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It's time for buffalo means business with a -- Shula. On news radio 930 WBE. And that brought to you by the law office of Ralph C Rodrigo harp on your side and in your court Steve Volvo Ford and Steve called Lowe's Chevy Buick Cadillac. Drive assured under the -- ball go umbrella. And by the Amherst chamber of commerce the health insurance resource for small business it if you wanna business featured contact buddy Ed but he -- -- dot com. Now buffalo radio veteran and local business advocate. But -- Shula. Welcome to another edition of buffalo means business send news radio 930 WPE. And my -- body shall we do the show or every Saturday night. 6 o'clock like we are now. Celebrating the local businesses entrepreneur or is if you would like a business featured go to -- -- dot com and just kind of ticked -- submit your request. And I couldn't think of a better way to start up the show then -- Just. Legend in buffalo -- and collapses have talked about frank -- -- president CEO of tops friendly markets. Frank first of all things are gonna show. All you welcomed by the him I'm glad to be there and put -- back on. Sure I'll tell you this you have huge news it's going and I concede beaming from your face. I want that for small. You know I'm sure most of our listeners go to tops markets. Soul and you have a great experience and ethos of sorts it's it's an honor to have you here today but. I know we have some big news yet a new ownership the team this is exciting tell me more about what's going on -- Here here tops markets we in now with totally locally owned and operated company. I -- a buyout. Tops from our previous private equity owner with our top management team. And we now own the business 100%. And all of us live here locally we we we. We we we live and work in in the area where locally owned company and we could not be happier about you know how this is played out over the past year and. I can tell you so happy how did you get started tops. Well I I started it tops actually in the year 2000. All we were owned by a big guns conglomerate really a a foreign company a Dutch company -- hold. Who look transfered me here from from another company that had worked at that they had purchased I grew up in New Jersey. Might the company that I was that was was purchased by -- holes in the eventually moved me through the system appears tops in 2000. So this huge. Ownership. Easily give its ownership from eighteen now is that it's a dream of yours which insurance that you -- all of this sort of -- -- an answer actually. -- dreamt this so over the years it's it it's it's really a big thing in 2007. A I I with Morgan Stanley led the up by -- from the I'll -- company. Tops. They do not think that there was a great future -- cops here in Western New York they couldn't have been more wrong. I went to Morgan Stanley with a business plan for running tops locally it was not run locally for awhile. And you know we would all you know be able to prosper that the business with would really go forward and you know they get a good return and their investment in that your happened over the six years. With Morgan Stanley we doubled the size of the business from when it was owned by now hold so we grew from 71 stores who over a 160 today. And like any other private equity companies they have a timeframe for how they how long they won all the business. And at the end of that -- was so pleased with the return they got in their investment. And was so pleased with -- assistant management team that they gave us first crack at -- in the business. So we bought the business from them and now we're totally locally owned and could not be happier how is it going through that process of buying. The business it's if it was a long difficult process as you can imagine we're we're big business. Where two and a half billion dollar business so this was not Helio yet to -- billion so this was not a small deal. Involved investment banks and you know getting financing and and really positioning this business for the future. I have a financial background so that that helped me through this process and we he noted that to deal happened fairly quickly. They were happy to have -- -- owners. It's a great story for everybody because they helped us grow and now were you when locally owned 151000. Employees are big. Think I'm cool with that and biggest. The employer in the -- New York correct -- we're we're one of the biggest I think that may be some some banks in health systems that have a few more employees with us. Here locally but for across the state we have 50000 please we have a 163. Stores. Com and it's it's a pretty big operations you know we'd go across the upstate New York. I'd like to say we operate almost replace New York outside of New York City. In your distribution center is also here in Lancaster eight full year you -- Distribution under a hold was outsourced to and to a company out of New Hampshire. We brought that back also in December so now that distribution center is owned and operated by us that's another 700 jobs that are here locally. So everything is distributed Allen -- Lancaster facility that's so that's on top of the 151000 jobs stops creates. And 700 more at the distribution center so -- and so beautiful says it's a big operation were -- us is that you know as you see. Conglomerates taking over I think at one point wasn't going to be Stop & Shop there was rumored to be a possible. By the rooftops we've been Aqua and you know -- -- years ago or so -- pull us off the -- was part of the whole family. Oh OK I so be the you know at one point they were gonna change our name to something different. They didn't really understand the value of the Topps brand here. You know this is complete it grew up in Western New York Friday it's started in Niagara Falls and it was started as a family operation so -- like to think that we've come full circle. You know to -- to our roots really and are now operating here again locally we'd like to people for business here. We we do a lot of her service is -- we get a lot of the things that we need to runner for the business right here in Western -- So -- is expanding your remodeling around Western New York what location is new right now and we have big news sheriff. Yeah our latest locations in new thing New York. Up just north of Laporte we couldn't be more happy about it. It was a -- that previously was was owned and operated by frank but wait who's that good -- pressure on who is a small and you know we're independent operator. And felt like it was time for him to concentrate his resources honest I don't want to store. We couldn't be happier we have stores in that area is as you know we're in Laporte we're in right corner it was a natural extension of our market area. That's store opened up on Saturday as a tough market. And it's off to a great start and you're also remodeling a -- Amherst street is sicker you are are -- down in the city of affluent -- Amherst is a story that we've had for a long time. We put a gas station in there in December. And I know you know about gas points to a talk about the idea but that's or is undergoing a major renovation it's it's a great site. That we think -- we could do better jobs for customers with this remodel. And that's going on right now will we will spend the couple million dollars there to make data -- of of today. So there are so many things that separate tops markets from all the competition. Let's talk about -- including all those ways to save the bonus points the gas points but monopoly. I mean they all add up plus the great specials that you have what what does separate you guys from everyone else. Sure you know we aren't very competitive business survey like -- sell food. So. Or major competitors -- people like wegmans and Wal-Mart and everybody else who wants to sell food in order for us to be successful we have their own identity. And we have to do different things and work competitors do that differentiation is really what makes us successful. So it starts with being a promotional retail. So are we haven't had every week where they can only support -- company out there who goes every week you can get it in the Buffalo News. You can see all the specials so there are many ways to save within that you know we have coupons we have daily specials we have things like meal deals. On and on top of all that we have things like -- points and and -- points we have 58 gas stations across the state. And that those gas station -- hundred dollars that you spend at our store you can get ten cents off a gallon and that's cumulative. And that's a real important you know value created for our customers so when you look at all of the ways that she could save within our stores. Whether it's on the national brands that you can't get -- replace whether it's -- variety. The all all the different ways that that we have our promotions coupons our -- points. We we do believe that you do those cost overall product is right here in Europe currently tops market. And in the I think the one thing you mentioned. Is really important is the national brands. Because you find emit some of these other stores -- are trying to forest. Their own products on the people and you don't know cold weather and it's good -- you view me if especially if you're from outside the area becoming year and you go to brand X and you say. I wanted to you know I need to spaghetti sauce and you don't recognize the you know they're bringing you don't know how it how it tastes or anything like that. You gotta start all these trials. The good thing about what tops does is they feature the branch and -- So if you like. A particular. Brand name of -- something like that let's say Greg who -- Word -- to dean or whatever the other one is you know what you like can you can buy it tops the other guys -- into the. It anymore and after having absolute bullets it's about choice we give our customers choice we have our own brand products and their great products and we Wear them every day. But we have the widest variety of national brands we feature them every week. So that customers come in and make their own choice. Some customers want and own brand product because they want a lower price but many many customers like that choice of national brands and they want to branch that they know when trust. And they want them at a good price and they can get that at their local cops every day every week what are what are customers expecting from supermarkets these days. You know cut