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8-18 Tom Bauerle Hour 3

Aug 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB ES yeah. And and then. -- system. The speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. Boy -- the most annoying -- of the world. Tom and our lady just when I think you could possibly be anything -- You don't do so. -- -- Yourself it's live it's local Applebee's neighborhood and you hope it's Tom hourly. Arthur -- news radio 930 W. You know -- we do serious stuff on the show but we also upon a mission is sometimes that we've met on the FaceBook page. And yet do you think gas cigar Dave the general -- great staff. For making. Everybody feel important on Saturday. As everybody is important to cigar today the general for a smoke on the water street at the buffalo launch club underground island. And it. I was actually kind of overwhelmed. And I'm not this is happy Jessica obvious with you guys on the show. Put a long time in my life and in my career to realize that there are some people actually like it. And I was kind of overcome -- overwhelmed by the number of people want their pictures taken with me. And especially at a public event like that. If fifteen seconds of my time. Can. Make somebody happy. Why wouldn't. And you guys may be as happy as I made you. And I hope that that reflected in our moments together at their cigar Dave's event. And I put the photos up every photo I have is up on my FaceBook page. And if I left off your name it's not because I didn't try to remember everybody's name it's just that in all honesty I was not expecting it. The kind of response -- dot. And it is really I was touched by and it meant were to me that you could possibly. Know. And before we get into the -- purpose in Missouri stuff real quickly. I have not yet heard anything from Ted Nugent or his people. I don't wanna get into it today on air everything I have to say about Ted Nugent is on my FaceBook page. I'm not a Ted Nugent man. Had nothing to do this music. Has everything to do with the Second Amendment and why straight. And Ted Nugent allowing his name and likeness to be used. By -- local munitions company which donates to formal and other anti gun politicians. I have offered Ted Nugent every opportunity I can -- -- to -- on my journal. And I'm even willing as -- said on FaceBook today I am willing to talk with Ted privately personally and confidentially. Tell him what he needs to do to get out of the hole that he is now it. All people need to know is that we talked. If somebody tells me something -- confidence -- always stays incompetence and always has and always will. And I'm more than willing. To give Ted Nugent free private PR advice. On what he should do with this -- munitions scandal. My issues not with Paris munitions. How could be the First Amendment deal. -- can donate to whomever they wish to as a company and as executives. But when a undertaker specifically. Allows his name to be used. On ammunition. Dump and then the same company donates to all. I have an issue with that -- being on the board of the NRA. And one of the nicest compliments I received on Saturday and for this got some real self serving and aviators. But it just -- illustrates for more on coming when it comes to personal endorsements because I derive some of my income. From personal endorsements and by endorse somebody you know that I really believe in this business or wouldn't do it I've walked away from more endorsement opportunities that I have taken. I spell that all out on FaceBook but. There is a flurry of activity. At cigar Dave's event of the tinderbox that. I realized that if I was gonna enjoy a couple of fine cigars every month I really needed to have one of those torch lighters. Because you -- like the tobacco in the cigar and a certain temperature in order to have -- like they shipped. It. There was a flurry of activity around the tinderbox -- And I thought. That they had not given me the lighter -- which I paid full price. And in fact when I got back to -- table. I realized. Almighty god they have given me two lighters I told them they didn't give -- one and they really have. I was mortified. And I I just like -- back to the tinderbox I said guys you gave me one too many -- I'm sorry I've -- here here here is the lighter for which I did not pick. In the nicest compliment was when we got the tinderbox Dave said you know what I told the guys that's probably what happened. And that it hourly got something for which he did not pay he would bring it back. When I heard those words. I can't it in light of certain other events of this past year. That meant more to me. Dan. A lot. And if that is the kind of reputation. That I have. Professionally if I personally. Then I kind of feel like. I've communicated the proper message. And I just wanna thank the guys at the tinderbox for their trust in no. That if I did take something. That they've already given me and I forgot but I put my suit pocket which is very deep by