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8-18 Tom Bauerle Hour 4

Aug 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Welcome to. New York's if they got -- extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one -- with an assault rifle. No one. -- -- -- Tom hourly column. In the road when -- don't let them and you know -- about not making enough. Kurt might welcome. It's live these local -- them. Home. Looks like it's huge it's Tom hourly remember what happened in Vegas stage and make the trip for her recent. And 930 W yeah yeah yeah. All right I. Actually filling of the names on by photographs from cigar Dave smoke on the water three event. I'd mentioned earlier. It's important to me to put your names up if you want me to with your photographs Whitney from that event. Because. I just wanna show you the -- got to respect you showed me at. Grand Island it was. It was -- gratified. And you were treatment of me. Was just over the top. And thank you I just I really don't have the words and I was explaining it to Desmond with whom I came. That I was kind of in a state of shock at the number of people who want their pictures taken with me. And I hope I was able to accommodate everybody. And I also wanna thank cigar Dave for just be a tremendous host and a great guy. And if you ever hear of smoke on the water for for next summer buy your ticket early. All right now. Cigar Dave and I are friends so I get up again I've I'm always honest about these things and it was just there. Just a phenomenal all all the way guys. The -- -- vice president and general manager in buffalo Greg Reid was there. And he took note of the way in which I was received by you. With the line for pictures. And the beautiful. Applause you gave me when I was introduced -- -- It is eleven minutes after six news radio 930 WBE and I was truly touched and it never you know what -- it I. I can never repay your -- care. You don't know what that meant to you really can't put it into words. But just -- sincere. Current. Twelve minutes after six news radio 930 WB EN. All right now we're talking a boot. Some new developments in the Michael Brown case first of all folks. Again my premise is always wanna bring people together I don't wanna bring people part that's number one number two. Six shots at least were fired. And hit Michael Brown. Some people are gonna cite this as an example of a police over reaction. Ladies and gentlemen if you do your research if you follow up on some of what -- put on my FaceBook page about. Famous police shootings and incidents which are now used as training films and police academies. Do so. And you'll find out that when I talk about the Florida bank robbery spree in the 1980s. In which a bunch of FBI special agents died. Even after hitting the suspects innumerable times. You can understand. Why six shots may very well not in anyway shape or form be excessive. Number two. How do we believe it is not excessive. Because I've witnessed in the neighborhood said he thought the cop kept missing. Because Michael Brown was charging -- the police officer. So that adds weight in my opinion to what the police version of this story happens to be. I would like you to go to my FaceBook page and check out the video. And the video is not of the shooting of Michael Brown it was taken by somebody in the neighborhood and Ferguson. Minutes after the shooting but the important thing is the conversation in the background. There's a lot of bad language in -- language you say you don't use I know you better. But correct but there there's language of the background but basically the people talking the eyewitness. Backs up what the cops. That he was being charged that by Michael Brown. Now the question I still have is did Michael Brown at some point during the exchange try to get the cops gone. Barack is the question I happened was that before or after it at what point in the sequence of events did that really happen. I've I've heard stories separate stories but I don't know where the truth there's. We I think have successfully dispelled the myth that Michael was a gentle giant. It's one thing to toss around age store clerk. In a convenience store when you are strong armed robbing a box of crappy cigars. It's quite another thing to come charging an armed police officer who has his weapon drawn who is ordering you to freeze. Is that a shoot don't shoot situation. I honestly don't know what I would have done in that kind of a situation. I probably would have shot. If that's all ahead available. I probably wish. And I would've -- senator mess because that's how you're -- But. I just wanna point -- up for your spectacles because remember we of people coming and all the time on this program. And not everybody has heard everything guys here that video ready the audio from the video. So I guess we'll call audio because video doesn't play real well on the radio -- I just what they what you're gonna hear. This is. That videotape -- referenced a few seconds ago that was taken by somebody in the neighborhood in Ferguson minutes after Michael Brown was shot. And what you'll hear these guys saying we had edit. So it but please don't think we doctored this make it sound like stop with saying that wasn't said that wasn't it we had to get the F bombs. In the -- -- out okay. I mean get -- that's sort of an -- to get done. So all. And I make that judgment by the way because I -- -- elect its effect sailors blush when they hear -- speak but. He ran. The police was still in the truck. 