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8-19 Beach and Company Hour 1

Aug 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello hello what is region governor announced that it he's got like -- John Zach we're using the story about cows with cancer. I can hardly wait to -- you know murder -- you know after noon today and grab another helping of of basal cells please yummy yummy grandpa what's for dinner oh my god -- with cancer. There goes my diet. Yes yes yes that is a -- -- -- Amazed when I watch -- John -- and Susan rose work. I'm just amazed by a welder worked together and you don't go receive part of it and of course Chris is the whirling dervish on the other side of it last -- -- like to -- the policy does fifteen things that wants. It's it's it's quite good -- -- of ever working together for a lets us almost seventeen years now. And we still. Haven't down pat worked well I don't I'm still working on the gimme a couple of more years and I think record that. And eager to get it but it is a big company have sandy beach -- ice hockey football game. Last night I'm you know I'm kind of Reading catch up on my reading -- -- on the background decide. You know but I've seen this time for -- final a -- build up a solo the 83 times so. I'll see what else is on some clicking around and there is there's NFL football. About that browns Redskins. I'll check it out Johnny footballs playing -- -- -- Johnny football needs them the more time in camp before he's ready -- event and though Hoyer. First of all I was surprised Steny Hoyer is still playing football I nobody has -- Old time to commitment and the Washington but I guess that was run I think well lousy game both quarterbacks they went from. -- which quarterbacks should waste do we have to start -- still. Also acted CME and. No we have our fantasy draft last night so that took my evening. Yeah it was a beautiful woman was the mother of your child rule -- is dead men give her admiring glances -- -- playing fantasy football -- you why -- you doing that yes she was -- and a 20 she was an -- to organize its cover the -- -- drafted me on fortune this year -- yes -- -- -- a lot of -- athletic events you know yeah it wasn't until the championship a fantasy football last year that I finally beat -- good -- why -- -- -- you want -- Chris did you see any really. Redskins game. I just saw highlights -- most of the story highlights there were highlights there Obama hardly a low lights were low lights -- -- you consider the main thing department that was man's jones' flipping off the Redskins bench. Yeah out the game in the fingers got a guy that's got to be the most expensive angry ever gave. You can't be doing that now because if if you're giving them a finger because they're of their same thinks the U. Do you think that went on me encouraged. And yeah they're using somebody. -- on the Redskins bench or on the sidelines going we gotta be careful he just gave us the finger I think we've offended them -- venerable political anxieties. Image Hitler book and that's edible arrangement at six. -- so I he's got to get over that -- hurry because. I know it's it's true the more we should show the more they don't that's right you've got to show that your tough for them that if you got clear of the right stuff. Arm -- leg -- -- challenge you to guys you probably both know the answer. Bill -- we all know -- -- as right now SX New York giant quarterback and a going to be Gaza actually well what though Phil -- not say in the upcoming season. Is football. Remotely Redskins. Next day and he's right is. He's not gonna say Redskins this year warm maybe forever. Phil Simms says that he will not use the term Redskins when discussing the team. My very first thought is that will be Washington the whole game. -- will work on the Thursday night package we all love to have a Thursday night but also it was heading right path for that matter and -- he's got the giants Redskins game on the 25 of September. Isn't taking sides in the debate hopefully is already did they already dead by saying Matt. He says he is. Sensitive to the complaints about the name and his in stakes now are not to use the Redskins and is announcing now he partners with Jim -- Jim Nance says it's not my job to take a stance and I'm right I think finance is right on this -- his job the name of the team -- and its name. But that's it. A Tony Dungy says he's going to follow -- lead so. They got a couple of guys Tony Dungy is not gonna say you Redskins. The end and these 20 fills them but the world go on it will not spin off of its access. What is your dog go without saying Washington because that's offensive and then the I yes exactly just Washington in the city and or Obama. I I've refused to say Obama anymore if he's going to McCollum. The guy. The the guy at a press conference I think you know what I currently holding the president's guy you have a guy who is -- -- -- and fill in the blank I -- vacation or golf -- the exactly the guy at the leisure time guys. At that. -- got a lot going toward for the great divider. Yeah he's certainly not a uniter that's for sure. Okay Ferguson. There was -- see any time you try. To appease a group. Usually. If the group is angry it doesn't work. It gets against the group more angry so the governor says. We will not have a curfew tonight this -- yesterday and so what happens is worse than it was before. Because ice on nothing wrong with a curfew in the in the media in the first place but as -- About what's going on in Ferguson. It's always been assumed that this is about race because it was a white cop. And a black guy that