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8-15 Beach and Company Hour 2

Aug 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Word used for immigration crime the city wouldn't know what. And they'd be happy to hand over cash card for you just so they can have that photo op on the 6 o'clock news. So or asking if you are a couple of questions do you think this is an effective way is there a better way to spend the money they spent 200000 dollars so far. I say put another cop on the street. That's he's a cop he -- she would have a better chance of vote fighting crime in making your life safer than this dumb -- program. And maybe a new weaponry. May be more time my training on the range use the money for another cruiser. Oh yeah anything for law enforcement has a legitimate purpose this is just. Ridiculous that he might as -- -- on the campaign chests of the mayor because that's what what it's all about making the mayor look good. And making you think that it's safer and back. In the handout piece here on the bubble on windows. It says that it will instill a sense of confidence and safety among the city's law abiding residents. Those of the words them there if they if so these -- law abiding residents must be boring. Let's go to blow appalling and Lancaster -- on WB yeah. I'm I'm well what do you think your feelings paper. That's no matter at all -- you know I I I think you're against Purdue in the show again -- a well needed. You know I wanna say that what -- -- program. -- anchor the -- channel and the like that. There -- stock these drug dealers and you know these these -- commit always crimes. They make upwards of 30000 dollars a day. I don't think. Necessarily that they need twenty dollars for a PP -- the order. -- I'll be brought out our Salt Lake eat egg -- on. No I don't -- all. Angry I was not. Grandmas are going to be walking and whether or non working anti gun and deciding whether she should hold up a 7-Eleven to bring Kansas City Hall. Yeah you -- stand the thought -- -- Our -- -- low I'd say I have an idea. Right now they they have a bank cash cards and they've given up 200000 dollars so there's some serious money here okay. Air and they will give you a bank cash cards in exchange for. Your gun. But as I go down the list of what they'll give you for your god I've come up with a better idea instead of the bank cash card. You give them something that might help them more than the paltry amount of money that are offering. And you you increase the value of what do you give to them with the value of the gun that turning and -- don't -- I have right here and American uses of it -- -- is that the cash card for instance. Right now a nonworking anti gun including a BB gun or pellet gun they'll give you ten box. That now ten boxes launch of McDonald's and that'll be gone instead I think they should give you a card good for one Jay walking. On the ticket so if you cross like in the middle of a block or you don't cross that are on the regular crosswalk. He got the tickets so the cops is hey weren't you -- walking. Since well I was. Don't bother writing the ticket because look what I got new whip out the cards is good for one Jay walking tickets. And that would be good for the non working antique guns. Because of elegance now if you turn and a rifle or shotgun. That's they're gonna give -- fifty bucks for that but you know what. Wouldn't you rather have my card good for one illegal parking because in times having rushing sabres gamers something amiss. The opening face and there's a spot for restless apart fair but you know when your wallet. You turned it that rifle or shotgun you've got a card worth one illegal parking fine. As whip that sucker out man you don't watch and watch and a hot game all right next up handguns 75 dollars now we're getting serious. Okay 75 dollars is one thing but I think you should have a card in exchange for that. Good for one expired tags or license you know how many times week you know our plates are. They've expire when we're going to get them renewed we didn't. Your driver's license you didn't get to that Department of Motor Vehicles. But you don't have to worry about -- carrying around a card good for one of those infractions that's for -- -- the -- one of course would be the assault weapons. That's a hundred dollars. And I'm thinking that we got to be careful now but I'm thinking that good for one speeding ticket but only up to twelve over the limit. As we can have you doing Justin Bieber on us. And -- you know roaring down -- street. We've got to have vote we gotta have some reality and they're so good for one speeding ticket up to twelve. Miles per hour over so I think that. The Jay walking illegal parking expired tags in license and speeding this would be much more valuable. Then indeed -- handing out those those paltry amounts of money. And so I'd like your opinion 8030930180616926. And start 930. Is there a better way to spend -- 200000. That they've already spent. Absolutely wasted money. Because it's all designed to get you to buy into something that's not true it is not true you are not safer. It's not going to happen. The bottom line is that they're trying to play it -- your mind. With the money they can be used elsewhere for better purposes and fighting crime 803 the usual numbers will be back after Davis. We're asking is there a better way to spend this money then there is a dumb ass gun buyback