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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Woman Defends Cop Who Shot Missouri Teen - Audio From KTFK

Woman Defends Cop Who Shot Missouri Teen - Audio From KTFK

Aug 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Radio caller Monday recounted the police officers side of the story in Ferguson Missouri. A woman who identified herself as -- called Saint Louis radio station KFT -- offered this account of what went down ten days ago. Well it's been really had a quiet because it's a -- now as and that story and I'm I happen. That they aren't all your talking about -- and -- and they haven't really -- to hear that I'm I'm. We have been afraid to send them an hour I'm I'll let you. And when we come back it's as if I ever made it out and to go to the -- and the media that can can and I'm not the truth and nothing. Now I'm -- no more yeah absolutely and that he thought that. You know they are locking -- then -- I'm doing well I'm rather than that I want to try it out at -- I'm. Eight -- clearly hung back and wound up where we're going nowhere and cut include -- content. -- just kept growing up and part of and I don't look at when he called for a -- But I'm not sure I'm kind of look at that had a bad and he looked actually -- and then he gets the car and tell them my library and they did -- the action. We'll let Manning and and I hand that looks like to let you know that the doctor and -- -- -- -- they're actually I'm a bit out of his car in Yemen direction I -- in the Michael good. I'm and then he opened that I gang are headed out and won't be in Batman glad that I'm not -- -- in back in the cart. President -- -- And then I'm going as quickly and that's current and look at one point we got the gun -- candidate -- can play at home and shot the LA and then got. Well and my goal -- up with a little clue about 38 the -- and I'm. -- -- and click protocol is cheaper there so he can't think -- and now. I'm Michael and thank you around and my car -- pounding him are what you gonna do about it. You know it's not an issue to me and then he sent -- -- -- and -- attitude -- question can he -- by coming at him either. And -- agent in -- -- kept coming out Lleyton Hewitt on company. Now who couldn't -- coming -- with both the ball and then proclaim him about. And I shot within the forehead and then I'll hit it and got about. That's why they're rated on how I met his execution I -- -- the people aren't worth a shot at home. Quite difficult everywhere -- on the like the other people and equipment equipment. At them at that portion of that -- and. I can ask how how did you come all this information is -- something that you did you have discussions with the family how did you come to know the details of it. Let's let the it would have been told me. The fire with the opening of whether I had so you know when. They -- both Specter and we're talking you know that can open ocean -- and -- I know it yet and. Right and his his his his family did are they. Ave in town and then left town. Have not been in contact at Enron and can. -- I want you -- you know that. Yeah I appreciate the comment in giving and in giving that time perspective thank you so much thanks for landed on the ground. That is a woman identified as Jose calling -- -- at TK radio in Saint Louis Monday with what she says. -- police officer Darren Wilson signs of the Michael Brown shooting. In Ferguson.

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