the way. Bad I would bring it back they knew I would an idea. And the fact that they said they do it would bring it back meant everything to me it was just so nice meeting all of you at that event. I can't even begin to thank you. It was really gratified. And very. Humbly I can't wait until next year's event cigar Dave great guy. Loved what he does. And we had a blast. Now. We're talking about the situation in Fergus. What do you believe what don't you believe what you believe who don't you believe. And I've got some new developments here today and John Sherman is a master control right gauge your call screener and Ryan has been diligently cutting up some audio. -- developments number one Michael Baden. Has released a preliminary autopsy of doctor Baden is a forensic pathologist. And he is one of these expert witnesses. Now is he credible or does he just do it for the money. I don't know he waved his 101000 dollar fee in this case okay. Which I have to respect what he's getting more than 101000 others were the publicity that's the cynic in me. But he says that brown was shot at least six times. And. For some people that automatically step a cop overreacted with the number of gunshots. And I think I've spent enough time talking about the fact that six shots even with a 45. Does not necessarily stop a suspect or somebody who is charging at you and I've cited specific examples which -- listed on FaceBook. Of known to. Like training film in police academy things where people are shot more than six times. The like with with lethal Holmes puts Powell adrenaline or whatever just keeps them covered. So Michael Brown was shot six times does not in and of itself mean the cops overreacted or overshot -- number one. Number two. A video has emerged which has begun to go viral. It was begun. And minutes after Michael Brown was shot by the police officer and Ferguson Missouri we've had to clean it up. Because -- street conversation. You know -- people on the video talk is -- sometimes have been known to talk when I'm not on the year and subject FCC monitoring. But. The conversation. I gotta -- it tends to corroborate what the police said. Bet Michael Brown was not just walking down the street gone down like -- applaud by some cop who'd like Blue Jackets. And by the way six years and your police career is and all the time to suddenly not like black kids for no reason OK it just. If you're gonna go mentally would have done well for six years. Let's go to the audio. From the video which may be a game changer in this situation. -- -- This -- is maybe hard to understand okay but tigers and we look we had to edit the sound because are a lot F bombs okay. But the money shot of that audio news. But him and the police was both in the truck. That's the police version. Bet Michael Brown was trying to get the cops gone in the police truck. The police got out and ran after him she got out in the truck in the running away from the truck according to these eyewitnesses. Then the next thing I know he doubled back toward him in other words well the turnaround started running at the top again. The police. Had his gun drawn already on him. All the police got his -- The police kept dumping on him. MM -- and the police kept miss that he like be like he kept common towards him. So. To translate. Well. Double -- And started charging up a cop and bad is when the police officer opened fire. -- the fact that this six shots hit Michael Brown. And my theory about adrenaline and you keep common is backed up eyewitness eyewitness said. That he thought the cop kept especially because brown kept charging at the top. Folks this is a game changer it ought to be game changer for rationally thinking people it if you are going to be a troublemaker and you look for any reason to divide black from white. White for black divide America nothing is ever going to change that. Facts will never change that. But for those of us who do just want but true. I think this is -- pretty solid piece of -- it will call eyewitness. Testimony on video from somebody who saw what happened but did not record as it was happening. Verify that Michael Brown was charging up the cop when he was shot. He wasn't just shot down like -- dog in the street running away from the cup. Now before the fact of the called gang of forgive me for talking so much that this this is really important because this is the whole. This is the essence of the case right year. Which I think ports in two considerable doubt. The idea that Michael Brown. Was gunned down by a young black male -- white cop for no reason. You've got an eyewitness now I'm I'm not trying to say this in a disparaging way please understand that does not -- You've got an eyewitness in the put. Who says. Michael Brown was charging at the -- And he thought the cop kept missing because Michael Brown capped on the charger. Now here is what is characteristic folks not only does this corroborate the official police narrative but it also backs up what a friend of