customers want what want a lot that they want a good price they want to be able -- -- in and out of their store pretty quickly they want good service when when there there. They don't want -- Friday. They won fresh products they think they want to be able. You know plan their meals and be able the create healthy meal for different for their families. So you know -- you know the the departments that aren't especially important today -- at places like a meat department. We're the only grossly here in west in New York of size that actually has which is in all of our stores. Most of our competitors either essential cut their meat or biter ready package in the faraway place we have witches and everyone our stores. All day long who can and help people decide what to buy how to prepare it you know how we've had a plan a meal. What do they wanna fix they -- thin steak or chopped. You know they can get to edit their tops market have every day and they can't get better place so all of those things to together. You know they want to be able to you know feed their families and in a way that they have confidence in the the health of the product and how to prepare it can do it tops. Again -- with frank -- who is the -- president CEO and all of Europe -- -- -- that is there. Of that tops friendly markets and which is an honor to be here and congratulations with everything going on -- is also great community sponsor. I know we have several things coming up tell me about some of the events that tops -- coming up. Sure we we who really feels strongly as part of our mission and vision is to help out to communities that that we do business and and we have many special charities here in in Western New York. We do along with the food bank of west in New York. We have many events. Like the the food to families over the holidays. We we -- people who don't need either food or money -- to the food bank. That's so please a big charity for us women and children's hospitals and other special charity that that were involved with Roswell park. We've sponsored the right for Roswell this year. Where thousands and thousands are foreigners you know got together to. You know two to ride in and donate money to to Roswell park. We're we're involved with. You know all all all kinds of charity of Iran coming up to -- no idea that we have are the tops five K. I'll run for Roswell park. And that's something that we started about seven years ago it's a fun family event you could run five K or ten K you could walk you -- crawl. You Qaeda have fun doing it -- Burton who belong and you can you get past me on the course Chris I run five K and I just say a lot of people is that passing me by. But it's it's it's a fun event we raised a lot of money for Roswell that way that's coming up on August 23 Saturday. It's a fun event please come out and join answers. It's. It starts at our headquarters building over and Williams no one on main street it's the -- national fuel building and it starts there and then and runs through the the streets of Williams though. It's a great event this luncheon afterwards. There's plenty to drink any -- it's just a fun event. You also -- out and before we go we only a couple minutes and we have to have you back very very soon causes a lot talked about but you also -- orchard fresh. We -- Orchard Park is correct we we we we do that's a special store for us. Something that I've been personally involved in. How we really do believe that that people want. You know more natural organic products. More prepared foods we sorted -- -- -- -- a little bit over a year ago. It's off to a great start we're really proud of that store. People could come in its whole service meat it's a totally different concept and -- tops. We we think there's a place for that in this market and now we're we're really happy go with -- and looking to expand that. In the future effect they donated to maturity for their grand opening last night was about you almost a year ago or so that. It was nice retreat got a nice check because we were the -- chosen sure -- today. For the whole week of the grand opening period departures each day in we get an -- from frank and his crew from orchard fresh and so it it's great -- just -- -- right -- to community with. House ornaments in the web site because when you go on the web site. Yet tops markets dot com it really and we -- you really can see all the great sales on the great. Things you have to offer tops you can -- yet the app now right that that will do what is right we're tells. Oh so close so the -- there's there's a couple of things you can do one on our -- one you don't need to have you -- phone numbers in to scan your opponent's court anymore so he could do it right from the app. But the thing that most people like everybody loves coupons that are realistic cut to coupons -- can electronically download coupons to your card. And Jesus swipe the card at the front and and you get all the coupons rather well and somebody gets that everybody just searching in the App Store something -- and so on until -- -- -- -- Google play or on the on the iTunes store. And it's a tree you can downloaded you have an on year in your Smartphone. And you know are things going on top so would you vote for each product do you have to asking senator you -- scandal once and it takes. Everything off that you downloaded images scanned the court wants as you'd use that you select the things that you won you can slipped all the coupons if you don't use and you don't you don't get the at the coupon but. You know a lot of people are very Smart need to just click everything corner and I and it's it's easy. And convenient and now people really love that features started a website. 