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8-19 Beach and Company Hour 2

Aug 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

In the back of the Beijing opening -- sandy beach our survey that we have been running all day the WB and web ball. Says the same thing basically as the pew survey says. That Saddam. -- people do see this from totally different perspectives. They're both CO obviously is something. Not favorable to anybody nobody wants that an event like this but. I'm asking is Ferguson really about race or is -- about law and order. In the air under the respect for law and order will be races ever get together. Certainly doesn't look like they're from the numbers in the pew research and the numbers on our web poll become a -- set up. Michael Brown his -- it was eighteen years old it'll never be nineteen years old and that's a tragedy. -- but just what we were talking about Robin Williams who took his own life. Saying that the people left behind will always be thinking even though there's no need to and it's certainly not justifiable to think. What could I have done to prevent this book what I said should've seen -- clue. Should I have been more diligent. How much I partially responsible. For this of this tragic loss and we're talking about. -- Robin Williams taking his own life. When you can ask the same questions and I'm sure the family members on the and the friends and neighbors though of book of this man -- Michael Brown are asking the same questions and that's why am glad that this letter was published by Sabrina Fulton. Talking about her son -- -- -- and the letter was sent to the parents. Of Michael brown and saying -- yeah. If they refuse the heroes. We will make them feel us and this is not a threat it means. Let them know -- what's going on now with the loss of your child in your line and in your heart. Because they can identify they have their own sons and whatever anybody think takes -- a different kind of review at least give them. The the overview of what happens when an event like this is personal has not just the newscast I think that's a very effective way to do it. Odds are trying get some people on the yeah same page -- this. But they lifted the curfew -- what happened 31 people arrested in two people shot. Now if you wanna keep on defending that kind of behavior. It's never going to get better. And this isn't people who love via field that they have a legitimate moral issue these are just plain and simple troublemakers. -- and the usual suspects Jesse Jackson appealing for money from the stage doubled by the crowd. And Al Sharpton and getting some taunts. I think some in the crowd recognize that this is nothing but opportunism. And it's at its worst of these movies like ambulance chasers. You know the story of of those two guys I don't have to remind you. And that they hijacked in the troublemakers in many in the crowd there hijacked the real issue. So I don't know if you think it's ever gonna get better -- I think that unless a miracle happens it's not. It's not if you want if you want to believe that somebody else is responsible. For your failure. Then -- changer mine area as long as you've got somebody else to blame and you don't have to take personal responsibility. What will be the failure of affairs would be losing people at this age. Because the bottom line is. This man. Michael Brown was not a Sunday school teacher. Videos they have month video robbing a store. And then it would it would his friend who later said oh I saw at all I'm an eyewitness. Yes he was running away with his hands -- turns -- he wasn't running away with his hands -- but that's -- -- -- that's just the fact -- gets in the way. So you gotta be thinking. Because when people read like for a instance. It's comedy like seven people dead in Chicago weakened and -- 2931. Title of the exact number here. Rested in Chicago. I guarantee you that if you went back and you scour the Chicago newspapers you find out some things in common they put themselves in afraid. They put themselves in there -- gang members. Drug dealers drug users whatever the reason people that were minding their own business innocent bystanders and that's one of the points I tried to make. When this story first broke is that Michael Brown is dead but cool isn't dead. Who isn't there. The kid wasn't home with the parents watching TV. The big kid who took his girl to -- threw -- a basketball game or football game whatever season happens the day. McCann went out to get a meal. Big kid working out of the -- those people are dead the people's land of the out of the ones that put themselves in the game now occasionally. There's a stray bullet and somebody totally innocent get shot. And we lose somebody who had absolutely nothing to do with what was going on out there but most of the time. Says there is some kind of a connection. To the trouble on the street. Or the illegal activity on the street and there when bad things happen everybody surprised why I don't know. What's I I don't know odd or disturbing is the mindset that's out there and I've seen now several comments are there. It will the only stole cigars. I'll put it matter what he was -- if it was a I think of ticked at the point is he was stealing. Exactly and how do you know that the clerk at the cigars or. Is the son of the owner. And they worked hard your whole life and -- -- and they've been robbed before monogamy robbed again and things get out of hand and bad things happen. If you think stealing is okay. Up to a certain degree while I was only cigars. Our it was only a bottle booms or was only a big screen TV I mean that that that mindset has to be erased because it's not located do. Is simply is not located do it but there again. I as I said if you -- if you Trace these down 10 it's time you find out that. Most of the victims