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8-19 Beach and Company Hour 3

Aug 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're back would be your company have said the beach and asking about Ferguson is Ferguson really about race. Or is it more about law and order and respect for law and order and the process. Because if you really want to. Justice and then you get peace. Justice would be going through the process. Now keep in mind the investigation has an amendment completed there's been no decision of of if there are charges to be -- If everybody's exonerated and nothing has been determined yet. Certainly there have been no indictments or charges no no no trial nothing no part of the process. Has been revealed yet. So if you're out there rioting. In partisan throwing Molotov cocktails burning looting going all that stuff. Because you want justice you haven't given you know John Lennon's give peace a chance giving -- chance. Not -- waiting for that is it without the opportunities here let's start now. So I would ask anybody out there who is writing what kind of justice they're looking for a -- of vigilante justice while mob justice you want us to drag him through the streets of Mogadishu California. So that's ridiculous it's an opportunity for troublemakers to congregate and as I said when you have black on black crime. The national figures are not there certainly the heartache in the heart from the local people will be seen them will be readily apparent but the national circus will not show up in town that's black on black because it doesn't fit the narrative. Of somebody's out to get us. As they sit and pogo we have found the enemy and news us let's go to frank and Wanda frank you're on W -- Good morning insanity alone you know it's as -- there -- -- there in America it has been for a very very large hard. And I was very very this. This skirts were what President Obama. Dissertation the other day. You know not a demand. It could have come and brought this. This violence torn and in person. Very easily but it yet. You know he issued a broad support all patient so let's -- I don't care what happened Howard -- and according -- true. What we need to have -- this Serbs here and and we don't adjust to assert. By writing this sort of private property. Looting and killing. Each other up we don't fall out serving justices -- -- giving each other black guy what do you think their nation is still looking at are there are looking at -- We are giving -- all the bad name given all the bad reputation. By -- what we're doing. -- It had to do you had to say. Now he goes on an iron on about all this yeah. Reunion between the lines were this guy is it's unbelievable. Well look Michael Baden the the for a sick experts there who did. The second autopsy -- in all of the all the jobs he's had he's never had a president of the United States get involved with one. This president likes to get involved that's government with a Cambridge police department because it was his friend was crawling in a window. He said that they acted stupidly you found out later that they didn't act stupidly his remarks were dumb and and the media would do America. Pull over are absolutely and it now mr. I think. You know the terrible because I don't want to -- these -- ground. What our situation like there's so that they right here that's a little can't sort of became one or Rampage. And an -- here if they're looting. I've followed Robert store or the old system restore. All are more important to see what you can get for themselves and say go here and ordered. The people of the people of Ferguson will have to remember that after -- is over those other people are going to leave for another spot. And you're going to still be in that community and if you burn it down it's still going to be burned down. If if you dropped on on non people you trust -- people are your children be living there and they're going to be gone. All absolutely and Ed and I hope they're a lot of these. These quote I don't know why these educators. What Bart and the abroad and from other cities -- -- a third the black Panthers flooded people from all important for crying out loud. -- a big contingent from Oakland and we just heard from a CBS report that. Indeed they're coming everywhere from California -- New York this is what attracts them a you use those haven't seen those riots in Europe during the economic summits. Where all these hoodlums and there just destroying the city -- kind of mindset is what's going on now. Absolutely. You know -- can't duplicate that didn't look for -- Obama like -- thirty of them have been good so personally involved every time they're they're black and white court for crying out while. But he isn't the president of the United States and you can't elect the people gnarled. What are their black white Hispanic or ever. They're the law is the law and who ever played the law will be will be hot. Upcoming didn't send Eric Holder to Chicago where last week and seven people died instead he's sending them here because. It's hey I'm the president I'm looking out for your welfare meanwhile these sub text on this is. The police shouldn't use as much violence or dress and militaristic Garbo whatever. Of the of the police didn't do that before the action started. And if you're breaking the law they have tape taken a sworn duty which apparently they take more seriously -- the president's sworn duty to uphold the constitution. To uphold the laws of the land. And he went and black policeman who I mean it doesn't seem that America needs people records that they don't care. Picture in that our chance. And to click into the -- and you know I'm acting and all of the black residents a burger and are hard or that don't a lot of that was trying to prevent the media corporate entity stores and at. But -- -- -- these people get into that mentality. And you know it comes down to. How they were brought up. How were being brought up a lot of people -- -- parents