151000. Employees a 150 corporate. Stores. In in. In where new York and more most resources and you know we do have sixteen stores in Pennsylvania and three in Vermont. So this is this is this is big time and -- is just a great story so if you do when shopping this weekend. Yeah obviously -- watch categories. Definitely tops -- kids as we never stops and we're we're we're gonna have you on again frank during the holidays because they know that special time around tops markets. And it means something -- -- for the community so we're gonna hit the -- down at this time as we could go on -- around forever. But I just wanna say from the bottom my heart congratulations. Your life. Long dream to be an owner. And this is a pretty big thing to be an owner is. It sure is like I can be happier where we -- doing good things with with the company. And now we have a really bright future ahead of us and we're real part of the community wanna stay that way we appreciate you being on the show today thank you buddy it's a pleasure to be here. -- -- -- President CEO of those things that tops. Friendly markets so go to tops today yeah my name is bodies shall will be act in a minute here at buffalo means business. I'm news radio 930 WP yet. 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The benefits are priceless to wait till it's too late for your stamp basic three estate planning protection consultation called spam law firm today at 63157676315767. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Welcome back segment number to a buffalo means business on news radio 930 WPE. And my name is but he Shula and we're here celebrating its thirtieth anniversary now of south town audio and video lake street. In Hamburg. And we're here with owner Heather's a doorway it's hi Heather. First of all thank you got my last name perfect idea you -- about that because I usually don't play it which I said here you guys are celebrating thirty years. In Hamburg is that correct itself on audio video that has cracked. Thirty years in business a lot of time in this world love big box stores that is very true. So how do you do it and how to south town was for so I was in your store and it's beautiful store who do you cater to. Well and we cater to people who want their right products. That revolves around technology for their homes sell. My -- the reason I get out of bed in the morning is -- we want to improve your quality of life with technology. And people who want their lives improved with technology is that a client that's not everybody to be a long time to learn. If it's someone who wants to buy their TV but they're trying to paper that's not like Bryant that's centered more on that but I'm really looking for the right -- for the on the TV that. Can't integrate with its other products that they have in their home where just about to come into this Internet of things error an era. Content behind test Smartphones everything will be connected. -- -- Yet at -- it's it's -- very faking. Treated and so is there is that what you do really is that you viewed two televisions you do audio for homes and businesses we hear a sell everything from flat screens above the fireplace to full -- on the nation's systems Smart homes on that reached out in the residential side. I'm a commercial site could be training rooms boardrooms they're breaking with. You be that we've done it differing. Dining halls we've done some that there locker rooms beefed up and hardest golf course so there's a lot of these things out there both the residential and commercial side that -- here. And your you're celebrating your thirtieth anniversary again and if you want to talk to have there. Which by the witnesses female owned business -- Italy's -- and to know we'll talk about your dad and and your family just a little bit. But. If you wanna get a hold of another maybe do that you do in home in business. Estimates and things of that injury accidents out of the top 6486565. Against 64865. 65 so how did you get in this business so my father started company in 1984 and he started. -- high cell. High five yeah. Have I I sell it with. Is back in the day you know before the alliance of steamy and wrecked. On key. I've unite here's an -- -- -- him sleeping before you know could he put everything he had into this business and so the first units in the line and didn't work he -- -- -- I mean that's really what it's -- single run entering yet and no different locations. At. It's. It's grown from -- from there. He went into you at one point he rented the Qaeda tapes -- its speed -- it to happen -- B for blockbuster assistant. And that went into a satellite based company so there is times that just didn't scientist art and DirecTV and those. On -- for that that those huge 68 foot dishes. I mean he at a trailer and remembrance kit plane on the trailer