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8-15 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Aug 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And -- Yes they broke the law but. It's not a felony. It's terrible it's it's that it's so it's a it's an act of love it's an act of commitment to your family. -- -- And repeats Tom hourly. It's alive. It's local option. Being. Third. You have. Not being heard Tom hourly -- facts. On news radio 930 double -- It is flower lady on the radio and I'm thirty WBB. Can -- And as is happening live the the video the news conference in Ferguson Missouri girl Erica -- -- talking about this a little bit at least a little bit today. The police chief now they've released a video archive. Now we have to do. Breakdown. And I've got a television update by the way but we have to break down everything that happened in Ferguson Missouri all right. And number one. I think the Ferguson police. Have. I think sufficiently shown why they had that interest in Michael Brown. Because he matched the description. They suspect. In a strong armed robbery of a -- are really crappy cigars. From a local convenience store and I don't mean to break the news to your -- A lot of times people by really crappy cigars. And then they put we'd AKA marijuana in with the crappy cigars. And you can make yourself wait a blunt or was it a split us leave. I don't know I don't smoke them. And I mean if you're gonna go popped get a ball. But that's another story altogether. So anyway at least we know why the cops were talking to or had an interest in Michael Brown the so called gentle giant so that as the first element. Now the second element of the most important element news. Was the police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown subsequent to. The conversation industry was the police officer justified in the use of deadly physical force. So you have to really delineate the different elements here. Why did the police wanna talk to Michael Brown 'cause he matched that description of the guy in the ripped off strong armed robbery. Of a local store of the box -- crappy cigars that's number one that's why they wanted to talk to. Never -- Is. What did he do. If everything. To deserve to be shot to death was it an overreaction by the cup. A fatal overreaction by the top. Or was it justifiable use of deadly physical force and by the like I happen to agree with that the people who say -- at the cops are gonna release the video. Of the strong armed robbery of the box of cigars. They should also released any video they have. Of the -- And the circumstances of the shooting because that would be determinative. Well I shouldn't say determinative. That would go a long way I think to explaining. Whether or not -- demonstrating whether or not. The police officer was justified in the use of deadly physical force against Michael Brown if Michael Brown was shot when he was running away. That's going to be a hard sell. If Michael Brown which shot what his hands were in the -- showing that he was -- that's going to be a real hard sell. Hand. I I I don't know what video there out of -- video from inside the policemen the police vehicle. I don't -- video from the apartment complex. Where mr. brown was shot. I don't know what there is to cooperate either the testimony of the police officer who says that the gentle giant. And a friend were trying to wrestle for his side arm. And basically pushed him into the police drug impact a -- was discharged into the police truck. Or whether the other eyewitnesses are telling tall tales or whether they are the ones telling the -- that Michael Brown was basically shot down when he's running away. And if you're running away by definition you're no longer a threat to the officer. I'm not exactly sure what Missouri law calls were with respect to the use of deadly physical force by a law enforcement officer. But any time you shoot somebody when they're running away from you. You know it's not like 1960s TV it's not like Clint Eastwood it's not like dirty Harry. You've got some -- -- So we will. There were a lot of but freedom of information request for exactly what I've been talking about. Now if I were the police chief of Ferguson Missouri and I had video that would show. To most reasonable people that this was a good shoot it would've been out the minute things started spiraling out of control. Because wide open a spiral out of control. Because there was a belief in the community that Michael Brown was murdered by the cops that's why things spun out of control. So if you got a video. And again this is -- if I don't know the answer tutors if you have a video showing. That the officer had a reasonable. Belief. That he was about to BE. The victim. And that's why he had to shoot them a lot of the damage and a lot of the nonsense could have been avoided. And I know what some people are saying. Like I can hear already what they probably had conversations with the lawyers say you better hold onto this tape. But sometimes lawyers and I noticed from personal experience without going too detailed on this. Sometimes lawyers are real good at public relations. Sometimes lawyers are not good at judging public reaction especially in a crisis like -- Sometimes lawyers are really good with the law but they're not really good with public relations. Or shall I say Stan. For want of a better term. But we're gonna get it -- this is the date moves along to watch your general thoughts on what we've seen happening in Missouri and up by the way. Disabuse people. Area specious notion. That. Writing is a