program 200000 dollars they spent on this program so far. I'm saying there's a lot more efficient ways to spend that money that actually might help citizens feel safer. I'll put another cop on the street. Allow a little bit more overtime pay for that on Osama on some important case. A new cruiser. Any kind of equipment -- a police person might need them -- the kind of things that might actually make a difference. This is just a photo opportunity. As a waste -- time. And in there in the article about this though which was agreement in today's paper that argument idea. It was -- vote last week. On here's what they say that the mayor thinks it will install a sense of confidence and safety. Among the law abiding citizens and to me that's dangerous. That's a false assumption it is absolutely. Dangerous if you feel. That you're gonna let your guard down a little bit you can breathe a little easier. The -- I did before because of this program you are on a fool's -- let me tell you that. Absolutely not. -- so we'd like to know if you can make a better ways to spend the money. I gave you some examples. Maybe -- and others and tell me if you think it's effective or not let's go to Joseph oh Joseph you're on WBM thanks for holding. Or. I'm -- find Joseph what do you think you got to feel safer after -- Saturday. Absolutely not I think it though frankly a big waste of money. There are not controlled -- -- What we're at you know and turning it on gun. The bottom are better -- the same money they received partly premonition something else. I think. That frankly -- money and I couldn't agree with you more. Okay and and if you think about it. When they start taking in non working anti guns. In BB guns and pellet guns. When they started that level is as it tells you how serious they are which is not much at all thank you. You could go out and a go to a novelty store against them by plastic guns yeah I don't have a red tip on the barrel but. By that true. And -- umbrella Bible lessons and box. So let's go to one novelty store and buy you know I'd obviously like oversized. Plastic gun with a red tip on it. And bear market until one of these places. I wonder they would give you the ten -- -- couple -- -- would. And American have a press numbers as they if just one red tipped fake kids plastic gun. Saves a life this will be worthwhile program may. That is I think that when the mayor appears on television is think they should crawl along the bottom full full full full full. Because that's what it is it's a joke it's a joke and not just from gun enthusiasts I happen to be -- gonna impose is. It's not because we know more about guns is we know more common sense. And don't try and send me and sell me five pounds of doggie do and tell me it's a Kringle 'cause it ain't and I know it. And anybody that doesn't know it deserves to get fleeced I guess. Let's go to Todd Todd -- on WB again. Yeah I don't intend to beat you you do its stated that they're roughly. They -- about 200000. Dollars on the program. I mean if if anything they're gonna wanna keep the program going just because it's a perfect. Week. Two. That it. Distribute. Taxpayer money without really telling -- -- where are -- going exactly. I mean have a ticket distributor in the bank cards but -- say because the old keeping it enough number. Where the stuff that they actually go. On you know that if any ever anybody got any question they're not gonna have any answers for the sake of an imminent going to be. You got out they say that this his money is from light go far for jurors and seizures or whatever. But if -- -- if they have the money there's no reason they can't use it in a better way no matter how they got. It is absolutely anything. They actually do something productive over the instead of just you know they had more fun just dropping dollar build a little oil and. -- I. I don't like era -- it to a -- you know what you just described is basically what the mayor is going thank you thank you very much odd. While that's great I like that. I they say the money is from four overtures and seizures and things like that. And that's fine that's fine but if they have available for this. Why wouldn't it be available for something else I'll make the contention that one more cop. Would be far more effective and make you feel better and make you feel safer then this -- gun buyback program any piece of police equipment. Any idea OK of overtime on an important case any of these things would make the streets safer. Then buyback of of these guns but none of them. We're going to be used in the commission of a crime. And you know it and I know it and if anybody has a gun at home that while that is going to be used America Acela for that -- not gonna happen. Now but the the dark side of this is because there's no questions that. And because they don't do ballistics tests on any of these according to them and because. They destroy the guns. Then anybody who has. Committed a crime with a gun they'd be Smart to stand in line charted and get their bank guard him at the police destroy your evidence. I mean it doesn't get better than that. It doesn't get funny -- than that but that you'll see that and a video of the reporters you'll see on Saturday night. After it's over is starting probably with a 6 o'clock news. And they'll have the obligatory interview -- -- police official may be the mayor himself. Then -- you guns that look like