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8-15 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Aug 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Welcome to you. If they -- -- extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one -- with an assault rifle. And -- and his ball club. Mom hourly. -- good. Whether. Now what about mountain range -- -- got covered up like -- welcome. It's live its local capital. We'll. Looks like it's huge it's Tom hourly remember what happens in Vegas stage and make the trip for her -- And -- thirty W yeah yeah yeah. So anyway. Of on the computer this morning and have a feeling. Via computer and kind of forget after a period of years that it ages and ages and so -- way. What I regard as my new computer I now realize is five years old. And it's making that groaning sound you know the groaning sound too which -- -- right now I've got every file backed up. But I have -- horrible. Realization. Many new computer. -- going to be a necessity. In the not too distant future or to tax deductible went from but. I Stovall likes been in the does the minute you buy a computer. Two months later -- next generation of awesome computer comes out. Some -- you are trying to get me to get a Mac. I don't know the first thing about Matt just enough that people think I know more about. Windows. But I do I struggle with a lot of computer programs that is worry about what I need to do. I wouldn't know the first thing. About Macs and I've got an -- -- But Joseph -- do you work at all with a Mack. Sherman. Milk of people who have them swear by it. A -- by big mistake in life. You know the big. Served and are right it is it's ten minutes after 60 I guess what we're gonna we're gonna -- we're gonna switch years. Because it's Friday. And this is -- -- -- back. And I thought that we could spend some time. Talking about. Music. Music. Yes. Music. Now I recently have. Recently like in the past years ago. I have done dusted off my vintage guitar mind 1978. Electorate ate him. Which honest honest to goodness. I could sell for double what I paid for. If a lot of the -- Long story short. I find it very therapeutic. To take a piece of news -- and then to learn the piece of music. I'll never be a guitar god I realized that I realized that -- ago but it's fun. It's good to have a little -- other -- -- It's good to have something to do them. Watch funny videos on the computer. But. You know I had this thought that. Which was unusual for having bought. By. Do you remember. Like the first three songs. That you had to hear. Over and over and over and over. Over. Again. Because I don't. Now for those who don't know. This really isn't a about the biography. But. Her back in the 1960s. My brother was always playing in bands as long as I can remember my Brothers had guitar. I had a guitar or five it was always playing in -- And he was always out buying records seat before iPods we have records. 33 the third albums and forty fives. In the forty fives were -- hits of the day. And if you go to settlers are cabbages. And by 45 worked well. Fifty Centre -- depending on which era. You hailed. So. I started thinking about. Music. Of a drive into work. Because I noticed might shock you. It takes about ten minutes to get to work fifteen sometimes. And I do not listen to talk radio amateur work. I have my iPod. Because I need to Blair. I need. Something in my head other than politics. Other than guns. Other than talk radio. I need. Music. In my life. And those ten to fifteen minutes it takes to drive to work. Are important therapy for. -- therapy. Will meet here. I mean to the extent we all these things that we enjoyed that distract us from the rig hours of every day life and the pain in the as that sometimes can -- So lately -- this is not a surprise. I have been on a major. Steely Dan -- Steely -- has long been one of my favorite groups but like any other thing you know. You might go through -- her -- Steely Dan for a couple of months. And then you go back to the Eagles. And then you go to some finals. So anyway but other Steely Dan -- And for weird reason I started thinking to myself. What is the first steely -- I ever remember here. And suddenly. It hit me like a knockout punch to the jaw. It's really easy to knock me out with a punch to the draw probably should admit that. Easier -- in the nose but don't even go there are still legal here but. It I'm done. Bet the years Steely Dan released Ricky don't lose that number. I would have been about ten or so years old. And even at that tender age knowing absolutely. Nothing about music. I'd known that there was something different about that saw. It just didn't sound like the other music that was out here. And it sounds like the other songs. That my brother had