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8-18 Beach and Company Hour 2

Aug 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now we're back -- Beijing governor ray Adams and he leads yet I'm asking. The protests have Ferguson Missouri is this the best of America -- of the worst the American giving a thumbnail sketch. I think the best of America would encompass the fact that the right to assembly is there. Certainly the right to protest is there. As long as it's legally. Protest and the roar of -- is there are chronicling. A what's going on the worst of America is there are people waiting in the wings for some flare -- somewhere. Over some cause that they can rally behind. To cause trouble not that they're there to make life better after this is over. Or -- make ago life more understanding of each other -- there cause problems make no mistake about it Al Sharpton is they're you know the usual. Of the usual -- and if you think about the things that they're saying and doing solemn don't make any sense at all. As the example I used was the head of the NAACP on united national television news show saying that by releasing the video. Of -- Michael Brown. Robbing a store will vote with a friend of those. They were besmirched saying Michael Brown well pardon me I think Michael browse besmirched himself. When he -- part of -- took part in a robbery. Now I'm not happy he's gone he's dead. But when -- around things like this long and out the of the laws catch up with the law of averages. Look at Chicago every weekend it's a killing fields like Cambodia for crying out loud. And there's seems to be no concern about that. So if you look at that things are better of their complaining about now going beyond the shooting of them. For instance that was first described as he was running away with his hands up -- the -- -- the truth is now after Michael Biden's. As to that claim was made by the guy who was accompanying him in the hold up -- Look at Michael Barton doctor Michael -- Said that he was shot four times in the arm twice in the head. But the bullets came from the front so unless he was running backwards. -- that -- that turned out to be untrue. They were trying to present him as an innocent. Young team caught up but -- they put the video while the video shows him robbing a store. They don't want a state of emergency you'll what else would you do if you're the governor of course you'd -- -- an emergency they don't want a curfew. -- really done that doesn't make much sense to me. They don't want the police member of the original police the local police wearing uniforms that looked too militaristic. And having no weapons. Armored carriers and things like that which are militaristic. I don't think they get to make the call by the way the people breaking the law by Molotov cocktails. By a breaking and entering and looting. A by setting fires don't get too -- to make the wardrobe decisions for the police. And of those who would follow like the National Guard. Rioting looting burning Molotov cocktails and they go enough nerve to complain that the police are dressed properly. So I'd like to get your opinion on this Al sharpton's quoted here as usual. Unbelievable. We are not going to shut up. We're going to come together and have a real peace -- really. You really believe that Al Sharpton is they -- story real peace you globally people came from. Texas and California in different states or they're for real peace know they're there for a piece of the action. And I like your opinions as the best of the worst of the country let's go to Peter. In Ontario Peter you're on WB yen. -- -- -- We know the C you know that -- -- -- that girl trick but with the it's a little bit different it's been -- now out of America and urban model T clergy but. I thought he'd be gentlemen. You know some of the local African American these people picked it up enough. And an epic -- call and -- on this a bit more then it's been normal and you know I believe it's what you take a look at. -- -- scared or. That the gentleman that got shot by yeah there are no problem. -- And -- eating a police officer. OK all I'm sure that he was running away -- it ends up running don't shoot don't shoot all you know. Kwan and they've gotten sick or hurt all right. He saw when he or -- -- Guys like. All exports or real fight and sport go you can be that recuperate -- -- no respect for like they all act guys. No respect -- act. Patty what. We're about as real let down there and I think what's gonna happen -- People had enough he -- Of the Obama administration. -- -- -- you know keep -- up and and and and making it is all. Every every American division has been -- got so many years I think there's so many out there. Let's remember now. The united America's 70%. Black and all of that you probably all be fortunate if you don't art -- You know there's the and the last supper or that those people don't want -- to do is garbage. And I believe it at that we're gonna see it as. Well wouldn't get better. All right I agree -- you I think what happens is the cooler heads who say let the process prevail. Are being overwhelmed right now and I I don't think. I was discussing it with Tony as you just brought up 20. As well is that there is some some of the backlash is starting to come and even from African Americans good points thank you very much. I excellent points the if you know me here's what happens. If you don't if you don't let this be an opportunity to probe that the system works then it won't work for you I can just tell you that. The right way to handle this would have been this okay. Here -- the facts of the case. Here's the here's what the investigation shows. We have a police investigation we might have an FBI investigation. We have an independent. Investigation here's what it shows that it goes to the process. If if the policeman broke the law than the policemen broke the law that guide that process has to be followed. But they the opportunity. To approve the integrity of