we could rearm Iraq. I don't know they come up -- these things but they'll have you don't -- them martyrs in the howitzers and you know. A B one stealth bombers I mean it's amazing what that photo -- doses. But I guarantee -- admitted that income from grandma's clause. Let's go to have read in what was then fragile on WB yen. Indy. When you. I have to disagree with you won this entirely. And why I think that. This buyback program is going to be. So great. At most. Every good sign that we have to worry about him off the street room and then. We're going to goal after nine -- or. Or maybe. Pipes or. -- and it being there was this just that program. There was this ain't it was a story a couple of years ago got a guy who got into a domestic dispute and killed his wife with a frozen leg of lamb. And I think -- -- leg of lamb buyback program. I. Don't -- it that way. Why not let's get everywhere have been laying down -- Have you read -- just -- -- glance let's have a nasty glance buyback program thank you read anything. Can be considered a weapon. We have that the buyback program remember I did mention earlier the -- them. I'm very successful condom buyback program for re populated and the city of buffalo when he was afraid that. You know let's -- might lose some funding of the population drops below a certain numbers so he had that very successful condom buyback program. People who are thinking of using a a condom. During area pleasurable interlude we're convinced eternity and and then again through they had done. A different rewards for different condoms. Which I'm not -- Get in through here you'll just have to use your comedic imagination. Speaking of comedic imagination of America thinks this is a good idea we'll be back. With Maher after this. Thank you because they beneficiaries of the mayor's condom buyback program it has everything gov today yes yes yes yes yes. I'm so excited because I wanna feel safer. I want a sense of confidence when I walked down the street of buffalo and I want a sense of enhanced safety. And after tomorrow night at what 6 o'clock. Until 5 o'clock I'm sorry I don't even have to wait -- six from nine to five tomorrow. A during the gun buyback program certainly any weapon that might have put in danger may you'll will have been turned in an exchange for a bank cash card. And I'm feeling good about myself I really am crime will will cease. -- you so what's funny it's not funny highs -- ironic. Funny is that wearer -- a period now where every day is there's a story about some shooting in buffalo. Some innocent person gets shot as somebody comes by. Some people. Trying to pay off they -- grudge. A shoot other people I mean there's all kind of crime going on now and that think that this is as one of the answers. I mean and it's not a small insignificant amount of money they're talking about. So far 200000 dollars have been spent on this now it's not directly taxpayer money as those -- money for for that money whatever. During the commission of crimes. So that's good but if you can use it for this -- catchy music for something worthwhile that's all I'm saying. But something worthwhile. Wouldn't give the mayor more face time on television. You know if if by a couple of detectives were working overtime on an important case and and that helps solve it that wouldn't show up. On the 6 o'clock news and are going to say that's because an extra financing that that we found through this program. Instead this is what they do it's out there it's in your face that make you look like you you really want to contribute. And indeed. They certainly yeah. Would make it easy for somebody who has committed a crime with a gun to get rid of the evidence. Simply by bringing it to the buyback program because it's no questions asked. There's no testing done on the guns and they are destroyed at least that we're led to believe that all those things happen. And if so. The police will get rid of the evidence for you need to hide it in a swamp like The Sopranos or anything like that. -- walk right out there that there while you're proud citizen and as what I got Oregon. And there is no question it's not gonna test that sort of ballistics are you. And you're going to destroy it -- 00. So you get the -- might work for me and it's paid for with police money. Does that make you feel -- Also be careful. A New York State in case should not aware. Has very strict laws against handguns. So is my suggestion I'm being serious now if you plan to bring a handgun. To one of these sites. Make sure that hey it's unloaded -- make sure that by the best advice keep it away from you put it in the trunk or something in a box. And unloaded. Made the magazine in a separate box of gonna turn that into no ammo anywhere and -- Because if you -- to get stopped. For any kind of an offense. And they search your car and I guns there and and you -- well I yeah I have a gun but -- -- turning it and I don't think that of these strong enough excuse so maybe even write a -- On you know on my way to -- that's the true Bethel Baptist church and he's very that's these side. Primary primary on the united Methodist church Virginia street that's the west side. Saint John Baptist on Goodell downtown. Saint Thomas the quietness on ever wrote -- south buffalo. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So that they your good ago and he -- -- any cop I think reasonable -- wouldn't stand that. But meanwhile I think it's a waste of money. It gives us faults self confidence and I'd like to know if you think there are better ways to spend a 200000 dollars on this. Let's go to Jack in Grand Island Jack you're on WB yeah. Yeah play they'll open the military -- acceptance program I think would be to look back over the last seven years what they say they've. Confiscated by the -- But what about the led to what about 1000. Yesterday it -- -- can search it out that. How many members have their -- over the last seven years. Department doesn't think happened skated good presumably the -- -- -- -- 4457. Guns have gone back and you're right the law of averages will tell you that if indeed. These would have been used and are being used that we should have better crime numbers -- point. That it Jack thank you very much. -- 4457. Got concerned in the city during the beginning of this buyback program this is the seventh. Buyback program Chris on FaceBook are people buying it anymore than their buying and on the phone. Not really Kathy says the mayor is dreaming if he thinks the city's going to be better rob because of these programs go to waste of money he's been doing this for six years now and the city doesn't seem any safer because of no and I can tell you it's not hard to figure out where crime has. OK in the summer. When the temperature is warm. I guarantee you that practically. Every day. They'll be a shooting. And especially if if you if you want government and do it over under that was somebody Monday morning listen to this radio station. Get the Buffalo News and see what happened I guarantee you'll over the weekend has been shooting as just the way it is. And for the mayor to address something like that with this. Is ludicrous it's silly. I I would I would like to be a fly on the wall in the gang bangers. Hear about this because they don't care about law is certainly not gonna sell their guns of the city. Or guns to the city. For any -- money let alone the amounts they're giving. The ones the guns that you're gonna get inoperable guns are guns that were left behind by maybe hear a person from the military who passed away. -- and the widowed doesn't really know what to do with a gun. People who are afraid of guns. That sort of thing if they -- widowed would would be willing to turn this and but the bottom line is none of these guns would be used how can I say that definitively. Simply because. Even if they world we wouldn't know. We wouldn't know it and I I doubt very much. As you look at what these so what they're paying for these guns that anybody who daddy criminal intent wouldn't sell for this price. The I mean a New York you can't get the assault weapons anymore. Which are basically scary looking but there repeating rifles that's what they are. Okay for a hundred dollars you kidding me. If we solve if we still sold here and they had anything on them all -- be about 18100 dollars in the even more with some depends on what you put on them. So that that's not reasonable handgun 75 bucks. Go to my handgun now legally depends on what your buying them and you know not the cheapest not the most expensive. For 500 bucks easily easily. They're gonna give you 75 or rifle or shotgun fifty box him. It ended the non working antique guns on the BB guns and now you know I can understand. When when people have a pellet gun pellet gun can look like real okay. But I've never seen a BB gun that would confuse anybody except an absolute novice. That it's that it's a real. Why don't they just have a buy back -- those plastic guns with the red tips. Let's go all the way show way. Let's go let's let's run down to look. Two Maria at novelty store and buy them for less than ten marks and sell them back to the city for ten. See it and it'll create jobs is -- this is the mayors' jobs program. I think that would be as effective as what they're doing now. And like your opinion as of the effectiveness of this program is there one person. Or really believes. I mean seriously install it would be just as wonderful if I could hear from. But we've done seven of these showed us the seventh of these shows we've got one for every gun buyback program. -- I have yet to find one serious scholar who thinks this would help cut down on crime or save a life. Or you know hold up wouldn't take place because instead of using it the -- that the 7-Eleven they brought him missile that the city. I would be variances in the year that also what kind of alternatives. Can you come up with that that 200000 dollars might be better spent -- I'm thinking almost anything in law and law enforcement that the legitimate expense. Will be more effective then this will be back after. It is Beijing government they were talking about these big event tomorrow it's so big. That there wasn't even in the Buffalo News today the story about it in the Buffalo News was July 24. And the event takes place tomorrow which is August 16 so it's almost an afterthought. Now with the newspaper. And the television stations. Traditionally on the weekend. Most of its -- looking for something to cover. Because if you follow television weekend knows it's basically a lot of vote -- charity runs. A lot of church activities. That kind of stuff but not a lot of news happens on the weekend and so. They're always looking for this so that they'll cover it on. On the early news -- may -- news on Saturday night and here's what you'll see you'll