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8-18 Beach and Company Hour 3

Aug 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And we are back with the Beijing dominated here you have an events going on which has turned into a circus this shouldn't surprise us. Usually when things happened like this the give -- the the professional. Circus acts as an opportunity to get on the national stage they jump on. And you talk about inflammatory. For those of you figure was inflammatory. To release the tape. Of the personal ended up dead. Michael Brown. I don't think that's a that's inflammatory at all. They didn't doctored the tape -- and data and photo -- the tape it's the tape. The tape shows him robbing a store with a companion. The combat is -- one later who said who told press that Michael was though was running away -- his hands up. Trying to surrender -- a shot from now the insinuation -- that would be the shot him in the back. I don't know who shot from the front according to a Michael -- who did the autopsy for the family the second autopsy the private one. -- don't get another one coming -- Eric Holder who strangely enough seems to be at work today. You know all of these are things where called -- should be involved we never hear from him except in cases like this. But to get me an idea how inflammatory this can be Benjamin Crump -- a lawyer for the brown family said quote. Nothing based on the facts before us justifies the exit fusion style murder. By this police officer and broad daylight -- said he and the brown family were flabbergasted. That the police would release security camera photos from a store. Which the police say show brown but none of flow of Wilson. So here he's saying it's X acute she and style when in -- -- zone these rock. It was an XQ should sciele. And it but it's inflammatory is throwing gasoline on -- making it seem even more outrageous than you possibly could've bought it was in the first place. Forget the process forget justice. Forget the law -- going gets them let's break into the liquor store gets some free blows let's throw Molotov cocktails let's -- the police -- Let's general civil unrest let's all chant together get our signs and at the end -- wins nobody wins everybody loses but that's what they do. This is what they do they don't expect justice. They don't care about shots this here's what they've got they've got -- their mind what happened. And they've got in their mind their preconceived why always me card and they're applying it. Bottom line is nobody wants in eighteen year old yet to get shot and I certainly. I -- use or go to Chicago. There's a lot of it there I don't see any protesters there maybe it doesn't quite fit the plan maybe Eric Holder would want to prosecute Rahm Emanuel. Tony come -- C a -- you wanted to make a point. One of the things that I was reading was off footlocker was one of the stores targeted. So my question was how was a new pair of sneakers help you get over injustice. Exactly the Paris makers what is this an opportunity to commit a crime that you consider lesser than the crime your protest thing. Well seeing -- if you believe that he was unjustly shot. And you can commit most crimes. Why not here's an opportunity they certainly aren't gonna arrest another black man are -- for stealing liquor. And yet if you saw the video it almost looked like while those videos on -- He kept saying people -- truly broken front window of the liquor store. And come out with liquor going and come out with -- tell me what that has to do with justice. Pillaging a yeah business does that have anything to do it justice course. It's an opportunity for you to break the law under circumstances that might be favorable to -- the way it's looked upon. Let's go to fill in -- failure on WB -- Yet it can't really on FaceBook -- truly to be reporter. Analyst. You know and he had -- national news program. You know it. The report on the officer that was wrongly. Identified -- -- true rumor. And he also did some reporting on the street there's some interest in that came out all the there'll that your read it. And make up your own mind. But I think what's going on here you know we we depend on where chuck it. And in this case -- American there was risk management they wanted to do everything you know accountability for every shot taking him and what's going on and people forget that absolutely love that. And on -- or laws were any provocation towards an officer or attempt at provocation. You've got yourself in a real lot trouble. What god and and here's a story would vest that. You know. Via video of people kept getting angrier and angrier as the story unfolded they started at a certain point. And they were told that he was shot that's basically what they were told. And they were angry -- -- they found out something that didn't fit their case and they got angrier than something else that didn't for their case and they gotta grit they got angrier and angrier the more I didn't fit their case. The -- situation. Is -- character yeah -- the story and a bet that the longer this goes on the more people usually comes down there. You might not have control of the situation nick but that -- -- you know but it -- small community can only do what they can do. The sad part is so you know hyper strip there were not and shut another -- -- the other two shot that and it. So it all and it's not until actually on the court but I'd take. What ever vehicle or whatever out there. It's taken advantage of the situation. And just make incendiary remarks and just. Redeemed -- playing all higher than what it should be. You got that you're gonna. Have. Fun out. You know you know -- topic that audible for every shot he. Exactly the process says there's a new way to do that with every shooting of course visit there's an investigation and report whatever they didn't care about the process now they have -- a reason and excuse to do what they want a bill and then now they're doing it thank you. Thank you very much Michael -- said six shots. Four on the arm to in my head from up front it's important to recognize that because that would immediately. This proven this is their autopsy by the way what Michael Baden. There was a police autopsy which we've not seen the results from. There's Michael bonds autopsy very well respected and he's been on the morning -- Johns Susan it's as he was involved with the OJ case. And there's another national one coming up. We're gonna have an update from him in CBS. Eleventh morning so we'll -- we'll Biden yeah okay good eleventh money so keep it right here. Are so a Biden says six shots. Four in the arm. Two in the head from the front. But nobody you know what nobody's asking nobody's asking what led up through the six shots. Was the officer be in in definite. Fear for his life. Nobody really cares about that the people the poll that are doing this don't care about justice you kidding me. Okay it's up free bottle of -- it's facetime. Is standing -- little little guy who knows we can get out of this. The last the last a person of interest they have in their mind is is Michael Brown Michael Brown is just the reason for the circus. He's not a he's not a part of it anymore. But you don't -- -- -- merges them. His reputation because of people see a video of him robbing a store they're going to think of him. As a thief will be back after this. Well this is a teachable moment. You really as we just heard a report from CBS. CBS Wachovia bigger news organizations we have in America. Now I want you to think of one other Bausch from CBS just said. About Michael Baden and his assistant. During the press conference. I'm -- bosh did you mention unarmed teenager. -- Odds of something else though. She left out something that one would consider important. And this is CBS. She left out the fact. That he was shot. From the front. Now of that is one of the most important parts of the autopsy it shows that. Indeed he had been shot in the back which was what who led to believe by his. His partner in crime there was India the store -- demo robbing at. That he was he was running away. -- his arms up. And that he was shot so well or assumption which way he was shot in the back. Now there aren't many circumstances that I can think of that you would be justified shooting somebody in the back -- there have been a Miami aren't. But if these shots from upfront. One of the -- of the prerequisites -- look at as far as whether it's a bullet shooting quote unquote -- another legal. Is if the orient and physical danger of your life what -- -- not much dangerous somebody's running away. But when a guy his size. Is coming at you or in front view and they said that that I'm a bit because he was shot from front. That wouldn't that wouldn't and other words you you would have a right to believe that that's the waited and unfurled. That you were in danger when they're coming at you not running away -- Out. She left how. Now you tell me what kind of a reporter or editor leaves out perhaps the most important part of alt break. She's left and so that's what you've learned through. To navigate these waters because they're gonna put in things nicely today. Because it's it's the press that just point and stuff that works with the scenario and fees that he narrative. And then not important stuff that maybe it works against you I'm talking about. You know again really for it would have been -- -- shot in the back -- weaken -- Real media circus with that but it coming forward. It was huge it was -- -- live -- officer felt it was. It was gonna die in the shoot him and so defense doesn't play as well you know. This is my break up -- home. I find that totally irresponsible. -- really do something like that remembered at a church there are sins of commission. And there are sins of omission. This and in case of this case of -- dubious report was a sin of omission. Now I don't all the gonna have another one scheduled Tony who was the twentieth we're gonna have an update and 3131. OK let's play this together shall we boys and girls. At thirty Juan let's see if CBS mentions that he was shot from -- Frans. Which is absolutely. Essential to this story. And if not Tony and it was an emblem. Really because it's totally irresponsible to leave out a fact like backed. Let's go to Sam's who -- Sam says in Rochester Samuel W via. They do so. And so we're gonna hand. The federal government involved I heard that one of the reports that the federal are happy yes and Eric -- making. Noise about getting involved this should be. -- commander are counted matter whatever federal government had not been the only reason. There and arming themselves. Is because