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8-18 Beach and Company Hour 1

Aug 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well how. Oh although it is -- governor and I'm sandy beach wow wow I came back from Alaska with a cold okay. And this morning when the Pellegrino post and she just got back from Alaska. And she has a bug she's not gonna work -- so they believe me there was -- up you're element ship to sink it. But every once -- -- things happen it is reaching companies. I don't know Tony is that my voice which is normally not that this -- doesn't have as much timber or is that the microphone setting but I sound off Somalia. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who -- for you women out there if you're looking for guys that would be a good got a a couple of grammys -- -- he debate he can bake he's taken fall and well. So we are back it is Beijing government said the beach. Is out early this morning at -- getting my blood tests that I get that every three months. Because I'm diabetic and out of that those women are so good at doing it you know nobody likes a needle. I'd quote I swear to you ice way to deal on anything you want to swear on. I didn't feel everything when they heard -- -- -- that -- there and they're always good but this was like the best ever. So thanks to the good folks request now are today unfortunately -- -- day they'll live in infamy. -- what I'm talking about the bombing of Pearl Harbor we're talking about Don burns birthday. There's nothing is stunningly good about about it I didn't know don's mother. Or his mother if only I had I could've won them don't. -- don't please don't have a romantic get a load because devil's seed will be Purdue. But is that believe it or not. It is a -- birthday and he lives in Canada now which rules say something about Canada but maybe candidate would once said but -- they allowed him live in the country. So that's I guess -- of the WikiLeaks guy who hit it good choice but I was happy -- poison at Bieber baby you -- on burns. -- he's really good guy and I've known him forever and ever and go super guy and today is his birthplace of receipt number is. Wish him ever after -- -- now as happened last night. Restaurant end -- like I could figure it out. You know I -- -- restaurant occasionally some people will know. It's me in this is -- BC's radio Bob Obama -- a lot of people well because not not everybody knows look like. So last night -- met this Italian restaurant in the north buffalo. Food is really good and big portions you that you -- there yeah they drew a big portion you know food there was a table like ten people. And it was a family. And the the father I'm guessing he's the father big huge guy big guy wearing shorts. In sandals with black socks that's really good law. And. Anyway. He is table was facing my table. And he spent the night staring at me now I could I didn't know a -- staring at me. Because. He knew who otherwise. RP was staring at me because he found me hauntingly attractive. Don't want it was creepy because every time I got him back that was called waiters over and have a meatballs and there was table in my compliments -- it. Every time I looked up he was an enemy and that I -- one of these things like yeah. I didn't want to know I was looking at him looking at me. Cut decided not that that neighborhood -- on that that is not the neighborhood if I was in a different and perhaps would have been more apropos yeah is that gravity you guys there and it's. Yet no one time we -- -- -- against Rick bar in Allentown illnesses I I don't know I was may be young twenties something like that eighteens. And so I'm talking my body's and I noticed somebody staring at me you know -- -- and a Norman -- look you are you guys have to you know watch my back I think we're gonna have. Problems on the go after this guy let's. Yeah yeah I was -- or things like Alberta. We don't. Hey you're gonna have made you must be legitimate I'm the only one -- -- that. Yeah and then he said oh cousin Anthony how you do Chicago's my cousin -- I hadn't seen since I was really little. And so -- was kind of embarrassing episode for me is that people don't usually start me I'd not a chick magnet and I'd definitely not a garment and so that doesn't usually happen but. I was I was going to Italy's. Just see what would happen yeah. That's why. Have no -- wearing black socks and sandals -- theft and can pick a progress -- looks like USC championed the people are stereo. -- you would normally I get like. Looks like dominant snatched their kid in a rundown you know you look at it. Look like you're a bit of bad -- on -- rarely do these people are very and he usually are much. Are. As I've mentioned that the little -- -- -- -- Americo would you -- -- are cold or some thing. And so to -- from Alaska and strangely enough in the USA today here's we have. Afraid of germs they have this little survey -- dolls have avoided unclean surfaces outside the home. Now as I said. The -- couldn't have been cleaner if it's -- possible you could you could conduct an operation element boat was that sparkling clean so let's not them but here's the people who. This is according to 2500 adults and those COR cleaning confessions survey about that. 26%. Of those people will vote more than one in the 04. Wiped down hotel rooms surfaces. I've never -- -- never done that Malia and are no other dirty through supposedly -- don't -- now 26% 28% white now restaurants over aware. Now and I trust them and I -- -- I mean you can -- if there's obvious if it's not a clean see it -- that not. Not most of the time I'm very so -- sense of -- back have you -- whoever. -- there -- my food but not on the silver yes and 42% open doors with paper towels now. I don't off on average don't know I've never done that and this is common. I I don't do it even if I could do it I don't know okay. Flush the toilet with bare feet. 50%. Of people flush that toilet -- better seat of -- with their four tournaments. Assume you put your up there instead of your hand. The flush the toilet now I don't they had to lift my foot so that level without falling falling out of the -- I've never done that I have many times you're out yes and if I'm in a bathroom that's really not to clean. I wanted to touch -- always no but I wash my hands thoroughly. I do to Wetzel went back to what I do is to be sure cause I'm I'm over any person I usually -- Adams hit it connected and have -- -- -- your feet I have our that a gas station for five years are at any kind of what started -- no idea I don't do that but I do all famous a former anchorwoman and channel four. Who Juan had fabulous legs news that there really organs and no issue with that and it -- -- -- -- -- -- issues that. -- You're going to urgency no -- golf -- don't know reds yeah. If they -- -- and look back. Randy does that before baking. Will be back at our. Under the united -- every via I would -- Sony and Chris and you're a girl now you have to answer properly and truthfully. Do you think that you configure route women and our women logical. -- Crested -- figure out women are women logical -- little softer I don't things how he's brown via movement. Know why I I don't think you can figure women and I don't think they're logical argument example. I had though I have Brunswig of their judge penny Wolfgang and on -- -- -- my dearest friends I've known her. Every day that I've been in buffalo which is long time OK I'm. She does not eat meat. Got -- so far. But yet she ordered make him. Now if you don't -- me. Why would you -- -- Because if you and me isn't good Florio suddenly goes big ever have these miraculous things that you absolutely -- does that make any sense that anybody that makes sense now. No audio was delicious stuff I. But if you don't -- -- don't they're experts. -- really doesn't I can't figure out now I don't I mean I'm fine I'll leave anything I think tastes good. But I could never figure that -- I still. As the only -- and she's -- ever audience so I apparently. I'm not the only one B would older by some choices that's that they can trumps all -- and have you noticed. We saw stories that like. The consumption of bacon is up like 20%. Who believe that would happen in our health conscious society they have bacon chocolate now you have the -- -- they can ice cream. I like bacon I think the two best smells early early in the morning coffee and baked yeah all man nothing beats that. But you wouldn't think that -- would have an explosion during these health conscious that. And consider this it is gone up 41%. Is since 2012. As a ruined yeah are skyrocketing just incredible. Now you know hobby is they have those. PSAs public service announcements. Nancy Reagan saying same noted drugs. And then people started making fun of -- announcement you know those who -- them bows. You know noted drugs no to drugs or drugs I think that you forget that campaign. This story by James -- stops in today's buffalo knows ought to make you give up drugs were ever. This is a story in today's paper if it after I read this if you don't think. Using drugs is a good idea -- a bad idea I've been there is no hope for him. Buffalo man a state court last week. Describe for a jury to sixteen hours of terror he endured. -- last December when he was kidnapped robbed and repeatedly beaten all because of his drug debts. The man a former crack user who admitted spending 400 dollars a month from his government benefits on -- on this show. On illegal drugs at one after stuck a gun barrel in the was -- He described being forced to undergo a -- -- growing at the hands of another attacker who also doused him with gasoline. And beat him with a cane and threatened to tell them. The victim was also forced to lick his own blood. Off the board of one of his attackers. And and in that was posted on the FaceBook page for the whole world to see does that sound like a fun afternoon. No thank you know thank you that's right out of marathon man. Remember when they were drilling Dustin Hoffman's -- of the Nazi Dennis long remember that without overcame all. Yeah forget drugs man I mean I was not a good idea. Did you hear what is going on I guess and the interest to our driveway rate here in the modeling complex Hillary doing another -- -- and now there are three women breastfeeding. In protest dean for their right to breast feed in public very here they have a -- a while yet. That's about the right to. Public breastfeeding. Oh I wish I invited him. I didn't see him when I came and I didn't see him come. Their -- here yeah that's I just received an email from one of our staff. Members babies. If you might not be on and -- -- mix that would promote growth across all that. The name Bessie. No I fancy them yeah there's only one entrance to this complex. -- -- notice that. Well OK yeah so it's there