black thing. In our generation yes we have seen black riots. Can't deny the facts. I'm old enough to remember as a little boy buffalo and other north eastern cities. Black neighborhoods erupting in flames. I'm old enough to remember that certainly -- enough to remember the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles. And eradicate rep for a break he was. He actually came up with one of the best phrases I've ever hurt. Why can't we all just get a well. Now Rodney King did not exactly have a clean life. Are right but. When he saw what was being done in his name. Pretty heavy burden for that case the care. Obvious that up with millions of this also I know. But he was human being and he saw other human beings being smashed in the head with cement blocks a trucker by the name of Reginald Denny who never recovered traumatic brain injury. Forgave his attackers I've often wondered if the brain injury led to a sense of -- judgment but I guess I really shouldn't go there I don't know what I'm talking about. But Rodney King said it best the Rodney King riots actually started to abate when Rodney King himself so why can't we all just get along. But if you look at American history. And don't you can challenge -- on this if you want to. But before. Our era for those who think riding is a black -- before our era I can -- about six. At least six. Major American riots and or civil disturbances. Involving caucasians. Now try to say that writing was an inherently white thing. In the 1860s and 1863 the New York City draft riots. And look -- I am consistent folks. If you listen to this show. What is one common thing you've heard me talk about over and over and over and over again it is there's. That mob violence is always stupid. -- there is no exception. Mob violence is always stupid why is that always stupid because innocent people always end up getting hurt. It's always -- it's always stupid. And it usually is quite on call for. And actually ends up hurting you and your cause more than it does help what you and your callers. In the longer -- what I said about police spent. And sometimes I think lawyers think too much like lawyers and not enough like public relations people. The writers bit opened a lot about public relations. And in the Rodney King riots and the big thing was -- give yourself flat screen TV. You know was the I want a free flat screen right and let's use Rodney King is -- cover for that. In -- Ferguson it was let's get free lecture. And that doesn't look good. To any law abiding person. In this country. Including many people who don't look like look. Are pretty upset. About the image it is being put -- why doesn't look towards this -- the very stereo type that kill Michael Brown if that's what we're talking about. Was -- you tell me how the riots did anything to mitigate that stereotype of young black man being violent. It's simply fuel the stereotype. So hit that same yet. The same looting that was done to show outrage supposedly. Over police killing of Michael Brown. Actually contributed to stereotype. Sometimes I wanna hit myself and my head against a brick wall. But before we go any further. I want to bring aboard a guy who's been all over the Ted Nugent story for me -- letters to attend -- urgent. Is so well aware similar post on FaceBook are basically. In so many words call him a fraud and a charlatan. Over the issue of the Second Amendment and why -- I say this. Because a local munitions manufacturer. Pierce munitions. Has donated money not only to Andrew Cuomo but also to other gun grabbing politicians. Same company is endorsed by Ted Nugent. Ted you can't have it both ways. Yeah I can't say you're a champion of the Second Amendment. And then take money from a company that comes to a guy that many of us have spent time money and resources fighting IE Andrew Cuomo. And there's such a thing -- principle mr. Nugent. And let's go for an update right now we're gonna call frank truth. -- witness stand. Frank Europe WB yet again. And what's what's the latest because you have been all over this story doing some pretty damn good investigative journalist and you're not even a journalist. You're too Smart. -- I anymore being the operative word out of the -- truth is they retired law enforcement officer. First of all I'll what's the latest from the Ted Nugent camp other than dropping a few F bombs and saying I -- nasty things about me try to compare to piers Morgan. Well many people have been holed the industry's book pages this story. -- -- disparate. And what's interesting is. He's no longer the leading the poll. Questioning these donations. And off the computer in the -- two hours. He made two statements and retrieve it can read the centro. -- in. They can be said. The first statement uses. I wonder what kind of ended media. Would be so gullible and -- for brains. To a made him I would give anything to do with -- mall or any good grip ping pong who could possibly think it's. -- off with my -- -- war against them beautiful pools that -- And in his second. Although let's just let's just in Europe there. And win when you you when you allow a company to use your name and likeness to sell Ted Nugent ammunition and that company donates to Andrew Cuomo. By definition you are supporting Andrew Cuomo you are allowing York image and your name to make money for a company which then turns around and donates it to Andrew Cuomo. Now we wanna start talking about brain dead and elected it'll act I'd be happy to challenge mr. entered into an IQ test any day of the week. -- But also challenged him to a round with forty fives by