of these huge mammoth sadly pitches. AC one on the roof of my house Korea and you -- switched the satellites see from. Asked TT five and we all ran outside to watch the big sadly this turn. And -- other excitement hampered back in the eighties and and so -- there I am I started twelve years. And what brought me into it I didn't grow up thinking like this is what to do. I grew up not knowing necessarily mean. Taking avenues and get a kick out and I side a presentation. From a different company at a homes. And they where shall mean the matrix -- -- it's -- it's great movie. On except that this team wise and me I'll remember this in the box terminal and there's addiction theme and it's really cool and their flipping and and that's around -- -- passed. But I looked to my last and there's this eight year old Wyatt I child who is price he's answering. People like nine and -- you don't get it at that age might it was really this epiphany -- slap in the face. They can do that and I think -- can -- matter and I went to my father Anthony and trusted and I was over talking. But instead did he -- he edgy things of the you'd be the owner of the store now and now -- and that's round through don't. I recently -- -- 2012 graduate. You -- CL program. On its -- center over right can't you'll leadership. And it was really through that that I found confidence and ask their questions and figured out that this is something that I want it to take -- leaked and you. Again we're here with Heather thirtieth anniversary of south town audio and video you can call them. It happened you know now's the perfect time to get stuff done to your home because you know -- come in the winters come and you know we don't know what that's like being in the house straight months out of the year 6486565. Again 6486565. Great website. And it's -- EV. Debt -- so technology is changing in the home. For audio and video house to house check what's going on with technology lately and what can what can you do right. It's everywhere so. You know it in some keep ahead you know we -- that I think if we take -- back for a -- of Margaret and it's a lot out there I'm. By Amy everything from just our high definition looks beautiful TV they're getting thinner and thinner and smarter. On then it becomes about controls so we understand remote control that controls more than them. On not a control -- taking over into our Smartphones and I are Smart -- as it has apps on that. I'm not the app trap so Knapp track is -- your going to -- app and leading it into all that Blu-ray player and you go back out of it into TV. That's that's that's not at the scene think of caffeine for five from your Tivo so now they have new apps that that we can and stuff -- On that one app that does multiple things at press one button mop my teacher and time and maybe even receive Richmond and -- -- controlled. And it is beyond that now I can throw I can download a song I have I to start early on my speaker system that's fantastic. I can't be in my kitchen at the end of the day. Parts of classifying as always when my stories. And and turn around Kandahar and throw that on my speakers that Clinton kicked. We're gonna see more and more in Canada Edmonton before the Internet things as we watch these past releases for -- CE ask who. Everything will be tied in and live on the network and refrigerator stove. You know -- And where you with I would Palma hour's gonna join us and -- have never met. But -- Morris chairman of retreat western new York and -- very inquisitive and I know this is right up your -- it will give the world a little different -- the part I'm kind of curious about -- -- still golf course is that that you probably are talking about the clubhouse that you wired -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the -- -- Okay and a -- it does anything go out to the greens now learn -- I just put expects some day. It'll be weird you'll be out on the course he'll get to -- you know ninth hole let's say and they'll be. Something right there -- you can you know click. Touch screen in order. You know a dinner when you get off the court cursor over 4% of your card bouts of -- it. Starting happening and I certainly be more integrated and you that you can go to restaurants and Vegas even and he'll mention an iPad and -- -- be at play in and your -- Unsolicited continue to integrate into the past of these -- it is absolutely. So you really -- it's like you can't. Even if you wanna escape technology you won't be able to me like -- last night for example. I went to a local chain restaurant and I was counting the number of TV's just in the and one half of the room there were thirty TV it's. In any other have to most of them -- other 50% more than Nancy talk from a seven years of TV sets. That are being controlled somehow also absolutely that's what you do -- That's exactly do you as a restaurant here questioning our -- -- there's 32 TV's -- we -- on that. And there's other restaurants in -- last and that it's now about that control and -- -- tough because it it's their islands when it doesn't it it's really fast. Because only -- moment the end of the day Ali wanna do is just locks whatever the green drained -- crazy show and it doesn't work. Are frustrated I had -- I commie. Is older