a forty fives. Because little. My brother -- now. That when I was three of four years old with my well we would sneak upstairs to his -- I would put records on his turntable and mom would always be very careful that I didn't scratch. And I would listen to certain songs over and over and over a -- 800 times what's up little obsessive all. I only mentioned Steely Dan because. Of the Bender Lebanon with Steely Dan. And I started thinking about what. There was up out that particular group really two guys Donald Fagan Walter Becker -- -- at a variety of people playing with them over the years. What there was an all I can tell you is I just knew it was a different sound. I knew wasn't The Beatles. I knew wasn't the beach pool please it was. The kind of sound I had never quite heard before but look -- year old brain just couldn't grasp. What was going on musically other event. Boy I really like this saw Ricky don't lose that number because it was like everything that I heard before. Now I realized that there was also Chicago. And -- cap. But. My brother didn't have the Chicago 25 or six to forestall. As a 45. So anyway. Going back in time. I guess I was hypnotized myself with a drive him. So -- ran you over in the drive and you have my deepest empathy and apologies. But I started thinking about wind started. To appreciate. Music. Has this been a long time thing with me. It probably with you if you're listening to the show. Here's this audience loves its music. I've learned that over the years the first thing is if I ever say okay we're talking about the past concert you ever attended. -- people explode wanna talk all about it. My question today is do you remember the first three songs. That made you realize that music was pretty cool. Now a lot of this is gonna be generational. What you started to enjoy. Is going to be a function of the year in which you were born in the -- in which you raised. And I vividly ladies and gentlemen will tell you the threes talks. The 340. Fives. Are used to sneak upstairs. With mine bombs. Conspiratorial. Assistants and play on my brother -- record player. Satisfaction. By The Rolling Stones. I would suspect. That I played that song -- remember it was new then. Mean now it's something you for gazillion times and you're probably sick of it. But it was that. And what you are two or three years old thing is there. That song. I can't get no satisfaction. Over and over and over again. That was number one number two don't -- The Beatles yellow submarine. Of all this songs that Beatles had put out by the time I first became aware of music which one was played over and over by a little Tommy. The Beatles yellow submarine oddly enough Ringo on lead vocal. And it was such a trip. Back in June when Ringo played our park. To actually see Ringo Starr all these years later. Singing live yellow submarine not with The Beatles obviously but with his all star band. And the third one you're never gonna believe. The third one. -- Mellow. Yellow. Because that was a different kind of sought. So satisfaction by The Rolling Stones. You know great classic rock and roll song. And there was something even in my early formative years they're told me wow. This is pretty much care but. Now for reasons I don't understand The Beatles yellow submarine. Got to a -- when your kid the concept of a submarine. At least what I once the concept that you could be under water. And be alive in this -- but living underwater. It just always is being kind of cool. And mellow yellow light Donovan. I just like the way the song sounded. I had no idea that obviously that the Genesis of the song was the I founded it. Thinking by hippies. That but man appeals. If you smoked them would give you the same high as pot. Ergo mellow yellow I had no idea that had anything to do with the -- So my question is TU. Do you remember. Whether you get a Big Brother or big sister. The first time and the first songs. You really. Got turned down by. That may have led to a lifelong affinity for music as an art. Of those are my three. The first -- And then you know the first Steely Dan song. Again -- don't lose that number was the first one I ever. And without knowing why. My little years perceived you know this is different than anything I've ever heard. I think Jeff skunk Baxter would be -- 8030930. Is the phone number 8030530. Start -- birdie on the cell phone 180616. WB yet. A wanna talk to you. About your music. And what do you first remember getting turned on. Let's go to traffic right now -- turns -- western new York daily here's Alan Harris. And some -- evening clouds what else is new and they're not even normal summer clouds their fall clouds and that sucks. Mainly clear and cool tonight overnight low in the fifties tomorrow some patchy fog otherwise