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8-18 Tom Bauerle Hour 1

Aug 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And I. I don't prefer taking administrative action. I'd rather see permanent fixes. To -- issue we face certainly that's true on immigration. I've made that clear multiple times I would love nothing more. -- bipartisan legislation to pass the house the senate. Land on my desk. So I can -- wherever and whenever. I can take felt without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do here. Com hourly and that's was -- within 200 feet of -- school. Or. It's life. It's local -- that this it's Tom hourly ask another question. Trying to get this much this isn't the real -- -- who wouldn't. -- -- Now and so on news radio 930. Here to tell you about an awesome place called new horizons. That does sound Boston public yeah. -- and it is hourly and -- radio I'm thirty WB the end so I'm a startup. Ask neighbors simple question. Paul do you believe in the Ferguson Missouri case -- -- -- Yeah well actually was released yesterday it's gone by roll and it appears. At least part of appear to confirm. Not the eyewitnesses account. That Michael Brown these so called gentle giant and that -- was dispelled I think on Friday successfully. But Matt that he was running away from the police. But the key was approaching. The police. Officer who fired the shots that killed him will get in to bat. Just ahead a little lit up to my FaceBook page those of you who I'll wanna go to -- it is Tom dot hourly in my last names spelled like Bauer is in Jack Bauer 24 just at BLE to the end. And you'll see a number of Tom Bauerle listings and the one you want is the one with that 111000 wherever it is likes. And that is a lot of your humble host in a tuxedo. And we will give it to the do believe in all of us and by the way I -- I think it's shameful. Bet there are groups out there that are exploiting. It's almost like they're trying to start a race war in America and almost as if they're trying to give this administration. The reason to declare some kind of a martial law. Situations and Ferguson Missouri another might be taking things too extreme I don't mean to go all you know Alex Jones idea. Although at five Alex Jones to be increasingly imports of truth. As -- increasingly distrust a lot of what I read see and hear in mainstream media and I always encourage you guys. Just for the record. I think one of the few people actually says don't. Ever take my word for anything doing your own research to your -- looking up your own thinking do all the critical analysis. Because. That is to anyway what is important in this whole scenario now before going into the dictators but today's show. I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge a couple of things number one. -- how many people listen to the cigar Dave show which we aired here on WB -- saw last Saturday nights from seven until mine. Well for a few years now cigar Dave has been at least part of an hour. Of every one of my Saturday nights because he's done well on generally getting into Olympic drama house are getting ready to go out or whatever. And the first time I ever heard that we aired a show called cigar a day of the general. My first thought was you have got to be kidding me a two hour show all other radio cigar is really. I was incredulous not angry just incredulous. I can. And then I start listening to -- I couldn't turn it off. And that with every succeeding show I found it more and more interesting because -- like the financial guys with money. Cigar Dave also introduces. Elements against the pleasure police and the pleasure police are not exactly a -- either a favorite people in the world in fact I've often remarked. That isn't -- interesting -- love and peace and hugs generation of the 1960s. When I got older turned into the biggest bunch of controlling nanny state freaks in the world. You know they they they turned into basically the the moral dished up well. And and they've turned it you know it they've turned things all upside now. And it's just weird weird weird but anyway cigar -- the smoke on the water to smoke on the water to. But it was smoke on the water for. At the buffalo launched well I'm -- -- on Saturday at this all out of after about 450. People underneath a very nice tent at the buffalo launch club. And folks -- all that I've just got to tell you this one's. Around this time next year when you -- cigar Dave talking about it when you start hearing ads on this radio station for smoke the order which cigar Dave. Buy your tickets get your tickets. It is some of the most fun I personally have had in a very. Very very. Very long time first of all cigar Dave general you let -- -- is he's from buffalo originally. He lives in Tampa now in fact he's the only person I think who ever listened to me when I worked in Tampa at the radio station down there. Along