'cause he was like over the truck. But here and the police was both in the truck then the key Michael Brown ran. The police got out and ran after him. Then next thing I know heat. Michael Brown doubled back toward him cars the police had his gun already drawn on him well the police got his gun. So witnessed the beat the person in the conversation mistakenly thought that Michael Brown was armed and that the police got Michael Brown's got. But the witness said the police kept dump -- on -- translation the cop can't shoot it. And the guy goes on to say I think in the police kept missing he'll like be like he kept coming toward him. Police fired shots the next thing I know the police was missing. And that there's some confusion here but the the conversation goes on. That is the quote that I think is very important year. That an eyewitness to the shooting. Is recorded minutes after the shooting saying Michael Brown was charging at the top. Which. Is vital. Because it corroborates. Something that was out days ago. Officer Derek Wilson now some people say he gotta tell. Realistic. Because the police officer told a friend. Quoted by -- review. As saying. Quote. Michael the dead man Michael takes off. And gets to be about 35 feet away. And Daryn that's the cop and parents first protocol is to pursue. So he -- stands up and yells freeze. Michael the dead man and his friend turn around. And Michael talked him and them. All of a sudden he just started bum rushing him. He Michael Brown just started coming at them the -- during Wilson full speed eight. And so he cop just started shooting. He just kept coming. And so. He Garrett Wilson really thinks he was something. So. We have here 20. Separate people from two different perspectives now telling this story which backs up the police version. We have the eyewitness talking to a -- or somebody in the neighborhood saying Michael Brown was charging at the top. Which corroborates. What one of Barron's the police officers France had said previously. That. Dare and shot the cops shot because he has been charged -- rushed. So well. You don't. I know that facts sometimes can be pitches. Especially when you're trying to fault that riot and hatred and division. But the weight so far of what we think we know. Tends to verify what the police have set. And the justification. Of the shooting. Of Michael Brown. Do why take happiness. From Michael Brown's death of course not. Sadistic bastard might but not a sadistic bastard. Don't take any joy for. But to make a hero out of him. Is really just idiotic. Mets -- brain power. But remember there are people who live to exploit situations like -- Were their own ends. It's very important too to note. And the tragedy is there are people. Like your humble those. Who want this country. Together as good service alerts. And when you have a mentality that seeks like shackles. To divide. That's real hard to overcome. Their WB and by the way I'm gonna try to take this Friday off and the Friday after that off and and a week from this Friday -- I hope to get enough money working late night truck stops. To afford. Expensive seats to Stanley dancer -- so -- senior rested its all a lie a lie. Right let's go to -- just awful chip thank you for holding your on WB and what do you make of folders. It being a police officer for over. One years I I can't -- retire I just discussed that at the -- It's it's. Become law enforcement -- it it used to be different. Well now I'm not saying that it shouldn't change -- there are some things that should change but it is. All falling. Into the entered their guys just not. But you know Jim I hate I hate here is saying that because you know the twenty years ago. 25 years ago. The cops I knew who. Were always -- I think in many ways. They were more in touch with the people. Then the cops are today I don't know if you understand what I'm trying to say but it's almost like the cops 25 years ago would the first generation of cops. Trade after Miranda and a bunch of the decisions after the 1960s. Just seemed to have in many respects a better head on the shoulders then some of the guys today. And do you have any idea what I'm talking about. I do I don't think Iraq. I think I think that I changed. And I wouldn't Tom I wouldn't put debt and the police shut up to search for her changing. This way. I think it is citing general in this changed. Which you have always Jim as a cop an amateur public keep it until after the news breaks or don't worry about running short on time. As a police officer when you went through your training and when you went through your continuing. It's in service tree. You you probably didn't sit through more courses on civil rights law ban most more students to correct. And you were always told that no matter what you did. Somebody would be after you with a civil rights lawsuit and you might be held personally responsible correct. And. What does that do to you as an officer. In a shoot don't shoot physical force no physical force situation what does that. Well we're doing now is it is it's making 208 and it is are probably gonna send you all the body exports go to settle the other guy if if you do if you look at yourself. Virus it's are we didn't worry -- civil