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8-15 Beach and Company Hour 1

Aug 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello what is Beijing company apparently -- today. But tomorrow I'm gonna feel better I can tell you tomorrow I'm gonna feel -- -- -- feel safer because the mayors and seventh annual gun buyback program will be concluded and once they've got was -- off the street. I can't walk down chip below the fifty dollar bills in my head and Spielberg we. Yeah says yes so that's -- today nervous I may go home early and then lock myself in my house but tomorrow. That's -- day when all of those nasty weapons of those including BB guns while they're buying some BB -- occasional planning on ice with your red -- little beaver model. If it's via its brand is incredible. I have no tolerance for via -- none at all seriously. And that's what that is but we'll get to that later I meanwhile David Gregory is out it is her Randy bush overseas that a per person vol let's say that's. Whoever replaced. Tim Russert had an impossible job to do. Impossible. Tim Russert was so good that not as big as he is from buffalo but simply because of Louis wasn't in the quality was work. He was those says something special really and when he passed away the job of replacing him. Had to be an enormous task and what do they do they reached out and and a and -- got Gregory and and I never liked him ever and now he is being replaced because the ratings went south. You know why they they were number one for ever and ever and ever and then after he passed away the ratings went south and so they replace him. And replace them with Chuck Todd now. I don't know if you're familiar with chuck it's odd but it looks like the kind of guy. There will be hanging around an elementary school playground. A waiting for the 3 o'clock bell with candy attached to -- I mean it's as. Chuck Scotty you're kidding me but that's weren't as NBC I don't think has a strong bench. And so that's bits of their bitter row bug they have about one loser and now they're gonna have chosen number 20 but that's it Chuck Todd will take over. Joseph will moderate the program calls Sunday. So that's that I know you're very excited about that now what stock people talking about Woodstock -- little blurb here in the USA today. 45 years afterwards start here are some here are some memories of Woodstock by the numbers okay. Bands or performers 31 bands. Keep in mind -- this was very -- but there were groups that were supposed to be it didn't. Work there and they are supposed to be people. Who are paired showed up and play it and some demanded money before ago on the stage with the with 31 acts at all. Arrests. Now this surprises me keep in mind to a 400 plus thousand people. They were actually only a 109 arrests that's that's not bad at all for that number of people. And if you votes in the -- movies or even -- cover of the Woodstock album it was more than music it was lots and lots of drugs mud. Rock and roll and topless women and I'm thinking three out of four is not bad. Are you drugs are gonna drop. I have video Woodstock story. Is that believe it or not yes I did alive Woodstock commercial on KB and I I read -- live like I -- -- spots here. And I remember going to be general manager Pete new rule the next day because I was doing seven and that as saying -- hoping that the money in front. For this concert because there's no way a promoter can afford all of these acts in one show because before what's not been a war -- no big. -- huge numbers shows like this is the first war. And he said yeah we get paid in front I wish I had a copy if the company I would I would love to just read you live now. Santana got 15100 dollars to play Woodstock Jimi Hendrix got 32000. Dollars. People forget that Jimi Hendrix many times that destroyed his. His guitar later on the whom did it on a regular basis but what was funny about Hendrix. I saw Hendricks. At the in Hartford. And I Simon concert and at the end of the concert he smashed that held his instrument and yet he was a spokesperson. For the instrument he was playing. Think it. Commercials. For those the exact same guitar he played. And at the end of the bush on this the bush however symphony stuff. He just destroyed it to smithereens. But that's that he got a 32000. Santana got 15100 may have provided by more than one. And also they were 400. Plus thousand people they never exactly know who. Because offenses got torn down early. And people just one and there was no way nobody expected this they expected a big show certainly. But that's them bomb some memories there. And I remember of that week covered it because. As a news story because the throw away it was jam. Absolutely -- people or abandoning their cards. And and walking in as best they could. Not a vote lac Wisconsin. I talk about mark this is a bad market actually Rory killed brew. Who's twelve years old was swimming when he got attacked by what -- Wednesday a shark. -- make note though. He was attacked by -- Otter. And otter have you ever heard of an otter attack. First of all you have to remember what I don't know that -- -- is -- like a beaver and an otter. Yeah they're would be