the officer involved in the shooting said. Days ago. A friend of Derrick Wilson set and I quote. Michael takes off. And gets to be about 35 feet away. And Darren as the cop did Arabs first protocol is to pursue. So he stands up and yells freeze. Michael and his friend turn around. And Michael talked to him. And then all of a sudden heat Michael just started. Rushing him. He just started coming out of -- spree. And so he just started shooting. And heat brown just kept it and so he really thinks he was on something. Meaning drugs. As far as I know they've only found a marijuana residue in Michael Brown's body which. Again folks I'd be a hypocrite. Currently found marijuana residue and Alex rice's -- But it had nothing to do with the accident. THC -- we'll stay in your body for a long time even after the high wears off so. And the other thing is to store owners generally are not violent and belligerent okay. We like the tweet I'm sorry they like to eat twinkies and Holmes we don't -- They don't go around attacking people it's 525. At news -- 930 WB EM. It has hourly for -- -- -- calls coming up after 530 your game but I took me this is the money shot out of the case right here and this is almost to the point work case closed and I think it's got to be a favorite cops in this case. -- what forty watt what forty unique. -- Okay now you've got depths of -- from 1973. It's on YouTube right. Now when you got Jeff skunk Baxter -- what are your lead guitarist and the other guy and I can't write. His name as his running away from me I can't think of right now. When you got two guys -- good on guitar Walter Becker was on base. -- backer of those slots -- are. Anyway yeah about a Steely Dan -- and yeah I think I'm gonna treat myself to rate 51 birthday present and spend more money than they should I'm. Seats for Saratoga. There. -- a lot. The steely the -- at the casino. Why is. The best Scholl I think I've ever seen and -- -- about a lot of concerts that. Seeing a lot of great concerts this summer Paula -- Ringo. But Steely Dan will be. Musically. Professionally. And I do have a man crush on Donald there's. No matter how cool I ever am. In fact you could put my Fred Desmond and meet together. That would represent the courts Donald fake -- what's. Cool look that was put there. All right let's get back to the calls on the WB Ian here's Tom in Cheektowaga Tom thank you for holdings -- All of -- no problem I appreciate -- copilot seat you went a whole half hour without thick coat them. I know a whole because yes. Well what did you understand why there was new information about the number shots and that video. Corroborating witness said that I thought was important get out there. I understand that night was there from what I could make. Problem anyway aren't and that is that the -- We got the open that this is what about police power corruption involved four point about the sacred thing if there was a black man it would put down there is. We would -- it is much national attention right. Am the circumstances are somewhat different because the buffalo police officers involved in that murder. Were off duty into a private security gig. But at the police. Over the power corruption whatever you want to call it. If you know what. The I can't really argue with him it would be conjecture but if the cops were white and Sager was a black man you know what it very well might have been a buffalo -- Now the kid OK -- Either way OK number one about the passing. Nobody can say how long ago he did it. And it does affect different people different ways I've known some pot smokers -- become pretty belligerent when Arafat. Okay well if not all of them on fire now -- people. Well I I have to tell you I've never seen that I've seen a lot of -- let's -- this area and I've seen more people on booze act like. Morons and I have on weed but that's you know it's subjective. I don't know how much let's put this -- I don't know what the levels were a THC. In net. Mr. Brown's blood in what was was it from something he smoked a week ago or something he spoke two minutes ago I don't. Point taken numbers through the color number three maybe the bullet okay. Hip -- they're not so -- water to shut stopping somebody. Why don't they -- Powell points to bet when it and you can't do that because. I'm not sure were what kind around the cop we shoot. It even. Even with hollow points and eight year you sound like you could be a cop worse connecting rural -- Very very big analyst. And we met -- -- occasion. Whatever years. -- Tom you guys -- at every concert I go through. Like go up there with the New York City sure kind of split these the. Okay -- okay you're not that you're not the guided Tom who's been every. I've ever been at. It was striking I'm not a bad no pun intended about a dead ringer put down eleven but I knew where the New York City sure this is the -- -- in my -- long. And I do with the glasses so what if something just imagine I usually go up here are the places you but