the community is not there now. A simply because of what's going on in the streets. So what do you hope to gain by that -- you wanna drag the other cop Loudon and make a public spectacle of him because he was a you might find out he was just doing his duty he was a -- trying to protect his own life. We don't know because we haven't heard that yet. But instead of letting that take its place the circus comes to town. The media is there of course because there's fire bombings. And there's anarchy basically in the streets and visual forms and that's why the police that's why the media is there. The usual suspects -- their for their own personal reasons but what isn't there is the process. Right now the force has to be met with floors you can't allow them marching on the street and and rampaging businesses and setting things on fire and in some cases even shooting at the cops can't be allowed it -- -- we're not yet. A -- level of this bill discourse in this country so you have to put an end to that. Meanwhile the process which should have been following the first voices is like -- slow motion while these other things have taken care of first. Because if the process worked. And and it showed the exactly what happened. And it can be verified what happened. If somebody broke the law find their punish him if they didn't their exonerated that would show that the process works they don't want the process to work. And it's certainly not right away they'd rather come in cause a spectacle cause all these problems trying to get something out of that first. And that what happens when it dies out and it will die out eventually of its dome a force it'll it'll die out what happens then. Nothing positive. Comes out of it. Instead of allowing the news via the two of the ways that are already set up to deal with situations like this you know allow. And that what happens -- -- don't gain anything from at the end so it's a fool's errand to try and believe that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. And the idea of the of the usual suspects -- there for peace or quiet or together and it's that is what the business that there will be back -- moral teaching them. The president is back in Washington this was scheduled. For him to go back today. Well before any of these problems. But every time he speaks on an issue like this. I hold my breath because he is what makes it wars remember when he said the -- the Cambridge police acted stupidly. And it turns out he got it all wrong and they had -- the beer summit remember that. Where he kind of had they had to kiss and make up because he just jumps headfirst into a situation like that of course Eric Holder is quick to act on a situation like this. Not so quick to act if PX at all not the situation so I just got my fingers crossed. Of that the president doesn't get too heavily involved. Obviously it's a serious situation and the governor has called -- the National Guard. And there's a state of emergency but let's not pretend things are a were different than they were wanted to happen. Let's not pretend this was some innocent now I'm not happy he's these data obviously. But -- let's not pretend this is some innocent teenager out for an ice cream Sunday at a big bad cop game and shot. Not quite the way it works and we all understand that blood that -- when you let the outsiders coming in hijack. A legitimate. Question a legitimate process. Then you lots. You'll have lost that because even when this ends and it will end eventually. When it -- you will not have gained anything. If you let the process goal of cooler heads have prevailed as the -- We don't like the fact that we just lost a member of our community. Who is who was gone at the age of eighteen. But there is a process that deal Lewis let's see if the process works. And -- letting gull and that if it works you defuse the situation but that is what you wanna share. Because if you are like that guys on television you don't wanna hear that the guy was robbing a store. You know I know that that's that's not important. You don't wanna hear any of it you want to believe he was shot in the back while running away and trying to surrender that's what you wanna believe because it furthers your ability to throw Molotov cocktail get a free bottle Bose may be a big screen TV. If those are still in in bowler was that just the Rodney King verdict. If if if you allow this to happen it shows. To the American people at large that you don't really care about the issue of whether this is a young man was shot or not you care about is is trouble and getting something for free by stealing it. Because you'll feel that the theft of that bottle of liquor of a box of cigars of a television set is less of agreements. Than him being shot so. Under the cover of you trying to protest something noble you're nothing but a thief. Let's face in -- about a thief. You throw Molotov cocktail -- you're nothing but a terrorist who happens to live here that's what it's about you don't care about the process. You don't trust you don't trust the process because guess what your whole life Cuban's -- fat. How if you do something and you screw up it's not your fault. And now it's coming home to -- as the famous minister once said. Because it couldn't possibly be your fault it's got to be the other guys fall that's the way it works. They don't trail by 30180616926. Are now at thirty. Let's go to a Rambo jumpsuit he thinks about this in north and a lot of gym here on double. UBS have been got to get straight to -- there that whole case it's gonna calm down. To what the court -- called when a police officer or -- officer in the lawful for. -- -- -- Use deadly force there must be wearing wearing it that the conditions. Ability and opportunity in jeopardy operate without the individual that -- -- using deadly force against. Must have the ability to cause serious physical harm or possible that. Or due to a third party. Opportunity. Must've already presented itself if they were struggling. And