not all of them but most of them put themselves in a position for bad things that happened. If it is it is it is not the Jerusalem home minding your business and somebody broke the front door down and shot. Most of the time that is in the way ago. 803093018061692. -- six -- 930 David the Euro on W idea. -- -- I noticed soundly beat -- -- -- but just think stinks of politics from top to bottom there's this whole scenario. When it comes up is made to look like this happens every day. That way perhaps she would black kids for no good reason because they're black they got the finger on the trigger and are ready to blast them. And it's that's why it's trumped up morning noon and night if it was about law and -- like you said. The Jackson and Sharpton and arrested these tools would be in Chicago. Where there's thirty shootings a weekend and on a good holiday like the fourth of July there were ninety shooting. And and Jesse Jackson's from Chicago you think he'd be their full time. Well also are dear leader is -- -- yeah it is so good there he came out think he'll rest of us. Yeah I know what you're saying it's added it's almost like this is a working scenario that keeps. One party as the champion of the downtrodden and the other party -- dot caring. And look at they -- designed. Now this cap of course is -- but he may very well be. You know unionize cap that vote Democrat. But that's not the way it's portrayed. It's the man which is Republicans. That made the white man -- helps -- been down on the blacks that are being unfairly treated. And look at the potential outcomes for this. If there's of the grand jury doesn't pressed charges we go out right. If state pressed charges and he's found innocent we go out right now. If he's found guilty we were right we go out right. Anyway guns just like a championship from the NBA you're right good points and I think very perceptive thank you David will take a break will be back after this. -- -- women play and then kind of equipment that your. And about the group and let him -- shot at hand and. We're asking is that Ferguson really about race or is a more about law and order respect for law and order -- races ever get together. Are not here's here's a situation I want you to think about this this -- -- real white -- who shot a black kid. And that's what this is all about ostensibly that's what this is all about but where is the outrage on the black on black crime. If you checks it is exciting you'll find there's and anybody will tell you -- that black on black crime is a huge problem. Where are the out of towners. When ms. black a black crime say in buffalo. Yes the relatives. You'll see them on television and some neighbors saying of this -- that the other thing. And they'll decried the bit dangerous streets but where are the out of towners. Where are the people who go from place to place to protest the situation. They don't protest black on black crime -- -- And there's a reason for it doesn't fit the narrative. If it's white if somebody light shoots somebody black in the one it was wide happens have a badge that fits the narrative. The man is holding us down they're keeping us from succeeding. They do it just simply because of the color of our -- all of those go out the window if it's black on black crime. Because they can't make the same charges suddenly -- the famous -- -- tone we have found the enemy and it is us. That's exactly. The situation will be on black on black crime. That's why you don't see the out of town circuses coming to places like Chicago or buffalo or places where there is a significant amount of black on black crime they won't do it because it doesn't fit. It fits much better the other way and that's that's why what's going on and Ferguson is going on Ferguson. Throw that throw in the fact -- that within the black community. If you snitch your bad guy you know so they have them -- -- don't snitch. Well there's that whole mentality. -- of that and not only that but just simple things that are so different. That it's. I don't see the races coming together. Simply because there's not a will to come together. It's actually easier it may be more heartbreaking but it's easier to bitch about what's going on and try and change. Let's go to Tom. On top there on WB yeah. Officer. Very very very interesting. Conversation and it takes some -- there in the political correct. Environments that even broach the subject. But I would like to say what you just said it was. Somewhat profound you said that you don't believe is the races will ever come together through. And you know obviously I did I did. Until well until Obama got enough that I honestly believe that he opened fire at the races and their medical open. And that is that constantly they did it to stop. Andy did you ever read the the Lincoln Douglas debate. I may have years ago but not recently Gordon. Well if I could I am not -- -- -- at. And recently I have and that says a very it just was very -- Lincoln Lincoln was -- was if you. A proponent of colonization. And he said exactly what you just said he says the rate that will never come together so he was. He won't he blatant and colonization that like he wanted to send all the freed the slaves to Liberia. Liberia meaning liberty. And any spot we actually bought. Liberia. In the early eighteen hundreds before going to. And that that that where. We're going to send the freed slaves. Of course we didn't. But Lincoln. And that the pay I'm and certainly not making this up you can actually -- it he said that -- the races will never come together. He said now I'm trying to put this in context because it's it's pretty severe we're gonna say. We have to consider the time it was eight. In the 1860. -- these things have evolved since that okay. But yet but but back then. People were thought a lot different than they do it today