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8-15 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Aug 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EN yeah I don't prefer taking administrative action. I'd rather -- permanent fixes. For the issue we face certainly that's true on immigration. I've made that clear multiple times I would love nothing more. Then bipartisan legislation passed the house the senate land on my desk so I can -- Wherever and whenever. I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do here. Com hourly and that's -- -- -- -- -- -- of the school. Or -- these life. It's local for -- it's Tom hourly asking the question. Trying to get this much this isn't the real Jesus knows. Wouldn't you. He's Olympia. Now and so on news radio 930 people here to tell you about an awesome place called new horizons. That does have lost W. By the way -- one more thing about shooters committee on political education. What are -- groups behind the rallies. Plural in Albany. Up folks. McDermott reports. But that organization. Spent so much money. To fight Andrew Cuomo. And NY state. That around Christmas time of 2013. Steve all star of this program reminded us. Bet it would discount lifetime memberships from I think 500 dollars. To 300 dollars that's how much they were hurting. Because of the financial investment they had made in the rallies they discounted their lifetime membership. To 300. Dollars which I paid cash on the spot. And again I have. Disagreements. With that certain aspects of scope but you know what they're not worth even getting into. Because I have disagreements when Ross I have disagreements with Karl I had disagreements would basically natural. I have disagreements with my. Doesn't mean I love many laughs. And it doesn't mean we're not on the same team. But I'll tell what all those people at his mansion and I haven't -- -- not one of us would take a plug nickel from a company that donates federal ball. And not one of us on the reportedly got our Ted. Legend Charlton Heston told -- I can't. All right so are driven a hard time. I don't well tiger drawing a fellow team member under the bus -- it is I don't think he is up fellow team member folks I think he's a fraud. -- -- This is all about branding for a guy who was looking for a new way to make a living after his rock and roll -- basically came to an end. Okay. Everybody needs a brand and this was Ted's brand. And the facts speak for themselves. Well you gave today without pay to go to the rally he wanted fifty grand plus to speak. Well we are trying to get Cuomo -- office he allows his name to be used by munitions company that gives the ball. The facts speak for themselves take -- our -- a bitch. Especially when they come from somebody who is that piers Morgan. Who loves his guns. So I'm done. But -- any time and Monday you call that you've got my number you people can set it up to all good. -- I would suggest strongly. Only in the spirit of good sportsmanship. And fair play. That you do a little homework. About me. I deleted my FaceBook page in by reading what I have written over a period of years about guns and the Second Amendment. And the constitution. Because deploy the techniques you used against piers Morgan will not work with me with any credibility. -- a lot smarter than peers -- Just that I'm not part of the liberal machine so Oliver get a job at CNN. And you know what. A kind of take that it's an honor. Seriously. All right it is up for fourteen. Now we've been watching the situation unfold and up Ferguson Missouri and again it's -- you know for people say well Tom tell us about Ferguson tell us about fluorescent you're -- eleventh Saint Louis. It's always is up plates folks. And I will tell you is I told you yesterday Saint Louis is a very interest and said he psychologically. Because it's kinda like buffalo Saint Louis reminds me more of buffalo that even Cleveland reminds me of buffalo. Because the people have a certain work -- the people have a certain dignity. The people have a certain. Values system -- I -- people I mean most people that is shared by most people in Buffalo, New York. At the same time Saint Louis is also some other. It's more southern than it is a midwestern city and it's hard dynamic to understand publisher very perceptive individual. And I -- It's why I do this for a living I have the -- percent. And if I ever was in Ferguson. If I was ever in florist and I don't remember those were places I used to drive through. On my way to work. I worked in downtown Saint Louis. I lived thirty miles away in a community known as saint Charles. -- Lewis and Clark began -- west word expedition. -- a restaurant. In saint Charles call Lewis and Clark's. Unbelievable salads there by the way my wife and I used to go there all the time that was a big treat force. If we didn't have a lot of money that. And the Lewis and Clark's great food reasonable prices Saint Louis saint charles' brother was a great family environment. And in fact where I lived where is one exit away from where Chuck Berry lived just a little note of trivia. And then one day chuck got caught with bathroom cams in his restaurant. Year Johnny not be good so I cannot answer the questions about described Ferguson and and described fluorescent. If I don't remember ever having been there in that predates my memory gaps because my brain nonsense. Soul I can't. I can tell you in general about Saint Louis I can't tell you specifically about Ferguson a florist and I just can't. Now. The officer and we're just find this out. The officer did not know of the description. Of Michael Brown. Being a possible suspect. In the cigar. Rip off. Captured on video which the police released today. Now. There are so many directions in which I want to head. First and foremost ladies and gentlemen and I'm gonna do some talking here. And if you wanna get into -- I would love to hear from you but one thing I will not put up with. Is racism. On either side. Is that fair enough. Because folks. I am bound and determined in this life. To not