by the police car or whatever kind of police vehicle was -- and and our round accidentally discharge opposite. Opportunity yet presided right. And said they had individual pitcher using. Deadly -- again. Our -- that individual -- are dug up. To court that might cause this. Period physically harmed yourself or third party or possible that the ability opportunity in jeopardy. And did that police officer or peace officer in the performance of -- or legal duty. Acting -- pretty using reasonable judgment based upon probable cause that's what people think it's gonna come out. Now -- you -- -- out were you later -- rationally and reasonably and that's what it should come to that's what the process is about. But the people who are causing the problems I don't care about that process they don't even care the cop was justified all they care about is an opportunity. For them to do what they wanted to do. -- actually -- very thing that they at all. That what you let me up on but am -- in the reporter what -- make fun. Now I don't think about this eighty. These guys they all -- to build respect what they been able to agree with it. -- you know he's got a lot of top. You know if they look like the adult work in the field whatever and everything that -- -- always. It's been. Being over used to whatever that cycle. Or whatever you wanna call it but. -- -- That the police looked militaristic. What are they get a -- in the cart IQ your first experience in the National Guard well back. -- leader in inspection patrol for architectural lore they able to inspect every uniform. Fight you'll -- vital equipment extra inspection before. Ball out there and I think that the guy to -- ex premier here. When they get what it would be National Guard them well they can't -- what's called a to -- you'll Wear that they. Argue that the orbit the state and you will Wear. Well advertise on the I don't think people who were breaking the -- get a vote on how law enforcement should -- even if it does look menacing the bottom line -- the uniform itself is gonna hurt you and if you're not involved with a -- a fire bombings -- shooting at cops. Then are gonna hurt you but if you wanna get into that game -- -- whenever I can tell you that right now. No mother got their back our first of all that what they -- Don't have -- or not. They are just aboard the guy out here and people on the street it's been the subtitles for out there on a lark giving our. Loading the doors at all yet and by the way -- over. If you don't have been -- that it neighborhood you don't think urged her company's -- execute. Oh ya and and how much your own personal protection -- thank you thank you Jim -- A Tony you're you're telling me that there are reports -- the gun the gun stores in the nearby vicinity. Are doing remarkable business because people wanna be over -- themselves. -- to gun stores are reporting that -- ourselves or -- Iran and really picked up people walking in which fear in their -- will we need something to protect herself -- Louis won all seven Donna gets past the academic discussion of the Second Amendment and gets to a point of I'm not gonna let anybody harm my family. We are not involved -- -- -- not going to allow ourselves to be sitting ducks four people in the mob will be back after this. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. And that call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 938 or toll free line is 1806169. 9236. Aggravating governor AM for those of you don't know Rambo Jim -- former paratrooper and the prison guard and he's retired prison guard. And so that's signals a lot about the military -- everyone's illegals and uses information. But basically with -- a lot of flashpoints now is the release of the surveillance video. In and it seems to have incited a mob. And the reason it incited a mob isn't it showed. Michael Michael Brown robbing a store it showed him in the midst of robbing a store we have a an accomplice. Right now why the video why -- the mob get angry over that. I I actually heard the head of the NAACP said it was -- trying to do besmirched. His reputation why he's in the midst of a robbery. Let's get serious now -- lead for fear of not offending someone he was busy robbing someone. And robbing the store and with somebody try to get his way pushed the messiah like they were a fly. Now that doesn't mean he should have been shot or deserve to dive for it but the bottom line is let's not pretend that he was some Angel teaching Sunday school. And the paratroopers came in and and a and shot him in the midst of volume teaching about god -- the children it wasn't like that at all. Yeah after a member of that but day here's the opportunity for others to use the stage. It got hijacked the process was no longer being discussed. Of whether if the as the process unveils if the policemen broke the law the policeman is prosecuted that's part of the process. If he didn't is justified he isn't that sent the -- the person was shot is is is dead does nothing's gonna change that but the bottom line is this mobbed and wanna hear whether. It was justified or not whether the -- thought he was gonna die and I don't care about that. It's an opportunity to grab the stage and use it for their own benefit. How some accountability from the media who -- -- way. Jumped on innocent yelled aiming the regular innocent teen shot but I -- I don't I don't assist white cop. Exactly that's what they do it made because now they've got great video. And it's a compelling and people don't watch it and see what's going on. But that's why I'm asking is -- the best and worst of America. It is the best in the fact that we do have a free press. And we do have the right to assemble a we have the right to protest and all of those things are there it's the worst because these the jackal. Of the ones that pick up the out of the remains of dead animals on the road the vultures. Our overall there -- now and there they want something that. For themselves they don't care