gentleman and he called me to hate calls and just kind Harold ball and it is because if it could hit it wasn't -- is really looking Dicey by any -- out that he is with day with Tara. I can't -- I can't deal with it. Went out of network and I mean it's been three hours on the phone with customer service. Present when it's it's horrible -- advantages of you being local absolutely be answered the phone answers the phone. -- in in in a big box world. What is he advantage for the customer to go to south on audio video. I'm gonna say that there's two it's one as your field and so you feel that the 350 project -- place at 350 project is if you. The national campaign and -- spent fifteen dollars at a local business three times a month and how much money would infuse into the economy. We talked about these great little villages like Hamburg asthma and that's because of local business that's create. So if for every hundred guys you spend at a local business 68 dynasties in the community through payroll taxes other expenditures. I'm 43 guys heartbreak and hear -- -- minds already I feel good and I got my TV locally my money stays local on so that's fantastic. But I also. 99.9. Percent of the time -- prices as well. Better product legal out and we research the past I thought dissent I've been all -- you can ask my kids. I'm this year and I'll find that -- sound. Off find about TV I know at the bath mouth and it's not and the most -- it's the backs -- out there that. I I know I'm I'm. Didn't panic in my own home I didn't seem to have that that -- technology expert on your side that's another. -- started and it is someone who cares so. I want to values as system and want to elect -- system and the only way that I'll survive -- if you do and you tell your France. So to be out for thirty years and -- you do that is to continue to do create an assist local customers -- was 101 as far as I'm concerned I. I remember hearing and the beginning of when I start it is -- great work is have my business and a what's out what piece of advice can give someone regarding technology. Well if it's too good to be true. Italians. I see the -- with TDs I had someone recently who purchased a TV it's it was just too good to be true. They are so excited and then it broke he bought it from carpets are. 81 hearing about three days afterwards but I don't ethnic. And so that again these are reasons why we Tammy and certain products so that's that's certainly. Huge and what's the job future for your store soft on audio and video. And to continue to morph and change you know hire our industry continues to change and everything's now leaves on the network. It's -- that we have added on to our set of skills. Send out not only can meet in style land surround sound system more than music her house but we can -- help you -- phone. Has like I I average house. They can watch YouTube video in your backyard. So we'll continue to watch the Palestinians -- and be entities with. And when it what I like the most about your business I think is set. You know. There's no I don't get any help from anyone and it's like you're right. You know. Eve you're gonna go to a place to die TVs are torn paper what is it right. You know I mean -- in your stories this audio video helping your house gets smarter helping the consumer become more relaxed enjoy play. What he's spending -- she spending money on. And you know I think your -- I think south to an audio video was great to give an awesome website you get a ton of information and it. And again if you are looking for something because that was a big season rectify within. I went outside and go back in and we just edit. Pulls out all year round out sweet air out summer. We've been adding it's the ability to turn your music onto Smartphones that was -- topics system. I'm not going back and cited the offseason. And and and so that will he will be able -- -- -- pain -- my teeth and enough talent to upgrade the deputies and. Well I would recommend that anybody call you again Heather she's the owner of south on audio and video -- on lake street. He in Hamburg a phone number 6486565. Against 648. 6565. In the -- means business special to accept. That is but that some of it is. Yeah and -- go to the website and get thirtieth anniversary Heather thank you so much for being on the show thank -- so -- adding it was the bomb and thanks for me you know ball will business owner. In hopefully -- listeners calling you and enjoy some of the great things which can offer absolutely -- was seen as soon as he summons. You're listening to buffalo means does this with -- -- -- -- powered by blue rock energy stop. 