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8-15 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Aug 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB ES. And an end. -- system. That speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. We're here the most annoying sound of the world. Tom hourly just when I think you could possibly be anything October. You can go and do something like -- every inch hole. Yourself and it's -- it's local ethnic food and you hope it's Tom hourly. Arthur -- news radio 930 W. All right folks so what are we found out today about Michael Brown be dead and every news story says on -- and black teenager. On our folks. More people. Have escorted to the Department of Justice. And those who don't know all. The Department of Justice the attorney general is Eric Holder. Are right the Department of Justice every year gather statistics. On crime. More people in this country are beaten to death by un armed people. Or they have arms they don't use them more people are beaten to death. There are killed by the weapons that are outlawed by NY sick. -- Being on the armed it does not necessarily. Translate into not being dangerous. -- I don't understand what's so hard to understand about that. And on our let's put it this way. You watch those guys. Who were ultimate cage fighters. They may be on our. Most cops wouldn't stand a chance against those guys. So does that make them at -- and a lot of them like five foot 410 pounds and they would repeater Schwartz. So. Does that make them not dangerous because they're not armed police earliest. Look the point is you are more likely to be beaten to death that you are to be killed by a round from -- outlawed by NYC. -- and I just I feel the need to point that out. Because this on our notion I find. Very much overplayed. In the media. As -- that would betray our markets by the way. And the jury agreed with me. That Zimmerman. Was on the ground. Hewitt being beaten severely. I have to -- yeah I'd probably would've done the same time. I'm not there to be trade bonds punching bag and a -- I realized there were set of circumstances before that but. Alternately as I told you. Months before it happened. The question the jury had to decide wise. Did that George Zimmerman reasonably believed that if he didn't kill -- -- Maarten he George Zimmerman would end up debt. I told you that was the question. That's what the jury decided the jury decided in favor of Zimmerman and his case of self defense. And now this case in these Saint Louis suburb of -- We I think. Can satisfactorily -- That the gentle giant narrative. The dead man has been smashed to smithereens. Gentle giants do not have a credible record like mr. brown. Gentle giants do not push little Pakistan each store owners around. Well they rip off a box a crappy cigars. I think the guys Pakistan. -- I'm sorry this might sound racial but please don't go there America's oil and a lot of friends from the subcontinent where or India or Pakistan. He looks like -- Pakistani store. Probably name Patel got its. So long and the short of it is. The gentle giant narrative has got to be put to rest can we agree on that can we all agree that he was not exactly. A gentle giant. Gentle giants don't have criminal packages like mr. brown. Can we agree that that is a logical conclusion. Are so that part of the narrative I think. Can be done away. Now what is the next question. As I've said earlier. And I want your calls 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB EN. The only question that matters now years. Did that the police officer. Reasonably believed he had to use deadly physical force in defense of himself or a third party. Least that's how New York State law reads and I'm -- Missouri law follows the same basic precepts of the use of deadly physical force. No I'm not an attorney but I pretty much -- article 35 of the New York penal code inside and out. Let's go to let Jerry in Williams bill. On WBE and Jerry -- -- -- the radio what do you make of all of this senseless violence. -- -- your article he'd have will be in dog. I put up on my FaceBook page. Well -- because you know what it may be fake did you did you called -- that I. OK -- listen to sandy said it another great show. And by the way for those who did not -- his -- Tuesday after Robin Williams suicide. It is still up at WB -- dot com you'll never hear a better three hours of radio. In your life I have -- -- that I've re listen to it. And I gotta tell you something. My show didn't even come close to the greatness of -- show on Tuesday. He was just amazing especially first day back from vacation so you -- city beach today with a -- will be in dog period for those who didn't hear it. Tell us your theory again. The right here in -- -- -- dispel the -- -- saying I don't know whether it's current lull. But. Uncertain at Saint -- In martial arts. When I went through mine once you've reached a certain bell local. -- direction here still as a weapon. I guess I haven't quite hit that level yet with my modified probably -- but I'll let you know when I get there. Apply in because you're considered to illegal. Why did it in Ohio I didn't I