred to as an orbital floor fracture this comes after Saint Louis. Post dispatch reporter tweeted last night. So wait this is in addition to NPR. Or did -- get the source wrong. Let that really matter say it was -- dispatch reporter tweeted last night that a dozen local witnesses confirmed. Derek Wilson's version of the -- shooting story. Are her name is Christine buyers are -- police sources tell me more than a dozen witnesses have corroborated cops version of events in -- now. The skeptics are gonna say well that's the police sources and that's what they arsenic. Well you can be skeptical about. But then what is your response to the conversation in the video we played yesterday the audio worked -- better were the witnesses in the background. I guess they must of forgotten it was on -- The witnesses in the background we're talking about Michael Brown charging at the cop. And it he was -- so hard that the witnesses bought the -- kept messing with gunshots. In fact he wasn't missing. He was. It's just that Michael was so filled with energy adrenaline or whatever you wanna call it may be -- -- I don't know. They allegedly found pot in his system how much. I hope at this point neither does Michael -- because the toxicology report is not in yet nor could it be in four weeks. By the -- the officer involved -- Wilson. Left the state of Missouri. Last week. Seoul. According to the prosecuting attorney in saint Louis. The cop. Was hit. -- the side of his face. Was -- Now I can almost predict. What people are going to say who just want. To continue to riot act like -- -- idiots. Dirt necessary yet he probably went back to the police station and had one of the body slug him in the face. Because there are people who do think that. Or they want to pretend -- that way because they don't want to lose credibility. Where their people. There are people what do you agree I mean fellow writers and people were up to no good in Ferguson people or -- just cause mayhem. And dissension and division. -- Again folks every day it seems that we're learning more and more. To support what the police have been saying. About the shooting a Michael Brown. Now does this mean that each and every circumstance. I believe everything that is advice somebody in the uniform of course not. But you've through autopsy is now on Michael Brown. We have seen the video of Michael Brown's known and documented behavior on the day. We have eyewitnesses in the background. Who were not police officers talking about Michael Brown charging a cop. What what really remains here. Now look eyewitness testimony by its very nature is going to be conflicted. And that's a proven fact every lawyer knows there's. John Sherman. -- gates and I could see the same thing and -- three different stories of what we agency. And that's a drill cops -- go through. In various training exercises. And sometimes least what we always have to sneak up on it because they don't want you to know what's come. But an incident will be stage suddenly. And then thirty people -- clash will be asked okay what did you see describe the suspect. And even people were in training to be or are cops will offer different accounts. So you know eyewitnesses accounts. You have to I think take them with a grain of salt no matter who the eyewitness happens to be although I'd take a trained eyewitness over an untrained eye witness. And all of -- trying to contradict myself. I've also maintained from the beginning of us that if there are no videotapes of the -- In existence. That ultimately. This is going to be decided by the forensics of the case. And by that I mean. By the autopsy is and the analyses. Of the autopsy -- Now one of the things Michael Baden could not say. Because he did not have access to Michael Brown's club. Was from how close the shots were fired. So might so. Doctor Michael Bodden was not in a position to say whether there was GIS are are got a gunshot residue on the clothing. -- Michael Brown. -- he didn't have the clothing because obviously the police have bet that's going to be considered evidence. But again it is there anything you have heard. That is it reliable report that indicates anything other than. What the police have said from the beginning in this particular case just may very well be the truth. I don't see Michael Brown as a hero in Paris. And moreover. I'm seeing a lot of exploitation. A lot of people. Try to get their beach where our editors. Try to get their taste if you will not a money. But publicity of fame. Recognition it's under a lot of people's regular beach. So we will obviously keep you posted on this I want your top argue calls I thought that a lot of talking yesterday. And I just as -- hear you guys 8030930. 8030930. If I've missed that article. Sent it to be Thomas WB EN dot com. But if I miss and anything that you think I gotta be talking about said the two -- all over the story unfortunately. Well I get a story about -- guys. -- on the do you know. School week here. -- -- -- -- -- -- So. That I wedge and I bought myself an early birthday present solemn. I shouldn't admit this on the year but I I think in all honesty with you guys I should. Our budget very well. And I have twice in my life than 50000 dollars -- credit card debt and pay back every single and I owed everybody. And. I don't to a lot of fun stuff. Honest. So well I pay the tickets dealt a poor ticket broker. Some mile. A significant amount of money. For a concert. More money paid to take my mom does Simon and Garfunkel about fifth row. I am spending to see steely dam in the fifth row at Saratoga. You -- center yes I know I don't hit me LLP eight godly place. But just wish you got a guy yeah. This has nothing to do with the topic but -- all topics were aware topics. I wouldn't be that respect. But does little self serving I've met. I paid the ticket broker. Win Simon and Garfunkel played -- first Niagara center and I took my -- I think it cost me 400 dollars 200 dollars each. -- proceeds. Mom huge Simon and Garfunkel -- I actually told the ticket broker after the show you know a lot. I really think you should have charge me more are you sure you don't want more money. And he sent an email saying you -- the first person in my history at the ticket broker ever to say I think -- I think I got -- good deal do you need more money. He refused it but I guarantee that email is somewhere in his files. That will not be the case with the Steely -- take your broker believe me but. I'll let you know whether -- sniper back now that the guys that stroke will tell whether or not it is time for Steely Dan intervention. I tell you. It's affairs. Is that it its appraised market. Anyway -- -- just joining us what are your thoughts on the continuing Bologna in Ferguson Missouri. And seven people were arrested last night. And there were two people shot last night but they weren't shot by cops there was one guy shot today in downtown Saint Louis. And it seems like a suicide by cop scenario and by the way this is a situation that happened in or mere convenience -- what which just happened a few hours ago. So presumably there will. Surveillance video showing exactly what happened when the police opened fire and I would just offer -- suggestion. Given the zeitgeist the spirit of the times. Actually -- German translation would be the ghost of the time. But the spirit of the time candidacy. If I would say it Louis -- I would get that video out like by the 6 o'clock news. Just to prevent. But morons. For using this as another example. And I will just mention again I've no idea whether the guy who was killed today was black the officer white I have no idea don't know. But I wanted to just let you know was going out now we have a traffic situation. That is major. Be ripped from the 19 the north bound. To the 29 the eastbound is closed because of an accident. So your -- along the river. You are going along and -- de -- -- soft you're left and you think you're gonna go right to get on the united ahead toward Amherst. That's not gonna happen. So my best advice would be for you to get off at the shared an exit. Before the curve. I get off matured and and take shared drive and then re access. To an -- either at all would. Or depending on how shared goes. You can also go up to cold and -- you go to the boulevard but you're not going to be able to use their ramp. For up to six hours. So just want to let you know again you driver -- longer ever right now your head north. And you know that area where you have to decide if Michael had a Grand Island Michael -- in the tunnel that is. You're gonna not be able to use that we have the take you. To -- in the tunnel wonders suggestion at all picture military I think that's it's a one right before. The big -- Image if you shared as your access. You could get off well folks if you have pictures of what's going on I'm the one might be. If you can safely. Take and send those pictures too. Newsroom at WBM dot com. Newsroom at WB EN dot com or palm at WB -- dot com I'll make sure the newsroom gets them. And please folks if you're gonna be going -- Sheridan drive. I want you to use extra caution. Because it was about a year ago we had a similar situation take place. And what happened was sheer drive in the top top one experienced. A ridiculous amount of traffic that it does not usually get even during the afternoon drive. And there's a kid on a bite. At Delaware road and Sheridan. And he was hit by a car and eventually died. And one of the first people on the scene was actually. A -- to Ottawa police detective who I think was just go to court. By the name of Kevin -- And Kevin and the boys tried desperately to save that young boy's life but unfortunately even at the scene it did not look good. So if you're gonna be going -- shared and remember it's a forty mile an hour speed limit and please remember there is pedestrian traffic crossing -- drive. And there's not one thing in the world that is important enough to you. To run over another human being because you're not paying attention and I don't mean to sound like you're nagging uncle or your mother. But please just use caution -- remember that -- it was a very sad day. So -- just be advised. It is -- hourly 343. At news radio 930 WV. PNC. AA. Let me just back trick -- just for a moment. It well I have the ability. And I don't wanna just communicate this with few. To be real. Circumspect about these things because my natural response. For most of my career in my life has bitten. Pro police. Like 100% of the time. When it is a dispute between the police and it. Citizens. I no longer. Take that approach. Because frankly of certain cops I know who had their backs turned. Had others turn their backs on them when they tried to do the right thing. In other words screw justice this is about covering our -- That changed my mind set. New York safe also changed my mind -- Because I can understand in this is gonna get in trouble with some idea but I gotta say it. I can understand people's concern about a militarized. Domestic police force. Because folks. The people who are rioting and I think they're stupid by the way please don't get misunderstand the people who are rioting in Ferguson Missouri. Feel a disconnect. Between themselves. And the people were supposed to be protecting and serving that's number one. Number two. They are concerned about the militarization. Of the local police departments. Now folks. You look if you're a white person. And you look at these black people were -- over those particular issues or protest it. Over those particular issues. May I please put you at a time machine and take you back to the early days of NY say it. And it is just. Responsible. Black people. And irresponsible. Black people who are concerned. About the militarization. Of police and a growing gap between police and the communities they server. Many of us in the -- community. Whether we'd be white or black. Have had that concern for several years since the passing of and why say. So I cannot look. 100%. Of the time -- police through rose colored glasses. Are right usually. The V keyword here being usually you'll find their right. However. There are exceptions. And those exceptions ought to be taken lightly. And I tried my best to be circumspect about authors. Because -- you know what I hear people mocking the crowd for being upset at the militarization of the police. I can remember the same arguments being made by our allies in the pro Second Amendment movement. About specifically -- wanna see militarized New York State troopers come to Holmes to confiscate our guns. Because some political jackal like Andrew Cuomo says I want guns confiscated. I can see that they -- With a second global tour. All right gang I want open it up for your phone calls is America gonna be better or worse for various. Ed what do you think the politics are endless I have some very strong thoughts on that is they do on most things sometimes are actually informed opinions. 8030930. Is people number 8030930. Start at thirty on the cellphone and 180616. WB eat at. 353. At WB -- all by the way ladies gentlemen. If so much was not happening in Saint Louis I would be talking more about -- Ted Nugent is a powered. Ted. Nugent has no test the bonus. Ted Nugent is a charlatan and a fraud and a phone -- Ted Nugent is too scared to come on and debate the facts of his deal with pierce munitions with me. Instead of engaging in a debate with me he basically has called me. Let's see I forgot the exact quote. But basically said you know I am a stupid that inconsequential. Nobody. Well I may be inconsequential. I may be a nobody. In his world but Ted. -- I can out think you any bigger week B I can out debate you any day of the week see I can out shoot -- any day of the week. And for Ted I'm calling you out. Ted Nugent I'm calling you out. -- man sacked up. Come on my show. Explain to my audience. How you. Have the nerve. To claim that your Mr. Big Second Amendment. And then do an endorsement deal. With a company that donates to Andrew Cuomo and other stuff much gun grabbing politicians or Ted couldn't beat. That you too much of a coward to come on my show because your advisors have done their search about me and they know that I will shred you and pummel you and leave view in my dust. Your man Ted Nugent come on my show. On call and you out to. 355. -- news radio 930 W media.

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