clouds and sun shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon. So while you're dodging raindrops my -- will be dodging the scissors of gay -- BI high temperature 73 that's he he just default permission to those I love. By the way he's a conservative Terry and patriot. Who loves his guns yeah talked a lot of people would defy stereotypes -- He's -- Hey you you don't get much better than -- it. But my goodness he loves his guns he loves his campus and in many respects is more of a man that I yeah. Anyway mostly cloudy it doesn't take much -- -- I -- -- I get here beavers thoughts already right now we're at that temperature between 68 and seventy which I will no longer say -- I don't wish to offend. 622 let's go to Mike in Cheektowaga on WBM -- -- -- Video excellent excellent music here on all music do. Sing -- here with -- -- so wide and so buried Utah and a priest that really turned on the music. Yeah the first that the first three like I think we all have songs from our childhood. Bat just turned us on the two. What music could do to your soul your motion your life. Absolutely absolutely and and the search leader at that really put me at all different kind of direction. On the first one that got at least Supertramp take a long way home. Right up the breakfast in America album for the amazing album cover let's let's let's just you know respect them out one. Well everyone in Texas is a millionaire. And to support -- Mommy your mommy you're OK so long wait hold Supertramp. And -- an. Article by -- Why would I cringe. All have you know Mike I saw -- live about five years ago at the Albright Knox and she knocked me on -- but she was amazing. I would I would -- an incredible amount of money to have Deborah Harry knock me on my button. I wanna pay the years have been very kind to her. And if you ever wanna see great documentary about Blondie it's son Nat geo I think it's called evade they've taken on an offer -- occasionally. Blog these NYC -- these New York. And it is just an amazing look at the albums and the hits which propelled her to superstar and aren't so super -- long way home. Blondie part of glance at what was the grocery. What the third -- it's it's gonna blow you away it was. -- -- it was it was the entire Star Wars soundtrack. I find that interest that you played that over and over and over again. I'm telling and I couldn't I couldn't get enough I couldn't get enough so you had the of the classic rock with Supertramp. Yeah that kind of good that it's still aero with with Blondie and then just all out you know classical music swift's. -- Star Wars and I would I mean I would play the heck out of out of all three of them I mean it was nonstop. That's well let's not short sell blindly -- you sing Disco Europe because bluntly did pop songs so it's like a perk to shreds which definitely has a punk feel to it. And -- rap song. A very early white rap song called rapture. Here she really was one of the great under well -- her producer was pretty good there. But yet Deborah Harry and Blondie I love your choices you've got lost in the Star Wars thing because now just imagining you living in your mom's basement sick. I don't care for Euro and what. I have some bad news for you Mike. And I gotta go banks. All right greats hogs greats election night what three songs -- ever played over and over and over and over that just turned you on to music I've given you mine I want eager yours on WB Ian. And suddenly I am. Two years old again that. Is that a -- was released by The Rolling Stones in 1965. And shortly after its release. I reverend -- my brother playing at his record player he went off to school. And my mom took me upstairs and we played and played it and played it over and over and over again. And then from where we can actually look out the window and see. -- Mori east. -- at that time he would have been at Ben Franklin. That. But it -- that really matter in the bottom line ears that. Rolling stones' satisfaction. Donovan mellow yellow 1967. And The Beatles yellow submarine exhibit and for yellow 1966. The three songs I just kept playing over and all for and over again. All right how about you your introduction to music. And why a lot of you know thrilled I'm thirty starlet 3180616. WB -- and those who don't know -- is big buffalo Banda from the seventies cult Alice. And the drummer Paul -- And I had what would have been his first drum kit always set up in our basement and all -- to this report and a -- Paul story. But I was always under strict orders not even to go new year Paul -- is drums set. Have you any idea what it was like to be two and three years old to see drums in the basement. And to be told basically if you even went near that you would die. Dramatic experience. Okay let's get to the