you know went and do that. You know when women do that Monday's -- topless or whatever to protest something. That's when I love our constitution malls and I really do like I'm thinking the right to protest that's what it's all about. I'm the American way is the truth justice and the American way of super woman. The only thing better would be one on the back for dancing but that's another story behalf now. I guess it last year after the Super Bowl. That I was not gonna do this year what I did last year. I love Peyton Manning as you know I just lump payment like as a person as a quarterback -- like his commercials. It's just I'd just like Peyton Manning but last year. No matter what happened with the bills and I'd follow build whatever I always had to find out what's going on -- did they win they lose -- open one. -- -- -- it was intercepted and and and that would make my day and I decided this year I'm not regular. I found out already that I failed because I wanna see how he did against the San Francisco. Are opening their new ballpark. Payton had a great days -- 14102. Yards a 120 point eight rating. And they they shut out the niners. But I'm not doing after the -- that's it that's -- -- season record in Cuba that Nam -- you have to keep an eye now now he's looking good so far. But I don't wanna wait until January be disappointed again. Much like honeymoon. Yeah the same thing you know the way months of anticipation in the severe disappointment in January February January or -- doesn't August August Helena. I was I was -- to try to make the playoffs I just wanted to be in a game every once in awhile it would be nice. Who showed up you are -- -- -- 500 what they're not exactly what we all helmet on. So you think this out there. Let me. I was staff are person would have taken so let's revenues analysts and Tivo or my FaceBook any -- stuff from breastfeeding every vehicle. Will be back would always preaching company. -- government somebody at one time did breastfeed -- that's scary well we're back after this. -- WB and wherever you go with the WB and iPhone app. Powered by the final out left. The best in fence railings index. -- get a couple more things there was that ridge governor they'll get rolling on today's subject do in the Colorado and aspirin you've heard. You know John number Sox are about an Aspen and people vote. But skiing and has been -- very upscale whatever a black bear. Visit at a lodge in Aspen three times this week including one appearance when it entered the front door. Opened the refrigerator. And eightfold from it stayed 45 minutes police arrived outside their find a bit Eric euros refrigerator. Police arrived and they use a a bean bag gun it's you know dozens non lethal -- its discount gets their attention. Baylor Bears are eating for graciously right now as they prepare for hibernation much like Tony a Friday night getting ready for the big game on Sunday. So look out for bears in Aspen yeah you know what times review in the middle of the night. -- gotten up you have maybe a night light on something that's in new economic gets something from outrage how would you like to see if there there. The worst I ever heard goal is out of both Florida and several years ago. Wear goggles exactly the same scenario guy goes downstairs. To his refrigerator to get something to eat. What they did is they had a doggy door for their little dog he's so the dog you can get in and out. -- -- ego wasn't being used by the little -- it was being used. By an alligator. He turns a light on and there is an alligator right there. That's why I don't wanna live in Florida. My sister lives in Florida. Fact is governor -- as a result I don't think she's ever had an alligator in her home but look I'll black bears announcement alligators and in Florida in Oak Hill West Virginia and exterminators have been called. You've heard snakes on a plane this is snakes in the school system in the Fayette County oak -- school since system. They told WB BA TV that's there are snakes in the buildings so they've called exterminators. Two. To eradicate them and this is where I normally would -- would do the joke. -- management here. -- but I I refuse to go up because he's not in today and let's see here is that I don't get enjoyment. Tony but Tony tell me a great snakes in the Billings by any class crystal before. I didn't have any myself personally -- Ever tell -- the one. You mentioned you went to that Italian restaurant you know awful rain across the street. My parents own video alteration shopping pennies alterations correctly they bought the job building from fish for and -- pet store sounds like a typical weekend debut. Yes exactly so the that the -- people label by how we move our stuff in one day. My dad's doing alteration work in Boise see coming down helping with -- -- No sneak a not been a real snake yet he went out that the caucus cats. So my other brother Michael killed -- apology snakes 006. Michael loved going after him. Thanks in rats and and I'd rather I'd rather face out of the -- Then than a cigarette on the stone -- you have yikes. Yacht that's not enough for me. So I was sorting -- -- -- been -- for some time or my Greenville I don't know I was flipping on them on -- and scanned. On your radio and FC could -- can he get that a button fast enough to hold that before goals for the next tournament total fuel cycle again. Are heard out again so. Housing and you