presented their fatter than the flat -- otters are more light guys think they're in the Stanley with like fare well that's good because you're all set now for not only lakeside identification but -- So that's congratulations Chris Chris -- a weed them out that. He is going to get rabies shots because apparently. I mean daughters can via. Can be rabbit out of robot beavers bugs are otters Camby Annie -- got attacked by an -- or connect. Will it take a break we'll be back what more -- -- and company under his -- and I'm thirty W via. I just got back from day a two week could trip basically to Alaska. And every interest in Alaska and they asked a lot of questions and and -- several it was a what was your favorite part. Now you would assume that the favorite part of Alaska would be wide and seeing Mount McKinley Denali. Known I was. Maybe a bubbly moos the cow moos -- -- -- -- now the eagle which was right there are none of that stuff. Here's here's the best part of the two week trip. Hardly anybody. Had a cell phones are there here because not because first of all most of the time there was also on surface. So there was no point in having -- -- -- -- -- so people shot off put him away and that was the end of that. And as far as though Wi-Fi yeah it is available but it's extremely expensive on the ship. And so people it's like seventy dollars an -- some ridiculous number and a so -- I did not sign up for that and and you didn't see many people at all. Doing the stuff you see here which is you know having the following welded to your ear so that's kind of nice and in the USA today. They say I grizzled survey of almost a noise and mobile manners what you do with a cell phone that annoys people. Number one is probably pretty easy to -- at 38%. Checking your phone while you're driving. If you check your phone when you're driving and it's not hands free you're an idiot Europe -- some committee that studied to become an idiot. -- more on so that's 38%. Are sharing every detail on social media sites 15%. -- -- -- -- we can talk about. Tony puts his entire life on line have you noticed that. -- as he does there's a lot of Sony out there out a lot of it too has to do with two -- a lot of its vote I think that if you does that put a puzzle together on everything Tony's post it. If he's ever accuse them although I don't know robbing a 7-Eleven or something. Which she could be I think it's easy to post every second of Tony's life because it's. And maybe you could just follow the -- there's two categories computer there's stuff that he has eaten up and there's stuff that he's on longing to get it exactly. And so that's -- 15%. Said I never could understand. Why anybody would have an interest in what anybody else is eating for -- I could care less. Tuna sandwich out of here he got spam -- -- Graeme I don't care. But people think that you don't care. And everybody takes a picture of Orange tomorrow I don't understand it either maybe it's because almost cooking -- -- -- a really big now and gauge shell you'd like a photograph -- or you're cooking magazines all that's not exactly a finished product and our but he does I think you're out of something so that's 15%. Discussing personal matters loudly in public 15%. That is very annoying. When you're standing there -- you're sitting there and somebody is either doing business on the phone or they're having an intimate discussion with somebody on the phone. -- you don't wanna be part of that you don't want them to drag you went through it and that's the third most annoying thing the other is. Checking the phone in mid conversation there is nothing -- Then you're talking to someone and their phone either vibrates. Or rings and it's a pardon me. And they get the phone at that point I walk away all right hang up I mean if it's a call waiting. That's it because what they say is. Yes I'm enjoying to bargain deal but this person who I have -- who it is is more important OR. So that's that's that I AM and that's the end of the line for your conversational and maybe if you put me on hold. And though you wanna talk to somebody else that that's it from the USA today. 38% checking your phone while driving 15%. Every detail of your life online. 15% discussing your personal life on line and 12% checking. The phone in the middle of a conversation with somebody else now I have the police blotter from hammer says you know. Is dangerous things happen and hammers than when they are there they're put in the -- police blotter India be in the B to B has the info that you need. For instance on August 7 which is -- Thursday. On Ruskin wrote a resident reported a bat was inside the house the woman in the house call the police. Minutes later reported the bat flew out of the house she told officers she was going to sleep that are in laws house. And would call an exterminator to make sure the bad had fled the scene. At bat though in our house in the Wisconsin once it is not fun to have a -- and I called would be Wisconsin version of the ES PC. And said how can you send somebody over here to get rid of a bat and they said no we can't and then they said don't you heard it. Said don't hit it with a tennis record course they've