were nor shall -- social current apparent that the mentality that kids. Well remember the Rodney King. Riots the the Asians are keepers -- on the roofs of their buildings where they are fifteens. And they were going to protect what they worked hard for and and so it it isn't like a supermarket sweep. Where if the if something happened you know like you get to X amount of minutes inside and grab as much of merchandise as you can that doesn't show me any concern for. Of the loss of Michael Brown was just shows me the -- arriving pig. That absolutely and that people who either can't get on here all 100 -- they are sadly mistaken you know people can understand -- bitterness standing go wired. About the little wired to go to Starbucks and get the watch Kate and agreed that they always well -- -- since. Out -- that -- -- and occurred never happened here walk ons are considered. But it didn't happen here Bob -- back in the -- It -- well I'll tell you a funny so not funny but. In the sixties during the UB riots one over one of the places was up at the university of Bailey in Maine. And I got off the air at 7 o'clock and -- Jeff KR program director. Was there as like as I go off the air and he said where are you going ice and I'm going home. He's why are you carrying a baseball bat. I said because I might get a chance they hit a few at a local park. He said no I know or you're going and you're not going and he took the battle government that's an absolute true story I've never told us -- in the -- but it's true. There's I was gonna go there and and I might have been in the ceremony stories -- you know by mistake. But I. You're right Andy and -- remember those states you know all our people bring about the -- they're good at all happy it's this it's been altered to -- it is it is that these were. -- -- I remember specifically when they were building that lake at -- -- north. I Sinaloa at least it's one thing make him burned down so -- I believe me I remember that thanks you frank appreciate it. Yeah I never had an interest in baseball but he saw that I did that night and perhaps a statement from myself will be back after this. Let me tell them they expect him a little out of that car and endorse. Him in that Michael could. I'm and then he opened it again and they won't be in -- but that Russia and I've been in the. It is -- company and of the two basic questions of because of the pew poll. Which brought out what we all know the headline says from the Los Angeles Times. Wide racial gap shown in poll on perceptions about Ferguson unrest and it's always been that way. And I think it always will be that way sadly says that but I think it's true. Will races ever get together and is this is this really about race or is this about law and order Chris we have some FaceBook postings why don't we -- if you. This is from Matt he says this isn't a race or law enforcement thing it's just people acting -- but I think. It's getting ridiculous on both sides people overreacted to the initial incident and right now -- is -- -- control. Well I think two first of all the job of the police is to protect and solar. And I think the key word there is protect. Their job as the protector community especially from those outside of a community. And we do know for a fact that because it's been reported widely that there's a lot of people here. Who aren't from the area they're from and anywhere from California. To New York State in -- here across -- that's what they do. And every report I've heard says -- a couple of dozen of them but this sprinkled in with the others but my question is this. What do you want for justice what is your idea of justice. Doing a a run around the of the process. Or is just this the process justices the process as it's set up they haven't let that gave every given that any time at all. What they wanna do a shortcut. The process and their idea of justice might -- street justice and that's happened another. This is from -- he says it's both law enforcement and race. Are race based I believe the Kabul killed brown was racist but there has been any history of law enforcement treating minorities different than whites and that causes problems like this. Well you know every time I see a comparison -- minorities and whites. Regarding every time you see it whether it's drug related or whatever they'll always give you statistics like. Of for instance well when they talk about the death penalty. Well the death penalty is disproportionate. To the numbers of blacks again and as opposed number whites then they'll talk about drugs. The prosecution rate of drugs is. Higher among blacks than it is among whites but you know what they never give you. The raw numbers. They never give you the wrong numbers. Two to show you how many crimes that were committed that were found guilty of as oppose one race against another date they triangle at the same way. People who don't like gambling show you know a new casino opens. And the group that treats people who were addicted to gambling and they do good work I'm not putting him down but they'll say yes since that he casino has opened. We're treating three times the number of people treating before. Now feel -- -- that's a pretty dramatic right but what you might find out if they gave him and commerce is that they were treating two people before. And now they're treating six people I met in its three times. But it doesn't have the impact as the same thing here. When they say well look that always shows blacks being arrested show me how many people were arrested. In the raw numbers and then I'll I'll kind of calculate down from that I'll make my own judgment. But when people start giving you specifics like I just outlined. It's because they wanna make their case without you looking at the wrong numbers and that's the way it works another place. This one comes from Jane she says I'm fed up with cries of racism and poverty here there's never an excuse for looting and riots the First Amendment gives people