be somebody who divides America. But in what ever way I can somebody who tries to unite America we're never gonna agree on everything. But at least I -- agree on what it means to be an America. Now. Let me just address first things first. Top. How come black people act like animals and bugs every time a black person gets killed by a cop. And white people get killed by blacks and nobody cares. Black people get killed by other blacks every day and nobody cares. And when a white cop kills a black suspect why do they ask why do they act that way. Well mob psychology. When I say -- I don't mean organized crime although one might stretch the definition. Mob psychology. Is like a wildfire. It will burn a scorched touch and destroy everything in its way. It is a contagious. Mental disease about the best way I can phrases. Will top why is it only the black to dubious. What what are we see them just acting like animals and breaking and looting and doing things -- what it's like they're just waiting for an excuse to act like there's. There is nothing. Inherent in a black person to -- Being black does not free dispose YouTube being a criminal or a Ryder. -- How can you possibly be so ignorant torture remember the sixties. Torture remember the Rodney King riots of course I do. -- were ugly. Idiots the same time of load some behavior viking like alleging that we saw by the way the vikings were white. Pillaging we saw. With Rodney King but fortunately without serious injury or death at least as far as I have heard the story. Folks if you look at American history. You find out some interesting things that they didn't teacher in school. And I don't mean to spoil some of your preconceptions. With facts. But my initial premise stance. Whenever and where ever I can use any knowledge of our history. In an attempt to bring people together and not divide people I will be used to. And I will cite some specific examples of what people behaving badly just like the black people were doing some of them. In Ferguson Missouri this week. And this is not a question of our top your pandering to black people all top. Apparently you're trying the Bill O'Reilly approach you know let's move to the center -- it's the ball really approach. And what that is news and on unrelenting pursuit. Sorry rush of truth. And facts and wisdom. And as I've told you before every day professionally and personally. And literally. I ask myself the question. -- pilot asked of Jesus Christ. Before Jesus was handed over to the -- Pilot. Upon hearing Jesus say in Latin I and the truth. Pilot sarcastically said in Latin quote asked very costs what is true. And that is something I try to strive for every day professionally. And personally. Act you are fortunate. Well there will be some cloudy evening time we see today otherwise clear and cool tonight overnight -- going to be in the fifties. And I look at -- look at your garden at all. Okay what 8% of your garden died overnight if you're like me. Tomorrow patchy morning fog otherwise some clouds and sun shower or thunderstorm in the area tomorrow afternoon 73. And -- look at -- cigar Dave smoke on the water to get to go to the VIP breakfast at 9 AM on Saturday. Womb I don't usually get up quite bitterly that I get the seagate. -- right now it is between 68 and seventy degrees at WB EM I will not give the temperature because some might be offended by the very reference to a number. Now. Let me just get to some facts. Think about American riots. And if you think long and hard enough probably the first one of which you'll think -- big Boston Massacre. Folks I hate to dispel one of the treasured myths of American history. But the British soldiers. Actually most of whom were Irish. The British soldiers in The Boston Massacre acted within the law. The British soldiers in The Boston Massacre. Were right the mob was wrong the mob was out looking for blood the mob was out looking for trouble. And what's interesting about The Boston Massacre is. It was eight multi racial riot in terms of the people who died. And I think we all know the story of Christmas tactics. The black man killed. In The Boston Massacre actually mr. addicts was part black he was also part native American and like many of us. A mixture of so many different ethnicities and backgrounds that eight DNA tests were shown fifth cousins all over the world. All right it was a biracial. You -- at least one guy who looked like a black guy with a bunch of white guys going after white British soldiers. And for those who don't know their history this is going to be a revelation to. The British soldiers. Were scared hopeless. Because they thought a colonial court was in his sentence them to be -- As common criminals for shooting down there brethren in the street guess what. A great American. Named John Adams. A man of principle. Dignity and a true patriot. He said I will not allow these men. To go to trial without adequate legal representation. He took on the case. Of the British soldiers who killed the citizens in The Boston Massacre and guess what. For the most part. The soldiers got off easily not one of them was executed nor was there any link the prison time in ball -- Because John Adams used his considerable legal skills to demonstrate. That they worked haunted. By the bop into opening fire on the mob. And that was a white mob against other white people with a few black people -- them at least one Christmas addicts side. Now don't go -- lower. Because one of the most disgusting. Riots in American history. Was white on black. It happened in New York City in July of 1863. And what I'm trying to do here is disabuse you of a myth. That rioting is an inherently black thing it is not. History shows us it is not a news -- 930 WB. And some bench. And then on my. Media and -- Who went crazy. -- -- -- -- You know every time they go to Bed, Bath & Beyond and you hear country music playing you'll know who's behind it Joseph Bieber who is moving into an excellent position with Bed, Bath & Beyond. And I'm I'm you know what I always do told Gerald but I mean