never seen me knowing I don't even know -- tennis racquet looks like. I Islip and in my white shorts and my tennis -- and there we go they said if you open the door. Big bat or fly out and said of them being a logical person well I opened -- door -- more -- won't fly and this one made an effort to get in the house. Came in -- -- you know -- get into something the size of a pencil -- A pencil. Because they have no bones. And so bear -- a bacon bacon maneuver their body to fit in in that hole the size of a pencil. And so I called an -- they are called Batman. Back then came out and and that -- the house. Guess what do costs take -- guess it's. 200 marks 300 -- honest I thought I was going I would 20300. Box and guess what three days at a we have another -- Apparently that man had sealed the bad isn't the that was halfway to where but finally get rid of the -- and I talked about that. When I was on the air and a Milwaukee and it turned out of places have of that. And if you go to -- like a summer you play a lot of baseball if you go to a summer game at night. Baseball softball whatever you look up remote lights you see all those -- those bats are doing kamikaze runs yet no go after the ball it's kind of scary to hear brilliant because there's so clumsy to see you never know where they're going to pets and their evil looking -- there Ebola camps. Our love animals but they're not not a big -- so this woman on a Ruskin -- says does she had a bad there's so. If you live on rust and road you can expect her -- to -- New -- home any time zone. I know this is a part of what we talked about yesterday. On fair green drive a landlord reported they recently vacated apartment was filthy and heavily damaged by the previous tenant. Officers advise the landlord that get this it was a civil matter handled by the courts which means you are so screwed. If you are lucky enough to get any redress on this you're going to be 300 years old so that's it. In India today -- -- a cheery story like that that a lot to talk about today including. I don't know about you. I have no. Tolerance at ball four BS none zero. And when the mayor stands in front of the microphone as he did a couple of days ago when you heard him here on news radio. As saying if we can only get more and and off the street that may be used in the commission of a crime. The money will be well spent all wallop that's really reassuring. And very specific one gun which maybe your who missed the I'm -- Eight -- buying a tie for you squeezing your brain. Will be talking about whether this is an effective means of crime prevention. I think it'd be more effective to -- pies and leave them on the window that it would be so that they supply and forget about burglarizing your home. That it would be dumb -- dumb ass gun buyback program will be back with more would be -- company under -- -- and -- thirty that we Libya. -- The over under is eight. If -- say that last commercial the number of teeth. Cumulative by all the people who were on it is eight you can bet under eight over eight but that is the over under number today. It is a Beijing government and I'm sandy -- -- -- -- game. Whenever I hear about another one and this is the seventh edition. Of a mayor Byron -- gun buyback program. I always well -- poked fun at wide because it's asinine you know I think it may not be -- fair because the mayor has a history of success. In similar programs your member and you may not so I'm here to refresh your memory do you remember several years ago when. These Citi was losing population. And they were afraid bed by losing population. They may lose some federally. So the mayor had a condom buyback program -- -- that. And and I remember -- press conference he said if one if just one extra child is produced by this. Then indeed. This money will be worth -- so after on the heels of his successful condom buyback program now he has the gun buyback program. Which are both involve firearms and former and other but here's the deal it's the seventh one and and the reason I get. I just over this is I just don't like the acts. I really simply don't I can take a difference of opinion that's not a problem would be happy to debate would you wouldn't go to sort of Tola. On that would be -- just doesn't cut it would be but apparently there's enough people. That it does to get an idea how big. How big big gun buyback program is its tomorrow. Okay it's not even in the paper today. That -- not a it was in the paper it's a July 24. So that's that so that show you how important paper thought it was reported and so much ahead that Nolan would be a remember when it was and it's tomorrow. It's tomorrow mayor Byron browns I've got via the release year thanks to yes. When the going gets stuff Chris gets the information we need mayor Byron browns. Seventh annual no questions asked the gun buyback program. 