there are black men were sentenced to which that's -- problem. Is closed. The parent being militaristic and have the State Department. And company reports I read out years were police. Arrive at a crime -- Well it you know. Standard that weapon and are still nine millimeter power of the approach that ever. He never met with Jack with the Tutsis and automatic weapon -- Italy of course but. Doesn't mean that you're not gonna get killed. That Eric -- So what the least of our partner added they have decided to go when with -- overkill potential. That particularly suited -- but you want to dampen. Ability -- -- opinion and if you can't. Well you know that was the whole theory of the Cold War. Where wrote -- Russia and red China I -- just. Well it was we all have the ability to in the world but if any of them started it's going to definitely not be good for anybody so nobody dead. You're right if you have if you look at that forces say. Maybe we better go home and rethink this as better than. -- and I don't know what they want him dressing clowns outfits. Well you know my local papers a Democrat in panic and you're relegated here paper -- democratic -- They try to be. And it -- but. There. About it. They cried because there -- -- here and I'll always now. There are entitled. To their head because. You don't -- that apparently killed your outlook. You're just don't you just disable them so that they don't lose the will provide -- Q okay we're gonna play the game. In a minute we're gonna hear from CBS again. Let's see if they actually report that Michael Baden said that he was shot from a front which is essential. To the news story or they leave it out like -- bosh left the last. Will be back on news radio I'm thirty WB. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WD EA and that call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and star nine journey and our toll free line is 1806169. 9236. We tobacco vision dominating I'm I'm disgusted the bills are really down but they haven't bosh didn't cover the Titanic story. Shorter reported that that Titanic as the biggest ship ever -- -- just left North Hampton and and it's he can't thank -- -- and and that's all -- reported. She wouldn't report that -- Thank god how can do that story about say that the shots came from the front and she's done it twice. Because what if the shots came from -- back. There'd be a lot more fury over this assembly because there being no chance that the policemen. Was in any danger. A vote being hurt or killed if somebody's running away from them. And that's that's part of the of fuel that angered this of this riot is going on now. But one -- -- Bodden who is the family. Person hired them. Higher bar a button to do the autopsy very well respected it was a part of the OJ case. When he comes out with his pronouncement that shot six times four times in the arm and twice in the head. From both front. Okay change is all and hauled. Chain -- because now if this very large guy. Is charging you and that may be probably my guess is what the police say when this all on on polls. He's coming -- you is their nominee's running away from you much difference a total different story. And she didn't think it was important enough to include either in either of her breaks the fact that the shots came from the. What's amazing to me is how this has become political event. Much more than it was a -- story now we have people with. Right side ideology. -- -- the facts trying to breakdown exactly would happen and then we have people with left side. Ideology. Know it is that cop is guilty that sits so we're gonna make a story fit that and nevermind the fact. And here here's the mindset. Let us not give a benefit of the doubt that a policeman whose job it is to. The serve and protect. Let's go with the faith. Well the police are automatically guilty creative employees are always automatically guilty and the -- is always the innocent one. You know what screw that up that today. And that really screwed it up and because it showed it was he wasn't a choir practice just before he died. He was he was a -- he was robbing a store with a different. -- now is that we're dying over now of course. But you can understand that when you're involved -- these sorts of things that things can happen. Bad things can happen it shouldn't be surprised when they do. But the bottom line is they didn't -- and they're not letting the process take over. The process says we're going to investigate this weather -- independent investigation local national knows what. I'm sure there will be several FBI's involvement out Department of Justice we know that Eric holder's call amount. But the bottom line is the process. We'll we'll sort this out. And then a decision will be made whether it was justified or not. They've bypassed that they're not even talking about that all they're talking about is just there's no justice no peace. I just this and they don't want pace -- things up fraud. They -- -- because it gives them a national stage of outrage. But the outrage diminishes. Our lot when you find out that he was shot in the front. But the CBS report that though. Just unacceptable. Would be interesting him Michelle mall can posted this of Lowell will welcome a toxicology report. When is that going to be released what is going to say so what if and I'm