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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Rev. Darius Pridgen- On Missouri & Race

Rev. Darius Pridgen- On Missouri & Race

Aug 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's talk more about the events happening and Ferguson Missouri with. The reverend Darius Christian he's the buffalo common council president and pastor of true Bethel Baptist Church here in buffalo. The reverend Christian thank you for the time this morning -- yeah I know you've been following this as closely as anyone. What are your thoughts on what's happening with Ferguson insists volcano waiting to erupt. Well you know during therapy okay nor has already wrote it and we're publishing works on his behalf after good eruption. Really just sort of fresh produce. People feel there's just this -- -- being heard about the frustrations with the police force. Darius doesn't appear to feel good now after a week and a half of unrest and Ferguson. That this. Turmoil was likely to stay right there and it's unlikely it'll spur of the world -- other cities. I'm not sure that a display until the city's most there's an incident and other cities. You know leave you you've -- that there had to abandon -- peaceful protest here in buffalo. And and other -- around the country. I don't think you'll see -- local. Home -- -- you know protest and subsidies. Again a list is shooting I think what Ferguson what is happening there. Is that you have a group of people who don't feel frustration and the response of the government. May not have been. Adequate. For the level. Well what occurred introduce him and I think that's where you did this for situation and I think that the the looting is it is. You know it is not collective -- that they hope to win it. I do think that the peaceful protests. You know how effective force for they'll call us. This policy and states -- -- people have a right to assemble. And -- right to be heard in there and I think that it is reverberate across the country are and police forces -- -- government. Is there at the Ferguson situation. Emblematic of what's happening in other parts of the country when it comes to race relations. I'm not sure -- implemented but I do believe. It at least opens the door for conversation. A lot of opposition. Obviously like everybody else all weeklong game and watched him please don't everybody do it. And including a police source fight for different from. That this would have thought about you know here in buffalo and win when we have asked you which Citigroup should. And -- newsroom outlets. Frankly the victims criminal records. Problem with it do you know -- and there was a lot of unrest or we didn't help looting. We didn't have well we had people came to give up your number. They came together improbable to the church the editor of of the -- whose name Margaret Sullivan. And -- heard these words she was shaken and change but it took Margaret -- and listen. And it took it there's too tall and peaceful manner but to be heard that they were very passionate. What they felt calm and I think that that's what's so important is that this opens up dialogue however eat meat. You know unless I think a lot of -- Peaceful it possible that the part of disappointed. -- would you believe privileged. As common cultural president. To know if the buffalo police department does have a plan to put into action. In the event of any thing. Yeah I think that probably most police forces across the country in addition -- -- Be ready -- what I am thankful for in Buffalo News when we -- Some questionable incidents -- at least. Not only did the common council coal extraction and that our administration went into action so I think that you know we we've we've learned some some lessons not just from loser because this isn't the first unrest. That you know I think that we've learned some some lessons from across the country. What do you think is going to bring -- To Ferguson. No I think that until daisy fields that's on what is actually listening to them. -- -- an example of what Goodyear officials spoke to church. -- Ferguson on Sunday and has had little thing and beaten. And not let somebody needs and welcome to articulate correctly because -- frustrating to people more. Because you have to deal with the situation. And now again victimized -- the picked up. And I think that that when you try to make this. Lukewarm situations. -- in old folks to just deal with the situation that is frustrating people. And that and I think that sooner or later you still had to come back home but if it comes around and there is no resolution. Will be worked again and here's the problem. When you talk about justice if there is no trust there is no justice in that there is no justice -- trust. So both put those issues have to be worked or. And like we had it could it be profitable book where we did. -- look at them and you know there are hundreds of people that you brought the world we brought. The vote will lose one win win. When it took off from new tech not had any real dialogue. And -- with real solutions. There would still be in unrest about that situation and that's sort of think it has to happen at reserve. Is there trust. Here in buffalo. There appears total trust you with an -- I don't think in my lifetime in your lifetime if we're ever going to sheet total trust. When it comes to -- people's opinions about racism. However. I can truly -- and I believe this and I'm sure there will be critics -- longer -- I would bet can truly say that I think that we have a working model and buffalo let you know you do example Cheektowaga and I know Cheektowaga is -- hold the lead changed but I can tell you this. From wind we protesters -- the gallery apart years ago. From win -- police forces you to Largo would non responsive. Two. Decries what can Americans and Latinos to this day. It's it differently. Than it should now. Totally let me say it again not totally they are still -- what is it that simple hello. But when you talk about -- working model and how cheap -- reached out to be a piece. Well organizations. -- there is now we're working group Powell and I'm going to give term portals on the air chief Jack has been a big. What a great person in Cheektowaga to work with. The county supervisor that's how you start to change -- all the way there yet no but are we where we were actually. It's good to hear this reverend thank you for the time. Thank you Darius Christian on the WB and -- and president of the buffalo common council pastor of true Bethel Baptist Church.

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