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8-15 Beach and Company Hour 3

Aug 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And we have acquisition company I am sandy beach this is that Joseph blow no question a lot of because we have done six previous shows exactly like this what's -- -- -- this is the seventh gun buyback program. For mayor brown of buffalo. It is going to be 9 AM to 5 PM tomorrow six drop off sites across buffalo. The mayor says of that this will instill a sense of confidence and safety among the city's law abiding citizens. And he also says that -- on WB had a couple of days ago that if indeed this program. Takes one weapon which could have been used. In a car and a possible crime and it's worthwhile. While ago I mean what a -- true that's the best way is there are -- of other ways at that aren't legal but it's just baloney. That's what it is and they spend 200000 dollars on this 4457. Guns so far in this day in this ongoing program. But I'm saying if you -- if you got 200000 dollars. Through was seizures for temperatures things like that why not if you -- use of the -- crime minutes should be. Why not use -- to fight crime effectively. Bring another cop on the force pay for some overtime for cops working on certain cases. I get some new equipment and new -- is there some new technology. Fresh things. That actually might work instead of this tired old. Joke of a program. If you that if you insist on going. On the east side -- vitro Bethel Baptist Church -- bearing on the west side -- -- -- the united Methodist church on Virginia. Downtown saint John the Baptist. Goodell. As some bubbles saying Thomas the quietness on Abbott road as we said it's -- tomorrow from 9 AM to 5 PM. And you'll get a prepaid bank cash card for a non working anti gun like including BB guns and pellet guns ten box. Rifles and shotguns fifty bucks. And on 75 dollars an assault weapons hundred dollar stepped right up against fleas are sorry guys step right up embryo law abiding citizen. And you could feel really comfortable you know how dangerous streets were on them on Saturday think of -- -- I'll say they're going to be on Sunday. Chris and a couple of FaceBook postings please. Let's see this one comes from Maryland she says these programs only take weapons away from law abiding citizens not criminals stop wasting an average -- time and tax money. And use these funds are actually doing something about crime in the city. Other -- -- program. -- -- from Ireland she gets that obviously the mayor doesn't probably -- -- over -- security in on target about another listeners. This one comes from Daniel he says I'd like to hear the mayor answered this question do these programs actually get guns off the streets that are likely to be used in crimes to meet. The clear answer is no. And the clear answer is the clear answer that that that. I challenged them earlier. David took 4457. Guns up the street. I challenge him to show me one of those guns just one of those guns used in a -- personally couldn't because they can't. But secondly they couldn't even if they wanted to because allegedly. They don't ask any questions when -- -- it and allegedly. They don't run a ballistics test on it to see if it was used and allegedly. They destroy them. Now we haven't heard about them destroying the last couple years but if they who all of those things then there'd be no way. Who prove or even have a hunch that any guns were used in the commission -- let's go to Dan in derby it's derby ban on WB yeah. Hello it's been the I just got a couple. Points that the most secure program since the start it over here and the first thing that I wanted them to make out is that these weapons were stolen and they returned into the police. What would exempt the police from. You know returning it to the owner. Well let's hope properties sport that's for the men that they can't just. It'll ability data deal would have to run a check in order to return it to -- there. That's a good point gave via your gun was stolen you want them do that and certainly as citizens we wanted to do it but that isn't what they do what they apparently don't even cross check -- because. They said there's no questions asked and they don't run ballistics test so one would assume that you be out of -- Right and the guns of value. The other sisters can be two point that's. That he got rifles and shotguns are still legally have the molester and assault weapons. The people would be better to take off and given to these are dealer collector and help them of them they would have -- that fell. And they would be able to take these legally they still be off the streets they'd be getting out before five times he modeled what their what their work. That's a good point our caller earlier mentioned that when this program first started the by the police did not allow any dealers. Or are enthusiasts to be anywhere near those lines because they didn't want them to buy before they can be turned into the city. Right and one more point is that but you're two local I was watching on the TV and watching them. And what they've broadened to Winchester model twelve and -- was an 870 and all the sudden they got leaned up on a wall. On the on the far side and the others were being patrolled in the book there's anything -- -- I'm sure it doesn't get -- a lot of police officers that they can put them on their bed they run that don't wander checks on their -- If it wasn't committed the crime and there's no reason for it to be destroyed and that goes for handguns also. I hate to say anything