but Lincoln actually said. That that you can check it Wikipedia. Lincoln said that blacks should never have the right to vote. Prior to make people believe he said that -- read it. Instead they should never hold public office and they should never be able that amateur. -- Supreme Court ruled that they were property through. Exactly but he was I don't know if you believe that or was -- after vote. Because most of the people back then believed that so what we just after vote or you don't thanks. Well mud most people -- the Lincoln's top priority was freed slaves when -- top priority was keep the union together. And that they don't understand that either. Exactly and they understand that he's figured that they -- played the the economic. Solved with completely destructive and it would be easy in easy case from I wanna bring up one thing that. I remember reading this book nobody years ago but it talked about black and white equality there were two businessman. I remember reading it in the paper and it was from the AP and it was about -- businessman. But. Just bottom -- want just bought a brand new Lincoln and Cadillac can't remember. As secretary would both change to play. Or have the plate registration change or whatever and they were going at a convention and going to driving to a convention. Took a wrong turn. Wound up in Gary Indiana and the bad section. They were pulled over by the police to black off to a black officers pull them over. Now there was something wrong with the registration of the plate or something they they parked the vehicle. And you're not driving that vehicle and they practically -- down. Take it to the police station don't leave it here take a PlayStation they didn't do it. And within that left -- their weapons testing and at the got a call. They were beat. They were doused in gasoline. Want woods. Killed. And the other one would still living and I looked. And try to find I looked at every newspaper I looked everywhere and I try to search and search is that in 08 years ago computers have come along way since then but. I couldn't find out what happened to the other guys that like a black out but it. That these -- white businessman -- -- term. The black officers wouldn't take a look at the police station left there and within minutes they were burning well. Viewed -- you can certainly bring up all kinds of horrific examples of vowed to things that happen person -- person but I think until we -- Some kind of common ground about about rationality. Is not gonna get any better thank you it's it's about value systems. For instance education. All right nominates her -- times have you heard the expression. Your acting. You're acting white. Four -- black kids who want to get ahead. Scholastic -- Who want to do better in order to win again out of school in order -- have money for their family whatever. Well -- why shouldn't be a terminology for education education should be black and white. And and the yellow and whatever other -- you've got on the spectrum education's vote for all of us. But it we keep the using these walls and separations and different phrases that whatever. To show that indeed we don't wanna be part of view and you don't wanna be part of us that we got to be separate and it's gonna stay that way for a long time until some understanding. Enters into our common sense arena will be back after this. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and star 930 and our toll free line is 1806169. 9236. And about and -- I'm Michael and I can't run and my car at Conning him. Well what you gonna do about it. You know that you're not an issue and then he set out -- plan and this is a rash and he kept coming at ten feet. -- they a threat to female friend of a police officer. Was identified as the officer that that job Michael brown and she called into -- Saint Louis and angles -- Arctic bureau. A Saint Louis or radio station and that that's why were giving you that because. The officer's point of view has not really been discussed. Very much of a level. Nationally yet Sabrina -- and I think has the right idea she's the mother of truck trip on Maarten. Hou -- a letter very well worded -- and and unimportant type. Thought process in this letter to be apparent to Michael Brown -- in which. She commiserate -- them going through a similar situation not that long ago. But near the end of the letter she said if they refuse the heroes we will make them feel lost. Now know that's not that's not a threat at all what she -- wasn't she says it -- -- a letter this is not meant as a threat what it means it is. The human side of the story not the political side or the professional racial side just the human side of losing a child. At that age at the age of eighteen. And a the -- she's going through and and the house she's going to go through for the rest of her life and anybody who goes double would feel the same way. So what does she is saying what Sabrina is saying is this is the way we have to get through. Two people oh -- might have different thoughts about this the human side of losing a child whether it's two world. It's is something like could be -- -- -- Martin's case short through this. It's still the same agony for those left behind. And so I think that's a that's a lesson well learned because when I asked if the race is gonna get together I don't think so. Not a lot of different levels have really thought this out. That there's an intellectual. Curiosity. And there is an intellectual -- yearning to find out more a -- lot of other things but not other races. For instance maybe you're caught up in in France and you love France. And you come back here and suddenly you're drinking French wine in -- preparing French flowed. And maybe your houses decorated him in a French type furniture. You don't get that with the races. You really don't. You don't get