it's not me again. OK -- it no we will not be on the deployed. That I have tried to make today I'm not gonna go into it again in great detail workers -- BC in the same thing over and over. Human beings have been known to do some pretty amazing thing. Where the use of hollow points 4538. Were twenty twos with an adrenaline rush. Okay what one what what when -- questions what his thoughts the one aspect of it a -- Trigger happy -- what about the dog that -- out of the as the it is there any -- similarity at all. Well in the case of Ferguson here's what I never understood about Ferguson the idea that this is happening all the time in Ferguson. And if it could happen all the time in Ferguson and this is the first I've heard about it. Now -- know it's like Iraq seeking thing is that -- the people that do that there's a lot of reason to go out great we're so it would. As they could care less about Iraq became like most of these people could care less about that brown. But I but I'm gonna tell you something -- even within the animal welfare community. And they don't talk about it a lot because they have to work with cops a lot there are some cops and I'm not -- -- -- -- who are known as. Shall we say bit trigger happy when it comes to people's pets and talks. Well let this play out with the others who if. Well we shall see you were probably due for an update end. And again you know a lot usually we wouldn't have this much information from a police department because they generally hold on to statements and information. Because their attorneys tell them to. So one of the things I've learned over the years is more often than not when you call your told. We're looking into it it's part of an ongoing investigation. In fact. It's been over a year and I still have not seen the results of the investigation. Into the killing of -- a lawyer -- dog when the buffalo cops went into the wrong apartment and interestingly mr. royal wanted to be in New York State corrections guard. And the fellow you talked about. It was pushed down the stairs. And wanted to be a stay true. Or irony abounds it's one of the great. Words of life thanks Tom. Indeed 8030930. Starry night 3180616. WB EN let's -- Takes -- pollster who do you believe in the Ferguson Missouri riots. Am under no circumstances. Do -- ever support mobs or rioting. I've done comedy show is where -- mention how stupid mobs are. I've described mob psychology that leads to rioting and wanton destruction of property life and limb. As can agents. And wild fires which touch and burn everything with which they company contact. There is no such thing as an intelligent mob to oxy moron. Here's Joseph emphasis on the more -- Joseph and Orchard Park in WB MI Joseph thank you for holding. Sure. Record your plate human Mitchell I I can't believe that -- it out there clearly that it might like in terms would be. I I'm worried that. No one could admit that they know the people recording and the people and recording -- but it about. So would it be admissible in court. At this point. Whether or not it is admissible in court would be your question for an attorney well versed with fair. Missouri criminal procedure law work -- -- evidentiary law. In terms of the court of public opinion. To -- I think the important thing right now is will that tape be enough to call the mobs and to. Deflate any support of these so called new black Panthers or the people who were simply interested in politicizing this for their own a genders which are not bringing people together. Yeah -- was -- the year I can bet that the book because evidence that that could be used by. Yet what about providing like Obama talking about the is that I'm not a lie that's it's like oh yeah he's always been here a uniter not a divider. Yep that's. Where are our mile I mentioned after his statement that the words were awful Purdy but his actions belie his Woertz. Yeah you surprised at first the contempt for full circle and put -- back -- its feet and totally redeemed yourself. The noble work -- -- at the end and that I conducting computer -- the a lot of the trade are important thing there's a -- got -- -- repaired late in the people. I think with a big Mike was in the general giant and everything. What are predicted its third at the videotape if not some eleven showed him. Shop opened up in -- and in their pocket and walk -- now. That I could believe people didn't know that was that -- act with a like I. And get to grab stuff. From the cashier and then you know. You know -- all around a little explorer. Owner like that there's no way you don't know that we get to the person it's just not credible I don't believe it. No and I don't know probably the attorney for the brown family coined the phrase or a gentle giant that's supposition on my part but I think it's safe to say. I mean look. I -- pretty good knowledge of human nature and -- really doubt that's the first time Michael Brown in his life committed something like a strong armed robbery or took