it's valuable destroyed. Especially if if they don't tested to make sure doesn't have a dirty past. Right so I don't think that these so anything of value is not going to be thrown into the Walther or like they lead people to believe that's going to be. You'll you'll see -- -- -- chill this. -- -- -- -- -- barrel have a table at the real elegance. Of the answer. I pay you all right take pride in my. Because ol' days the mayor forgives our politics. He get the note read not one of those big. And the mayors of mayor's top choice guns are hardly ever used turned in by a little baby from a -- Bob ball I act. Another one Green Zone from FaceBook -- This is from Stephen he says the people of this city need to be worried about illegal handguns those are really want cause all the problems and and how many of those are going to be actually be turned in these vibrant that's the point that I'd be kinda got injured and again. Our big guns that people don't even know there in the closet there are none workable. There probably elderly ago survivors of a couple maybe and a husband had a gun and when he passed away ago wife didn't know what to do with -- these are not guns that are -- play absolutely positively I can tell you with great confidence. Because it's not censored over they would be and meanwhile big group of people who are using guns. Aren't about to stand in line and hand demand for. Anywhere from ten to 100 dollars they make more money to them on the outside and the gun itself is worth a lot more. If a game -- wants to give up gang banging and and and turned to a new life more positive life. I think it probably got a lot more money from a fellow gang banger former fellow gang banger minicamp from the city. So it almost no circumstance. Does this make any sense as far as safety. And I end -- feeling more confident. That you go walk the streets safely in buffalo this is all public relations. It's all making trying to make the mayor look good try to make the city look good like they're fighting crime. Meanwhile while these guns are being turned -- Tomorrow -- Saturday it's a weekend okay for those of you who moved to the planet. I think you'll find that every Monday morning checked the paper. You'll see how many shootings that -- buffalo and guess what none of those guns were -- and wouldn't they will be back after this. We're going to would change we're going to change now into a fresh subject for the rest of the show because I think basically we all get that. We are again at that this a gun buyback program is just public relations -- all visit. Publicity for the mayor does nothing to make the city -- these sleeper. But it's also using up 200000. Dollars of assets. Even if they were four for jurors were all or seizures or anything like that from from crimes. It's -- if the 200000. Was available for this program why was it not available for something that might actually help. -- like as we suggested putting another cop on the beat. And paying for overtime and better equipment -- Anything that would make the cops a job easier or safer or the public safer would be a better use of the money. Then is dumb ass buyback program but he keeps going and and now this. It's brain wise it's robotic it's the same thing over and over again. And that's that as a thank you -- for that. Meanwhile we're going to go to another piece of -- as another state actually going to Missouri now this story broke -- I'd just as I was returning from Alaska. So I was content like caught in an information. Vacuum. About it but now as more and more information is coming out I thought it was important that we have a chance to. Discuss it. It's not a Ferguson Missouri of course. And apparently. We can only talk by the way about what we do know so far. This Tuesday a work in progress this is a story that continues to be a story we're now looking edit as historical we're looking at it as. Past present and maybe future. Where apparently. A young man named Michael Brown. Was shot. He was unarmed of according to according to your stories but he was unarmed but there's a question of how it came about. All of the police say that the struggle would -- policeman. For his gun. They he was a suspect in a strong arm robbery. And they just showed video. Just released video. And we saw some steals from -- awe of the of the robbery itself. Now we don't know if it's been authenticated. At the person in this video. -- was a Michael Brown or not look certainly. To look at it. And at first glance it looks like him but we can't guarantee that that's the case. Anyway he is suspect and they were -- the trying to pursue the suspect and according to the police report. There was a struggle and then a policeman shot him and he was dead it's I don't think it's it's a contested that he was -- -- However the other side says. At via an eyewitness says that know what happened is the police shot him as he was running away. So these are two distinctive different stories. And today they released the name of the policeman. That shot him. Because apparently they have to do according to the law of the state of Missouri. One would question. About the safety of this officer because of releasing his name. But there are right ways to do things as far as protests thing. And there are wrong ways to do things as far as protests that. First of all with the circumstances. That we know now and I have to always underline this because things can change. If if if someone felt that this was a week or gross miscarriage of justice. In a young man who shouldn't be dead is dead and indeed was