just completely thrown off the beat if it comes back that he had alcohol in his system how's the mainstream press gonna spin -- Now well every time they've gone to the next level is because they got knows that didn't fit what they wanted to at the -- he got it I mean think about like this they. The big dog they didn't want the state of emergency. They didn't they don't want the curfew. They don't want the fact a local police will wearing of militaristic uniforms and had militaristic weapons. The video and -- -- showing him as an innocent unarmed black guy. He was they think who happened to be an unarmed black guy but that's that doesn't fit the scenario. The rioting doesn't fit the scenario the looting and burning. Of a Molotov cocktails none of that fits the the scenario they want it to be. Is where outraged. Morally because a police officer token in this life. That doesn't work. With any of these backs but they don't care it doesn't matter. I don't peace no justice. How fraud. I think even carry a sign that says that -- -- -- has signed there while you're throwing a Molotov cocktail. Tend to believe -- pieces and your top choice okay. Justice what do you want this would be an interesting question. Do you want. You want us to drag the policemen out like he's some prison or war. Like a downed pilot or something is that what you want. What you want for justice and how are you gonna get there without going through the process. What are we gonna have a popular vote. It's going to be like Dancing With The Stars you're gonna get that to vote bottom line is going to be a social media event what is going to be. How the hell do you get justice without the process. We have a process for justice it is tried and true is it perfect of course not but it's the best one in the world but they don't want that. So I'd like to know a simple question would be how do you intend to get to justice. Without the process. There's no way answered that is there. Because what they're doing is not justifiable. Because you you have a perceived outrage doesn't allow you to break the law. It doesn't allow you go to -- -- a -- it doesn't allow you to throw Molotov cocktail. Doesn't allow you to break the windows not a vote liquor store and you'll -- all your friends and neighbors go -- -- -- shelves out. It doesn't allow you to do any of that you know it's a pesky thing called a courtroom that's how we decide things. But they don't care about that no peace no justice bush. Will be back after -- we're asking the basic question because there's so many aspects of this a story. Is this the best of America in Ferguson Missouri or is this the worst of America. And the premises the best of America says our constitution. Guarantees us the right to assemble and people have been assembling. The right to protest and people have been protests and -- right of the free press. To tell a story and the free -- by Aaron telling. A story certainly. And those so those of the three main ingredients. Of why it could be the best of America why could be the worst of America. Is this sort of thing has been happening and happening with too much regularity. Where people. You lose and events as a spark as a jumping off a spot to bring their own agenda and actually hijacked the regional reason. The original reason probably included people from the area. And family and friends and schoolmates and whatever. And that maybe public officials. And then they got hijacked. People coming from all over the country this is what happens the bosses are rolling the Al -- world ready ago. And the same thing with a Jesse Jackson's the troublemakers some of the first people arrested were from Texas. And so they see an opportunity not as a wrong being committed that they have to speak out against. But as this is where the national stages. This is where it is and I wanna be part of and so when that happens is is swirls out of control. And unfortunately. Everything that's been released or as the chronology exist everything we learned. Made that less of an effort to make -- a major national story. If you follow my drip and what was happening that is the people who came there from out of town -- a little disappointed. They wanted a bigger arm bigger arm bigger story not one that's diminished by everything -- released. In other words you can't sell the fact. The Michael Brown on his an innocent eighteen year old black kid. Who was unarmed and a shot by the big bad policeman when Michael Brown has shown on surveillance video robbing a store. -- -- -- And you can't have he got shot in the back while running away with his hands up. And both of those eyewitness reports came from got slow the guy that was robbing the store -- Did did did they tell us that no not right away so that didn't play in the scenario. And this -- as the more unfolds the more we learn. The angrier the crowd got because they didn't have their original righteous indignation card deploy. And they don't like that. So the bottom line is you know who's going to be forgotten in this whole scenario is Michael Brown only on them of them. Funeral one will see that. And -- have vote you know of the usual look. Of people saying the usual things but I -- in the end. -- a big community obviously will not get healed on this or give me give not pass that put. Creative feel more comfortable with the