that curiosity it doesn't even extend the full. A let alone other things it seems like people are comfortable within their long spear. Minerals circle of friends their own ethnicity. And that that's where they are they don't have that intellectual curiosity. To investigate or try somebody else's. Lifestyle or life period so it's is and if you look at nature of -- hang around with a Robbins I don't think so. The blue birds with a bloomer as a Robbins with a Robert. But there is always a quest. For us to be thinking. In similar patterns. But I don't see much of it to be honest -- you are really truly don't. And let me just tell you something -- The worst thing in my mind. The worst thing regarding this kind of situation. Was the advent of slavery now certain -- slavery -- on its own. Was horrendous I can't think of many things worse than that imagine a human being. Owning another human being it's beyond my comprehension I can't even think like that however. Want to think about this. The legacy. Of slavery as Purdue or has produced is still there. That basic trusts. That basic concept of we are we can never of these as one with the people who were enslaved us. Think about that that's a pretty powerful argument as bad as the Nazis war. That did that doesn't exist today and that ended in 1945. Think about like that. Nobody nobody around on the streets is thinking with the exception of a few knuckle heads maybe. The thinking of the legacy of the Nazis as as oh what's happening now anywhere in this country or prior apps in the world. But slavery -- that's still there and legitimate. And and still ahead the issue so be the legacy of slavery. Is still there. And I don't know how we easily. Or even not so easily. Get that to be more distant -- it'll never be erased nor sure debate we should always remember. But I'm just thinking that that that is still there. Here we really trust these people can we love these people. They enslaved us once could they do it again that kind of thing. So if you look upon those two things slavery -- Nazi party the Nazi party was horrific. For a short amount of time and and cause -- you know a whole well beyond the six million euros. The died so it was awful. But that legacy is not they are now the legacy of slavery still here. As far as the trust issue. Anybody out there going -- we can't trust those Germans today. No because there are different group none of them or alive then ended that thought process is gone nobody thinks like that. But slavery was kind of more -- you know generic. Can we trust this other race. You see -- I'm -- at Tony it's a kind of legacy that's awfully hard to overcome Willis with a yeah of course of -- by yeah. Yeah and you're talking about -- that time in American history but America I'm not mistaken wasn't the only one. -- practiced -- know how many other countries did in word two when it while before the United States. Got absolutely true but I think that's one of the enduring things that that you wish would. Would eventually evaporate I don't know if it ever will. As I said we we should always remember it as a historical moment of shame. But there again I think it has effects today. Partly effect is. That today as long as you have somebody else that's responsible for you know not going or doing what you would like to have done. That's an easier course than taking full responsibility yourself. So if nobody is standing in your way. Then in the you don't get it done you kind of look inward and say why your mind not getting it done and -- I've got to come up with the answers. If you're not getting it done because you think somebody's standing in your way. And you're not getting a fair shake that's a different story. Then it's never personal when you don't achieve your goals it's always somebody else's fault. And therefore a one of the reasons that I am not an Barack Obama fan. Is that from the very first this is nothing know that he sprung on us after it became president. It was a divide. Divide divide attitude. How come somebody else has something you don't have. And I think that's been very detrimental to the for the feelings in the country I'd certainly not everything to do that has a lot to do it. The income disparity issue right now. Like this let's let's look at it logically. If one group. Is more successful. In in several terms that you would value and they're making more money and they have a better house -- a lifestyle and there -- everybody's happier and all the -- of a self. But you're willing to consider any kind of adjustment. To try and learn from that experience and and make it your own. And use the same principles. Why wouldn't -- To me you don't have to sell out to do that but yet it seems anybody. That wants to do that that doesn't fit the but it the prototype. Is considered a sellout. Or you sold out to get this that's why many times there are people. -- who have accomplished great things that aren't recognized by their own community because they're perceived as being sellouts. When indeed all they did is take the value system of something that was working for a lot of people. An inmate at their -- you mean like manpower send out exactly like Ben Carson and others like Ben Carson. So suddenly like this. Ron and John as -- Ron Johnson of these state police captain there I think it is I think you're right very well regarded very well thought of he march -- via. Remarks with the protesters calm down and calm things down it was a very good addition to the scene. But yet I heard some commentators. Give the insinuation that he must be a sell them. So if you are in that position you can never get credit for the hard work. Are -- -- the things you had to do to accomplish what you accomplish because you're going to be seen as a sellout. Yuri Euro more highly regarded if you don't do that even if you are not