rights while. -- -- Jim I hope you're in a position to hold on because I wanna talk QB cares of you know I've heard this effort cops talking about this for a long time. In the other side of that gym and what you think about this during the break is. You've got other people who ordinarily are totally pro law enforcement who were becoming turned off by what they -- as some of the people in for decency as an increasing. Militarization of police and separation. From the people you worked to. To serve and protect and and I'd like to ask you a little bit about that too is somebody who is on the job who's been on the job and has a lot. Under his belt experienced one school or -- Right stand by Ed Jim by the way I also want to mention that one of the honors I haven't Saturday. Involved. Com. Involved. Sir I -- I just I don't wanna go emotional you might remember it was almost five years ago. That to buffalo firefighters. Gave their lives in the line of duty. Chip McCarthy lieutenant. And Jonathan -- and firefighter. They went into a building thinking there were people rescue from the burning building and there were not people in the building and they gave their lives due to smoke inhalation I had the honor of meeting firefighter crews mom and much. On Saturday. You know what. You will not meet nicer people and more represented of people buffalo. Then and much. Firefighter crews mom. And her husband -- it was a real honor meeting you and talking with your. And I hope you send the pictures we took together could have liked to put him up on FaceBook. And ball we thank you review was the fifth anniversary of your tragedy comes up this is news -- -- -- thirty WB. Just trying to rationalize spending its. 634 there's -- -- liability WB he had John Sherman you know on a Steely -- -- so -- it gets out of hand what I needed intervention will you please let me know what I need a Steely Dan intervention you gotta tell me dude you -- whit about the country as your as much in the country music as Joseph beamer who is left us and who is now. Gone on to begin his take over a Bed, Bath & Beyond. It is -- OWB -- we're talking about the situation -- Ferguson Missouri. And the interesting development today is that a video has. Leo it's been released but it's started to go viral well. Which. Usually get which you hear people in the neighborhood minutes after the shooting. Describing. What happened. An eyewitness. Recorded on the video. Is clearly heard backing the police version of the story. Which was also backed. That would which is also the explanation the officer who did the shooting gave to a friend appears. -- I got to -- it at this point. The narrative. That Michael Brown was this gentle giant who was gunned down in the street simply for being an eighteen year old black man is. Kind of fallen apart. But will it do anything to dispel the idiocy that we've seen in -- Unfortunately. You can't argue with the drunken person. And you can't argue with -- insane person. Also you can't argue with mob psychology it's a contagion -- wildfire. Things I've learned along the way of life. Go back to -- in buffalo budget says he is BP. The police academy experience and having to -- -- class after class on. Civil rights and lawsuits and how basically. View. Put that uniform -- you put the bad John and some were out there there's a lawyer waiting to have your most tender spots in a vice like grip. And be. Nobody objects to civil rights of the civil rights are very very important but at the same time. If you're in the street. And your life or death situation you can't be worried about being politically correct. Jim have you ever personally. Been called on the carpet for alleged that civil rights violations and you knew that you had done nothing wrong. Oh. I don't you probably can't -- to too many details but. What are the things I hate my least favorite perspective of life is being accused of doing or saying something I did not do -- say. You you feel free to enlighten us on what happened EU and the ramifications if you so choose. They are basically -- -- You're right it has given to the nick complaint SharePoint ops it and and their right. It is just bite. What a a unfortunately due to arm and it that's expected. There are error. Their complaint that are made against our pitchers -- That never happened at all and there and think against -- that our our -- it shut their. You have a true you'd. Through the and they'll get. Sometime get a lawyer a lawyer. Complained -- do you have the sweat it out so urgent and it would help create. Well. It's you know what's -- got to -- -- it and come to our system. Unfortunately. It's. Some of that. So the real conscientious judge all of it's painful to sit through its temperature helping people in the complaint again and -- that were really difficult the true. I can't even begin to imagine. The burning anger when you hear what you supposedly did that you didn't do when you were trying. To help somebody. Let me ask you this because -- come up a few times all right I'm five foot. Not a 185 pounds reasonably strong believer in not long here you saw me on the street you might think of his leftist hippie. You don't know way you have no idea what my preconceptions are toward law enforcement. But let's just say that I decide Sunday it's time for suicide by cop. And I start to reach for your gun and I start to