fact that it wasn't. As grave and injustices that was pretty as it was presented although it's certainly sad to lose an eighteen year old. Regardless of the circumstances let alone being shot to death and eighteen. But what led up to it is the part they wanna leave out. These wanna leave -- out it's like a cop was just in the cruiser. And you know what nobody ever tries to put themselves. In the position of the cop. This was a very large -- Very large and he was coming Adam which have a -- eventually will lower and hopefully. That he was coming atom. And so went on when a policeman is facing a deadly force or thinks his life or her life might be in danger you are allowed to defend yourself have we taken that away. -- we said when you sign up to be a cop you gotta be so a credible to the politicians that you allow yourself to get beaten to -- -- but maybe killed. Have I don't think we gonna think cops sign up for that they sign up to enforce the law they're expected to enforce the law. The justice system is is given the job to prosecute. And that's that. But a lot of people wanna say anything because they don't wanna come from eight on the side of this that seems less sympathetic. To the fact that a family lost their rates in Euro. But when I see the head of the NAACP. On the national news shows. Yesterday saying that the police were obese merge saying Michael Brown's character. His reputation. By showing the video. All reality. Oh realty. Guy is robbing a store nobody questions that nobody questions that its -- Nobody questions that it's a robbery. Nobody questions that he has an accomplice nobody questions of fact he brushed aside -- store personality was the apply. Nobody questions that. But the tape speaks for itself. So if you -- demagogue this thing by saying your besmirching his character how brain dead -- you have to be to believe that. What kind of character do you have of your faith. I mean I guess there could have been worse things but -- -- -- but that is what we're dealing with here with the guy. Who wasn't just in the wrong place at the wrong time he was part of a wrong time. And so if you lose your life in the commission of that kind of a lifestyle or that kind of a situation. Certainly nobody's happy about it but it is gives you more of an understanding of what could lead what kind of circumstances could lead activists. And guess what now video of the National Guard has been called them. Have I'll think about like this. The protesters didn't like the local please don't like the way they dress -- like the armament they had an. And so big governor says were. Now we're going to withdraw the local boys we're putting -- state police then. And that seems to go very well because they had a captain aero was marching with the marchers seemed very like a calming influence captain Johnson of the state patrol. Seem like a solid citizen. Here's the problem with the protesters. This guy was black so they got to find a way to distance themselves from him. Because you don't wanna go after a fellow member you know talking about another black man was trying to calm things -- was doing a good job. And then it's -- and that flared up again. Well what happens now now they now they bring in the National Guard. The National Guard should be brought him in staying in states of emergency as one of the reasons we have the National Guard. But what's next. US army we're gonna bring in strategic air strikes what I was supposed to -- we sit back and we don't wanna say anything because somebody died. And it happened to be a young black guy that died and if you say anything you're totally insensitive -- probably racist of course you don't care. Just another black -- right. When really who's paying attention to Chicago. -- a black kids died there this weekend. A lot of and so that's where it goes the circus is in town and that's that's where we are now. It and you talk about hypocrisy those signs and that channel first of -- to have a good rally you've got to have a good chance at a good side. And it's though no peace no justice. Is just so hypocritical. The people carrying both sides don't want any peace but simple question to ask what the who wants. When he wants he wants to drag video cop out by the heels and drag him through the town squares Ochoa. Is that justice. What is justice and if you want justice how do you get there without the process is there a shortcut to justice. Is there a summary judgment that we don't have to go through all pesky things like testimony and depositions. And decisions by juries and judges. Is that where we've gotten in this country the Al Sharpton as a otherworldly. The prostitutes of the world will jump on any kind of road kill. And just run with a will you tell me how you get to justice without the process and you'll win the million dollar prize as far as them. Now the president is it is back in the office today it was scheduled before any of this one on. If he does make India. Any pronouncement I hope it's well thought out. Not like the Cambridge police who acted stupidly is -- recall was his quote. I do I eat those words with a beer in the backyard barbecue. I don't see you tomorrow morning at nine on newsreader and I'm thirty WB yeah. The -- movie which they never has to needs to be used she.

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