about this issue you think they care about Michael how we get serious. Michael Brown is just an opportunity. For them to have a national stage. OK a couple of FaceBook postings if we -- Chris this is from Brian he says the protests are necessary -- officer appears to have murdered an adolescent for -- walking in the middle of the street six to -- of the upper half of the body suggest police brutality. Well. That's what I'm talking about that's exactly what I'm talking about. As you go back and you find out that it that it isn't -- -- what we know even before the process begins. It wasn't like that and and the bottom line is he wasn't running away he was running away -- have been shot in the back. Doctor Michael Baden who would this was the second autopsy performed on him there will be a third one a federal. Effect a federal probe into this were real will have another autopsy of being performed. Said he was shot in the front now unless Michael Brown was very tells of them managed to run backwards. That is not true. And just assume what the first round -- vote information is is very very. And I leave as far as I'm concerned one more before go to work. -- this is from Carol she says if the officers guilty certainly needs to be punished I don't understand all the stealing destroying a threatening mail how does that help us find a resolution. That's exactly right it doesn't it doesn't but you know what it does though -- you've lost you've lost the moral high ground. If you have any by the way if you had any your loss. If you -- sympathy. If you have any you've lost that as well if this was a bad shooting by a bad cop. That process could you if you allowed it to take place and if it turns out to be true. Then indeed if they have these punished and the process will work eight. Any and there rioting now want the process to work and thank Al sharp is hard about the process. No he's talking about evil white man going after innocent young African American team blob blob blob blob blob. Go to Chicago on any weekend bring cameras there and tell me how that stacks up against this. We don't want anybody shot we certainly don't want anybody dead but we can't have people. Just taken a law into their own hands. Did you see the video vote vote of countless slow like scores of people. Running through the broken front window of the liquor store -- running out with a bottle of booze or a case of moves and I -- You think they care about Michael Brown. What they cared about some free boats. Just like the Rodney King thing what they cared about was of -- flat screen TVs. That's what they cared about anchor about social justice it gives them an opportunity to do something because they consider this is less. Harmful to society if they even consider that. Then -- somebody being shot him and -- So I guess I can break the law I Kim throw Molotov cocktails I can shoot at police. I can set fires I couldn't do anything I wanna do because I feel an injustice has been a performed on us am always us. So instead of letting the process take place. And trusting the process. And finding that it that it given a chance to work and do that to short circuit in the circuses in town. The only thing missing is the color red nose that's the only thing missing. Meanwhile more people -- going to be hurt and some might even die and that's that's the tragedy of this. So what are they are what they want now they want the state of emergency lifted why. Why they also want the curfew lifted why so you can stay out later and their cause more problems on when -- where are basis. They don't like the UN reform and the weapons that the ego local police that. You tell me when you get a choice. Of how the law enforcement officers dressed. Are you saying the video threatening who pillage your town because they look militaristic. Academy. The same people are heroes overseas are heroes here that might be the National Guard. And for those of you don't think they should be treated you wanna live under anarchy. Can a community allow anarchy I don't think so. I don't think so sold the innocent young -- man who was out who's minding his own business is dead. Except it wasn't quite like that was it. But that didn't feature stories -- huge. Better get angry over some other things. We'll be back with more of -- company and is ready and I'm thirty WB. And -- -- company. -- asking regarding what's going on in the Ferguson Missouri is this the best of America. Whereas you have the right to assemble the right to protest -- -- repressive tell everybody about it or is this the worse than America. Where a -- an incident will allow. People -- coming in from outside the community and hijack the issue. In other words the issue really isn't about Michael Brown. The issue is about all the things. That have ever bothered anybody at any time about race and you're just bring a man because here is a staged. And we have what can we get out of it is basically what it is and you know what really ticks me off. Is this what I hear the media say you know only 10% of that police department is black. What the hell does that mean. Am I too am I -- and gather from what you said the 10% is black. -- OK they the black members of society in the in the area can only expect a justice from 10%. Of the policeman there that if you're wide -- -- 90% you are going to be tougher on black defendants then -- black policeman first of all that insults everybody. It -- any good cop. Black or -- Because if you're white it it is -- is that you are going to treat a black defendant or black suspect. A more harshly or unfairly then you what do white suspect if you're black it's going to assume that even if that person is guilty because you're black you're going to have. All may be more knowledge of the culture. Or reasons why it might be acceptable. So what do they say by say that -- are -- condemning everybody on Wednesday. They're saying nobody's a straight shooter it's the same thing when lawyers ask gave them a black defendants on trial. They