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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>WGR's Paul Hamilton- The NFL Combine coming

WGR's Paul Hamilton- The NFL Combine coming

Aug 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's open up the WB analog lines -- Paul Hamilton Paul is. Our Buffalo Sabres beat reporter for our brother in law radio station WGR Sports Radio -- -- ball in the morning. We're territory we're -- we're good thank you for joining us this NHL scouting combine in the NHL draft coming to buffalo how big of a deal is this. For our city. Let's go to -- is interesting. Something their data and while. It's always been an off ice thing where there's no. -- Space and that all the top draft choices are there and what they do -- they've they've put them through some really difficult faces Politico and it's. All while -- stopped it's true. Treadmill thing that. They they try to lecture they're reading of what kind of shape error and then at side jumping in. Those types of things. That the -- final days of our Bible for they get all that. In the interview process where little sick you know sit room and the players go around and they ask them anything they want to and that's where they try to get to know some of these flare and see you know while they're -- forty -- -- what their background is sin and those types of things then that's when they get those goofy questions here. That come out of left field. And though the sabres this year with emerge the first time he -- stated that the general manager. They -- and as you -- guess -- to worry it was a very. Religion and bury half. Burris you know he is in church -- you know kind of make it difficult on the guys and you know see if they crack under pressure those sorts of things so. And they're they're really -- what they do the convention center Ras server hopefully gates. There was no flights available so I'll be interest in the -- if you know being in the harbor center if that will be. Some -- I work also for these players. That they may add into it because it's available through. So Paul that the draft though it has been long held in the Toronto area right. No draft is held all over the place okay. That exit thoughtful and why. -- bomb last year with the Philadelphia. Offensive drought or why and have them there. Banks who were Mohammed sort all the lights out this year and -- and Florida. Go harder at all over the. If all you mentioned that that I know on my stuff has ever been done -- the NHL com -- do you think they could maybe eventually turn it into something you see the NFL do or the combined is this huge thing for a few days. Yeah I think. It's getting bigger and bigger. When I first started going there and all that many media there. You know their work there were Koppel and as -- lone -- and necessary to keep going down America's seem to be more and more and so what -- this year -- there what do you mean credentialed media that showed up they're coming from all different cities. Around the national -- we will or. We basically creating immediately. -- really work that many around the league that did show up interest that it could you know. Course up in Canada at the -- -- PX that there would be you know whole big -- up there and they would make it into a big thing that. You know now financial network as -- move up there. He's -- there aren't it's it's just kept rolling and rolling. Or as we -- -- here. Will either turn these two events do anything to boost to our local economy to any degree. Well -- everybody that's going to be here for civilian use hotels. And the restaurants and all the starts with that -- sell. Certainly. -- there and they're here that there are eager for a day. I mean they're here for most of the week it's he'll be here in the process starts. Well Monday. And they just keep our directors that we consult Saturday. So. You know. The rooms and restaurant and everything that that will have to be used back to accommodate these people will be will be is more than just one day advance. Paul nice to chat with the thank you for all the information. I got bigger picture here OK Paul Hamilton Buffalo Sabres beat reporter for our sister station WGR Sports Radio -- fifty.

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