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Or online at W one YTM the dec com we talked a lot about TMJ you were on the show couple weeks ago on his very fascinating and interesting we have a lot of listener response from that segment. In the show so we wanted to bring you back in talk a little bit about jaw clicks when people. Feel or hear which is I think he says it makes me under. That that that your people's jaws collecting economy but what does it mean when your jaw clicks should we be afraid of the news. So -- it's. It's click nominees click my ankles clinic doesn't necessarily mean that there's anything needs to be treated or fixed or repaired or. The need something like surgery. But when you're just starts clicking typically what that means is that something's not lined up correctly with the in the -- A healthy join doesn't make any noise that's true for all of our jails. But when you get clicking it doesn't disrupt function doesn't cause any pain and it doesn't do anything that decreases your quality of life those -- the three. Main aspects that I look at. And then we don't necessarily need to do anything -- Provo many times it's not a bad idea to take some sort of preventive precautionary measure. To make sure or try to make sure that that condition doesn't progress to something more serious like one. Like locking. So. If the just clicking and means of structure is probably not in the right place while the job is engaged in some sort of function. Like chewing food or singing or yawning. So -- those structures can at a place. And the jock and lock up -- can freeze up muscles can go into spasm and it can make it very difficult -- -- the food. Are one of the more common things that I hear is singing. Especially lately people are. Are coming in effect complain of not being able to allow them to sing but -- my job like that be like the least of my concerns saying you know be like -- now well I know. All of us that are colleagues of yours would say you know with. That's a problem were singing and we're we're OK you know we won't we don't we don't need -- latitude to do any more than singing and that John so that shock and he sees a lot to what somebody to with a lot job. So many tens of luck when it first arson happened it'll sell for it is I'm every once in awhile and -- -- -- -- open lock and closed like so people can have a job lock. I'm wide open let's say during the on open a little bit too wide. The -- out of -- to fire gets stuck there -- going to spasm and can't close to what he knew what -- -- sometimes you can reduce that by -- muscles to relax sometimes you can -- heat they'll be the first thing -- recommend that a patient it was. Relax apply some moist heat decides in the face. And put some pressure downward on the lower back teeth to see if you give the job back and place. If the -- can't be put in back in the place relatively shortly after that happens then -- that -- events and the hospital to be. Put under general anesthesia. So that Orson dated so that those muscles relax and then the jock we put back in action at one patient Hui sent to the hospital they put under general anesthesia like this TI came out of it -- -- locked again. And it put it under again and it and unlocked it and he was OK after that. And after you're talking about a joint that has hyper mobility XE you're talking about Lehman's that are stretched out. And a job it's going to have a tendency to do that if you open to wide. I would have to be under ten Valium and if it happens again I would be able analysts and entertainment I've. Today I've never you know heard of anybody with that situation and it's funny because I remember somewhere along the line he -- tetanus. And lock -- -- zero relationship between the tetanus. Bacteria I guess it is such an actual. And I tennis is bacteria that causes. Spasm or contraction have done muscles to close these together doesn't have black just close shot -- -- -- in. Is that says in infectious type of a process that's too little bit differently and involves just the muscles but. You can damage structures that are in the joint and perhaps damaged the teeth and perhaps causing muscles to be a bit painful afterwards from being under that kind of compact contraction. Sir -- here with doctor Jeffrey dole gets a Western New York TMD. You can called doctorate 6755858. Tricky and -- or -- -- 675. 5858. Is the phone number can click go away in its own order. And dozens and Dem the usually bit there's doctor costs and oral surgeon actually and Florida named doctor mark piper. Who is responsible for. I'm creating a progression of temperament of the joint dysfunction and how of these. The disk disorder is essentially the destruction of -- out of place when year when here click is that disk so there's a disk in between the ball socket of the joint. So he has. A diagram shows usually how that progression occurs. So often when clicked just starts to click and then it. The clique gets worse and then it goes away usually what happens there in his. That disk is getting out of place in coming back into place while it's clicking when it starts clicking it -- -- means that this is totally dislocated. And it's not coming in second place anymore tonight you're dealing with a really a progression of the condition it's not a going land of the condition. Also and it's it's -- getting worse and although the body can adapt to that so if there again if there's no pain if there's no. Significant. Dysfunction and if it's now affecting quality of life it's not necessarily something to be treated. Is is that can be prevented the can can people and who got into the -- a little bit but what's the key to preventing. Chocolate can -- you know I think learning is the key and going through. A history how I got to -- ER and is critical and to get a good snapshot of what things look like right now so being able to really know what the cause