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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Cornell Economics Prof. Robert Frank- Ice Bucket Challenge

Cornell Economics Prof. Robert Frank- Ice Bucket Challenge

Aug 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's spend the biggest thrill of the summer the AL less ice bucket challenge it spread has been remarkable even by social media standards. But is it all but it appears to -- Let's talk about this now on the WBA -- -- Robert Frank is an economics professor at Cornell University. And mr. frank thank you for this morning for joining us. We -- here. What do you make of the VA LS ice -- challenge. -- looked pale passes very serious disease they've raised a lot of money with this approach that they've introduced. So Bravo. It'll be. Money for good cause well. I've I hope. Everybody doesn't jump on the bandwagon and start doing this -- I think like it would get pretty miserable we have to respond to these children. Nonstop. A professor you also write the unspoken challenge has also drawn to its fair share of criticism. -- -- Well look. Note nobody wants to pour a bucket of I saw his head that it's not hard to do that you know either they -- other. Hard work to do is just unpleasant. As I understand that the terms of the challenge or other if you -- but device on your head that you don't have to give. I can't imagine a single person on the planet doing now if you're gonna -- -- -- did everybody's watching. Known to have been challenged the vendors say arrived I would rather pour ice on my head and give detail last that are gonna give anyway. So. We're we we don't look ahead dual life where we're gonna be forced or Chrysler has. Several times a week and give to a lot of problems. It's just. That there would be better -- it stuck to their tried true reference but. They came up with something -- -- raise a lot of money for good cause so give him full credit for that. Yeah I mean ten million just in a month is fatigue the biggest issue that you see for this. The people are gonna get tired of seeing these videos over and over and over again. Yeah yeah this will this will not be the enduring. Success that will be short flash. The challenges that really worker of the ones that occur at a normal and so if you run by current -- -- here. Then. You get sponsors who will. Contribute money on your behalf securities research at the very effective -- There's ship called women's swimming. And swim across -- delay. They get sponsors to donate money on behalf of hospice care and that's also once a year you don't get worn out -- question just two year. But yet you have to give some credit to the person who came up with those wacky idea because otherwise it's on -- from a tough sell. You know mail us -- Gehrig's. Really it's -- I'm really happy to see if they raise so much money to a our professor. I'd just hope that the -- Yeah globally we get your point we understand now where you're coming from and and we appreciate your time this morning thanks for joining us. Okay that's professor Robert Frank and economics professor Cornell University.

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