a right to peacefully organized. And this has not been peaceful. Well that's exactly right as I said yesterday. When we did the show is this the best of America -- America. You have the right to. Through protest and that's being there you have the right to assemble and that's a that's being -- And -- you certainly have the right to go free press which is there. So everything's in place for that but you don't have as Jane points out you don't have a right. To break down -- ID glass window and go in and emptied the contents of a liquor store and now they're showing different videos of different stores being looted. And what does that say about your respect for the memory of Michael Brown was SA. In in many cases you're doing the same thing he did except maybe even break the window. He was stealing the governor -- -- cigars you're stealing booms. Or in some cases are used to be a Biggs a flat screen TV's that's I can always tell. What's involved at the time -- what mobs steal and they loot pillage. Well it's not Kosher can't deal. And if you don't like the way the you know like the way the police stressed too that. Where you expected them to be in shorts and riding a bicycle little little helmet on no out there and right here it's were reason because as a riot going on. And no cops signs up to two B a a battering ram for anybody yells -- certainly has a right of self defense has a right to have that. The proper tools needed to do the job so I hear all its militaristic -- go Loney. Just crap that's all it is is BS -- Leo policeman has a right to go home to his family or her family just as much as anybody else I don't want to hear how they're dressed. We're getting in the fashion police what are we gonna bring a Joan Rivers and Melissa on to do radio a reality show on the the of the outfits of the Ferguson police department in the in this case -- The Highway Patrol let's go to Joseph in Orchard Park -- on WB yen. Yeah I think there are two major reasons that aberrations are not gonna get together and then. I think one problem is it largely economic unit more than operation. And I think always people. Experience a lot of things. Com that the poor black people very -- you know I mean I'll admit that. That blocks that I get broke the worst of it but forwards should definitely agreed that they are treated different from the rest of and another thing is that they're the does that big -- of the black population. That exists in -- -- -- Adam and society today and educated blacks. Are not helping them get out of it at all I mean there are are actually doing the opposite. You talk about dealing with regard backward. Highly educated people. Oh wait Mark Martin told doctor Marc LaMont -- I really educated the same it doctor Michael other Croatian. While capturing about the boxes and of course it's irrelevant it doesn't matter. That particular hitting it right up locally or is it that you respect and understanding the civil society and they are they're not. People that it. And here's here's the problem it seems like the people who have made it went the extra mile and and got it done who happened to be black. Many times are ostracized. From -- from other blacks simply because. They ended up doing well. It's almost like they had to have sold out in order to do that instead of complementing them. On the work or the brain power or one or the creativity or whatever necessary to get to where they got instead there ostracized as being sellouts. Or a lot of similarities between what order here in what street I'm mark or saying everything in. Bermuda with what I'm -- -- why is it. It's unbelievable. That he could pretty up and like. When the police brought -- write your -- arrogant models aren't huge I don't know why there's such a large all right we presence here for your -- water bottle amazing. Amazing. And that. She. You know police commissioner from Boston's. Is that people -- for that you cannot open the police officers com if you interpret that we -- expect. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are things that aren't that could be that stupid. I knew -- Joseph thank you very much we'll be back after this. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. Callus now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 930 or toll free line is 1806169236. The women of faith and then I'm so I quit playing catch her has gotten. We look at one point about it and create panic and this is it important and the LA and then got -- That is a a friend of the officer who was identified as. As shooting a Michael brown and she talked to a ia Saint Louis radio station. So that's a diversion there if you really think about one Novo a doctor Michael Biden's findings in his autopsy. This is and by the way the third autopsy was being done yesterday. They haven't that was a federal rules say yeah. A military person doing it to see if it's in line with the first so I guess that the that was ordered by Eric Holder. And the maybe if they don't find anything different -- fourths 15 16. I mean it's just ridiculous it's there and whenever an agenda and what he's -- that way what are they sending Eric Holder therefore you know is he gonna march with the people. I'm when it was he gonna do. The gonna lecture law enforcement. I mean really what a joke. You don't -- and have been Ghazi. No don't know or Chicago or Chicago or any other place that he sent them here but anyway. I hope something positive comes out of it but to me it's a political showmanship. But were asking is Ferguson really about a race or is it about law and order in the respect for law and order if you don't have a you know it's one thing to distrust that. Say when you know we've not gotten a break on several things and then maybe who were you -- questionable about this but. -- who is a respected is a whole different story. If you don't respected at all when you don't -- care doesn't matter the -- right -- wrong you're just you're going to bypasses. And so that's a very