of the clicking as I think is critically important. If you just assume Mathias and it comes in and have a job -- clicking and justice and lying on what day it is and know what the disk looks like it here ER. Without doing anything like imaging or electric diagnostic testing that we do. To verify that I'm right. Then I'm kind of take a shot in the dark there's -- we do a lot of MRI imaging and as -- giant. And has been enough times where or I've been fooled. That. It's humbling. To think you know it's on that and then see something a picture this a little bit different and it does affect. The wave that that we treat these conditions to people I mean do they feel a lot better when this is corrected. -- most of the time sometimes there are. I I would say one out of ten cases that we see. That just can't quite get to the bottom half and -- I think our fallen to a category and chronic pain conditions that are multi facet is we'll have lots of different contributing factors. Tell us about Western New York -- indeed tell me about your practice and and what it is you do. I'm so. What we usually see is patients who have problems such as -- clicking locking. Facial pain headaches. Often those things are related to airway problems so that leads us in that having to. To treat those conditions such as sleep that as well. And what we're dealing primarily as trying to find out what the dysfunction is in terms of the orthopedic movement at the lower job and how it relates to the skull. So the -- come into play that are of this. Particular. Discipline. Dentistry falls in between dentistry -- -- medicine in that way so we don't get a lot of training and dental school and the structures and function. And mechanics of the John -- -- any -- for that matter. We learn a lot about -- about guns. And we learned some oral cancer screening those types of things that. Play the John -- was kindness hocus pocus category 1000 school. And that you really have to search out -- organizations. That and that understand. The mechanics of structures are able to teach it. So what we tend to do is take a very. Conference in history to turning -- an idea of what factors are going into this condition for each individual patient. We do a significant amount of diagnostic imaging so we -- -- CT scans many do MRI is. We do electorate diagnostic testing -- royalty MG's measure muscle activity NC if there and balances there. And I do a close analysis of -- together and that's been that's really what led Meehan Ted treating TNG conditions to begin left. Was I was fascinated with the way that these things fit together and the -- -- the form and how they all come in at the scene tan at the same place and why some people have problems and some people down. And it's part of that is that that. We sort of assume that at least a dental students such as myself you know would assume school. At the -- don't fit together well is this can cause all kinds of problems some things can have pain. But what you find is that you'll you'll meet people who have teams that don't fit together at all it's awful. And in no pain whatsoever or the -- that are worn down and they grind to a crazy. But they have no problems whatsoever you meet other people everything looks perfect and pristine. But they have all kinds of -- and it is function. So there are lots of other factors that are involved here. But it doesn't mean that the teeth don't matter. So there in there to what I think I am I -- -- -- start to understand that a little bit better. Doctor Jeffrey gold itself Western New York T and T again if you want the doctor sat expert opinion. You know you kind of like the TM DT and -- expert in Western Europe as far as I'm concerned I gotta say I didn't even know what my wife goes. So maybe by default there aren't that -- what about insurance real quickly in order -- much time -- does insurance cover -- you do insurance health covers quite a bit of that we tend to bill under medical insurance and Reno where participating providers with those companies but my staff is very well versed at -- managing those types of questions and handling interactions between insurance companies and patients. Our patients get reimbursed in full for the services we provide -- Are at 6755858. To talk to the expert here -- TMJ and -- Doctor Jeffrey dole -- against 6755858. Also great web site. That has all the information you could run as well at WNYTNT. To act congress -- -- -- cliques where you think you have T engineers sleep that year any kind of team. This is the got to talk to right here thanks for being on the show your. A frequent guest will have you back and -- and soon. But again 6755858. So doctor Jeffrey -- -- Western European. PM news radio 930 WP. You've been listening to buffalo means business with -- -- on news radio 930 WD EA and that. Brought to you by the law office of Ralph see Hillary go -- on your side and in your court. Steve Volvo Ford and Steve Ballmer was Chevy Buick Cadillac driving sure under the -- -- umbrella. And by the Amherst chamber of commerce the health insurance resource for small business if if you wanna business featured contact buddy. And -- Shula dot com be listening next week at 6 PM for another edition of buffalo means business only on news radio 930 WB yeah.