successful -- your life. See I can't figure that out to be honest with that that's beyond me. As long as my principles are intact if somebody can if somebody can lead the way without. A game plan that it's really working for them and I can adapt it to myself without the without giving up my core principles. Why wouldn't you do it but others don't do it and then they blame somebody else when they don't achieve their goals will be back -- moral -- company. -- -- and being in the coming out Lleyton Hewitt on from them. And -- -- -- let go of the ball and then suddenly I'm in the that. I don't -- and -- -- and then I'll hit it and without. If you look at the situation. It is it's been hijacked. From the initial. A situation to what it is now. And it's been hijacked by you know by the ones who would this is what they do via racial circuses and sound and now it's playing Ferguson. And I'm asking you is Ferguson really about race or is it about law and order and all the races ever get together if you think about as homicides UC prominently there. No justice no peace the people we're I said this right away and then I heard rush -- that. Even after I said it's strangely enough not every regional -- of rush. That. That they don't wanna go one on either either one. Because that is -- stock in trade. Personal -- questioned a very simple question. If I want a national stage tonight protesters standing in front of me my first question would be what do you want. Because the question would be yeah you say you'll want justice what is your idea of justice. Is it to drag the officer through the streets like it's Mogadishu. Is that what you want is that what you consider justice. Or -- does the officer I give a hearing to see if there's any fault at all to be. Delayed if there is an indictment -- a trial a judge and a jury it's called a process. So you want justice by bypassing the process. Isn't that what your claiming it is the problem. Is that people are bypassing the process. And things are happening that you are not happy -- but you're willing to do it to somebody else and that's exactly what they waited as we have a process here. And it's served us pretty well sometimes though we will like the results of that but most of the time we understand that it's on a good job. And if you -- bypass the process that tells me you know looking for justice. You're looking for revenge. And that's a whole different ballgame that's a whole different story so those signs -- crap. And you heard the reporters say that out of that whole crowd there only probably a couple of dozen real troublemakers. A lot of them went home. Dust the ones that stayed their for a reason to cause problems. And as far as the way video cops dress and things like that I don't know why you. But it wouldn't make much difference whether it Wednesday. Say a Russian shooting at Maine. Or somebody. -- shooting at me from a crowd of protesters. It's still somebody shooting match. And the way they dresses. I think totally. Appropriate for the situation there aren't. And are coming in in tanks blasting away to a machine guns they didn't sign up to be targets. They signed up to be law enforcement officers so that's a bogus issue. Truly. Ended you don't want any problems don't cause them yourself. Because remember what I said most of these stories of you Trace them back you'll find is somebody placed themselves. In a danger zone by doing something or being somewhere. Where they shouldn't have been now occasionally it's an innocent thing you gold wrong side it's on the wrong. The wrong road or some of this some misunderstanding. But a lot of the times you put yourself in that situation and then you're surprised when things happen that you -- not happy with. John and Locke lord John on WB yeah local races ever get together John. I open source -- and on this. Participants include -- you act going your previous caller. Taking aside hard topic to do and -- do what you need to with the with respect which we all appreciate thank you. About sort of mine was much these late forties he's been here for seniors. And he dropped this possible 36 resolve. He -- race relations here to the Russian -- situation that our list that Chechnya. He compares to Chechnya where they African American terms that the plant mentality. It has been. For many many many years. Hundreds that's not out. Of yours in the clan mentality this culture it's not something where. The gunmen DeWitt the European mentality which essentially what. What America is. Malcolm nation or a European culture and he said. That they you'll never get together just guys being here for -- more than a decade. And on -- that are excited to professor at university in Canada Utley not to lips you're in the states are benign out. On the bright guy servant in this and Travis about the cultural differences. I'd listen to him and I believe that the races are never gonna come together slowly like the races -- European and -- Sudanese hip joint -- also -- like and that's not going to change. Yeah if you feel you have to give up your core values. To have more harmony most people are not willing to do that. When that it you know we have and our curiosity about others -- there -- with their music -- their culture. But for some reason we don't wanna do that with -- ethnicity we wanna keep our own. And show on others when indeed made who should be looking in and and finding out what's there that we might like to make -- on the could be valuable to lead to. Well thank you thank you very much Persia. All right we know from you if you think the race they're gonna come together the pew research piece that I haven't probably says no. Our poll which is unscientific of course the WB and web poll says no we'd like to know what you say on news -- and I'm thirty WB yeah.

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