how how long joke that I said this. I've always -- that he's gonna end up being the CEO of Bed, Bath & Beyond so I always knew that eventually he was gonna get an. Of -- refuse. I wasn't expecting -- so soon but I'm I'm happy for GO I mean I'm sad for our loss but. Joseph is a young man with a a very bright future ahead and it would be stupid for him to turn down. The kind of money I'm sure he's been offered at Bed, Bath & Beyond this stay here and work with me. As much as this has been apolitical Joe's life. In a dream come true. And Joseph actually likes guys were complete for three years. Still likes me as weird all right it is tough worth 36 at WB EN -- sure manager call screener well. I want to get your thoughts on everything that's gone on this week in the Missouri. And first things first the first order of business news. This idea bad that writing is an inherently black thing. I mentioned The Boston Massacre and I just quickly wanna go over some other riots in American history that had nothing to do. With black people in fact -- everything to do with caucasians. In 1863. July of 1863. After president Abraham Lincoln said we are doing a draft. No more volunteers. -- walks up volunteers but you are gonna face the possibility of a draft well guess what. Many. People in New York City largely of white Irish descent said screw Abraham Lincoln screw the N word. And they went on a Rampage. In New York City they didn't steal liquor I'm sorry did the doctor and find themselves to stealing liquor. Or looting property. They took great delight in killing innocent black people they found on the street. And at one of the most despicable acts in American history. This white mob burned down a black children's orphanage. You wanna talk about animal behavior it doesn't get worse than net. Not only did the white Irish mob. Inflict. Torture and death upon innocent black people. It also destroyed like police officers. And white federal troops who were called him from the just finished battle of Gettysburg. To put down the riot. In New York City. Which I -- was a white on black -- Just a couple more examples of again folks. All I'm trying to do here is give you a foothold. On the American history you were not taught in school. You know the wild west. You've heard of the wild west right cowboys Indians that kind of stuff. Well what are the things you might not be familiar with in the wild west was the acrimony between the loads. Of cheap laborers brought in from China to work on building the railroad across the continental United States. The Chinese. Didn't speak English they didn't wanna hang out with the white man. They'd basically. Stopped the other common culture common language common food. And for the most part they had their society. And the white people had their society. And on more than one occasion. White people. Just look at it. They write it and went against Chinese. Cutting their long here known as they -- Hanging them for no reason other than the fact that they were Chinese. Torturing them tormenting them why. Because. They were Chinese. Now did this happen in every wild west community know it did not. Now in fact in tombstone Arizona. Are very popular guy. Opened up some restaurants which were bear -- popular. Chinese -- opened up American -- restaurants. In tombstone Arizona. It was a one of the stories that I want to read about is. You know over the Clinton gang. That came in member of the Europe's of the clintons are at the cowboys came and and basically they got drunk. And they'd destroyed. This Chinese guys restaurant. And people said dude you need to go to the law you need to get these guys arrested. And the guy shook his head and he said you know what. -- Because these cowboys. Once they sober up are gonna come to me and make things right if I go to the law. I won't have any friends. Guess what happened. The cowboys sobered up. Hat in hand they came to this Chinese guy and said. We acted like a bunch of damn fools the other night and they knew he did not go to the police to file a complaint against them they made good. Bay reimbursed the Chinese restaurant owner and then some for the damage they had done. Now that Chinese guy definitely understood American social interaction. And as I said he died a very beloved member but tombstone Arizona is community. And those were the anti Chinese rights I'd just discussed with the exception of that backtracking and going to tombstone for just a moment but. Folks. I could go on and off about riding. Demonstrating historically. It's not like black people are bored with the let's riot -- Okay. Every single. -- that has ever happened in America. I don't think I need to mention the anti Italian riots in New Orleans which were by the way -- kind of -- if you know anything about them. There was a mafia family growing in New Orleans. The police chief was either a hero trying to break up the mafia in New Orleans or was on the side of one of the two competing families. In any event he was killed. By a bunch of Italians. The mafia and it really was the mafia -- Long story short the guys who were charged with a crime. Either got off or were convicted of lesser charges. And ladies and gentlemen. In a show of racial harmony. Blacks and whites in New Orleans got together and lynched these Italians. Now about all Italians but the ones specifically. Who'd been charged with the murder of the police chief guy by the name of Tennessee in the world look up. Did a cursory search of New Orleans history will tell you everything you need to know about the New Orleans writes. Which were again black people white people joining together a murder Italians. That's America -- Maris. I'm being sarcastic by the way. So my question to you years. Why. It is supposedly. Enlightened age. Do we see the kind of what should behavior. For which there is no excuse. In Missouri. -- One of my listeners wrote a very. Interesting email on it but I think you called city beaches showed that it. Because what he said. Now I don't agree with everything he said that he had a very interesting