calls here is Bob but on WB -- Bob talk to me. I don't. OK first saw -- definitely obviously the beetle but that's all that but -- -- that gap that was our. I don't -- what it was in the -- workers don't permit just. That's really turn me out a rock and roll. I love that help. -- okay do you remember your first encounter with a -- I can remember my first encounter are always being upstairs in the hourly household in my brother -- better. One of those like. -- -- -- yeah yeah. A seven year old old. We have some good memories about rock and roll. Ingram and gambling man pops speakers the net -- went -- -- at all forty parts. It's on that it was the two problems. I would suggest it was the way Bob Seger sang the song that got the. Or that because that America right now it's given me goose vodka I remember it was just that people. -- also found. That the order came analytic keyboards are just it was so picked up from abroad. Well phenomenal song and a lot of people -- you know I'll see a lot of people their first introduction was -- to Bob Seger was in Hollywood nights era. Bomb and he had been one big hit before then that I know of at Wimbledon gambling man. Yeah yeah that was wrong and -- up front that really changed your work. What Eric it was and it got to the veto by iron bottle. I look at half staff. OK I dare I ask why you got turned on by that. I don't. You don't again it was but although there was like -- mysteriously. Overlooked -- and security get what sort of played the album merchant. You could kind of -- a balance between all -- just trying to like felt. I don't know what -- call you just all the way to their. The -- reality -- so -- they actually iron butterfly expected to have. Just out of curiosity. Wasn't a full like twelve or fourteen minute version or did you listen to the cut down version. I don't know it was we -- what might actually cracked up three -- yeah. Or -- about what the old Beatles. Yeah I have the complete version on my iPod and I only whipped out in it got to the vita on special occasions John Sherman actually he knows my brain all too well I -- already on the case. And you know got it of course you know the back story to and got to the -- Yeah I added that I guess that. Upon The Beatles got airborne -- I think that's pretty diverse smears. I think so too now they're getting back to the song helped which you mention first was it. Was it the did you see the movie first or did you hear the song first. Actually the almost like simultaneously. In the -- the -- came out and in the movie debuted. And they they date that he released on an embassy in -- matter at all whether -- like why I call. That was like incredible -- and then all of our -- are on the radio all. And back then it was K see -- -- the classic sheets and you could become -- -- what I -- them a look that hole. AM radio told. I love listening to Iraq and it was just Abdullah said that -- -- trying to -- that I'd like it's I. Like -- ought to get a -- I wanna learn how to play good and the whole thing and it's been like that. So what does he gets it. We're. Should stick to. OK I suddenly hit you know all this even sir okay that's immoral. Actually distorted because but it went through local and -- a the but you know grew at. I mean. That's and that would be worked for their. You still haven't. Yeah I don't feel Bennett brought us 72 telecast -- for 200 dollars and sold for 200. Aaron Aaron didn't -- I don't think they actually get Karzai shot right up. All right you wanna you wanna buy my electorate 810. Develop -- replace it with either a -- strapped Emmerich. To -- Arnett thanks for the -- -- one. Out all right and Assurant has already got to iron butterfly cute couple. If Ted Nugent is listening right now give any idea of the kind of flashbacks despite huge huge thing -- the Charlotte them. Circuit myself although I have not gotten a text from Ted Nugent is. I wanna talk to him on Monday. Every man and singles. Yeah and and kids please don't take this as an endorsement. Ellis the geek news I've never done -- -- -- word and -- rumors. If you wanna go crazy users -- OK let's get back to the calls on WB yeah and from here is. The Beatles revolution. Excuse. -- an -- work. That Peter Gabriel's -- your. Okay that you. Time out here I have to interrupt you have cited three distinct eras of music. While. Revolution and and dirty work where my Brothers album and argue it out your old enemy. So I would be able you know they can't -- Is forty -- a revolution and and it is believed an album in bringing -- pilotless plane my little suitcase straight record player. So I find it interesting you mentioned dirty work which has long been one of my favorite Steely Dan songs. But. What I prefer when I talk about the first -- remember