running away and that the police -- use -- reasonable force. When the officer's life was not -- in danger and the -- of the man is now dead. That you certainly have a right to protest. It's it's in the constitution you have a right to assemble you have a right to protest. However one thing you don't have a right to is break the law. And we have to separate that. Surely if you believe that. -- what was done was absolutely beyond the pale and outrageous and illegal. View and you feel strongly about that anyone protest you should. No question about that but here's what you shouldn't do you should try and burned down and -- Things like -- liquor store -- at the video we see all the time of the front of the front window being blown out of it. And -- people by the scores. Going through the broken glass and running away with liquor bottles. Now what you know looting and burning have to do -- have peaceable protest is beyond me and he is the real danger. The real danger is that indeed the world community and the certainly the American community. Would would certainly be sympathetic toward make sure justice is served two year. We don't want anybody who was. Was shot while trying to run away. We don't want that kind of behavior we don't condone it must be a must be sorted out in court and of punishment -- call for punishment. Must be metered out. OK so you have all kinds of allies -- that because Andy Goodman and the person have a good nature would understand that aren't. Here's what people don't understand. What looting and grabbing free bottles of liquor have to do with -- injustice. We've seen this sort of thing before. We have we've seen it we're good -- juries -- came back. We have decisions that the public that was want to do this sort of thing weren't happy where. Our rights and so. Now what happens is it seems like all right an injustice has occurred now we have a right to break the law and steal things and you don't. You don't and what you -- If you lose the allies. Who were with the won the first place. People who believe in the law people who believe that things shouldn't happen outside the law as this is alleged. But then you lose them once you start looting and once you start learning he would -- any any. Confidence you had that they would be your allies evaporates because they're not because what happens is you see that. And immediately fuel -- what do you think you know here's a sinking of that. You're not thinking about the whether it was a justified shooting you're not thinking of whether indeed a crime was committed beyond. What you can say all you think your body is look at this. They've broken into a liquor store they broke the whole front glass section. In their running and and running out -- blows we've seen this before in California when they did it with big screen flat screen televisions. Are right. And -- sold the Rodney King. Verdict they were not very happy wet and so what happened the same thing same thing so apparently. The there's no real righteous indignation. If you're only motivation is to steal something. When something doesn't go all the way you think -- goal or there's been a miscarriage of justice gives you the okay. -- -- Rob burn and steal while it doesn't. And you're you lose your allies once you start doing that. There is no sympathy after that and that's the sad part the sad part is that you know what you -- just as you're looking for free stuff. Free stuff that you don't have to pay for -- to -- run away where and you lose all that you had. As a as far as allies are concerned in this quest for justice. We like your opinion as to whether your agree within -- -- -- your general thoughts on news radio I'm thirty WVU. And lose John and it it is everything coming and I'm sandy beach obviously no movie showed they cinema Bob is on vacation. -- -- he's doing is probably going to a movie that's my guess I'm guessing as a remote Robinson. And a movie theater seat sometime today. But that should return next week we've been there just a mob related between my trip to Alaska Bob vacation. And one day we were at a place where the movies we were gonna do the movie show itself. But I was should return next next week meanwhile I'm I'm coming in -- on the subject but I am I'm. Getting. Updated as though a Republican generals getting updated on the death of Michael Brown he was I think it's undisputed that he was shot by a policeman. But what is disputed is the circumstances. And number of first of all the of the police have just released a video and and we've seen some stills from that video. Which was -- -- a strong arm robbery. In progress. Now I don't know how they've authenticated or if they've authenticated -- the person shown on the video is is Michael Brown. Just taking a glance -- seeing what you can see from a you know TV screen and it looks like it it could be but like I couldn't swear that it is. But he was you a suspect in this robbery. And a policeman. Or more than one actually policeman responded to the call and though there was apparently -- a difference of opinion what happened next. According to the police. There was a struggle. As they were trying to apprehend him and he tried to get the officer's gun this is what they've won they client. And and he got shot. And died. On the other side of the story here comes from somebody who describe themselves as a friend of his saying he was actually running away when they shot him. Well I think a ballistics tests and a -- -- crime scene. People experts in that should be able to tell. -- whether that's true or not depending on