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8-18 Tom Bauerle Hour 2

Aug 18, 2014|

With special guest Barack Obama

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And -- Yes they broke the law but it's not a felony. It's kind of -- it's it's -- it's a it's a it's an act of love it's an act of commitment to your family. What does this. But it's Tom hourly. It's -- it's locals that mark. Being. Third yeah yeah. Not being very Tom hourly thing facts. On news radio 930 W. Okay all right so loved Michael Brown we -- Six times out of some people may say -- -- six times that is evidence that police were -- here all this innocent black. Teenager. -- -- IE again. Like to disabuse you of some -- Sometimes. People can be shot. A lot more then six times and keep coming actual. Prove it Tom well if you insist. Back in the 1980s in a case I posted on my FaceBook page last week. I told you about a training film better show even today in police academies across the country and involves. A couple of guys who -- rip off banks in Florida back in the 1980s. FBI comes in all right. -- make a very bad tactical error and that's why it's used you as a trading film to show prospective -- how not to do something. -- about China is the FBI is they lost some real heroes in the beta mistakenly crossed in the lives but the -- conservatives. The FBI guys basically. They shot both suspects. More than six times there was a running well there there was a -- the gun -- You have a budget FBI guys shooting about whip. Too bad guys who got better weapons. The FBI guys shot the bad guys. On number at times but that guys kept covered like it even fazed by the gun shots. So just because Michael Brown was shot six times that it and of itself does not indicate that he no longer was a threat to the cop. I'm just put it up there. While that's just an anomaly top well the thinking was those guys in Florida were on adrenaline. And what finally kill them. Was win one of the surviving FBI guys somehow despite numerous bullet injuries he's sustain. Found the strength to walk up to the car and basically fire point blank -- the both of the guys that's that's what finally killed the two bad guys. You -- what I'm saying look up FBI training film. Florida bank robbery. Just look at up and you'll see that it really doesn't stop again. And let me give you one other example for antiquity. Well. I guess if 1974. In the local newspaper is called antiquity this must be pre history. A long time ago back during the infamous gangster -- in America. There's a guy by the name of baby face Nelson. And news about five foot 55 foot six and he's one of those guys who gives other short guys a bad name. Because he over compensated -- John Dillinger couldn't stand and kicked -- of his gang because he always had this need to prove himself. Well. FBI is on babyface Nelson's trip. They finally get babyface Nelson here's the problem babyface Nelson comes out of his car with a Thompson submachine gun. He starts shooting at the FBI guys that two FBI agents whole prize baby faced Nelson with bullets I'm not sure how many. It may have been six let's just say around six times they they shoot baby face Nelson guess what. Babyface Nelson keeps on government. -- shot. At a six times around six times. He kept -- In fact he'd stop coming until he virtually saw the FBI guys in half with his submachine gun and they walked back to the car like James Cagney got it and and then eventually he picks it donated the now I just cite those two examples the FBI shootings Florida 1980s and baby face Nelson and his shootout with the FBI which led to the FBI agents debts to them. And baby face Nelson that's just a point about the fact. That shooting somebody six times does not necessarily stop them from coming at you. Well shot -- once I should've stopped -- capture it. Speaker is he could make the argument that Michael Brown kept coming had a which by the way it seems to be supported by the conversation in the background of the video I've put on my FaceBook page. Which are right gates has been tirelessly trying to edit the F bombs out. Kind of like my private conversations are Ryan. John Sherman is master control by the way is a figurative ago -- and we still have about 88 F bombs to get out of their okay. But again folks. I'm trying to. Be very circumspect about Paris and use. My knowledge. This is stuff that I've been reading about my whole life. And study. My whole life. And sometimes I think it's all about bringing up. Facts from the past. And applying them to today's events I. And just because he was shot six times does not necessarily mean the -- over reacted or over shocked it doesn't necessarily mean that. And I just cited two examples those have you been in combat. First of all thank you. I don't know what this act -- any other than thank you I'm sure you served with guys. Who ultimately died. And you watched as they basically took round after round after round but they kept on fighting by -- I'm sure you had the fight guys. You -- shooting them and shooting and they just wouldn't diving is wouldn't stop coming catcher. My father in law and when you served in Korea. Was a Frontline soldier. He. That interest in military slash intelligence career. And he was involved in front line combat fight. And he a 45. And he had to kill some people in Korea. And it wasn't like one shot did the trick. I mean these north Koreans were big passed its hand and this end my phone calls a big. And there were times he did you shoot and shoot and shoot and shoot to bring him down with a 45. Several again folks. I I can only tell you what I've read what I've heard from my ex father in