got a shot by the white caught up so the insinuation is it's going to be about race. When and maybe it's not. Maybe races only one part of it but certainly not the central. Part of -- the second part of it being genuine. A disagreement on how we look at things in life. And our culture at whatever. And some would suggest that I wouldn't disagree. That this is a more about law enforcement. And respect for the law. And things like that because surely there have been times. When the law was wrong in their bit at times when a bad cop may have done something but by and large that's not the way it works. But if you wanna you know lose any kind of any kind of a perceived. Problem that you'll are your ago forefathers had who win. The law as being prevalent today and the reason why things are not happening or are happening to yield then you gotta do what you gonna continue to do it. Because you can you can pass off anything you want them as somebody else's problem. Yeah it was not view it was somebody else. And if you if you're comfortable that you're gonna continue doing that. No matter how much common sense. Comes out for a instance. On the Biden autopsy. He was quite clear could compartment. That the shot that really killed. Killed him. I came in on an angle at the top of his head. I know I'm not but he you know I'm not a scientist but this one's pretty easy to figure out. Of the the cop was much shorter. Then the deceased. By a lot aren't. And if you are coming toward the cop. And your your walking toward him or running toward him more menacing Malia -- advancing toward him. You don't do -- standing straight up. Nobody does if you if you ever see ever see anybody running straight up -- tilt your head forward gives you more momentum and more balance. And by tilting your head forward obviously. That would be the trajectory of the ball. Because it would be impossible to put it in on that angle unless you were well above and shooting down at the person. So the if you heard that piece of major issues in the in the newscast. From a woman who called Leo Leo radio station in Saint Louis who was a friend of the policeman. She gave his side of it and his side of it was that they charged him. And if you really think about it nobody charges standing opera. Yeah it's it's like anything else you put your head down and that would allow for bad angle of the shot just saying. But facts don't matter but I if you got your righteous indignation in high gear and the facts don't matter it's simply don't. It doesn't matter how many people were killed in Chicago. On the weekend and nobody says anything about it. It doesn't none of those things matter because you've got your reason to be angry. And your reasons sometimes is dictated by what you can get out of it. Either through via the window vote broken when Novo liquor store or just satisfaction. Or being perceived as always many items -- a lot better had -- not been put upon. So I'm really asking because there is a survey out now. By the Pew Research Center and strangely enough. That the two races -- promised differently now I was shocked when I saw that. Imagine that because I'm not that I thought we all look at everything him exactly that same way. As as we're told. That's -- no group is a monolith weather's always some people think that some things. As some things that think other things within that same. Racial group. Or -- depends on them I'm what you're looking -- but there's always some who will take a different path. But basically the one thing you can count on is that. Would be -- will be different. And your perception of of the reality of the situation is different and that's what's going on now. We come back ogle this pew research peace and -- we'll talk about this. It weather is really an issue. Of the race and Ferguson or whether it's an issue of law and order and the respect for law and order under is -- at 930 that Libya it is a beach -- company. This is no shocker to you certainly but the races seem to have different -- looking at the same scene. And I think we really learned tennis although it certainly was out there well before this but. It really hit home during the OJ Simpson trial. When at the end of the trial they did not find him guilty when indeed the DNA evidence -- that it was. That and that it it it could include every single person on the universe. Of those with the odds that it was his blood right and they stole a lot of off. And afterwards when when people couldn't figure out why. And they went to bush -- some live shots of school children jumping up and down and and a happy happy happy and other people just looking like -- What kind of murder was that. And we learned that. The differentiation. Between the races is incredible and it comes to below police and law enforcement things like that. And solely the message out of there was -- meaning the white reporter you don't understand. Our distrust of the police in the black community. Air and I I knew there was some of that but I never realized how much of it there was. And that's the reason the jury of good defying all kinds of common sense logic and intellect. Decided to disregard everything is a lot of -- Because they didn't trust the police mark Furman and the -- handle evidence that whatever. So that was a big eye opener but we've seen we've we saw before that but that was really the big event but we've seen it since then. But every time we see it warm I'm always amazed that it doesn't get any better. It stays the same now it's good to have goals. Because idea I took. I took some business courses at the Wharton school and I was a programming. Four