can guess now it -- -- in -- -- -- may have been ten years ago -- I know I've kind of like drop out of his team is not much playing out there amount of interest. And so I don't have to do it anymore and no longer destructive -- You really -- -- -- all the songs certainly smokey Robinson's on -- so he sings it and it's great. No clue Steven Tyler. As -- intolerance vote Robinson their voices strangely enough. Bland very well I mean you'll never guess hearing Steven Tyler or hearing smoky bit. They would team up with the other one and have a sound great but it's some strange combinations out there. And sometimes they do or don't know you don't know yet the studio in the right they've won them. All right here's what's going on today what's going on today it's quite obvious. It's. As the center of the news for our country certainly would be in Ferguson Missouri. Aaron last night they had they have more violence. And they had to use tear gas and whatever. We've we've hit on this subject on Friday but since then it is them there was a little low period and now it's escalated again. Once that rarely. This tasteful about this which is most of it is distasteful. But one of the one of the Adam ways I'm looking at this is how. A legitimate protests can get hijacked. Into something that's has nothing to do in the end with the regional protests -- reason. Okay. As you well know eighteen year old. Person was shot and and tell. And at first it was a white policeman that the that show on him we knew that India teenager was a black team and we knew that. What the concept of a white police officer shooting a black -- brought on a protest. While so far where within the confines of civility here he certainly have a right to protest wasn't reasonable shooting was an unreasonable. And whatever but what happens is it's just the reason it gets the door open. Then suddenly people come in and who really. Aren't there because of that cause. There there are looking for trouble live there to make this a bigger stage. If they -- to get their own pace on television in the paper. Get their own voice on the radio and in the interviews and that's what it's about. And the troublemakers coming in from all over the country some of them you know some of them you don't. The Al sharpton's world of course coach. Jesse Jackson -- the world of course Jesse Jackson's there 20. But what happens is as this thing on foals. You find that as the story changes. And what would normally be. More or not understanding. That somebody got shot but more of a beating. Wrap your arms around the whole situation. If -- instead of big getting increment incrementally last it got worse and worse and worse and that's where it is now. A because remember originally one of things we learned. We learned originally. And here's what was a lot of that this white policeman. Shot a guy running away from him. With his arms up right. His arms up and running away from them. No doctor Michael Bodden has just finished the second autopsy and now I guess the US attorney general holder has. As the determined -- a third autopsy. Okay. And maybe if they're not happy -- about a fourth of six who knows why but this is that set -- was Michael and now Michael -- is very. Well. Accepted by people as being the best of the best the object. And he determined. That the bullets came from the front. Not from the back so matters immediately is did discarded the debt -- no of course that the but what else that we learned he was being portrayed as just an innocent guy just happen to be out that nine got shot by it is. But it is bad guys who happen to be wearing a -- well it turns out when they put up the video. It showed him and a friend. Robbing a -- And this seems to be no question that it was him. Nobody has said that's not him it was him robbing a store and roughing up a store employee. So indeed going from innocent bystander. Who'll ran away with his hands up to somebody robbed the store and and get -- certainly that's not a question shot in the in the front. But the crowd but more and more angry everytime one of their reasons. For looting. Or their reasons were up firebombing something went away they got more bad. Instead of because that's that's the reason they were there this is a jumping off point for them. They're thereto is to stir up civil unrest not to seek justice. Now that I'm sure there are some in the crowd that wanted justice and his parents there are among them I'm sure. But a lot of the trouble makers come in from out of -- because this is an opportunity for them. The Al Sharpton -- the world this is -- betterment along a brawl is. Deport kid and then you -- epidemic ago I agree going on her behalf of the NAACP along the Sunday news show. Doing the scenario of the innocent young black guy being shot by a vote by the white -- but it didn't quite play. Because the as a black guy moments before have been involved in robbery. And that's -- school the eyewitness it was reported that the eyewitness said. That that brown was them -- was running away. -- -- his hands up -- -- actually eyewitness. The guy who was with them committing a robbery. So there's measures there that's your common sense right there we come back I want to talk to you about this. Is this the best of America or the worst of America and I'll explain what I mean you'll get more into an in depth lower return on newsreader and I'm thirty WB yeah. Know what's going