law who is long dead and you can probably relate to a better if you did them in a combat situation and I don't wanna bring up -- bad memories for anybody that's the last thing I wanna do. But I simply try to apply it. Yesterday. With today and the 45 round has not really changed and the human physiology but he has not really changed. Sometimes adrenaline can accident. I don't know what else to say. Let's. -- president Obama's speech live when he comes to the podium he's already sixty minutes late. But I wanna get back to Tom in. -- -- I believe he is -- next or was it there Tom issued to a I rely one Tom I WB unless they get back review before the president. Glad to orbit about the long -- -- where I admire you and I admire your work here are the problems here. The gentleman who was involved. In the commission of the robbery. Which. Did you might stop one where he held by the police whatever he questioner. Nobody in organic about the -- automatically just disappear. I find -- little bit strange. I don't believe that he need this again based on Friday's information I don't believe that he was involved in -- the robbery before Michael Brown was -- and an important part of the story is that the cop who shot Michael Brown didn't know of the robbery before Michael Brown was shot. Well as a lot during Vietnam after government -- something about somebody being shot should I think. He got shot four iron in hand. He wants to Manhattan actual. As structuring that's in the army. We weren't sure we will -- restructure certain -- and I don't know -- sure there. A note saying he -- you usually are usually turn around towards something Maria they're really. Longer. -- forward to -- all arms. It was one document had we don't bode. Angola where that all apart and so I'm just trying to think -- if it. Picture and -- important stop on the got an account just evolved and -- put it and struggle with that wasn't regulation of lap. But I want to carry -- into Vietnam record nobody shoots for the. This. That what got this this is correct and well I'm not I'm not here. -- I I have to tell you that streak you're on to something would you would you talk to let the angle. First of all apparently there was fragmentation of some of these bullets because one bullet costs about five different -- according to doctor -- if you can believe him. But when you look at the autopsy. When you look at the front of the body. It almost looks to me like the cop was shooting at an angle number one given the placement of the shots number. And let's let's face it none of us know how we're gonna react in a gun fight until it actually happens. Not everybody can be -- Kerr opened you know basically. You know wider -- nerves of steel audio we said don't shoot first -- shoot the most accurately. And no there are so it I almost wonder if Michael Brown we was running at the top at an angle number one. Number two. We still don't know how close he was when he was shot by the -- because. The key evidence -- that would be clothing which is being held by the cops as evidence and bottom didn't have access to the clothing just the body. That's true as well but if it -- this morning active cup. And regulation he could be he could be backing up he could be. Leading toward -- cup car trying to get back in this cup car safety whenever congress and I'll sleep you know that's got to be determined and that will be. Children -- are -- certain video or whatever is available -- -- are being. Or dark. Something that follows look I I see the -- direct cup and I and it's big guys -- mean. I don't are being. And has already twice this -- and I mean. I'd like to see anybody get killed and let's -- a lot. The street -- from this country have become. In saying. I wouldn't be captivated -- million dollars. But but there's. Got a look. Again I still honestly I still think that we have a situation where the -- -- six are going to -- -- determine this because I don't think there is a video from a -- -- hurt but there's a video from a cup car because I've done searches and I can't find that there is any video yeah. Police car whatsoever I have to let you broken your breathe it into the fallen and it's kind of disconcerting. But our President Obama is going to be speaking momentarily here about the situation and Ferguson Missouri and also what's happening in Iraq but. A -- when you look at the diagram which are posted on my FaceBook page I've drawn by Michael -- The but what he calls a preliminary. Autopsy report. -- you'll see that every single shot entered the right side. Michael Brown's body except one of the shots. In the head which works like who's in the top of the -- Now to some people and again this is going to be a question of eyewitnesses vs forensics. The shot to the head was hit an execution shot -- big rock or was it simply that. In the heat of the moment. Michael Brown. Was still coming up the cop but his head may download his chair and started the touches she just and then that's when the round was was fired. Thus accounting for the shot being in the top of his. And I've seen nothing to indicate that any of the shots work from B. Now that was part of the original story does anybody remember that. That he was running from a cop on the -- opened fire from behind I haven't seen anything like that if you have sent me the link. I mean and again folks there is so much information and bad information out there I've tried to be circumspect about everything that I am reading. About this case so sometimes some -- bring something up in May be something that I saw and discounted. It may be something I saw and and absorb I don't know. -- 03 -- -- thirty started 3180616. WB