dangerous situation to be and and remember what I said. Of the circus the national circus doesn't come the town of four black on black crimes. When's the last time you saw people outraged. Who weren't from the community are black on black crimes while we have our black -- here we do we have a whole lot it's in the paper almost every day. We have black on black crimes. The bottom line is the national touring circus doesn't stop by here because it doesn't fit the scenario. The scenario about they're out to get us we don't have an equal opportunity. You know that would not being treated fairly. Well you can use that if you want whether it's sure not but you can use it on black no white or white -- black but you can't use that. I'm black on black and so that's the reason it's not there. The seven times the number of people died in Chicago last week and nobody should die obviously for these kinds of things. But it didn't matter the press was where the action was and that was in person. That's where the big headlines are that's where the presses. There's so we see this poll put -- by the fuel people. It doesn't surprise us. It's a poll was released yesterday blacks by a 41 ratio. Set events and Ferguson did raise important racial issues whites. 37%. -- said that there were questions. Arrays that were important 47%. Said that they weren't that it was getting more. Attention that it deserves. Blacks by more than three to one said they thought the police reaction to events in Ferguson had gone too far and I are going too far areas. When looting is occurring. And fires are being set and shots are being fired. I don't understand what's cool far what is to farm team. I should they have stayed in the precinct I'll wait until fired died out and allows say days we have a simple misunderstanding. There's supposed to be there not only to serve but to protect. And that's protecting the people that aren't fire bombing protecting the people that are looting. And there's so there are going too far is ridiculous. -- whites have far more confidence than blacks about the official investigation into the shooting. Half of the whites have about 20%. Of blacks say they have a fair amount of confidence a 50% of whites say yeah we think you're gonna happen but only 20%. Of blacks are gonna believe that. And Tony brought a good point wore off -- there's no winner in this situation not only because we lost that a person and there's been a lot of property damage. But there's no winner and the fact that no matter what the final investigation shows I don't know manner you said they were how many corroborating witnesses to the top story. Yeah there's a reporter from the Saint Louis dispatch that aside several. -- police have cooperated. With the police officer who shot Michael Brown his side. Several people several people it with the turn of events. Any said and then the comments after that we're -- sure the police had time to cold shore. The police had time -- the police always back up the police and just things like that -- -- The excuse well Sacramento with -- could have the bishop. You could never humanitarian. Uga we have the Martin Luther King comeback from the from heaven. And it won't matter because there if it doesn't fit what they want it to say. That is made up it's it's a -- is -- secret conspiracy that's exactly it it's New York ball. The -- undermine a lot of these things when you check a -- you'll find is somebody placed themselves in harm's way. If I knew that there was going to be a ride today at noon and as soon as I got off I went to the riots. Well if something happens to me I put myself there and have to be there. I could be home watching David -- mauling Milan not likely a but I can be a I debate hiring somebody Obama on a school. -- -- I tried -- -- -- a but -- -- yeah if I put myself in harm's way. And something happens yeah it's too bad it happened but it wouldn't have happened had I not been there. All right and I'm just saying that when something happens the Michael brown and he's. Just had done robbing a store. Which is upon video. -- his friend which is on video. And then something that happens why -- we supply east which may surprise. Maybe under ideal circumstances. If you found guilty of of robbery. You're not going to be executed by society. But that's not the point. The point was he placed himself. In jeopardy. And because of that something something unfortunate happen. But he was not home studying for a test tomorrow. He wasn't mowing his own -- who has joined the movies of his girlfriend he was robbing a store. So we get realistic every once in awhile not everybody who dies. Is an Angel or perfectly innocent now he shouldn't have died make no question about that. But ideally he should have been arrested and brought through the process. And that's all that -- -- is a fair process. But the ones who are protesting now the process is just beginning they don't know what the outcome of the process is going to be. But there already. Preparing for the fact that they're ready to rise at a moment's notice that doesn't get more because guess what in the long run -- -- win. Ever and because of that and you can't because if you do with sanity now we have manner then it's every person for themselves. And if -- of that all of you thought that speaks -- -- was such a swell idea to change your mind enough glory will be back after this he. I don't think about and now. I'm Michael and until around and my car at Conning them are what you gonna do about it. You know that you're not an issue and then he sent our opponent is an attitude -- and he -- and -- -- at 1008. It is Beijing government let's go to line -- this would be dug in Hamburg. Doug you're on WB yeah. Thank you taking the outstanding column I noted that focused a lot on the process here letting it play out. It seems to -- that the process so far has been horrible. Which you have what the important thing what's going on as well with the confrontation between the policemen