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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>ALS Assoc's Kathy Lahey- Ice Ice Bucket

ALS Assoc's Kathy Lahey- Ice Ice Bucket

Aug 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We've been telling you this morning of the ice bucket challenge folks but this is watched. It is all about. -- -- OK a person doused with. Ice cold water given ice cubes part of the unspoken challenge away. A very creative ways that -- us researchers have been raising awareness and money. To combat Lou Gehrig's disease let's talk about a about next guest is Kathy Leahy. With the -- -- association and a executive director of the upstate New York chapter Kathy good morning. Morning how are you off. We're doing good did you ever imagine those sized bucket challenge would -- such legs will be so successful you've raised ten million dollars. I now know -- we never would have podcast. And -- -- Actually -- morning I would share alerted that we've reached a low point six million. Wow that's amazing and it's August 18 there's still ways to go here. Yeah our outreach we are still I think especially on the local level we are seeing an increase in donations. We're a little bit be crying. What we. I know actually. It's only a wonderful. To have seen over the weekend an increase in the local donations. Now you're supposed to. I either do the ice -- challenge or donate to -- asked are you finding though that people that are doing the challenge are donating to. Well actually that the theme of are pretty. Challenge is that you doubt yourself -- -- slider and donate ten dollars. Or if you don't want to accept that that -- water challenge you don't need a pocket that was the original. On the original challenge. He's a lot in our challenge in bird and while it donation would hope that people are. Do well. And then of course we -- -- other but don't usually have people excited they didn't -- Kennedy got a lot of but they made -- donation and the rate which are very grateful. It can't say you know we hate to throw -- you know excuse the cliche cold water. Some thing that's working and working beyond expectations but there is -- professor. A Cornell University has written a chapter on a book about this -- the ice bucket challenged he thinks it's gonna die out very quickly it's nothing but the Fed. And he's he's. He dislikes these rules about you know the ten bucks and the hundred dollars if you you know if you don't get -- -- water. Thank you how you react to this professor. Well I think you have to put into perspective it way. And then on and on Peter trading who as you know we're very up and up player. At Boston College -- that he is good buddies. Decided to do it for Eilat and it's just. You know it went viral. And it has become an enormous. Awareness program for the electorate so patient. When you're active scene of a very who don't know what it is like -- Cadillac. We respect this type of awareness for people are actually saying Allah. And saying you -- busy. And looking at I'm lying and I'm out apparently unknowingly get people are always their computer I'm here. On average. When we're old and kind of exposure. -- news is found. Content across our country who were absolutely true that. Now I know you've been saying that you you can donate. Nationally or you can -- to the local chapter why should someone think about donating to the local chapter. -- you're going to want main difference between our country actually begun eating chocolate. A local level on a good concentrated. Effort in need from our local putt -- it helped go to people who are living with dignity. We agree that particular program it is that we happened -- that we -- support group. That you didn't like. Well we have a support group. We -- -- by medical equipment in patients who otherwise might not be able to shoot get adequately because it's costly. We combined. -- -- So that the people who are to -- that we went up and she pulled her back up one property and that could be. In the -- and people out to 800 common share -- on. We have a lot of educational material that we're able to provide and we try to cook them with others. Who have gone through the same thing that we are in doing order or -- how do indicate. On her and we'll continue to look at the age where an international organization does not of course. We also. Provide them on each who -- clinic. In and on the national level of funding goes to research and on the seat. On mark Portugal where we're underfunded. In research and so when -- when it says. Well the fact -- in the you know -- I. What could be true could very well be true. Well Kathy listen we're out of time. We thank you very much and we wish you continued success with the unspoken challenge thank you for joining -- -- Leahy with the -- association the executive director of the upstate New York chapter.

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