the entry in the exit won't but that's up to them and that information will be released later but meanwhile. -- -- -- A legitimate cause of concern. No matter which side -- take on this -- do you believe one side or the other. The legitimate take -- as this has to be investigated. By. By and he's a standard. It has to be investigated and decided upon. -- what the circumstances were. -- but rather than oh well wait for that to happen. A non ruling mob decides to get violent and the police say they have to obviously stand up to them. Now you've certainly could have righteous indignation. They have an unarmed eighteen year old was shot and killed. But until you know the information. I think the amount of righteous indignation. Auto BO. Ought to be measured until you find out in the facts come out about it but here's where the -- is being made. Once you once you go from genuine sorrow. And genuine anger and genuine rights is in indignation to break -- -- A storefront a shattering the glass of a liquor store and you when your friends go in and raid -- but liquor store. Is burning. And all sorts of things like that you wash your credibility. You've lost that. You'll closet that was the very moment what you -- -- you know sucked it up and said you know as angry as I am we're gonna make sure this is processed properly make sure justice is done instead it's a chancellor some free liquor is. The chance to go in certain window of a liquor store we've seen this before when Rodney King same same scenario different circumstances. Where they didn't like the Rodney King verdict. Whether it was justified or not it is open to discussion but they didn't like it. As so what did you see you see instead of liquor store this time it was a flat screen TVs. So you're telling me that what's really important to your way at this time is your free bottle blows. What's really important to you is your flat screen TV. When indeed what really should be important to you. Is the furthering of justice in situations like this and not because you can get something free that you loaded. Okay there is no justification for -- but the mindset Florida's best. Look I'm just stealing liquor or in some cases I'm just stealing a TV set. And I'm protesting this which is worse than what I'm doing. Well tell me ha oh you make the other part better by you breaking the law. You feel you have a right to break the law right up 20. The law that you think has been broken. Is that is that you deal. -- just sit around waiting for something to be ticked off over. So that you can go steal something is that what it is is that the -- works if so where in the hell of the leaders. Of the people who would do this this is -- time sharpton's out there of course. Naturally. But will the leaders who stand up and say look and it's different of the -- I mean when you are seeing a tear gas and and a -- armed for combat. Law enforcement. And broken windows and looting and -- that is not easy to stand up -- this is more real leaders are made. People who would have the year of the people who would do that have to stand up and say this is what org -- -- -- that. We're going to lose it because not only did we lose an eighteen year old member of our community. Would -- a lot of new tool. Because you can't you're not allowed to do that the law does not support. Sympathetic while breaking. In other words what I'm doing it's far less important that one has already happened so I guess I should be allowed to do. The shooter cops should look the other way simply because there was a miscarriage of justice. Right here. So if you don't stand up at that time as a leader not a leader at all. You're just another follower -- and an expensive so waiting to see which again which could squeeze out of municipal government. So -- I'm thinking got a real leader stands up. And -- Martin Luther King tonight who believed in peaceful disobedience by the way don't have to remind you that. But there aren't many -- the thing types and so it may be unfair for me to look for them but the bottom line is a real leader stands up and said stop. Your screw -- up everything this is making it worse we already got something to mourn and now gonna have to do more. Because you need a free bottle bones. That what it is. I think it's pathetic. So I'd like your opinion of whether this looting and burning. -- actually just takes the mood of the holes substance away from the actual events of the shooting. I think it does because people look at that that's what they're focused on now. They're not at an ability of -- is disgusting. This is it looks like a war zone there. And I think you'd be -- lose any any kind of conscience. Prohibiting them from mom. From this kind of thing they don't have their conscience it's just ball also wall because somebody did something and so now I can -- -- Not not will be back with more after. It is Beijing company and I am asking regarding -- Ferguson Missouri. -- once be rioting and looting and burning started. They lost. A lot of book people who would be very sympathetic to making sure that justice was done. But the facts come out what the information flow and let justice be done but once you see people looting and burning. And running struggle liquor store all you can think of is the Rodney King deal. Where they were doing the same thing except in that case it was flat screen TVs just a reason to steal. A reason to maybe you gave yourself permission to break the law because of an injustice that you perceive. And that's -- that's all wrong and ends and so. It's not sympathetic to your