with the other people who. Did quite well in the business it was just a situation of a badly managed and -- -- radio station with a really bad future. And we kind of paid the price for it. I smell the handwriting on the wall and I got out of there about a week before everybody got fired. Because I just knew that it wasn't gonna have a voice told -- my radar was an excellent professional. And that's what -- went to Saint Louis. But it on the short of it is it's not about me it's about cigar cigar is just a tremendous host he's a great showman. And the people I have the chance to meet on Saturday it was an absolute freaking blast. And let's just say there's you know that I've got a six -- to humor I don't really ever try to hide bad. But I knew it was going to be a very special day filled with mirth merriment and laughter. Because the guys with -- I was going was supposed to meet -- in my house but we've. Ran into one of those scheduling things so I said you know what. We just meet at Bellevue park right by the Grand Island bridge it's -- -- way it's on my way just meet there and we'll just go to the event that your. Because he wanted to be seen in my car pulling up to the event so all that would make you wanna BC in the car that's important -- anyway. I know it was going to be fun as hell. Win. That's just imagine there's you've got a guy in a public park standing outside a parked car. Another car pulls into -- lot of a public park. Guys standing beside a parked car gets to the car which has just pulled into the lot. Well. Know enough about how the world operates understand what most people's perception at that very all the would have -- That they have just witnessed exactly -- Craig's list dog I'd look up. And the funniest thing of all is we'd both. Said the same thing at the same time and we just cracked up. So that was the beginning of what turned out to be about an eight hour day I thought there by noon 1 o'clock. And it was like 03330. By the time. But time I got home but it was great meeting everybody at that smoke on the water three it was a cigar Dave event. And they were actually I have no intentions of being on the here. I think you guys will be well. -- to know that I would never try to crash somebody else's event especially somebody on the radio because that's just what small timers there. And they were kind enough to as if I'd like to make a brief appearance on the show of course I said yes. I was a guest of cigar gives -- the very least I can do. And I was very honored to be on with cigar -- For my you have thirty seconds of that national -- might have been a minute but but for like thirty seconds or a minute about fame. And it was I did the best part of Saturday was just had a chance to meet so many listeners bet Dave and I share. Because we basically in many respects I talk about the same kind of stuff Richard he talks are a lot about you know Al -- adult beverages like nations like -- -- -- And and I really you know that's not that's not really my bag but really my bags simply because of calories not because of some moral compunction I have against that alcohol because. I really don't I save my calories for protein bars my ultimate source of sustenance in life especially since that they're very bad trip. To -- Dominican Republic and I didn't put all the pictures I have up on FaceBook. And by the way. The fact that you guys were lining up to take pictures with -- And the beautiful ovation in the you gave me. It really you know what I get a ticket meant so much to me -- you have no idea. How that touched me it really -- -- Don't ever think that that stuff I take for granted because I don't. And it was. The only thing I wanna say is. If you had your picture taken with me you know that yesterday. I set do you wanna be -- wanted to put the picture up on FaceBook. And most of you said yeah and I. There were so many people and this -- I'm still stunned binders you're Sony people wanna get their picture taken with -- answer regard. Bet I lost track of the names. So if your picture is on FaceBook and I did not -- your name it means that I just could not make the connection between your face and the name. So just sent me an email if you want your name with a picture of me on FaceBook I'll be happy to put your name. On yet to be real specific about what you're wearing what you look like and you know where the picture is in order. And I'll be happy to do that because. It really. It is the best part of it was have a chance to. Meet all you guys on I didn't really have a chance to watched. Listen to what cigar Dave was saying it's like listen to the rebroadcast on Saturday night. But it was it was -- right so the bottom line is a wanna thank the general cigar Dave. Now for many kind mrs. I'll sort of thing you guys for your many kind mrs. And just tell you that it was a blast for me. And I -- a bigger next year and when you