on right now. In Missouri is though is this the best of America or is that the worst of America let me explain what I mean. It's the best of America in regard to the fact that. You are allowed to assemble its guaranteed by our constitution. And you are allowed to protest you're not -- to break the law but you are allowed assembly and protest. And you can be heard. And we have a free press that is accessing information and send the -- on you get the words you get beat the video the audio you get it also. With the with the availability of the free press. And the right to assemble and the right to protest I think those are some of the best things in America. The worst that America is best and they simply never seemed to learn our lesson -- -- the way. No matter how anything starts. If they want to agitate and I say day I'm -- up outside of the area. Where this event took place switches the Ferguson. Missouri. The agitators the professional agitators come -- And though I've heard a report on the news earlier saying you know they're coming in from Texas and and California whatever you know what's funny is. It's not funny and humorous humorous. Funny but just ironically funny is that unions any protesters is that Tony brought up well before the show started. In note in Chicago. In Chicago where every day and every weekend. People get shot and they get killed whatever and it doesn't seem to matter in Chicago but it mattered here. And what happened is you get the outside agitators trying to makes -- wrote their usual. Entrance two to an event like this guys like Al Sharpton why fine ridiculously. Despicable. And their Jesse Jackson who -- -- laughable as far as being. Any kind of a leader there in their for themselves and there's not much question about that and they come -- And they stir it up and their surprise when things happen but what surprises me. Is the fact that when you have an issue you let somebody else hijack it for you. There is definitely an issue about is this guy being shot. -- whether it was justified or not that's why we have a process. We don't know exactly what happened yeah we do know he was shot six times what we do know as well. That there wasn't a problem and then -- because. You start off would have a solid premise you can say almost anything and not be challenged as I said price of -- head of the NAACP being interviewed. On a national. Television news network in which. He's -- he decried the fact that he thought that the police besmirched. The victim Michael Brown by showing the video they besmirched him my question is the video shows him robbing a store. And it shows him over the accomplice robbing a store and roughing up a store employee now why do they deny it was him now. Did they Photoshop that's now it was him they're simply showing what he did prior to of this. Now if that that can't BB being besmirched besmirched means that your unfairly painted with some. There and and -- trying to discredit someone. Well the bottom line is the video doesn't apply it shows him being a -- a robber. That's what it is. We're sorry that it ended the way it did but let's not pretend -- -- the -- facility this young guy it was a us because he wasn't. He wasn't that beating the war in clothing the naked he was robbing for cigars basically. It -- his friend and the ended up dead. And as I said on Friday and no didn't end up dead. Guess who didn't end of that. A guy may be studying for and examine college he's he's not dead. Guide taking his girlfriend at to a sporting event or we're all walks them were on swimming but he's not dent. I'm cooking a male he's not dead. Rob Inglis. When his friend and roughing up an employee he ends up debt. So let's let's glamorized this and let's not make him into a saint because he happens to be the one -- the gets shot it's very unfortunate and ended that way. But when you're around and stuff like this bad things can happen. Unplanned things can happen things that are very very yeah. Impact -- your life can happen. But the last thing you need is the hand this issue over to a bunch a rival browsers have them come into town. And stir it up and here are some of the things that may list some of the things that their protests that. Besides the shooting. They're protesting the state of emergency the national guard's been called out and they're saying that the governor should have done that really want. Why the governor is in charge of security for via a for the state -- should he not have called -- -- state of emergency. They want the curfew lifted all real so they can be out all night I don't get that at all. Big big decried the fact that the local police will wearing military type uniforms and had a military type weapons. And I would like to know why your protest thing that one of people hurling Molotov cocktails and some cops have been shot at. You don't get to say how they dress and how they protect themselves. Also the video these emerging him -- really. You know what it's impossible would be Smart somebody that isn't robbing a store into believing people giving -- global -- That he was robbing a store he was robbing a store. And later on later -- evening weather over -- -- or not he had a run in with a cop wasn't going to be a good night for him. As it turned out it's -- sad tragic incident they've -- hijacked the usual rabble roses will be back after service.

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