closet all the deleted doesn't help that makes it worse. And apparently nobody stands up in front of the crowd and says let's think about what's going on now and think about this is now. Let's go to word Gary and -- -- -- on WB again. What city. We're looking at what's happening this year. It's the same thing over and over and over and over again the same thing happened the same results the same people show up the same thing happened. I think civil society. Has been trained. Like -- dog that whenever one of these incidents happened. We expect exactly what we do it. Editors bringing basic reaction -- I think that everyone goes through. The first reaction is they calculate the distance farm where -- mainly happening to where they'll do. They expressed. Quiet outrage because you don't want to draw attention to yourself by saying anything like golly that's -- And then you check your guns and -- the war. Now I mean think about it or it's the same scenario you as you just said if it keeps repeating itself. But the bottom line is where the leaders who stand up and say no if you really want justice we -- going miss. And are beyond that like I said we are now we're all ready civil society has become outlaws dog we have big tradition say okay if this happens that we have to expect that. Know what it's saying it didn't happen and you knew that. -- -- And it would surprise me is. The crowd is quieter today and one of the reasons that they go last night actually. One of the reason they talk about is that now that the state police were replacing the local police. As being their jurisdiction there they wore a dress. -- yen as military. An outfit as the prior ones. Now first of all the things that being dressed and in more militaristic. Outfits. A would bring on more anger from the crowd I don't get it they were burning looting and stealing. I mean did they expect are aware of a summer uniforms with a shorts and a bicycle. Yeah important are being trained at -- -- to acquiesce to the cry I'll probably control. And they're -- yet we at that point. Wells. You'll continue writing if you call it change well it will be time. Good point Gary as usual thank you very much. You are and what you think about this Michael Brown is dead yet who's not dead. He is not dead. Was a Michael Brown happens to be a black guy somebody used that as an example you know is not -- the black guy whose home studying. -- you all else is not dead. The black guy -- out was his favorite girl the movies or sporting event. You know is not dead the black guy who's painting a house. The people who -- don't put themselves in harm's way. Occasionally it does is not true but as a most of the time it's it's true that. They're not the ones that are involved in these sort of things. They are doing what they wanna do what they should be doing and what they're comfortable doing. And if you put yourself in harm's way even though there's no way to justify. Sometimes the way things turned out. The when things don't turn out well. It shouldn't be a huge surprise now we're not saying anybody has a right. To shoot somebody especially if they're running away but that's not been proven the thing is nothing's been proven yet. There's still a strictly allegations in the first thing. That we've seen of substances this video. Candidate bush on frame by frame on on our television. It was in the midst of a strong armed robbery. -- in the allegation by the police says the guy you see in the robbery. Is the guy who's dead. -- Michael Brown now I don't know if it's been authenticated but that's what they're claiming. Of people -- who also claimed that he was running away and the cops shouldn't. They have their right to a court hearing -- let the process take a take take its it's a dual course. But the bottom line is the people who work. Committing strong arm robberies or weren't near that scene -- weren't looting or weren't burning and work rioting. Are also. Enjoying another day of life. So I mean is it if you have a cause that is legitimate. Don't given away. By doing dumb ass things like looting and burning -- rioting. You certainly have a right to assemble and you have a right to protest and you have a right to anger. Because of what you would see as as a as something that should not have happened legally. But let but he justice take its course. Don't take I don't take justice into -- hands or you won't have any allies except follow people who -- grabbing another bottle of booze and running out -- the broken glass of the front door that tells me how much you really care. About Michael -- You cared so much said he botched -- free bottle of -- or not there is our free a bottle of wine. I think a whiskey that's what you got. That's what you -- and I'm sure you felt justified because breaking through liquor store and burning it down and looting and it's certainly isn't as important somebody dying. Boy gotta get out of that mindset -- hurry or things will never get better where are the leaders in this situation. Where is the calm -- that it. Confidence that we've been through tough situation before we can continue to do it instead now hear gimme something -- to break the glass and grab some -- blows. You know I'm really committed to the clause. Wraps it up we'll see you love Monday through this is the Joseph beamer today will be his swan song with Tom Barley he's a great guy he really is he's a fun guy. And I'll tell you beamer is the best looking guy I've ever seen in a Speedo that I work -- That's the best way is. Probably.

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