don't know what New York curious. Well I don't know what kind of martial arts training mr. brown ahead all I know is six foot 4300 pounds that's rather imposing. But I'd still rather fight him and won the ultimate cage fighters who's five foot 310 because I know that that would rip would rip my male parts off anyway. Like. Partner is that society. Is the civil society is being trained like that have a lot dog. To expect this response -- time. That a shooting. Eighty. Young black person happy that we are to expect. They're going to -- we got to expect they're looting. But every time it happens whose hand because I made the point earlier and again please know I'm trying to bring people together. But this weekend in Chicago or Detroit or buffalo. More young black men will be killed or seriously wounded by other young black men -- by every. White top and America. Well hey -- it appears to reappear to their shot and killed by a white person. Whether it be a cop or towards government. They -- these selected cases and asked to do -- They hang the angelic person are overwhelmed the victim for a long is that -- there -- the person was killed. But then they feel with justification. To just go nuts and -- it. But the media I have to tell you it then. I think the media. Bears responsibility in this too. Because the facts of mr. Brown's previous arrests. Would be available to anybody. With a basic computer knowledge of how to get information on some. And to portray him a -- obviously. As a gentle giant wind that myth I believe has been successfully. Dispelled. I think contributed to the violence he wasn't a gentle giant he was incredible. Well let me you'll -- old expression of that believes that -- and there are irresponsible. In my -- of the people wouldn't. Okay now. Question. Why do you think. -- Certain cases. And and I have to take issue with something use that every time a white person kills a black person there's a riot because. I'll take you back to a story in the 1970s that happen and Williams. -- jewelry store owner a white guy at two black guys came in to rob him. And did not walk out a lot he killed ball but there was -- riot in buffalo over. I did their voting present day employee about. Cases like the OJ Simpson trial the -- of the killing there. There was. Patient and date so they were wrong date field at that it's it's not the outcome that they. We wish they sort of adds. So and then they'll need to write it while I'm trying to figure out is. Why it is that those. And. Talking about the Rodney King case registered not OJ case for -- can't. You could call writing Rodney King birdie cause writing the green and Barton. Civil unrest why is it that it always escalates to a point. College free. Flat screen TV today. Like -- why do we except that as the Super Bowl members of society -- like OK we're here goes again well. And your theory is that we have been conditions like Pavlov dogs to expect this as the norm rather and as aberrant behavior. Now let me let me offer not offer but you know I talked to further because -- I found your email. And I'm glad you said that to me because I heard you talking to sandy beach today and I said to myself boy that's interest bearing. I wanna talk to a little bit further about this because you've obviously person bought and time into it. And I just wanna get your insight is maybe I'm missing something here. That you were seeing that I am not seeing. But please hold not seeing something awful lot like Nazi leaders are other guys all out if you would jury in Williams -- It is off by twentieth news radio 930 WB -- let's find out what's going on in traffic with Alan Harris. Our allies and and they -- I've kissed summer goodbye and sent it packing evening clouds otherwise clear and cool overnight on the 50s tomorrow some morning fog. Then clouds and sun shower or thunderstorm in the area in the afternoon 73 the high. Tomorrow will be a very active -- a cigar Dave but general smoke on the water to now looking forward to that very much and then my idea to -- here. Split ends taken care of by gauge -- by here again. I love gauge. He's my -- Are right now getting back to let Jerry in the in Williams -- with his law theory being that there we've been conditioned as a society. To expect. -- When something happens that is perceived as a wrong. By white people to the black community. Now one of the issues. That we're hearing the news people upset. At the militarization. Of police that actually. The militarization. Of added to the wedge between the police and the community and I have to tell that is not a thought that just black people have white. -- conservatory. Like you're humble host have expressed concerns. Over the increasing divide between. Police and the public they're supposed to protect. Not intimidate. I think that police. Have -- come up with some other response. And I can I get a well on the outside the police I would rather see them. Protect themselves and we will protect the public. That the economy in the week. And I'll. Use is it forgive my interruption but what I don't understand if you go in. With the weaponry and the armament. Why do you just stand around about the thugs