point and I posted it on my FaceBook page. Bad week in TV era America has become conditioned to something. We've become conditioned to the idea. That every time a black person is killed by a police officer. We are supposed to brace ourselves for riots. And allow those -- to take place turn a blind eye to the criminal behavior. Wring our hands. And them. Try to figure out afterwards. Why they happened. In other words we've been conditioned to expect riots. And what may happen we've been conditioned to say well let it burn itself out. What are your thoughts on it. I think the guy might be onto something I really don't. I think some of this is a -- over your response. That we tend to expect. In these kinds of circumstances. And to my -- black Brothers and sisters. More people this weekend. Who are your cousins. Brothers sisters husbands wives sons and daughters. Were black. Will be controlled by other black people. That have been killed this year by white cops on black suspects. Where is the outrage. Where is the self examination. -- of your community. Has a disproportionate. Amount of violent crime. And we have -- our shot prided myself myself over the years. I'm being able to have honest discussions about racial issues because I refuse to sugarcoat things. Okay. Black violent crime. Statistically. Is. At a level. That is such an anomaly. That it does leave you scratching your. Generally speaking if I have to hit you again folks I'm starting pitcher with facts. But. You are more likely if -- black. To be killed by another black guy or lady. Then you art to be killed by a white cop or a white person. Which actually follows logic. Because most homicides are committed by people who know each other people tend to hang out with people who they know. No great revelation there. But. Why do some killings. Like Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri. Why do they really merit special consideration. And I also think of -- Bob Barton. Why is that more important. Then the thirty black men who died last weekend I believe in Chicago. At the hands of other black man. And the behavior we saw in Missouri this week. Does nothing. To dispel. The stereotype. Of young black men. It is inherently. Culture productive. Where are the voices of reason and common sense. Where is doctor Marten Luther -- And before you give up the phone numbers. Again hit -- go back in the history because god forbid we might learn something from. Before his assassination. Doctor King was involved in the Memphis sanitation workers strike. The Memphis sanitation guys were mostly black you're getting a bum deal are compared to their counterparts. And Martin Luther King tried doing a peaceful march guess what happened. Even with Martin Luther King. Just what happened. Young black thugs. Infiltrated doctor king's peaceful black march. And acted like idiots. Dr. Martin Luther King was a man of peace. And I have to tell you every account I've read. He was absolutely. Furious. At these young black men. Who dared bring violence. Into one -- is peaceful rallies he was outraged. And he was not a man to be easily outraged. He was pissed off. I wonder what Doctor King would say today. About what happened this week. I have a suspicion I know. But it's always tough unless somebody's actually alive to really get insight. What are your thoughts into the media coverage. What are your thoughts into what you've seen on the TB. Of opt out of Missouri. This week. And the video released today by the police. And I don't know what video exists of the actual shooting. Back is the key question. All right stay with us a -- the phone number 803093803. All right thirty. Start -- thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB EN one question. And let's. Figure out exactly what the weather says here AccuWeather recent evening clouds otherwise mainly clear cool tonight the overnight low in the fifties tomorrow patchy fog. Some clouds some sun a shower or thunderstorm in the urea and 73 and -- between 68 and seventy degrees at news radio 930 WB EM that is correct something that was on my FaceBook page because. The police released the video. Of a strong armed robbery where the guy who is robbing a box of crappy cigars. Basically. He was six foot 4300 mountains Michael Brown -- basically bullied his way into taking the cigars without pay. But -- find out that the police officer involved in the shooting. Apparently did not know that brown or that description -- was. Involved in the great cigar robbery of 24 team. So the question as to why led to the initial conversation. Between mr. brown and his friend that. I guess the story is changing by the minute I guess remains an open one. But. Let us. They can we just logically title three year OK let us do it. If Michael Brown. Robbed at the box of cigars. In the the brutal fashion as depicted in the video that has been released. What does that do well in this abuses people of the notion that he was the harmless gentle giant do this type. And basically. Well when you watch the video UC. Thug behavior. I want this I'm not paying for I'm taking your small I'm gonna push you out of the way and make off with what I want without pay. So that's what that video shows. If that's Michael Brown. He -- no gentle giant he's a bully and a thought. OK so back -- is issue number one. Issue number -- -- the police officer who did the shooting apparently didn't know about there's word did not know that the Brown's description. Was out there in the great cigar robbery of 24 team in Ferguson was. So my question becomes. What led to the initial conversation in the street between the police officer between Michael Brown. His body and the cop that's question number two. Question number three and the most relevant question. The only question that matters. What is the police officer. Justified. In using deadly physical force against Michael Brown. That is the only question that matters. Now. I've I've got a break here 8030930. Is people number 8030 about thirty.

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