and mr. brown and his companion. The study of the police releasing information. He gets -- the story might have been hearing marijuana. But none of that. That the I didn't know about edit the type of confrontation how could that be relevant. Well brown rushed Robert good point the policeman didn't know but via the two guys did Michael and his companion did. And so they didn't know that the policeman didn't know and if you put that together we have this somebody we've been running. From a female who knows the officer and talked to talk radio zimbalist. Said that as the policeman was trying to get them off the street. It turned turned the wrong way on it and then they came toward him and that's what started. Right but that's important focus I mean I'll give something kept the ball or -- public should mean what happened have mr. Sager got a rap sheet a mile walk. I mean would that change how we would -- mystery -- -- -- Here's what I think here's what I think happened with the release of that video I think that the local police saw that it was building of the building up. And they thought and it turns out they weren't right. They thought by releasing this video it's going to show that here was here was a Michael Brown. Obviously robbing a store. They thought that might take some of the wind out of the protesters sales instead it went the other way they became angry when they found out just as they became angry the more information that's released. The angrier they get because it doesn't fit the reason they're there to protest. Right but -- but the whole point is -- red -- to them I mean it sure that's the bad part of the process which told the police are key to be more focused on character assassination none. Finding out -- want to go -- actual incident. I don't think it's character assassination and I think it's it's trying to position things properly. This was not a guy leading -- -- getting ready for the Easter pageant -- -- a guy robbing a store. And so yeah it's I don't think it's as the film or the video cannot make an assassination. They if it unless it was doctored or altered in nobody's claiming that the film speaks for itself but rational people will say hey. Maybe we stood up for the wrong thing this time around but standout let's -- cool off a little but instead it went the opposite it was like throwing gasoline on the fire. It was I think that the full. Fact the matters that the -- who shot and didn't know about -- the time and for the protesters they keep the guy got shot in the head not once but twice. A very down there again what was the original assumption and the original. Eyewitness said. He was running away and a shot and a back and they you know hold the press reported that from the guy who was -- the star of them so that's shouldn't bet that's responsible right there and now if you look at Biden's. Autopsy. He says the shot that killed them came down on an angle at the top of his head into his brain now this guy I was six foot something. The policeman was shorter than he is a -- a policeman was standing on top of his cruiser there's no -- he go to shot like that except. If he was being attacked. By the man who'll when you're running towards somebody you don't do it upright you tilt your head until your shoulders and you go forward and that fits that. But the bottom line is you you can't do things just to appease them -- rioting and pillaging crowd you've got to stop the bleeding for us -- the bleeding was coming from a riots. Right but that what you and I were talking about the things that that should be focused on our tail -- -- transportation but all the other stuff to me it's irrelevant. And to me that's what's getting the crowd going who they think the police. Are more focused -- Michael Brown the bad guy then and I actually trying to show the detail what the confrontation. Well if you if you're asking if you're asking me who was taking a more responsible position. The rioters who are some local but most are out of town who came to town for the circus. Or of the police bungled the cops every single time thank you. I mean it's a character assassination a character assassination. My god. I mean if you think about like this the video the video and make it up. And stage. That wasn't from ten years ago. It was irrelevant piece of the puzzle. But I think that normal. People. Would've looked at end zone you were back in the wrong guy on this one wondered you know well maybe you know. That are gonna do that so instead they made very you know what they did they did what Obama does that doubled down. They got angry year. And and they found out that he wasn't shot. In the back he was shot from the front and they got -- year. Everything that got this proven already even at this early stage. Made them angrier. Because it proved that they were there for the wrong reason and making the wrong assumptions. Yeah well I'll go with the cops. Every single time over looters and rioters. But as far as the process is concerned the process is just beginning. -- the autopsy is. I'm sure they've taken depositions. There they're getting you know -- lining it up and we don't know how long this is going to take because. They're putting out fires at the same time literally and figuratively. -- so the bottom line is if you want just the issue got to allow the process. If you know while the process you have no chance at justice. So I don't wanna hear you bitching and moaning -- tonight getting. A fair process when you are the one on the standing in the way of a process. And that's what it's about or is it really about a free bomb blows -- break in in the window is that what it's about. Is it about life up flat screen TV. Or some cigars is that what it's about. Is that really why anarchy should be on the streets. Please elaborate. That wraps it up we'll see you tomorrow at nine under is right and I'm thirty W via. We'll -- movements they never has to these these.

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