see a table. In you'll have both something visual contrasts like a velvet cover something like that and then you'll see the scariest weapons you've ever seen. It looked like a weapons convention in Beirut or something. And bill claim that. These of the weapons that were turned in by grandma. But them. I'd like -- -- -- out of our authentication on each of those ways thank you very much. For those of you who are thinking you know I could pay the light bill if only I sold this done. For non working antique guns including BB guns and pellet guns you know you've got that red Ryder modeled sitting in the closet that a little beaver right on that there's a little -- was -- riders companion. I get ten bucks for that. Gun -- and -- he got a rifle or shotgun fifty box handgun 75. Assault weapons 100 dollars now with great. Fabulous prices like these -- wouldn't be tempted to turn in a gun and maybe this could be the turning point in your life. Where you're sitting you're saying I've got a choice to make. I can either hold up that 7-Eleven -- this firearm or I can go and cash it and for 75 dollars and I'm thinking. Maybe cashing in and would be your best option. Now maybe you're not thinking. You thinking wow if I turn and it's not working and igniting -- ten bucks for a ground a casino on white black or play red. And the odds are you know 5050 and -- -- win it now have twenty bucks -- won't have anything but. It may be using it for that who knows who knows maybe using it for baby formula. I have no idea but the bottom line is when the mayor says and he did. That instead of having guns laying around the house where anyone can get to them we urge people have illegal around -- guns he uses buyback program. As an opportunity get those weapons out of their position possession. And he actually says this will instill a sense. Of confidence. And safety among the law but exits. If you buy that it explains to me now he's still home where. Let's go to markets over Craig mark -- on W via. It morning fix Dick Mike Cox. I think this is pretty epic its waste our expert on that Burris. You're just you're just ordered outspoken about the law abiding citizens -- -- If they're sort or feet or so law -- -- why don't they do for -- any other type of point. But what I -- my question I guess as -- as well this whole fiasco started out of your circle 1 o'clock or lose their pitched exports say. And ethnic -- collector. Can act O'Dowd and approach these people they have an old Winchester Coke Coke or whatever where. The purchase orders at a -- but upload at a stretch where they were look at all the officers back there will receive -- got. And they have shooters Bible that sort of -- stock traders -- bike course or Beers are probably not actually being destroyed or are there officers that -- -- Dispersing among among social support at a -- You know you have a good point because I remember that too at the beginning of this program. Where they're there was a question about that and they definitively said no gun dealers -- and -- is can prime by the guns from the people before they got there. And in the original. -- gun buyback programs. They don't they always talked about the guns being destroyed now they haven't talked about the guns being destroyed in the last couple years it's been laughed out. But they do it it's still no questions asked. And they still say they don't do ballistics tests on him. But the part about the being destroyed has been left -- so I don't know if that's still in it is in progress or not. Okay thank you very much via some of these guns especially the Pentagon's. New depth to him. Know what you're doing. What they should know. Really as he says it is habit and it is available I would assume that any time. Beyond this specific -- gun buyback program. That you are came upon a gun that that you thought -- was a dangerous gun or maybe one used in a crime. I'm sure you could go to a police they should make sure you document before you leave the house. And eternity then I'm sure they'd always except guns like that but to think that -- of the reason. The idea they had these programs. Is is public relations is no question about that I don't think any reasonable person is going to think that any of these guns. -- -- we're going to be used in a robbery by a pardon me up your hands RO. Clock this must -- I have in my hand. Yes and give me time to go OK let me do this and do -- hold on don't run don't call the cops -- put itself on down and that I do this. And hold it and there's two abuse all this don't take a little longer than I planned. So I -- employees. Give me a break gimme a break as I said the most offensive part of this program is the fact that they. They put you in the category of having no brains. And they put everybody else in the category of having no brains and being goal gullible. And easily misled. And compared to say at -- that is. A couple of days ago on WB. That if all. Only one of these guns caught -- have been used in the commission of it I am. Bit bear a week ago two. It took place is this only oversized cans of tuna and hit somebody over the head with a fifty pound Canada. What we have got to look buyback program I don't think so a guy who killed his wife with a frozen like a lamb. That's what about that I'm thinking pork tenderloin could be dangerous so it depends -- are we back after this.

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