ER what do you believe are out of Ferguson. Missouri. And by the way are gonna call Joseph and Orchard Park authority established in a previous caller. Bet their captain Johnson did apologize for his comparing his own son to Michael Brown. I think I understand the weekend at the Johnson was trying to make which was you know kids these days dress kind of urban. And amateur what you look like. Those who view -- -- about the -- mirror the movie bad Santa. Where the black security guide tells the white teenager. That polyp is there -- parents of the apple up their pants that the white teenagers running away. Kind of a funny see that the will be here this big black and tell this little white teenager get out and your pants. I thought it was funny but then again I've kind of -- except to humor. Let's go to -- in spring bill at least get some preliminary thoughts from Kim on WB -- IKEA. Hi are if at all. I saying I name on the side of the police the police -- their act and you're. And my kids started running ads and how did he know that he didn't act apple app and oh what is going. Yup I did and how I here's here's what's key. Here's another -- he rocket that beat cop according to eyewitnesses in this video the cops specifically told brown freeze. And brown kept coming at the top according to what people are saying in this video the audio of which I hope we can hear at some point today after we only have bums out. I -- number one. -- lock -- on the road told them kick it out of the growth in our times which speak hit. Didn't listen. Now out here -- Hamburg lob buying it might lead then you need freezer. CD. Quietly Q that would landings each -- at the other thing that bothers me -- camera in the store -- fourteen I opt. Because that he would pretended that. And that's all in whatever happened. And I you have to feel bad for the police because -- Amy can come out to be at all. And I and I don't like the Eric Holder and the Obama being and I am commenting on it because I don't think it's -- -- effort just yeah maybe he should come to the east side of course. Oh god no god no no well well we don't don't please do anything but that. Jesse Jackson is it. Excuse me. Jesse Jackson is an extortionist. Who has made a career out of the picture of himself with the fallen Martin Luther King on the balcony of the hotel. In Memphis. Other than that picture. You know what I am saying that when it comes to beat each app -- -- the how people think -- Aaron camera. But don't apparent trying to -- -- that I'm raising prayer partner big mouth and eagle -- He got booed off the stage practically when he tried on an awful -- yeah he was talking about Michael brown and used it as a -- a fund raising opportunity and people became very upset. If you have something to say in addition I would love to hear from it. Are we gonna go to CBS right now at 26. We will go to CBS -- special report from the White House as we await President Obama and his thoughts tempers. This is the CBS news special report a statement by President Obama at the white house on and of these were about to hear the president. In the White House briefing room only yesterday he flew to Washington for a two day break. From his vacation in Massachusetts. A White House correspondent Peter -- around Martha's Vineyard it seems he's focused today on two topics. Right Dan the president updating the nation on the US military air role in Iraq Northern Iraq to be specific. And we'll also hear his first public statement in four days on the situation in Ferguson Missouri he met today with the attorney general holder and other advisors at the White House. Peter -- will be hearing more from him of course is our coverage continues we might hear more from the president about federal involvement in investigating the shooting death. Of Michael Brown the eighteen year old and Ferguson Missouri. Shot by a policeman nine days ago and Iraq as well here's the president coming up to the podium at the White House not wearing a tie by the way. Earlier today I received an update for my team on two separate issues that I've been following closely. Our ongoing operation in Iraq and the situation and Ferguson -- -- With respect to Iraq. We continue to see important progress across different parts of our strategy to support the Iraqi Government. And combat the threat from the terrorist group myself. First our military operations are effectively protecting our personnel and facilities in Iraq. Over the last eleven days. American airstrikes have stopped the -- events throughout the city of mobile and push back the terrorists. Meanwhile we have urgently provide additional arms and assistance to Iraqi forces. Including Kurdish and Iraqi Security Forces were fighting on the front lines. Today with -- our support. Iraqi and Kurdish forces took a major step forward by recapturing the largest -- in Iraq near the city of Mosul. Most of that -- it fell under terrorist control earlier this month and his directly tied to our objective of protecting Americans in Iraq. If that dam was breached it could have proven catastrophic with blogs that would threaten the lives of thousands of civilians. And endanger our embassy compound. In Baghdad. Iraqi and Kurdish forces took the lead on the ground and performed with courage and determination. So this operation demonstrates that Iraqi and Kurdish forces are capable of working together. And taking the fight to -- If they continue to -- so there will have the strong support. The United States of America. Second we're building an international coalition to address the humanitarian crisis in Northern Iraq. Even as we've worked to help many thousands. Is