start hearing about smoke on the water for coming to Grand Island for cigar Dave please do yourself a favor do not miss out on the people are absolutely. Sensational. There was a camaraderie -- collegiality in the air that you will look fine in many places so just remember. Not cigar days. And you go to web sites were easy to find is -- cigar Dave on your Google or whatever search engine used. And you get more information on him and it really is a great guy. And that's it just. They -- magnificent magnificent post. -- is a fellow radio guy. The -- it was a riot for me because we basically all. People who do this for a living have the same kind of personality type I've I've always talked a personality types and professions. But. If you'll notice right before he was given one on the year. He could be laughing and joking and having a great time ten seconds before he had -- of the year. Absolute complete and total focus and then this switch goes on. -- -- becomes cigar Dave the performer and I was just thinking of myself. -- we are Brothers we are Brothers behind the microphone. So it was a blast so anyway that's the that's the fun stuff that I wanna mention today and I do again wanna thank. You very very very very much. For the many kind words you guys gave me on on Saturday and you guys made me feel like African rock star so thank you. -- -- -- -- AccuWeather clear tonight the overnight low 55 it's very very nice outside if you have a chance to get out there right now it's one of those days -- the clouds are there it's a little bit on the cool side but at the sun is shining on you you're gonna kind of feel like -- it might actually summer. And Giambi at temperature right now is other guests. -- at a gas over the State's 78 what is -- 73. 73 at news radio I'm thirty. WB the end so get. As much as I would like law and order and peace to prevail. In this situation out of Missouri. The political. Aspects of this I find. Reprehensible. Because here's what we know. Michael brown and again folks. I don't care what you look like. Michael Brown. Is not a hero. Michael Brown was not a hero. Michael Brown was a guy. Who. What's called. Your -- is a gentle giant. Gentle. Giants by definition. Do not rough up a very small Pakistan any looking. Candy store clerk and rip off a box of cigars. In what is called a strong armed robbery. Gentle. And ripping the guy off are incompatible terms. So the myth that my goal was his gentle giant. Who had never done up bed thing and his wife -- -- was just walk into his grandmother's house and you know that's all that he was about how that's submit. And I hope. That the police releasing the video on Friday at least served the purpose of dispelling the myth. That somehow Michael Brown was the state and the only reason he was shot by cops was because he was black. And on the streets of ma Ferguson Missouri. It just isn't so it just is not a -- Okay can we agree -- -- any reasonable person the key word there being reasonable. Will be the first to say Michael Brown did not act like a gentle giant. It to that -- in the candy store. And I've heard some pretty asinine things out there in that in the media like other federal real video of the police Photoshop that video. Really. Market first of all. Photo shopping by professional forensic photographic experts is very easy to detect. So wrong why would the Ferguson police put themselves in a position for even greater rights it even more disturbances. Are releasing a video which could demonstrably be shown to have been far -- They wouldn't. That's stupid. So strike one. Michael Brown was not a hero. Michael Brown is not Martin Luther King. Martin Luther King was zero. Michael Brown acted at least that day like a criminal not like a man of peace not like a gentle giant. Now as to the that's one issue. Now as to these circumstances. Involving his depth. He's shooting by the police. There have been two divergent accounts from. Number one is that. Michael Brown was just this innocent kid walking down the street and the cop gunned them down like a dog in the middle of the street. Because he was a young black man. That's the first narrative the second narrative there's the police narrative which is Michael Brown was the target of justifiable. Use of deadly physical force by a law enforcement officer because he wet for the cops gone. And that was in a position of attacking the police officer when he was shot. That is narrative number two. That the -- troops and upside is that the police officer was justified in his use of deadly physical force against Michael Brown -- Not because Michael Brown was a large black eighteen year old but because the police officer being trained in. Self defense in the league -- the lead -- legality surrounding self defense of justifiable use of deadly physical force. Acted according to and within the bounds of the law. Now. There is a video. That is out. And the video we shot after the shooting but the conversation. In the background. I don't how admissible this would be in court. But the conversation in the background is pretty interest. Because it tensions in moderating -- to support the police version of what happened in the shooting of Michael brown and not the eyewitnesses in the neighborhood. And what they had this. Now stewardess who you believe in this entire mess in Ferguson. If I had asked a simple question -- do you believe. What do you believe what don't you believe. 