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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Charles Pellien- Bills Fan Thunder-Fighting Against Bon Jovi

Charles Pellien- Bills Fan Thunder-Fighting Against Bon Jovi

Aug 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Also -- the WBM. Live line. And welcome Charles Napoleon. He is with buffalo fan -- fund where they're going to be delivering a some very important manual to of the buffalo bill's not here in Orchard Park. But the saint John Fisher College June in -- in Russia in the Rochester area today. As -- right Charles. There -- -- remote training camp today to legally do delivered. We've got our thirteen thousand petition signatures we've got to -- printed out and blow -- addressed then. Ready to go. Several people. Thirteen thousand letters how many -- begs does that include. I'm we're still stop -- to finish up this morning which should be at least a -- Do you agree this is probably more symbolic than anything else. Yes probably but you know it's gonna send a message you have thirteen thousand my signatures for that actually see them visually printed out of an envelope enough. It's -- server visual impact over. -- Charles how Long Will it take you your organization to collect thirteen thousand signatures. Which started doing it today so. They spraying and -- this summer we we looked at the thirteen thousand signatures. Who will be on hand to receive this when you get there. -- -- open that. Very well in May still be there we heard that she was there yesterday and we're welcoming she's still there today. We know well so officials are out there anyone important with Dole's organization has is that -- not over at the stadium so that's why we're going to their. And we also have a few other messages that we want to deliver on what position. And we're gonna call for Bon Jovi to be dropping out of this. It's the Bible locals. We think it's time for him to step down. He's doing nothing but embarrassing himself and and causing trouble for our city and that's what we're gonna ask him to see today and we also would like Al Sharpton. Mr. -- look this step up to make sure that. They do everything they can do to keep our -- those -- impossible for us. Charles give our listeners. A sense of how are you asked this question when you circulated the petition online what is US. Petition states that. As vocal bills fans were continued export seem to slip with its Ralph Wilson. For anybody who keeps you -- ball well. And we're not a sports team has similar to Canada Toronto or jail or you'll ever anywhere outside of oil flow we're gonna. Serbia and -- or not export -- not going to be there forms so it's it's still folder so you know. -- continued in a sense that we work. All these years -- -- and where a roadblock in the way of anybody watched move the -- It is what what did you think a few days ago when it was reported that until he was trying to analyst Jim Kelly for for has -- I mean it turned out to be erroneous that. Did you guys discredited immediately. Well it's just a step desperation move on until it's -- you know I'm. He's gonna try everything he can't -- get rockets Lanka. The bad nightmare. It's getting worse and worst worse for men and go after Jim Kelly yeah. You know I felt like Jim for export all the options -- -- -- would do that but I had. No police that you would ever hookup with Bon -- The leader -- -- Bon Jovi is losing music fans up in Toronto two of the folks up there who are she FL fans. Are protesting Jon Bon Jovi is saying that an NFL presence opened Toronto will affect their arguments. -- that's great I -- the guy's name was -- -- As tight until he's sitting up there aren't -- liquidity still an -- you know it's an out join our cause and has gone way up -- -- country and now he's banjo is just woke up this the wrong way to make -- enemies in two countries now and it's time for him to step down stamps and say. I gave that shot that just does not right for me I'll I'll try it next time more than the next team could look for so called a ball well those are not certain. Okay those stand thunder. How big is this group now how much has -- ground. Well we've banded together with a bunch different -- groups. We've got. Still must -- -- -- group but FaceBook is almost eighteen or 191000. Strong. We got thousands and our own group on FaceBook we've got all these people who joined. And signed their tradition we have this email almost thirteen thousand people. And we we've got access probably over 50000 fans drove it to various various groups. Charles thank you for joining us this morning we appreciation time. All right thank you that's Charles pulling in Israel to buffalo.

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