the way. I'm not talking personal -- I'll I'll shoot him with a camber ultralight any day of the week. There you go. Finish -- second statement which usually a couple of lines. I called bulls still off. By the way don't see old and managers are long -- -- cleaned how I expand with them. I'd seen zero evidence they've supported the Nazi gun -- being double formal. This corruption committee has already sealed it for a little punks -- Will donate to their cause will you. The interesting thing here is the owner of the company signed the check. -- I mean demand still litter -- you know -- units saying that these people gone and that's. So will be the question is is -- -- is Ted Nugent who might consider a fraud and charlatans only in it for the money for Ted Nugent because his royalty sharks are probably drying up as you know nobody really plays cat scratch fever anymore and -- get checks are based on the number plays -- -- But. The the -- the point is here. -- munitions can donate -- Mike issue is not what pierce munitions because every supporter of the First Amendment they can donate on all of they want to. I don't care it's their money they can give to whomever they want to get it but if you're Ted Nugent and you're lying to your fans. The people who sign the checks to Cuomo if they're still what the company Ted you know again. Yeah basically. Also yesterday. There there your goal I received a call from a man who lose associated with Nugent. And he views. It was very objective -- -- what was going to land and explain this situation to him. He is yeah it's only. For that. He does I'm I'm gonna send them an email and the who we called -- -- -- later. And he told me enemies. That once become -- newsman bill with somebody from -- representative computers. I don't know that that's not necessary I'll go on with -- I don't need purist here because of that I have no issue with pierce I've got the issue would Nugent -- Newt just applaud. When her that'll prove very interest and I hope somebody has informed him that I'm not exactly piers Morgan. Because I hit the -- and here's the -- Nugent but I was among the people freezing mind ads off in Albany on the 28 of February 2013. In a drizzle. And about forty degree weather. And that was the rally Ted that you agreed to speak that only if you were offered 50000 dollars plus. First class airfare for you and your posse at a luxury hotel I got there I drove my Jeep beer. That's how I got their -- And I covered the rally live all three hours on my show with my friend Iraq War hero David Bell Libya here in studio for those moments when the technical glitches. Came because of -- all overload. So I'll I'll I'll be I'll be more than happy to take on Ted Nugent and if he thinks that I'm piers Morgan. It may not be the best career move for Ted and Ted I think you need to resign immediately from the board of directors of the NRA. Or. Give a donation equal to the amount you received from -- munitions to scope and why. -- what about the way -- tell you should also know that I made -- lifetime dues guy with shooters committee on political education. Which practically bankrupted itself. Trying to get these rallies together. You know the one you wanted 50000 dollars to speak yet to -- such a champion of freedom. Very you know the interesting thing is to this business very cut and dried there's a very simple situation. I am holding the the record. From the financial report from the board of elections in my hand I mean these are official state records showing these donations and he continued to deny it. I I I just don't understand what's going through the man. I don't know maybe maybe he's not shooting it well ventilated range of some of the by products of gunpowder and the other chemicals are going to making ammunition have clouded his judgment I'm not sure but. Anytime Ted Nugent was to come on the show. And -- out with me I would relish the opportunity. Because I know who's gonna win that one candidate gore beat Ted Nugent. He would provide you with this station's number the kind -- you throw the ball is in his court right now. They had to do on Monday Ted. You just let me know -- I'll be your Monday. All right well. Frank truth thank you. And continue please to add to my FaceBook post because you're the guy who's done the research. This you're the guy who's been in touch with the -- people and frankly. The NRA membership all of this country ought to be outraged over Ted Nugent being a charlatan and a fraud he should step down from the NRA board. Yesterday. To all right thank you have very much look at -- -- as soon over the weekend I find this situation but look guys I'm sorry I called this guy for what he was years ago you guys didn't wanna hear it because of the personality cult because some men. -- have some sense that in adequacy feel the need to attach themselves psychologically to men who are uber man. I'm confident and up in my own masculinity I don't need to do and I don't need a real life GI Joseph to play where. Except Donald -- I have to admit to a man crush on him. Yeah this is a very rare song and I play at all when somebody I really think is awesome is leaving us and today is Joseph beavers last day on planet earth. Because at 7 o'clock today -- at a -- Joseph -- he really think she's moving into a management position in Bed, Bath & Beyond. Joseph watch your back today leaving that's all I'm gonna say look abruptly. All of gonna thing. All I'm gonna -- All right now -- and about. Look at brought he'll do myself but. Joseph beamer is. If this is his final but it should -- its -- -- general. -- Because you look better in spandex than anybody. I'm just sick joke and pull off the spandex look. Spandex -- to expand -- Speedo. Unfortunately. I don't know why is it spandex probably because we live in atonement. Where somebody needs details of the folks in this town the proper fit of yoga pants on -- I just put this delicately okay. If you have a size 38 waist size 32 yoga pants do not exactly flatter you okay. I'm just saying. And it's not like I haven't fought wait my entire life I have. I was almost glad to go to the Dominican Republic. But that's another story are. While we're gonna stay on top of the Ted Nugent story and if he wants to come on the show on Monday at all I'd be delighted in fact I would actually. Saver and relish the opportunity. Monday is fine by me. If Nugent wants to come up with great that's great but -- I just you know in all fairness to year. You should probably. Know. That I am not piers Morgan. And if you're gonna try the other hominem I am a member of the left wing liberal media establishment. You will be seen through. IA. Which issued my pistol permit in 1986. When you were still at the top of the charts. Time. Com. Shooters committee on political education I've done a lot for them and they've got a lot for the constitution so it's my duty. So Ted if you're gonna come on. And coming after me like I'm piers Morgan. I'm going to obliterate your and it's not going to be pleasant. So. I will look forward -- you know lot of rich and your people a lot of reach. You have access to myself on never threw frank truth frank authorize you to give Ted Nugent my cellphone number. Cares mr. urgent needs to be straightened out. You can't have it both ways. You can't say. I hate ever -- ball. And then allow your name to be used. I company that support it well with Ted Nugent ammunition it's it's just it's it's like pipe it's kind of bipolar it's it's just makes no sense. It's inconsistent it's hypocritical. And then sit on the -- the NRA I should be on the board of the NRA. -- be crazier than you. A little inside joke I hope you appreciate -- anyway. I'll keep you posted on FaceBook as to whether Ted Nugent is gonna come on with -- And again in all fairness to Ted Nugent. His people would do him a disservice without. Without doing a little research. All in 10% of -- she should probably -- If you look at my professional page. There's a picture on top of that page in fact let's put together shall. Let's just scroll. You see Ted there's a picture on the top of my page it is says Tom buy hourly broadcasting and media production. Now. Across they're. There is the page picture. And you know what that picture shows that. Well I I don't think you do because you weren't there because you -- like fifty grand to do a speech. Had. That was the rally missed out on. On February 282013. That's the rally you wanted 50000 dollars plus that which to speak. And first class airfare and luxury hotel. You missed out on a -- I was they're. I was there with 101000 people. In a federal worry drizzle in Albany new York. And you know what Ted. It was a great rally without -- you know what. There's another guy was at that rally. He was a guy who ran against Andrew Cuomo for the governorship of New York State and a guy for whom I voted he did not run a perfect campaign. But I love him like an uncle I love them like family and he's always known that I have even -- what are we haven't agreed. Carl Paladino was here. I don't Karl Ted Karl. If there's anybody who could actually afford -- first class until -- his own jet to fly to Albany. It's Carl Paladino you don't Carl did -- Carl took a bus. Carl took a bus with other real people. And when the rally was going on Karl didn't seek the limelight Ted. In fact Karl. At twelve noon today at that rally. He was across the street standing by a parking meter watching at the rally with a contented smile over his face knowing that heat. Was partially responsible as -- As was every gun activist in New York State. For the massive turnout. That date to add the turnout that missed out upon which you missed out. Because you put money ahead of your principles. Because you couldn't find time in you were very busy schedule -- To do a Pro Bowl no speech. For people many of whom most of whom may I help a lot less money than you've made in your life. Many of whom took the day off of their jobs without pay so they could show their commitment to the cause. You Ted -- a first class airfare a luxury hotel and 50000 dollars those people came on the road -- rolled by and put their own miles on the road -- vehicles. Now I was paid and again -- -- a big believer in full disclosure folks. I was paid my regular salary that day for that show even know what I started three hours early. During the 6 o'clock hour with an interview on Buffalo's early news -- -- second Susan -- I then worked from nine until noon live at the rally. I was reimbursed my mileage at the corporate rate. I want you to know that because I'm being very up front and I was given accommodations. In a hotel in Albany. It wasn't exactly Forestar. I was given accommodations for one night in a hotel. As was our engineer at the time -- and he was given what we didn't stay in the same room which is probably good thing. But. I also had three meals on the company -- -- and they were modest meals three meals which added up to about eighty dollars total. So I got my regular salary plus mileage plus a night away from home. In a hotel in Albany. Which I can think of better places to have -- night away from all plus three meals totaling like eighty dollars