control the story that I don't get. They don't get either because the public perception and well you are well although -- didn't speed undercover and ended it. Stop the -- -- -- -- -- civil society want to we want it stopped. We don't want to stand behind locked -- Calculating. And from our front door to where the mainly it. -- -- -- grip shotgun and go to the that it'll like yeah we're Google. And by the way for the more to support and why safe. Don't expect if looters are in your -- to pause while you re load. Or you know throw another magazine in because of the stupidity of NY -- -- because a jury again you're an interesting guy interest in caller a lot more do you amid a huge issue. I'm gonna use you look at. Bad piece of carpeting. So stay with -- -- -- -- 938030930. Start ninth thirty and what 80616. WB and your thoughts on everything that's happened -- with the shooting of this black. Man in the Missouri by a white cop. And frankly guys the idea that the -- beat the dead man was a gentle giant. There is -- for. He wasn't a gentle giant -- criminal. And did he deserved to be shot by the cop now back is the lingering question on WB. We did it. Finally -- dance on records that you don't have to have eighteen fingers to. It's about 534 is -- at 930 WBE MIA I confess that I am considering retiring from this job and becoming a full time steely -- Starker. The notion has crossed my mind a few times this week especially with the knowledge that after the boys are doing shows in Toronto this coming Saturday and Sunday. My problem is leaving employment. -- -- to dig into the personal kitty to by the tickets. So I don't know how opal well. I guess I could be a serial Steely -- Starker but it doesn't sell it to life. It is up 534 news radio 930 WB the end so what do folks if you're just joining us. We're talking about what's been going out of misery with the rioting and looting and the new development -- Is I think convincing and compelling video evidence proof that Michael Brown the dead man. Was not the gentle giant he has been deep acted as being in the media. Criminal arrest record. Video released today shows brown. Strong arm robbing. What looks to me to be a Pakistani -- Out of a real crappy box of cigars suites switchers. Yeah first of all. You would not catch me dead smoking anything looking or calling itself a switcher. That's number one. Never true for those who don't know. Why would be steal a box of cigars. Where all there are things called split ups and things called blocks. And bottom line is a lot of times what happens is via tobacco is either partially or totally taken out of the not exactly fine Ecuadorean raping and replaced with -- And then -- you smoke pot. Which always seems stupid him. Because if you're gonna smoke -- spent fifteen -- get a ball. Spent the thirty bucks -- get a ball I mean really. Sorry. Look I think it ought to be legalized in a -- and apologize for saying. And he more than I've apologized for saying hey have a beer or I'm gonna have a -- -- about beer when he finished -- the war. But the anyway. Jerry. In amber says -- interest in full he's troubled by the panel globally and applaud aspect of stories like this work we -- Expect it. Every case interest language but that if a white guy. Especially cop kills a black guy. Especially on armed. That we expect rioting and we can also expect by the way. The dead person originally. To be described. As essentially. The missing disciple of Jesus. -- The dead person is always described body. Friends. Gambling community members and is a gentle giant. Good boy. He was gonna go to college in the fall actually he was gonna become a neurosurgeon we know this is it is kind of like formulaic. End. It's satellite anytime something like this happens we hold our breaths. And wait for the -- now interestingly. I have to tell you. When George -- was acquitted. We did not happen widespread riots. I wonder if part of that was because George settlement was not stop -- white guy that originally he was depicted as -- Jordan -- was actually over the white Latino. I wonder if that had something to do with the absence of a riot after his aquittal. But let me get back to a jury and his history Jerry. What what do you need right now what what do you want as the next. Stepped in minutes. It. Well I wrote the article I senate GO. What I want is I -- it happen again. And I want. To speak up I want people to be able to speak up and say basically. It was a thing happened. -- what you do in the aftermath no matter what happens is well yes no justification. For more room writing. Retribution killings are struggling out there that's not the it. Now there is no more and tigers are gonna go back to history gonna gonna give -- a difference. There is no more excuse for this kind of behavior that otherwise for white Irish Americans who were facing the draft because they couldn't buy themselves out of it like Grover Cleveland -- To riot in New York City in July B 1863. And kill innocent black people. A meat balls are -- mob violence is always wrong it's always still -- It's -- other civil society is what I what I call. We're sitting here drinking these. So -- elixir