CDs escape procedures bouncing jar. Hundreds of thousands of rockets have been displaced by Parcells violence and many more are still at risk. Going forward the United States will work with the Iraqi Government as well as partners like the United Kingdom Canada France Italy and Australia. To get food and water to people in need and to bring -- long term relief to people who have been driven from their homes. -- We will continue to pursue a long term strategy to turn the tide against -- By supporting the new Iraqi Government and working with key partners in the region and beyond. Over the last week we saw this sort progress as Iraqis named a new prime minister designate. Fighter all body and Iraq's outgoing for a prime minister of Maliki agreed to step down. This peaceful transition of power will mark a major milestone. In Iraq's political development but as I think world where the work is not yet done. Over the next few weeks doctor of body needs to complete the work -- forming new. Broad based inclusive Iraqi Government. One that developed a national program to address the interest of all Iraqis. Without that progress. Extremists like -- can continue to prey upon Iraq's divisions. With the new government in place Iraqis will be able -- unite the country. Against the threat for myself and there will be able to look forward to increase support not just from the United States but from. Other countries in the region and around the world. Let's remember. I suppose as a threat to all Iraqis. And to the entire region. They claim represented shooting grievances but based water Sunni men women and children. They claim to oppose foreign forces but they actively recruit foreign fighters to advance their hateful ideology. So of the Iraqi People made reject them and unite to begin to push them out of Lance that they've occupied as we're seeing at -- there. And is gonna take time. They're going to be many challenges. Ahead. But meanwhile there should be no doubt that the united states military will continue to carry out the limited missions that -- office. Protecting our personnel and facilities in Iraq -- Erbil and Baghdad. And providing humanitarian support as we did on -- -- My administration has consulted closely with congress about our strategy in Iraq and we are gonna continue to do so. In the weeks to come because when it comes to the security of our people and our efforts against a terrorist group like Russell we need to be united in our results. I also want to address the situation in Ferguson is our. Earlier this afternoon I spoke with governor Nixon as well centers were blunt Claire McCaskill. Also met with attorney general Eric Holder. The Justice Department has opened an independent. Federal civil rights investigation into the death of Michael Brown. They are on the ground and along with the FBI they are devoting substantial resources to that investigation. The attorney general himself will be traveling to Ferguson on Wednesday to meet. We have the FBI agents and DOJ personnel conducting the federal criminal investigation. And he wolf receive an update from them on their progress. You'll also be meeting with other leaders in the community support is so critical to bringing about peace and home in Fergus. Ronald Davis the director of the DOJ's office of Community Oriented Policing Services or cops. Is also -- traveling to Ferguson tomorrow to work with police officials on the ground. We've also -- experts from the DOJ's community relations service working in Ferguson since the days after the shooting. To Foster conversations among local stakeholders and reduce tensions among the community. So -- -- close to -- a few words about the tensions there. We have all seen images of protesters and law enforcement in the streets. It's clear that the vast majority of people are peacefully protest. What's also clear is that a small minority. Of individuals are not. -- I understand the passions in the anger. Arise over the death of Michael Brown. Giving in to vent anger by alluding. Or carrying guns. And even attacking the police. Only deserves to raise tensions and stir chaos. It undermines. Rather than advancing. Justice. And also be clear that our constitutional rights to speak freely. To assemble and to report in the press must be gradually -- -- especially in moments like these. There's no excuse for excessive force by police or any action that denies. People the right to protests peaceful. -- nation lost. Citizens who live under them and for the citizens would force them. So to a community and Ferguson that is right we -- -- looking for answers. Let me call once again for us to six some understanding rather than. Simply. Followed each other. Let's seek repeal. Rather than to warm to each other. As Americans we got to use this moment to seek out our shared humanity. That's been laid bare by this moment. Potential of a young man and the -- of -- The frustrations of a community. The ideals that we hold as one united American family. I've said this before. -- too many communities around the country golf. Of mistrust exists between local residents. And law enforcement. Into many communities. Too many young men of color left behind and seen only as objects of fear. And through initiatives like my brother's keeper I personally committed to changing -- perception. And reality. And already were making. Some significant progress as people of goodwill of all races are rated ship that but that requires that we build. And not tear down. That requires we listen. And not dish out. That's how we're gonna move forward. Together. But trying to unite each other and understand each other or not. Simply. Divide