grapple for your weapon. What do you trained to do. Trying to get hold it into the daylight fetched. That's what we're trying to do exactly oh whatever it was wanted to -- my children at the end of the date that that's the bottom line. I guess what we're trying to get at here is any time anybody makes a play for your gun. You automatically. Have to presume that they're not trying to get your gun because they wanna see how big the barrel its. Right they they want -- and the situation in -- Whether urged that I did it whether they're like -- literature like it's very the year you have to assume -- pitcher like. What do you tell the younger guys on the job about. Maintaining the connection with the community. They protect. And served because if you listen to the show you'll know that there are a lot of us for example the gun commute with and why safe. Who have been favorably pre disposed toward law enforcement but who. Begin to look at law enforcement no longer has the freedom that. But as somebody who is out under political orders to deprive us of our rights what do you tell the younger men and women on the job. Well I I -- younger ones that virtually good people and community. It's just that we don't see them. We're seeing it that they're not calling you to their house because they wanna assure you that they're there are. They're getting called out because you -- you have to go out there that domestic vehicle or you have to go out there in a bad situation. What these captures. Pretty much understand that it's something the field site it's so -- because you're dealing with -- All day long -- BK. You'll lose sight of the good people that are out there so you'll lose a connection. Which is a fortune going to take a good experience. Here -- he remembered it. But I try to I try to keep the young guy known -- you know what. There are a lot a good people out there what is it what you're talking about people who are with New York. Say. People are what are we what are we deal with them what we talked about there aren't we wonderful with such an understanding. Excellent. Not because as I sit at the beginning that I've I've detected I don't know how you measure. But more -- even in suburban communities more of a detachment. Now there's always been this dynamic where cops tend to hang out with other cops because. Once everybody in the room no larger cup suddenly everybody gathers around you and you've got to talk shop we do justice in the talk about the bills with the sabres. But yet the bet that disconnect. What do you do to avoid Betsy can be in touch with. The people were favorably disposed. Without at the same time sacrificing any semblance of a normal personal. Well actually this is probably because of my how long I've been doing it I don't take it seriously anymore. I I got need the leash joke that got the ridicule. And have been defensive about it look at what you now which just done. It's just the job or into you you can't he can't take it personally he just. You know all our jokes. Or you know sometimes Oprah to do it the potential repeat -- -- intelligently enough. You can make your points or if you can get somebody in the quarter really well shot to. Yeah yeah I basically you know it in in my -- with what I do I just walk away because I just think that's the easiest thing to do and it's the least likely to get me in trouble in a lawsuit or god forbid of being arrested because are just some things that they're just not worth the yeah well. I would state for being a coward protests just not the case with me anymore problem. -- it's kind of an inside joke for people wouldn't be the best and don't worry if you don't understand it. I was also gonna ask you the question how much longer. Do you think you can do what you do. Before you just pull the pin and say you know what. I did my twenty plus and I'm out in them. Any date. And every day when -- wake -- it to think and used going to work. Because it is just -- it's a joke because of what's happening with society and what's happening with arm. Are the only these straight number eight citizens in this case. That goal right now is the politics and the yeah -- it's are so. Oh well there that we society has become so politically correct that they actually the police it where it's. A look at it when I first call their -- It's not funny anymore it if he used to be the most -- job I I thought I could to a for the rest of my life I just don't wanna do -- -- don't want to deal. We're not in an partly. Getting into my situation what we -- certainly are well I I like all of us. Make it. Or haven't looked over your shoulder for the rest your life because now with that the Internet you know your picture your address your kid's pictures they'll be all over the place if god forbid you anger at the wrong people no matter how justified you may be. Of everything you've mentioned Jim you know what makes the most sense to me is the politics on the job in people. Who were not very conversant in your line of work not understanding. The politics of the job. And it gets worse I think as you give in to the state and federal level you wanna comment. Are we is it. I don't particularly -- where there's a local politics can be scary -- this virus when we knew all your shop. To the local government. I'm in -- especially some of the smaller apartment that he you -- that there is a lot of