of apathy and going -- well it's not in my front yard so I don't hear. Okay now one of the points we started talking about earlier. Gays the militarization. Of police and something I've mentioned on my show late yesterday. Is that. What are the reasons we've seen this is the head North Hollywood. Well the Los Angeles Police shoot out. With a couple of armed robbers who head fully automatic weapons in other words machine guns. Some people who don't know guns here semi automatic and I think we're talking about machine guns because there for you idiots but. These guys actually did that machine guns and the LA -- by the way embody -- Real good body are so the cops show up at the scene of this robbery. And guess what. -- nine millimeters. Didn't even phase. They didn't even stop the guy is with the body armor they had so many direct hits on the body armor. And these two armed robbers just basically kept going and going and going. In fact. At one point in that shoot up the video which I posted on my FaceBook page but a warning. Once you start watching it you will not stop watching it it's that gripping. The story goes on. That the police were so badly outgunned by these two bank robbers in California that they. Literally went from gun store to gun store try to get some better weapons. But before those weapons could actually be deployed the situation was neutralized so those weapons were actually used. Some of the cops got in shots outside of the body armor zone. In fact there was a lawsuit. Afterwards by one of the dead guys' families alleging the LAPD allow big guy to bleed to death in the street. -- Crimea river I mean here's a guy who fired indiscriminately -- civilians and everybody else and we're supposed to feel sorry that he bled out in the street but there's a two. Announcer it was just the north wind but. What are the reasons we've seen the militant organization was that story and it was also very famous shooting in the 1980s in Florida. Were FBI guys. Made some tactical blunders and also totally outgunned by a couple of bank robbers who. Were filled with adrenaline and also head. State of the -- weapons. Well the FBI guys were basically with pictures -- Still I understand that and here's my take on net. The police responding to -- violent Crowell. They are there to protect the aren't citizens and dissidents as incapable of protecting themselves. They go and they intimidate that's what they do because in the end. If police at all. And cannot do their job because they're not properly equipped. This is really really ugly really really fast because there is nothing. To intimidate Corel stop. They continue -- The vial of violence just goes to the extreme -- But the other side -- that is -- if you'll notice the violence declined with the state police took over jurisdiction. And they did not have. The highly militarized look of the local cops. And there were also oddly enough black officers here. Which seemed to take a lot of the wind out of the sails of the more violent of the rioters. I find that an interesting dynamic that would be demilitarized. And added black cops think this kind of settled down pretty quickly. Full every Taiwan these situations happen we have to. Acquiesced to the demands of the crowd -- this security officer go away and brilliant people that they want isn't it giving. I don't know what you mean by acquiesce. If it. I mean. -- So they want it on the. I think the question this -- but the question is what lurks the question of if we agree that the end game here is a civil safe area. The answer the question then becomes what is the most likely way to bring that about. I don't have to answer that. But there's -- as a citizen. I wanna be protected this is going on in my neighborhood whatever it takes. I understood I think I think everybody -- -- -- by the way you know. And we also have to -- it make it real clear that not every black person in America is saying go looters go gold looters go. A lot of black people have said publicly this is bowl you know the rest of the word. For the same reasons I say it. Because it's stupid what sense does that make to -- robbed -- places in your own neighborhood watch. So in two years when you have to drive twenty miles to get a six pack you can bitch about the fact that stores don't want to open up a new neighborhood. And the people who -- those stores want that the cops stressed the way they were -- -- -- anywhere because they were protecting. Them and their businesses which -- Solid case is now destroyed. But the paradoxes. -- I know what I am too and that's why that's why would I logging on this what I find fascinating though is. That wants black cops I mean not all black cops look at me wrong but once some black guys in uniform showed up and they didn't look like. Analysts say look like -- them the paramilitary look things kind of settled out now whether the -- just got hired. Or whether that actually was a symbolic gesture that resonated with the crowd I don't know when that's gonna require further study. All right -- well so. Well as -- should never started in the first place and we support society should not be willing to accept that don't speak. Oh