run a major change their capital cities communications. One of the things they talked about was setting goals. And their goals the first thing they say it -- is set a gold that is achievable. And I'm thinking the goal of racial harmony. -- my mind at this time in the foreseeable future is not achievable. Simply because we're looking at that it's like Russia mama Maria. The famous. A piece of work that shows that people seeing the same thing have different views on what they just saw. And that's exactly what's going on now and it's and it's been going on for some time. And I think it'll continue I I hate to buck yard lob to take the sunny side of this and say you know. If we just sit down together and and use some rationale and we're gonna come out on the better side of this and -- single by I don't believe after a moment. I I think that if you're five years old now. Other chances of the races coming together. In your lifetime are none zero suddenly happen. Are simply because of the the different viewpoint. That you have lots of different things now we ran a poll today. Which coincidentally came out same time as as this pew research poll first of -- Chris tell me what or running on the WB and wearable. The question is how do you feel about the issue of race in the aftermath of the Ferguson shooting okay. So how do you feel about race and so what what the choices and -- -- -- people respond to choices the first this case raises important issues about race they need to be discussed. That has 8% of the vote. The other choice the issue of race is getting more attention and it deserves that gets 92% of. That's remarkable that it's remarkable. You wouldn't you say your poll I -- LS US school wants whiter teeth. I think it separates it adds there's days. I mean I can't imagine a more lopsided -- than that but that'll give you an idea only 8%. Think that this could be. A teachable moment a learning experience a step forward. Because I think people are coming on Pakistan. It's not going to happen it's simply is not going to happen and when you see a 92%. I think that way a lot of them are respondents -- listening to his radio station on this -- certainly not a scientific Paul. But give me an idea of a group of of people on how they're thinking and I'm I'm I'm honest I totally would like to be able to. Who's to say it's going to help in the -- -- but I don't believe that permit it. I don't it's going to be -- going to be perpetuated by every bump in the road every every major problem every minor problem. -- this is certainly a major problem with summit loses their life. It's not gonna get any better. What come back I'll give you an idea what the people who replied to the fuel reserves people said and it's basically. And I over under his -- -- of -- This is Michael's average and you're listening to sandy beach listen for me tonight ten to one on WBE. And. Okay so the event back -- out of it -- -- to -- him in that Michael. And then he opened the card. And it went bankrupt. And it's been. That of course is a young lady who claims that a friend of a policeman. Who did the shooting a lot in the incident in in Ferguson. And it would make sense especially when you think about the above the bullet. Trajectory on the top on an angle on the top of his head. He's much too tall for anybody to have be standing on level ground. Four of that kind of trajectory. And as and when you when you move forward. Bull rush or just Ron or anything you don't do it upright. You tilt your head down to tilt your body down 40 Fuller motion and whatever. And it's certainly would make cents on a you know I'm not doctor Bodden but those a doctor -- though findings were that the bullet that killed from the actual. Fatal bullet was that one. That two shots of the head. And the other fortunately arm. In this in this survey -- -- article by the arm of the New York Times by -- I'm sort of the LA times. By David louder. And says blacks -- whites see the evidence and Ferguson Missouri through starkly different lenses. While that's certainly no surprise you could write that yourself. A poll from the Pew Research Center released Monday shows that Americans overall are closely divided on whether the shooting by police. Of unarmed young black man and a Michael brown and Ferguson raised important issues about race. And that's a T are -- important issues about race by the way -- -- -- CBS ever finally reported. That the shots came from the front. Where they're at it if they still left that out the first two reports they had that we carried did not include that information strangely enough. But the overall division comes in large part because of sharply differing views by blacks and whites. Blacks by a four to one ratio -- events and Ferguson did raise important racial issues. Whites were more closely divided 37%. Saying the case raised important issues 47%. Said they thought race was. Getting more attention than it deserved. I think that the event that's going on now. -- deserves the attention because of the civil unrest. But I don't see it strictly as a racial issue I see it as they racial opportunity. Four people who wanna use race. As they stepping off point for violence and theft and things like that. The troublemakers of our society certainly no one likes to see an eighteen year old shot to death that's not anybody's. Answer to any thing but. There's sort of thing that if indeed you're you have your mindset on on why it happened and how it happened. The facts are gonna get in your way you're gonna continue to think -- thing when's the last time you heard any facts presented. Where the other -- apology. Hadn't thought of that. YE I think you're right now doesn't happen. They'll just find a way to reinforce their already existing position which they probably had before they even knew of any of the effects. Similarly blacks by more than a three to one ratio said they thought the police reaction to events of Ferguson had gone too far. While whites divided almost evenly on the question with 33% saying the police have gone too far 32% saying the action was right. 