hearing -- you don't lose that number and keep my adamant in the other three songs are really got me in the news report. There was something different and it -- under its. About Steely Dan. Did you have -- feeling listening to dirty work is idealistic to Ricky they'll lose that number that you knew it was music. Agent was kinda act which also knew that there was another element in it that you didn't quite grasp. And you can't throw a jazz influence do -- right thing and it. As there are other musicians. In Beckett you know what I mean by that you know. Yes I mean Steely Dan is. You know there are rock and roll guys in our real musical geniuses and Donald -- and there's a musical genius. Yes I seen him like thirteen fourteen years ago on air here. -- -- -- -- Yeah I'm thinking about -- quit my job and becoming a full time Steely Dan grouping. I really -- I think that would be quicker move at this point. OK so the revolution a revolution The Beatles. Dirty work by Steely Dan -- third leg and was. Got it Peter Gabriel erratic good stuff thank you very much. We all have songs remember that first turned us on to music what are your top three. Preferably when you're about three or four years old. I can think back to congress to. Tragically too corporate and things happen and what -- all right let's go to. Hitters were at the end all of them on WB Ian Randy -- I -- first thing is mr. -- the graduation best wishes for your future my -- We know he's gonna end up owning bed bath and all of the beyond. You know I got to tell you real quick start it all started. In the background in the sixty values -- -- -- -- many chances -- that ended Beatles but I also remember my mom I haven't. This stereo radio where you pulled down the turntable and -- that people that down he played forty factor you know -- peace. And I remember Goldberger collection I got my god she's at Frank Sinatra being married that so. And I go through these things that you like the monitor the public and the one thing that I played I remember was -- term it's. And -- eight. In -- -- -- Agassi it word for word it's like something which is just burn and in my brain. Yeah if you ever won a drivers self crazy wake up some morning at 6 AM play -- hermit Henry the eighth that Sandra stay with you for the next year. I'm glad that figures so I ran Eddie out this keep it short and follow up. Two honey roll dizzy my and it's -- man. -- -- -- I think it's like I got like I think the bobcats who built this. Without doubt no doubt it's got to be your top three I'm not gonna go to sex because that's not fair. One I'm gonna go ahead and it doesn't guy named Doug who I think he might know on talking about. And this is the mutual friend. And -- -- in his basement playing a pinball machine. Which can lead into Tommy and who. Willie Jesus Christ superstar. We play dead thing all over and over and over again. No candidate. It was -- I'm real -- sanctioning -- new stuff to us having in mind like you say this -- -- the beat -- you know blind faith. I mean that he Eric Clapton and I'll let these groups became. Individually the performers that originated. Sean and here's the irony is. I remember in the background so we are we playing -- I'm ready I am woman. -- -- I could just go everywhere and Allen turned out to say. All of this is -- bubble gum crap I'm not going -- -- that you don't have to and I totally became Jethro it's all first album purchase. -- bit -- this is a show about your first you know what what first got you into music and very interesting Herman's -- comes to mind. I feel this one. -- and it paid Doug and I -- -- I mean so. And Jesus Christ superstar. Yeah police second four. Thank you very much yep everybody everybody loved Pete Townsend Roger adultery. John -- Ki moon who. -- -- Are right it is Essex because they were the ad wars like the stones they are the bad boys compared to Beatles and other who hit along it -- how -- you still like to destroy is guitarist and Jimi Hendrix what happened like his fire. It'll -- about thirty -- 3180616. WB. Eat and talking about the first three songs like way back when you were kid. He just kept playing over and over and over and over. You do realize that twenty years from now somebody's gonna say Lady Gaga. Yes rating up on the Bob -- because somebody mentioned Bob Seger system rambling gambling man as being one of the first early songs -- members. You did not know that Bob Seger and Glenn fry your work childhood friends I did not. -- for rape would later become one of the two principled -- bags the other one being done partly. Who formed the Eagles. And basically eventually. Nudged Don Felder who in my opinion was heart and soul of the Eagles out of the Eagles. You can tell that I am not a big seat I love that at least