wanna make sure they get enough black jurors that's the same exact argument. I find it's respectable. Because I don't want you to assume because I have white -- that I can't be fair to a black defendant. Or a white cop can't be fair to a black defendant and vice Versa. So bad that that bull you know lots that 10% of an apartment. He is is black combat solemn because of that huge Robbie you drop the entrances well because of that that's why we have -- that's crap. You know and I know meanwhile everybody's in Tom because the circus is there. The Al sharpton's the world certainly go to Jesse Jackson's the world and on and on a larger scale the attorney general on the president. The president -- speak -- on something let's let's hope he doesn't add fuel to the park as he usually does. Tom let's go to lump in -- longest probably. Joseph in Niagara Falls -- you're on WB -- Did you go to. The -- What you're -- you know. Deployment he's got to get something out of that I -- -- that. Or what I'll let you know -- worked -- life. You -- -- in -- in the I bet there's been open. Work and they want. A lot and we're all. -- to 8 o'clock at night out there and whatever -- lot technically at war. Car repairs with all what do. -- -- the nation -- -- Stop that. They don't want the National Guard or the curfew and you tell me why as you just pointed out you tell me why -- would be not in favor of the curfew or the National Guard if you wanted to make trouble let's slide. I'll pop it all up and read and -- -- the young -- Carol. But what this. I want to work force or the other guy -- in respect I don't know what they like him up. No at all here you know -- always want quicker or that actually he committed -- their -- that are. -- -- Treated doll like that but those who thought you brought the sport she got shot. He likes to order the like shot they'll. How to care. You got that you've got a that's exactly that's exactly right because they got angry what it really added fuel to the fire is Wembley videotape was released. Now if I'm if I'm a police department. I want to release it as well simply because. This shows that. That everything was not peaceful and quiet before this began and here is the person -- -- shot shown on video robbing a store now obviously we wish he didn't get shot. But you don't put yourself in harm's way. And expect to come out smiling like a rose. Except in fewer occasions and obviously his time run out on that thank you. Think about it like that the other had to -- NAACP pretty. Said that they were trying to say the man. We're trying to besmirched. His reputation. -- When you're caught robbing. A stall. On video where -- where nobody says hey that's not him it's somebody else it looks like him but it's not him. Colin how you besmirching your reputation. First of all you're making your reputation. You may be reinforcing your reputation. But your the architect of your reputation certainly not the camera. The first thing I would have asked if I were doing that national interview with the NAACP. Head. I would ask do you. Do you think this is a legitimate topic yes it is. Hasn't been doctored no it hasn't. Well then how do we how we beach marching anybody you're simply showing up back now you know if -- If you want a better review -- got to do a better job at the play that's all the resort. Not many people are gonna feel sorry for somebody. Who is committing a robbery. Basically within a short period of time after being shot by the police in a confrontation. It doesn't make much sense as -- said he wasn't teaching Sunday school. He was robbing a place and the guy that said he was shot while running away with his hands up was his accomplice. And there again I have to look at the media why in hell would they report that without saying that. And I did not -- until like days after that that the person that made that charge was his accomplice in the robbery. Nobody said that the EU members is hearing that at all. No because that doesn't add to the sensationalism that they look at before that it doesn't fit the story line that they want it doesn't. Fit they pluralism black kid getting shot by the the racist white cop -- -- -- really don't know because if you if you are in -- out you put all the facts out they really don't have a big story out of the letter protesting down there and now. -- bay a big concern. About the welfare of a policeman was designed and takes an oath to uphold the law out at all. Are they concerned about the demise. Of somebody who moments before he was I don't have the exact timeline though it has been established yet. But certainly within a short time period. A bit more concerned about somebody who -- robbing a store. The answer -- yes. The helicopter. Cops drop this is one of ours and he was robbing us are doing is besmirching his reputation if he had a reputation. I think it's probably furthering his reputation because one would ask that you don't go from expelling -- a stellar reputation to. Who rate the overnight doesn't work usually there's a pattern of behavior. So I wanna hear from it was just the best of America is this the worst of America certainly no one can say. -- where are not big giving the right to assemble because they have been and and continued again. Certainly the right to protest which they have been peaceably as a -- Butler fire bombing things. And the free press is there to ascend the word out so that's the best of America the worse as the jackal. The people who -- the road kill off the road packet that dead stuff that's on the road there they're all there they're all of their for a big grand. Of the grand reunion. To get something out of America. They -- to seek justice. Giving me justice of -- is a free bottle of booze. Pretty big screen name and maybe. The ability of -- fire -- even pushed out of a cop you know why not. Everything is available now because we feel we have. We have -- suffered an injustice will be back Jeff --

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