8030930. Is the phone number 8030930. Start I had thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB -- its -- 326 it's. Look at -- Saratoga have. It is. I think I'm gonna have the arms it's going to be. 600. I just don't think have a choice I just now after. Guys I am saying and 1600. Deceased and fourth -- center. Fourth -- center. Yeah. You know what I do. I would lock down quit my job -- become a professional Steely Dan -- Yet if I could just get my hands at some of that hyper stealth Campbell gear I can't speak. To virtually undetectable. Although I Bristol can be defeated at least. It's as someone. Anyway it is 335. At -- right now somebody saying how do you know about that. It is 'cause it's novel it's on the Internet it's it's amazing start to release anyway. I let you guys even know the virtual and visibility is here in its. It's just get America on the Internet no it's not it's a real company it's call -- they'll check out images for an amazing. All right and why all of our guys in Afghanistan don't have it is just that beyond. -- -- -- It is at 335 news radio 930 WB parts of you believe in the media Missouri. Rioting. The shooting of Michael Brown at all. My FaceBook page and we have to be careful what we're gonna give your job you're gonna make doubly sure because there are some bad words in the video. Now. Yeah I don't want to go there because there's a difference between FCC fine noble and it. People just complaining. And I don't wanna put the company into a situation of -- definable. So we're gonna have to make sure that even though the witnesses speaking from heart is that baseball player did after Libya. Marathon bombing just make sure we doubly re doubly checked that there are any. All words and whatever we're gonna -- bottom line is folks. It looks like. The eyewitnesses who claimed Michael Brown was shot. Unjustly by the cops. Did not see. Reality. Because what the witness in the background of this video describes. Corroborates what a friend of the officer who killed brown said it to the friend shortly after the shooting. That Michael Brown was shot. When he started running. At the top. After what was a scuffle. In or around the police vehicle. The officer was hit. Another look -- also questions. Did brown try for the gun the cop hat. Maybe. Maybe not. The autopsy. Now folks. I've talked to doctor Michael -- and I wish I could remember the specifics I don't remember whether it was the DJ -- case. Were the -- it -- county case I just don't remember. But I remember feeling after I talked to him and again it's only a feeling I had. That doctor Baden basically if you pay doctor Baden. I did you want a decade ago there. We it was a feeling map based on fact it was a feeling like okay I know he's really well known. Everybody's seen or heard of doctor Michael -- but is he in fact the best forensic pathologist there is. Or is he -- expert for higher how's that an expert for higher. All right let's go to. Taught in the Cheektowaga on WB yet Tom what do you make what's gonna happen in Ferguson and all of -- ramifications. In rioting and all that nonsense. Well I think I don't know if you watched. Achieving what aspect did you see that state police score into the church. -- Obviously more of the state police are in Ferguson and they've basically taken over the spurs going into the church no. Or even in the church and told -- he was ordered out. And he understood. What was going on -- on the view this -- their fourth down. OK after Wilson. Well he you know he's their capital Wilson has actually been a moderating force. Everybody in Missouri law enforcement knows and respects this guy he's not -- and and he is he's not to be a no nonsense guy. Well there rupturing form. All. Written which. Okay back. That's not necessarily a bad thing and the police -- with the book the pollution the other side of the people to protect and to server. Yeah right right well actually I look at it from another point if he. Reach into the policeman's car with no right to do that -- a lot and he's obviously not a good person. Apparently this person is parents can bring it up properly. Bulky wouldn't be like that. All the parents just reached -- much responsible or do I get up. Well eighteen years old he is a young man he is an adult in the eyes of the law at least for most practical purposes he can vote -- -- could