music. But I kind of regard him as a a -- Both he and Glenn -- I relive the highlight. Don Felder. Probably the most tasteful guitar player of our air. Was -- from the bad. All right -- 30930. -- 3180616. WB yet here's chip. WB a chip you are on live. Download com you know my music and influence -- and such away that. Currently managing. -- maybe you -- -- personally to operate on your credit card which I'm sorry about. But the remember burst in our growth slows down 1983. Don McLean's American pie -- Our secure a few years. We're not the first time I heard. But besides another interesting 1786. Trombone. Marching band version not the music members and right the oil marching band are in an extra mode is just wanted to -- aren't on every year. OK chip here's a question for your. Did your old man possessed the John Philip Sousa album because I think every man born between 1925. In 1940 that was a prerequisite and a mandate. I believe that he did he also owned the entire time -- composers theories. So -- over and it's simply hear me at a very early age and well. OG AAs are either get the classical music until Mozart's requiem in the -- -- holy crap that's powerful OK so Don -- American pie. I give me one other one that just at an early age. Just got to you. Gosh you know and at a very early age you lose. You know stuff like -- in the chip monks forgets that he -- Seriously some of the classical music from my adolescence you might think to develop our young brain a look much. Where it's certainly influential and you know I guess another one would beat some of marriage of Figaro from Mozart just some of the most beautiful these story you can find within. That's pretty eclectic but I have a question for its gonna have to be answered. You said that you first got turned on to Don McLean an American pie in 1983 -- what the song was twelve years old. Did you or friends give you all kinds of crap that you had just been exposed to that phenomenal American classic. I liked friends first three -- four years -- they are just learning trickle -- -- Yes yes others up -- about that three year old mentality all right Jeff thanks very much as you look at the guitar players. I think you know your -- and they -- all the time and I'd be happy to help -- will clearly necessary. Well when you say helped I hear free. But maybe that's just great. -- you're in radio and a little out. Well you know all if you guys ever needed an endorser. As long as you know give the Cuomo's campaign I think we should talk. Well or well here I personally would never sought an Entercom has approached me before pilots. I've -- sounds fun all right excellent thank you very much in apparently had that 72 telecast are today I wouldn't even be asking him. 8030930. Start at 3180616. WB import Joseph beamer. I'm watching Joseph with every passing moment in his WB -- career coming to an end it and I can see him hanging his head lower and lower entering a state of the impression. And I'm enjoying it here's Mike in west Seneca and WB unlike when your kid. When I was a kid my grandmother -- are -- now. All I had to listen to sugar sugar. And instantly I knew I hate it. What is there about grandmothers that they think they know the musical taste of their grandchildren my grandmother did the same thing with Sammy Davis junior the candy man. -- oh yes. And between that song and clip holes playground in my mind it's a miracle but I even care about music today. I have to agree with you I am glad I -- a little older uncle. About ten years old and I -- right around Riverside one day he put in -- album and each player. Your note this -- all our our our annual. All right then a great stuff you -- the -- thank you British medical you know it is not come up today is the group. Focus and hocus pocus the yodeling songs. All right no -- now you're done you're Joseph beaver. I didn't want to let the days go by without giving -- -- -- ready to talk. -- and yes bring that speed nobody in here Joseph beamer because. Joseph I just wanted to thank you you've been with us now for several years and I -- thank you for being one of the greatest guys with -- ever worked. And two SP and there's a tremendous friend and an editorial honesty GO Mitchell. -- a lot of fun fun ride. It was a great ride and Joan -- too and ID just never funny feeling that in about ten years will be reading about. Joseph beamer CEO. A Bed, Bath & Beyond a -- Biggio and under him issues greatly. In touch. Hole I will. I will when you least expect it I will like in the parking. -- talking. All right thank you Joseph Bieber and thank you for job well done. John -- Chuck Schumer ought jumps -- Sherman your call screener and I will simply lead you by saying. No yourself.

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