something for which he had not paid to which she was not entitled. By virtue of his size people don't wake up 1 morning bad. Right and and you know other people around him -- noted that the user all. I really -- there to people are PH he's quite arm Marc Lamont Hill and the bodies were colored -- and and political leader. Com you have a common I'm -- they're Bartoli match about the and they say what went with the five L dark. But in the return of value would be older but it actions -- -- it proved himself to be out there. It was a fifty dollar box of cigars. Which makes it means they have I mean if it doesn't really materially changed things but look Michael Brown's behavior that day. I think and I service on Friday. Once and for all should dispel that notion that he was some gentle giant. Who. You know was a choir boy always honest way to grandma's house and help little old ladies cross the street. Yeah and I am really I'm really -- bite you people are supposedly wanting to settle things down white Fiat. It's a local state representative there and they had a college professor. I'm I -- I don't have a right after the I think with the mayor and the chief of police issued the first curfew. They went out and they break open and immediately called and -- even notices an official -- you'll. We would like you to abide by it and I'm like what they're talking about an official curfew the bigger the -- and you it's a special thank you and I and and -- flatly. I'd stick it to an older I don't -- -- one black aldermen and I'm a helpful where in. Order and or a restaurant in part -- -- open. Think. It's the same. In an unofficial public the governor. -- -- during the -- Arctic. Let me you know what you have hit. Jolt on a point that I was dying to get to today and that is -- and you might not like -- of about the Sarah. But in a situation. Like there's I believe the police and the authorities should have and could have been more forthcoming with the public. To defuse this before it gained the momentum it has -- -- never going to. Convince the haters where to people with an agenda. Of the truth no matter what no matter what you say but some of the people on the outside who get sucked in by a false narrative. They're not stupid and they'll say you know what he -- the hero you know. You think about when you're when you're saying what figures to be more forthcoming about. What uptight before all for example I think the videotape of the strong armed robbery should have been released. As soon as the police had. I think a news conference as soon as police knew of the shooting. Often times again I mentioned this on Friday the police and the attorneys. Are just terrible. When it comes to public relations and I'm not talking even spin. I'm just talking about leveling with people about -- what we know so far we are aware of the situation were aware. Of the concerns of the community and we promise transparency. This is a video of what Michael Brown did before the shooting. And -- hold gentle giant thing never would have had lakes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Remember recent. They wanna -- with -- that because. As I said on Friday and is it just read. Cops and lawyers do not think like PR people. And sometimes I'm sorry you've got to think like a PR person. And sometimes the PI shows that police departments. Are ham strong buy -- bureaucracy. And by the chain of command. And speculate I'd read that. That Justice Department which despite mastery. The police export an explanation as you just said of the release of the tape of the convenience store were stronger armed robbery. Here's somebody immediate circle -- released the tape and the police chief said because you guys wanted a law. Problem but you know there are ways to. Police departments I think need to be a lot more forthcoming with the people they protect and serve to stop rumors from getting out of control. That's my only point at the same time they're always gonna be hamstrung by DA is and by attorneys. And they have to think a little more proactively. And a little more circumspect way. Especially in situations like this which can so easily spin out of control. There yeah I -- that recorded mutilated or morality are able. I think it's I think it's a money share personal Joseph thank you very much I need to break -- we'll get Brian as rescue traffic on WB. Don't rush. I mean we know we do you take as much damage you need for traffic big part of the show. AccuWeather earlier chilly night overnight low 55 anybody put their furnace on the other night anybody yet I'm gonna stay with your commission until November -- -- -- tomorrow some clouds some sun and the high 79 holding its 73 -- -- continue this in the 6 o'clock hour as much as I enjoy giving you the happy ending. This is an important story and new information on the Michael Brown slash Ferguson riots the local anywhere throughout hold I'll get to you I promise on WB Ian.

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