ourselves from one another. We're gonna have to hold -- to those values. In the days ahead. That's how we bring about justice. And that's how we bring about peace so without I've got to. If you question them or take them a -- to -- Here today for business. And open discussion about. Wondering whether you wonder. You think that. See that as a factory going police response in person. And also you agree with. Well. I think 100 of the great things about the United States has been. Our ability to maintain a distinction between our military and domestic law enforcement. That helps preserve our civil liberties. That helps ensure that the military is accountable to. Civilian direction. And that has to be preserved. After 9/11. I think understandably a lot of folks saw local communities that work ill equipped for their potential. Catastrophic terrorist attack. And having people in congress. People of -- decided. We've got to make sure that they get proper equipment to deal with threats that. Historically. When -- arrives. In. Local communities. And some -- that's been years and is some law enforcement. Didn't have. Radios that they could operate effectively and in the midst of a disaster. Some communities -- needed to be prepared if in fact there was a chemical attack and they didn't have. Hazmat suits. Having said that I think it's probably useful for us to review. How the funding his. Gone. How local law enforcement has. Used grant dollars let's make sure that. What their what their purchasing. This stuff that they actually mean. Because. You know there is a big difference between our military and our local law enforcement and we don't want those lines more that would be contrary to our traditions. And I think that there will be some bipartisan interest in reexamining. Some of those programs -- would respect of the National Guard I think it's important just remember this was a state activated. National Guard so it's under the charge of the governor this is not something that we initiated. At the federal level. I spoke to Jay Nixon about this expressed. An interest in making sure that if in fact the National Guard has used it is used in a limited an appropriate way. He described the support role that they are going to be. Providing two local law enforcement. And I'll be watching over the next several days. To assess whether in fact it's helping rather than Henry. Progress and for this. Well. I have been. -- from the start that. We are not reintroducing. Thousands of US troops back on the ground to engage in combat we're not -- Iraqi military were not. Even the Iraqi air force. -- I'm -- chief. The United States armed forces. And Iraq is gonna have to. Ultimately provide for its own security on the other hand we've got a national security interest. And make sure people are protected ends in making sure that. A savage group. That. Seems. Willing to slaughter. People for no rhyme or reason other than. They have not. Kowtow to them. That a group like that is contained. Because ultimately could pose a threat to us. So my goal is number one to make sure we've got to. Viable part. And that's why. We have so. Consistently emphasized the need for. A government formation process that is inclusive that is credible that is legitimate. And that can appeal to Sunnis as well she is and -- We've made significant progress on that front but we're not there yet and I told my national security team today. And I will say public. That we wanna continue to communicate to. Politicians of all stripes in Iraq. Don't think that because we have engaged in air strikes to protect our people. That now's the time to. What the foot off the gas and return to the same kind of dysfunction. That has so weakened. The country generally. Doctor body has said the right things I was impressed in my conversation with him about his vision for an inclusive government but they've got to get this done. Because. Wolf that the door. And in order for them to. Be credible with the Iraqi People. They're gonna have to put behind some of the old practices. And actually Chris sisters and -- Murrah -- say about your birdies and before we -- bail. When we see a credible. Iraqi Government. We are that in a position to. There you go up monitor it -- offer that as President Obama at the White House without a tie currently he's mated Brian Higgins fashion statement and he has. Said that the attorney general Eric Holder is going to be visiting Ferguson Missouri on Wednesday to talk with the local FBI agents there Eric Holder is the attorney general of the United States Department of Justice the FBI operates under the auspices of the DOJ Department of Justice. -- the people on the ground to update older now look Tom. Knowing the politics and whether our politics and law enforcement I think you should probably know that if you don't already. It will be interesting to see if the people on the ground paint a picture for Eric Holder. Reality. Or whether they paint a picture that they think it is inclined to win them favor the White House and forgive my cynicism but it's just the way I am. So all. President Obama did -- saying. And again the operative word here he did say -- Some. Is that I don't think any of us can disagree -- we're a nation of lawless. That we should try to understand each other more than we should try to yell at each other especially in situations like this but. The problem is I cannot take this man at his word because I'm wondering Andy says we're a nation of laws. On the other hand in his state of the union speech this year he basically said we're not a nation of laws were a nation of me. And he basically said the constitution that means squat