have voted eighteen and I do a lot of things at eighteen year old in due course now the new widget that is 26 and before too long you'll be fifty group we are considered an adult. But. Vet today what we know is I think -- reasonable doubt. Michael Brown was not a gentle giant Michael Brown had committed a strong armed robbery the -- did not know that he was a suspect in the stronger armed robbery but obviously Michael Brown -- -- -- -- Exactly that's the best part and didn't see -- album like it didn't pop or come up with their own home to ensure your pictures about you know life. He was -- action for what he did. -- There is gay. Video. And no problem not from our. People that wanted to see him. Not be shot he. I don't know it is I don't know that there is a video from the people. Expand it sure rose to shoot it that the incident for beginning and I don't know I've not seen that one. On what what what I thought you were talking about her earlier where someone had taken. A picture of the tension and -- it was in the crowd. Yes I know this this happened the video question and if I did not properly communicate that thank you for bringing it to my attention the video that I reference signature at the top of my FaceBook page. Was taken the filming of it started minutes after Michael Brown was shot and killed it does not capture the -- Okay. -- number one if he had his arms up near contention for a time in the arm he did in his arms both arms up in the air away. Guys kept 45. Saw the other so they want it to be that that's what it's all well. Okay that he you know I said here here's the thing gets its uncanny how good they amateur stuff I should last week. The key is going to be in eyewitnesses are always gonna have different accounts of what happened its very nature of eyewitness testimony you solid guy who's well familiar with the the key is going to be forensics at what angle did the did the shots penetrate Michael Brown. How close was the range. Of of the shots that penetrated Michael Brown. And I have only seen snippets of news conferences I have not read the full forensic reports if -- even available. Online. And isn't it interesting Powell. And again expert witnesses as a forensic pathologist we've already had three autopsy done with a fourth on the way. I think there's a fourth on the way. How is it that you've got these experts. Who look at the same set of circumstances who seem to have come to different conclusions. About what. About the circumstances of Michael Brown's -- It reminds me when John McCain actually or not Ronald -- We're just finish this one thought and I'll shut up but if you're Barbara when John Hinckley shot Ronald Reagan and used the not guilty by reason of mental disease would be -- defense. That some experts said yes John Hinckley is absolutely insane and other experts equally trained equally a courtroom certified said. No he is as save as you or hide. Maybe -- but perhaps you are going there. Now I. You know that's really all I had to check other than that you've watched big car. Nurseries -- right outside the studio which is very disconcerting at that I ever watch what. -- car and chief it would not pleased when -- that people still would try our day. The driveway and they shut the car down time and that. Car. Should make -- -- what the -- -- -- -- all should become a million times yes. While I don't go and learn OK -- -- -- -- -- -- You're you're black -- white. Those. Are criminals are criminals. Away the first -- -- else about the. One of the get through last week to. Because I did a brilliant -- -- on racial rioting in America in the nineteenth century last week. To dispel the myth that somehow black people are born with some gene that makes them more likely to quiet the white people I think I successfully debunked that -- I also wanna say something else. Bet there are. It's great consternation. In East Coast America during the 1880s. Over the jubilation received by Jesse James in Saint Joseph, Missouri after he was murdered and even when he was on his robbing spree people couldn't figure out this guy is a thought. He's a murder he's a killer he's a robber why. Our kids and some grownups emulating him. And I might add Bonnie and Clyde and John Dillinger all of shell had cult following of -- people who were half. Happy to see Bonnie and Clyde and John Dillinger taken it to the man in the banks now the fact they killed innocent people you know they'd -- completely forgot that. What what what all the withdrawal into that took out your 2000 what about this guy that -- and trooper. And he's in jail. I won't say I won't say his name BP -- initial but I refused to say is live at the request to friends of mine of -- Right. Well again -- That and that's that's EU you have successfully helped me complete my point. That it's not just some black people who emulate the -- lifestyle there is -- human sickness