35%. Saying they didn't know there's always some that don't call. Up I don't know it well whatever the question is it doesn't matter is always a group -- don't know and they never have. Any kind of an inkling. Or you know just a clue so I don't know lightly and last month. -- -- far more companies some blacks about the official investigation into the shooting now that we'll tell you something right there. No matter what happens with this investigation. No matter what findings. Come out a group of people are going to applaud them. And a group of people are going to say it's trumped up it's a cover up it's phony it's the man. They got there you know their -- down our neck. I mean it won't matter what the investigation says. And that's the and that's the point when the investigation has no matter who did a Justice Department. You know FBI -- you know local police -- state police. It doesn't matter the group that people will not change their minds and just telling you right now. Half of whites but only about 20% of blacks saying they have at least a fair amount of confidence. So here and that difference. Half of whites but only -- that's you know one and so. But yet only one in five blacks have and have a fair amount of confidence that it will be fair. So that's the kind of thing we're looking those different -- frequently documented differences and how blacks and whites he has his race but. The gap in perceptions. In Ferguson notably smaller. Than the racial differences -- found in reactions of the tray of on Martin's case. So -- that was a different ballgame. Could result UC differences all the time. Sometimes it's -- wider than the other in addition to the racial divide reactions to Ferguson also -- along. I'm familiar. Partisan lines now here now this is a Tuesday. Democrats are far more likely than Republicans to say that the shooting raises important social issues. Among white Democrats for example only 25%. Of the racial tensions were getting. I'm more attention than they deserve but I among Republicans 60% said they believed that that was the case. So there you ago not urgency. Are on both sides of the spectrum. And they go along political lines they go along. A slight experience lines. Where some people are willing to forgive a basic trust of the police criminal justice system. Knowing that occasionally there miscarriages of justice occasionally there's a bad cop we understand that it's not a perfect it's a situation when opera for people. But some who just a -- That the system is going to come down on the wrong side as far as they're concerned. The assumption is that that things are just like that because. -- whites in general do not trust order -- enjoyed the giving them the benefit of the doubt as it as a black citizens of this country. So that's gonna change. -- change who is pretending that's going to change I think that that would divide the racial divide. -- did -- pass through has to be healed in one way and one way only and it's the hardest. The hardest way is to do it one person at a time. And that's the only way because generally you could you could stand up and get the most compelling speech in the world. And people are not going to change their mind they're not even gonna give it time to think about it they know -- from which they they believe. And they're not going to change -- they base their belief systems on their life experiences what they read what they've heard and that's that. So I'm asking you will races ever get together not in the foreseeable future as far as I'm concerned because you can unless you have some common ground and some common trust. And some common belief that the the other person in the other group has the decency about them. But I don't see that coming these guys you -- gonna happen now that at all but eucharist. I think there's a lot of people that -- They use situations like this for their own benefit and that doesn't help any part and it almost makes things worse war race relations across the board it does because as I mentioned a few times it hijacks the issue. You might have a legitimate issue of which you can make strong compelling arguments that this was right or this was wrong. But when you let somebody high jacket and and get it off the track Jesse Jackson it's been widely reported was there of course. He was trying to get fund raising from his stage. And he got booed by the people that we're there now that's a positive right there. Why because they saw he was using the event. Now you tell me what fund raising was going to do for Jesse Jackson to make this a better situation. I mean that -- They court and selves out for these kind of causes. And they hijack them that's exactly what they do. I'm just hoping that this is the beginning of the end of Sharpton in -- -- Jesse Jackson -- Sharpton to always criticized while domino effect the summit took a shot at him about a verbal shot about. I've been a snitch. You know all of the that's true so the bottom line don't want them make the headlines the Jesse Jackson's. The Al sharpton's. You have to wonder if if suddenly tomorrow. Merit -- just an absolute miracle happened and everything was better