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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Economic Disparity Between Races in Buffalo - Scott Thomas

Economic Disparity Between Races in Buffalo - Scott Thomas

Aug 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We -- our bloodline. Or know more -- our next guest. He's Scott Thomas project letter of -- Buffalo's premier business newspaper business first -- -- how you doing this morning. Sorry John Mario we're doing good you've done some are researching your over the an article that headline draw children bubble -- to make the list. Of the nation's twenty. Worst income gaps between blacks and whites tell us about this. Well all we -- -- we have to go later federal numbers were up per capita income for both whites and blacks and metropolitan areas around the country. While looking all areas of at least two million residents. And the disparity between black and white incomes -- use. Substantial number of Rochester and buffalo got a 21 margin with Jews. -- wars -- in the country is all it does indeed put both India bottom -- Scott have you looked at this previously is it getting better or worse around here. The other is the first time that we've done this it's really the first time these kinds of numbers are ready deleted available. Our troops for example of the -- buffalo area which is Erie and Niagara counties. The per capita income polite to about 30000. Dollars. The world black residents to about 151700. And so you see almost 21 in the different sort of very large gap there. OK and so buffalo Rochester who both made the list of the nation's twenty words and can get cities. Which university. Was worst with said he was went up. The Miami area -- we have the worst in the U the disparity there is for every thousand dollars. Pretty typical white resident -- -- typical black or resident earns 402 dollars. Put that in comparison. -- you Rochester it's about. 490 dollars for a black person for a few thousand dollars for a white person -- entity. Buffalo area about. 524. February typical black president compared to a thousand dollars for a -- white residents. What was the worst Citi analyst. My Miami is the worst and lot of the good news the the bottom horror of northern industrial places could have you know sort of similar to prove to Rochester and buffalo and the stringent. And composition places like Milwaukee and Minneapolis Saint Paul and Chicago -- Boston doesn't do well Cleveland doesn't do well. We also have. So I didn't communities have mentioned Miami you have Memphis Houston New Orleans withdrawal places that have really large -- gaps between blacks and whites. Scout -- their -- any American city is that you looked up and studied where the gap between blacks and whites is really not a wide were. Minorities are doing a little better. -- you know not a single one we looked at least 51 areas -- -- at least two million people let them to 51 major markets. You -- one noteworthy aspect of Las Vegas for example Virginia Beach it's still. Of blacks are learning about 60% of whites are on and on average. Only very very interesting Scott nice talking with you this warning we're very original. Thank you Scott Thomas of project editor for business first.

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