our. Politicking that comes with getting the job in the first place. Arm but they wish -- you're talking about. Getting the state and federal yeah yeah I actually that it. It is you're walking on the shelves in order to. Because you're on -- such like -- you're walking and they -- and ordered to the job. Yeah I mean I bring this up because I -- -- federal people who said upon the inauguration of our current president you know what I don't trust -- a lot of your -- to another not line of work but I'm gonna put my expertise to work here for somebody else. Just looked up it it really is -- I really appreciate your time and your forthcoming as. And one more question I just want -- remiss statement earlier. And I want you to either -- -- back it up but I think sometimes. The -- of them strikes you've got -- -- know -- whatever and -- I don't know and I don't -- But sometimes. I have the feeling that a lot of these situations like what we're seeing in Ferguson. Could have been largely prevented. If the brass and the DA. -- may be realized the possible ramifications. Of this kind of situation. And had an early news conference and released. For example. The tape the convenience store strong armed robbery I think that would have deflated a lot of the nonsense before it even started that is you know I think you know. Police office the police brass and lawyers don't often think like people were don't often think like PR. Folks and and a big part of police work is PR. Can you comment on whether you think -- right or wrong. I still there I think you might be a little in this let there I think. A lot of times what they're doing is airing them -- caution or particular you also open. Are we put -- -- there too early it's gonna damage to our our legal age. Do they they're worried about. It's it's political Chris again what they're so worried about what. What kind of game that you really -- we all -- what would it be initially got to do we put it out there what's the best way to do it and sometimes you need to wrote -- Yup I mean I just capital they kept it in this case and cases like it you know the proverbial white cop dead black man. I think. Given as you said the changing of society and the increasing. Suspicions. And on the -- the increasing worries of a civil rights lawsuit or worse. That sometimes without giving the entire case away. That may be a little more transparency. Would go a long way in. Not completely eliminating but in reducing the number of hooligans who come out. Corruption so dull that if they put this video out there are certain -- its -- -- -- things even worse when did. These later at -- but they put it out there at that time. Belichick figured out what that might have it and made it even worse. I think panels. I think it that it might my opinion is I think it depends on the public's perception of whether the police brass is in fact be transparent. And is being I know we probably both papers were at is being sensitive to the concerns of the community and the potential for the kind of explosion that we -- Yeah but sometimes I'm just don't know what to look at. Yeah I hear your -- look it's been a pleasure and a stay safe. You know what before you before you pull the pin and put in the papers. Just take it you know what take a week off and just think about what it would be like. And not be on the job they just don't do too soon -- It's seriously I mean I just so I'd hate to see people lose a good cop you know. All right Jim thanks familiar. All right 803 all right thirty. Just they're real sincere call their guy in law enforcement finally caps solvent through the cigar Dave event. Oddly enough lovers of freedom are at 649. No no not all of them. -- was he gets it. 649 news radio 930 WB Ian -- And let's get right back to the calls. From 4 to 6 o'clock news and you're on WB and go -- got about a minute and a half. Well. Well I'm gonna make a prediction and prediction is that. Now that we have Eric Holder and we have Obama. And you can pick up little snippets from what they say in the you know what they're after after an indictment. If they don't get an indictment and it certainly will be pushing for Oman. There's going to be trouble from East Coast the West Coast there's going to be an awful lot of people looking for big screen TV if you get my drift. And if it does go to trial and that and the makeup of the jury is let's say half. Minority and half white I need to make a prediction that is going to be -- hung jury. And people will be out shopping for. Big screen TV in that case also. I hope your role. -- remember we're here. I don't I don't I can't I can't imagine how like could be wrong. Because if that ever comes back and goes to a jury and what happens acquitted. -- I just hope I will simply say -- ball mark. Lot of people thought it was gonna happen which -- -- there were threats all over Twitter and it did not happen. And let's hope that history repeats itself at least in the good way on that front. I hope thank you very much protocol guys we probably -- and a talking about the is an awful lot. And I hope to be again -- hope to continue to be circumspect. About every. Involved in this age I'm sure a great job for your first day yeah behind the borders the man with. Right gets outstanding job call screening you guys. All two words no yourself.

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