they be out of work. And they know it and you know will take your calls it a Treo not trio -- 106 on 6926 start I'm thirty is Fergus and really about race. Or is it about law and order in the respect for law and order a little races ever get together it was called -- after the break. It is -- company and I just thanking her on an earlier newscast that Tony there was anger at. Today as the Conservative Party picnic. And I was just wondering if the picnic would reflect the Conservative Party values system and other words of a Conservative Party picnic. You've got to earn your lunch you have to work for okay if you go to the liberal part you know that while they're pregnant it's a three lines with somebody else as the by. And yet the conservative. That is. Where we're talking about what's going on as everybody is and Ferguson. And that is it really about race or is it more about law and order respect for law and order and perceived opinions on that and local races ever get together. So far our poll says that them only about 8%. I think it is that is really about race the others the other 92% don't. And ago we gave you video results of a pupil which kind of mirrors that. Also bushels of differences between blacks and whites and Republicans and Democrats and and they they track. He and Avery a parallel universe. You know Sabrina Fulton is -- and no I do not she is Fred -- Martin's mother aren't true. Is grateful that she wrote a letter to the parents of a Michael Brown. Because she had been true her own. Brand of hell not that long ago and I have a lot of demagoguery the whole letter about. There are some things that I would like to a reiterate because I think she's got some bug really good points here. As I said I'm editing and as hard as you give it to -- I hate that you and your family must join the exclusive the -- are growing group of parents or relatives who have lost loved ones to senseless gun violence. Of particular concern is that so many of the gun violence cases involved children far too young. But Michael is much more than they police slash gun violence case Michael is your son. Let's on the barely had a chance the lives of our children are our future so whatever. And whenever any of our children black. White brown or yellow or red are taken from us unnecessarily. It causes a never ending pain that is unlike anything I could imagine experiencing. Letter goes on. Facts myths and flat out -- are already out there in Michael's case theories regardless of how ridiculous -- being a pondered by the pundits. While we fight injustice. We also must solar cells to an appropriate level of intelligent advocacy. Nazi -- sources say. If they refused to hear us we will make them feel loss. Now at that point I'm stopping the letter at that point you're thinking it's a threat -- I'll repeat that if they refused to hear us we will make them feel -- if I went. No further you would say that's a threat but it's not and that's the key to this letter. Some mistake that last statement as being negatively provocative. But feeling -- means feeling our pain I'm imagining our plight as parents of slain children. Will no longer be ignored will bond will continue to fight for justice and make. Them remember our children and an appropriate light I would hate to think that our lawmakers. And leaders would need to lose a child before protecting the rest of them and making the necessary changes now. With heartfelt support and assigned by Sabrina Fulton -- on Martin's. Mother and I applaud that that's exactly slight. That's -- she's got a good handle on this. It's it's about. More than just the event. It's about the effect of what's left behind just as we talked about Robin Williams last week. And what is left behind after Robin Williams I think we have to think of the events and what's left behind after them. Beyond the political statement beyond the Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson's and the Talking Heads on television is effective there is. A young son that's not coming home anymore. There's a young son who -- closet has to be cleaned out and closed given way to relatives and friends and charities. The fact is that -- car will never be driven again by that person. They have to personalize it and make it like that for it to have the effect because of its just blind rage against the system. And without even knowing the facts. -- just come out and and think it's only because we're black. That's not gonna help it's not going -- anything's anything better. But for people to put themselves in your shoes they have to imagine it happening -- of them. And that's the kind of letter I think which is very helpful. Saying that we we've got to him make him feel awesome feel what we're going through let them know. How it is so that we can get on the same emotional plane because. I mean IE I know what it's like losing someone. Passing on at a very young age I can -- -- action. Losing someone that was shot to death. Or in a robbery. Or anything like that idea. I I think it'd take a bigger person and I am to get my arms around that sort of thing. So I think they had them Sabrina Fulton has a really good way to reach across the -- Let them know exactly what it feels like now it doesn't change the circumstances at all. And it doesn't change what led up to it. But it may change the thinking from that point on or at least give you something else that to ponder from that point on. Regarding your judgment of somebody else's thoughts and words. And feelings will be back tomorrow between company -- news radio 930 WB yeah.

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