I agree I have to thank you thank you thank you you're right -- that we should not be accepting this we should not as you put it be -- be -- dogs. And expect -- And except it's when it happens like -- Because. Who wants to live in -- world like I don't. And I absolutely enjoyed our conversation. So that we can. Okay I -- may have a man crush on you jury. But thank you very much. If it is interesting folks. And one of the you know they study riots -- -- have -- right happens somebody studies now interestingly the people who do the studies are generally liberal -- parents. And liberal egg heads have their place but. Usually. There is an element of the wedge between the police. And the community. As being an accelerant. In the looting and violence sprees that break out. -- in other words if the people in a community. Feel a disconnect. From the cops in the community. And very little in common with the cops in the community. That kind of sets up a situation where these things are more rather than less likely to happen. Given the set of circumstances we saw unfold tempers in Missouri. So there are so many dynamics that play. Alternately. There is this is just a hunch. And I want your take on this because I would like to get him to some lighter stuff in the 6 o'clock hour I've been working way too hard this week. But ultimately. Do you think the cop is going to be. Cleared of any wrongdoing. In the shooting. Of Michael Brown. Do you believe ultimately it will be proven that the cop acted with -- the law in defending himself and remember. There are two narratives. Now one of the narratives have all has already had a bubble burst that Michael Brown well it was not this gentle giant. Who was singing in the church choir and strumming a harp on is off. Today he was a good guy. They admitted it in nice fellow whose friends but your Pakistani store owner look. So that they're part of -- narrative is a no go at this point. So the cop who did the shooting. He says look. These guys will Michael Brown. It is body. Both or just Michael they were trying to get my gun in fact a route -- Inside the police cruiser. And the cops says I acted within the law to use deadly physical force. The witnesses. They say no. You're shot -- when he was running away. So where do you think the truth is going to be found. What does your gut tell you. It 030930. Is via phone at 8030 my authority. Start at thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB -- Clean this mess up bills will all end up in jail. This is Joseph beavers last day I'm getting said. And depressed. Some -- clouds otherwise. Mainly clear and cool tonight the overnight low oil will be in the fifties tomorrow patchy fog otherwise some clouds and sun shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon 73. And suddenly a shower or thunderstorm in spots in the morning. Otherwise clouds and sun 74. Don't think the recount he -- gonna -- -- this year the weather just didn't wanna cooperate. It is still buy that temperature is between 68 and seventy. And I just don't wanna offend anybody by giving the exact temperature because some may view it as an inappropriate comment further tender ears. And their perverted sick minds may go in a certain direction that ends up getting me in trouble. -- and I can listen to tape of rush doing a ten minute bit on a certain woman shaving of certain part of the body. Anyway let's get to the calls on WBE and I may be joining you soon to Bed, Bath & Beyond Jillian ever noticed Brian on a cell phone Brian hi. To protect. Just don't care. To protect people. And that we bring -- older and where are -- Talking about individuals. Is that what it's like here there's and these aren't reactive. Nature and pro active. Usually. Things. A ball over here I believe the decision to which you are referring. States explicitly. That the police does not -- do not have a specific obligation to -- individual to protect the individual. It. That's that that's on animal so it's sparked this whole situation -- out. Are there the problem is -- a subculture that -- from all activity. Mean you can look at the rap culture where people are are you can look at their effort to change what effort masters degree which like the fact is subsidized. Olympic winter are everywhere I go I got racked. And that's what you're dealing. That look at iced -- I have -- -- I love ice sheets are you. Is outlawed are there ma'am how could you not like I -- a lot Porter who says I have a deep dark secret Republican. Well we know it NWA students were up bright if you wanna hold on. I want to explore this a little bit further because I happen to think in people might hate -- for this pitcher something. If it if laws are viewed as heroes and we have a. Criminal subculture that embraces it what do you expect. Now let me also say. That Bonnie and Clyde. A couple of white guys. Well -- was that your. John Dillinger. A white guy. They also were embraced. By white Americans. Because they were sticking it to the man during the depression. When it was felt the banks which grew and white people. I'm trying to be circumspect here folks on WB.

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