anymore. Whenever and wherever I can I am I'm gonna pursue legislation. -- without congress for the good of the American people. Now that's not illegals statement to make that as a statement of a renegade rogue president. So again the words the rhetoric organized but in reality we have seen how he really. Feels. And we are no closer after what the president had to say to truth Ian Ferguson and we were before the statement. We need to breaking news radio 930 WBE and will take more calls on this. And it your thoughts on Ferguson whom do you believe what questions remain on answered to you. And again folks Michael Brown was shot six times. Some people automatically hear that in the knee jerk responses. My god that's excessive use of force by police. No not necessarily. Anybody look I have not been in combat as a soldier on the front lines if you work in Nam or Iraq. Or Afghanistan. I'm sure you can tell stories about guys or shot -- -- a lot more times with more powerful weapons that a 45. Who somehow through adrenaline. You still had to keep shooting at or they were next to you and they still kept fighting until they literally bled out. In their property stories but look human beings. Have been known to pull off some amazing things with the adrenaline. I don't know that that was the case I'm offering an alternative that makes sense based on. Other events. That have taken place before in human history to release is nothing new under the sun for 44 WB. Actually -- tuxedos are part of the ever come dress code -- and you will be fine for that I of course come to work at all times in a tuxedo custom made and bought at monopolies thank you. Let's find out about traffic we have a and no I don't get a script when -- go there anyway it's clear tonight the overnight loan. 55 tomorrow some clouds some sun a -- 79. And it's 73 news radio 930 WB Ian. Well actually yeah I -- get 10% all but that's based the amount of stuff -- -- -- So I don't maybe add humor to the program god forbid. But we are talking about. Obviously the situation and Ferguson. And there's excuse. Please don't ever take everything I'm saying here as excusing it. Bad behavior by people were estimating. The -- that is apple accusation. The the impact of politics. And you words that confused me the impact of politics of new stories. And I realized that the politics. Of race in America. Are that. The white man. Is always. A racist to be suspected by. Blacks to be suspected by young black man. That is the view the laughed and progressives well progressives wish to prepare to. And without. A perception that that is the reality of America people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would be -- up things at McDonald's sports okay. Jesse Jackson has made a career. Out of basically do we extortion. Hey we think you could be racist but for a million dollars to my foundation you're no longer racist. They're a -- that's how he operates and it's shameful. And somewhere somebody should -- stood up along time ago and put it to. But he's been allowed to -- And the real Jesse Jackson was on display when he tried raising over Michael Brown's death. And he was appropriately booed. By the crowd out. You know I find it interesting too bad. You know sometimes in the white community know we we think that. It erroneously that while Jesse Jackson he must speak for all black people really he he he doesn't. And even people who. You might think would be -- Jesse Jackson's side found it very distasteful. That he would basically trying to fund raised off of Michael Brown. If it doesn't surprise me in the least. Jesse Jackson has not changed his stripes since the 1960s. It was a very famous picture of a truly great civil rights leader by the name of Dr. Martin Luther King. Dead on a balcony at a Memphis hotel with -- -- all around in his face covered with claw. And there you see a young Jesse Jackson and Jesse Jackson has parlayed that into a career as a race huckster. And I must tell you. Knowing a little bit about doctor Martin Luther king and his personality. And his world view. I certainly can't speak for him but my educated guess is he would be appalled. At what Jesse Jackson has done -- his life. I know he would be appalled by the events in Ferguson. And furthermore let me state something else here about Dr. Martin Luther King that many of you may have forgotten about. In the 1960s. He took crap for everybody. The white establishment. Led by. -- asked Martin Luther King tried setting him up with parties. They. Basically surveil them and kept his personal life under very very close and constant surveillance. He wasn't as saying nobody ever said Martin Luther King was this. And -- more militant blacks had an issue with doctor king's peaceful approach. So if you're taken crap from the white establishment. In -- taken crap for militant blacks. You've done something right with your life. And if you watch the Smithsonian channel. An excellent documentary which run from time to time on doctor Martin Luther King's final days. And -- brought this point up before. He tried leading a peaceful march in Memphis some young black men commandeered that march and -- asses of themselves. And Doctor King was absolutely. He was pissed off to the Nth Power. Because that was not what he stood. And he was truly a great great man not just for black people but for all Americans and it's my. You know it there are some people you wish you could have met for history. And he definitely is on my list oh my gosh to have him as a guest on the show to talk about Ferguson that's what you dream. But let's face it -- buffalo --

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