in it was for two people by the way. So. I will put my credentials to head against yours. I -- a hypocrite. I was there. And I played a big part I'm told other people told it appears to me I would never say this of myself. I'm hold that I played a huge part in the number of people that at that rally. I'm grateful for the compliment. But ultimately. The people who made that rally work. With the people make in the 181000 a year. The 32000 a year. The 28000 a year who took a day off of their jobs -- a day without pay. To make their voices heard. By Andrew Cuomo -- by the way Ted you do have something in common with Andrew Cuomo neither of you were in Albany that they for the rally. Andrew Cuomo coward he is he was in New York City the day at a rally. He didn't wanna see. Thousands of people in Albany. And that Ted -- you might be interested in knowing. Bet the company you allow. To use your name and your image to -- Ted Nugent -- to support. Andrew Paul. Andrew Cuomo and his -- he's put out a statement. Of lies about the damage we did at that rally some well Ted. Cuomo supported by your buddies appears. Cuomo claimed we did like what 20000 dollars damage was it. They claim we did thousands of dollars of damage to two hundreds of dollars worth the graphs. Which I think is a mathematical impossibility. Alec you go to Ed young's and get seed to do every I could I could -- that law for less than a thousand bucks and what -- if -- been asked that so. So again Ted look at the picture on top of my page. That's the rally you missed out on because for you it's all about the money for you it's all about branding. It's not about principle. If there was about principle you have been speak of their for free -- you would have made a donation. I have a lifetime page lifetime member of sculptures committee on political education. I have some differences with them at times -- differences with the joke. But you know among their side I know there are my side. So -- while you're taken money. To use. Your name and image and ammunition. Scope virtually emptied its treasury. To put that rally together. And you have the balls to ask for 50000 dollars to speak it was more than fifty by the way. And do not question for a moment but I know exactly of what I speak. And a lot of people didn't want me to talk about it because they didn't want. Me to go after somebody was on our side. I'm sorry that that they went by when I found out your association with a company that gives to Andrew Cuomo. So that any time. Next week you'd like to join me on my show. -- want to go to the pay was speaking free. You know I'm gonna do that so you're gonna have to do it drought as I hate to break the news. I'll be I'll play catch stretch favor as a biopsy can maybe get a bigger Ascap checked like my brother gets for space balls. Space balls bill Brooks my brother one song six seconds of it every time the movie shows he gets to check. I love America a Medicare debate company -- -- all right I need to break on WB yet. Let's do what we are. Actually I think all that that other way we're always go Mondale opposite sex the thousand new agents core folks. And again I just hope somebody lets -- know that he's not going to be dealing with piers Morgan an intellectual feather weight. And a ignore -- -- on the subject of guns and the Second Amendment. Ted you're going up against Tom Bauer. I'm smarter than piers Morgan and I can out shoot piers Morgan and I'm pretty sure I can out shoot you any day of the week. With targets not at each other. It is at 349 news radio 930 WB -- All right meanwhile at the southern border with Mexico there may be a two step delay cost that you point five seconds to get into the United States. AccuWeather clouds this evening otherwise clear cool night and those are winter clouds appeared to start -- yesterday and I was right I'm so perceptive. Again you don't line. I follow the squirrels. Excellent and water right Tom -- you got it but I've got some then it -- evident early ball not one doubt in my mind you look at the clouds. Usually see he's still September. Or August that year. Right right now is that temperature between sixty and seventy but I (%expletive) give it because somebody make him play the my boss. That I use that particular number to describe the temperature. And I realized that I do not wish to open verbal tender feet up -- -- I shall cease and desist from that I don't really need another memo. Now it is at 354. But I could go to our website and read up about side -- now. Coming up at three there are coming up actually after 4 o'clock on WB end. We are gonna talk about the situation in Ferguson. Missouri. It no information is coming out and folks please understand -- Conservatory. Conservative Iranians. Are not hateful people we love everybody who loves America. We love everybody who follows basic. Principles of civility. That we do not differentiate between white black Asian. Straight gay transgender it doesn't matter we are patriots who love America. And I don't want. To do a damn thing. To further divide this country. My. Goal in life. -- to do whatever small thing I can do. To bring people together using my knowledge of American history as a basis to bring people together. And I deplore all mob violence what we saw in Ferguson Missouri this week. What's absolutely animal behavior. And what we saw in New York City. By white people against black people in 1863. Was animal behavior. Up writing is not an inherently black thing that I need to set the record straight after 4 o'clock.

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