and I don't know what it is I don't know we call Robin Hood disease I don't know we call people in need of real life action toys. But there are some people on this planet who decide that victory -- they're gonna throw in their lot with people who commit some very heinous acts whether they be black or white. But any time they go against authority. I don't understand the psychology and I never will but I guess that's because -- mentally healthy. Allegedly. There's there's going to water bottle it's just it's a you know that schools -- -- 47% graduation ratio and they want kids to go to a one of the better schools. -- -- if it is more like 50% now if you're talking about awful high school graduation rates unless I missed a statistic that there should be blowing my mind. But look at Tom alleged call and thanks for your concern. Our folks so what are you believe what -- believed and what don't you believe. In in Ferguson Missouri. What what do you believe what don't you believe I don't believe Michael Brown was a gentle giant. I'm also less and less inclined to believe the reports of the eye witnesses who say Victor basically. Michael Brown was shot dead simply because he was an eighteen year old black man walking down the street minding his own business going to grandma's house. But that's almost two -- What's missing in the fact you were a beauty. By the way beanie hats were big in the urban centers of America for about one minute -- about 1992. And if you -- if you bought one I'll never tell anybody I won't name names. 347. At news radio 930 WB EN cool and what do you believe or not believe out of Missouri. Were I used to live but don't ask any questions about it because it was like a drive through community for me on the way from saint Charles. In two Saint Louis to buy hourly on WB. And that'll be clear tonight the overnight low 55 degrees tomorrow some clouds some sun nice and 79 at 73 right now WB EM. We will be carrying the president's. Thoughts and remarks on the situation in Missouri live here at WB MW scheduled starting time is 4 o'clock. If he does actually come out for it will represent I think the first time in his presidency was actually umpire for anything except vacation. But that will see what happens. I'm not a big fan of this president. And in general if you -- an additional long enough you'll find them not really big -- -- -- most politicians in general are let's go to jolt in the Orchard Park -- WB in general high. Tom you're -- call in Oregon about captain Ronald dump some of the state police don't expect comments he made in the church. Really got them riled up to you later apologized for doing it and some people think that that may have. From about fuel for the riot last night. He good he says when this -- all over. Is that I'm Bernard cinema to go to my son's bedroom and in our -- I'm aware that he parent. And they all -- not. In the senate where it is baseball at crooked and that all went out and has tattooed all over -- arm and -- -- not in apologize for doing. I -- it there was it's no different from the streets calm after the -- one outnumbered are. Well he also. The same guy this captain Johnson made it. OK I have to ask you what do you find patently offensive about what the police officers. An opportunity. I don't know I would say that I think which is to get some wild like that we basically. Giving you the stereotypical. Black teenager. And you're basically going to hold up his son who is being shot down by law are a law but a man. With the stereotypical. Outlook on the contrary to -- a hard time put the stereotypical black teenager or the stereotypical teenager I'd -- eastern hills mall who is white. OK I mean I IC. I see your point and he did apologize -- on what basis that he apologized because but I'm curious. Well like it. There aren't what they Turkey which are basically saying things that would keep her own cop and he got a -- up at the end and I guess after talking to a superior he apologized for doing that let. Well I'm glad I'm glad you cleared that up at the same guy I in fairness to the captain I should point out also said there's a big difference between night and day in Ferguson. And that at night the scum bags came out with a Molotov cocktails taunting the cops. Yeah no I definitely think he did get better and I think you're -- in the states where there were talking about what you believe practical article down. I ST I mean I want a big market would never do anything like and he's going to college. And -- -- police -- he would never do that. And if that film in the door. Showed him go in there and shop lifted up his pants and walked out I can believe that there is that you would still think it's. Paul pulled out there are a lot of a lot of talk you -- I I need to break but don't don't hang up on money up on you but I have to break on WB.

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