9 AM tomorrow that may be early for you to get up. Ought to 5 PM at six drop off sites across buffalo. And as I'm looking at the sites. The first one -- the east side. Second -- the west side. Third -- the south side. And the fourth one is downtown. Yeah okay you haven't yet have a global next CO then what are -- missing out the north side. North -- A -- and Bill Clinton is and the illegal guns there's so that's not included but. Anyway the goal of the program according to this article is to provide safer neighborhoods. He has a zero tolerance law enforcement agenda. And here's the part that's dangerous. -- you're probably saying -- why would you be against this even a -- is BS because it'll get guns off the street. And here is the dangerous part of exactly what they point to as a positive. I point to as a negative aren't. So it's a zero tolerance law enforcement agenda and get this it will instill a sense of confidence and safety. Among the citizens that is the dangerous part of this. If you feel safer on Sunday morning and you did on Saturday night because of his gun buyback program. You know are you are traveling very foolish waters. This gun buyback program -- have nothing to do. Would your safety. In and if you think it does that's the dangerous part but that's what they're selling. The mayor's office said the city's law abiding residents will have -- a sense of confidence and safety wanna. While this is man they should put this in order truck. The past six gun buyback programs have resulted in 4457. Guns. Being turned in the city and the city has paid more than 200000. Dollars. For those guns. Since 2006. But the city has removed beyond the gun buyback program 111000 guns including weapons -- -- buyback program. All right so includes the buyback program but others as well now here is on the first I'll tell you where you can drop off your gun. And then I'll tell you what you can get for the -- you're gonna drop off. On these side true Bethel Baptist Church unease ferry that's reverend trojans church. The west side primarily united Methodist church on Virginia street downtown saint John the Baptist church on Goodell. South buffalo saint Thomas a quine is on Abbott wrote. You'll get a prepaid bank cash card. For the following guns and I know it's not and this release but it's in previous releases where they -- a couple of things which. I thought his TV. OK it really counterproductive. Previously they said they'll be no questions past and they say no questions asked on this one. And that's fine because if they ask questions nobody agree on again tonight that nobody. So that's all right but they also said that they would not be testing and in the guns that were turned him. Which means that if you're a bad guy and say you off somebody -- your gone. The biggest part of a conviction is to have the weapon. And you don't know maybe it's struggle water and some of frog panel pick it up where you throw -- McKinnell find hidden. As you know who knows what but I'll tell you but if indeed you just bring that gun. To the gun buyback program eight no questions asked -- a test that. Part they're going to destroy guns according to pass releases so not only will they take away your weapon. You money for -- and destroy the evidence. Sound like good positive law enforcement move but that's what the -- As I said the part about no questions asked is in this release but the part about. No testing of a guns and they will be destroyed. Is the is the the second part of that OK here's here is really a very tempting numbers here for these guns. -- working antique guns including BB guns and pellet guns ten box you get ten bucks. Four that red Ryder -- yeah. Rifles and shotguns fifty dollars. Guns now a good hand. -- one not the best not the worst. 40500. Dollars okay the previous 754. And here's my favorite assault weapons which -- amiss in the -- the only reason. Air fifteens are always pictured as it looks scary basically bear repeating. Rightful. That's what they are -- the assault weapons that it if you could buy him in New York which you can now but it would go to when neighboring state where you can. And you look at assault weapon -- made by various companies now BAR type guns and they're going to be about 18100. To 2000 dollars depending -- what you got on him. They'll give you a hundred dollars. So a hundred dollars for assault weapons 75 for handguns. Fifty dollars or rifles and shotguns. Ten dollars for non working antique guns including BB guns and pellet guns no questions asked no testing the guns will be destroyed. It's a perfect program has been so I'm asking you a couple of questions here. Do you see maybe we can clear this up for me. Do you see this as being effective at all in fighting crime or is it just up public relations opportunity for the mayor. To say him keeping the streets -- meanwhile. I would suggest that the mayor suggests that nobody reads the paper watches television -- radio if you think of the streets safer. Is it an effective. Use of this money and is there a better way to spend this money is spent 200000 dollars today. A better way to spend the money would be another cop. Another cop has a much better chance of fighting crime then this dominance program another cruiser. More surveillance equipment almost any thing. That they use and expressed. -- -- -- are anything they use in fighting crime would be more effective than this this is just designed to pat you on the head. Make you take your little pills and pretend that the streets would -- it Altria on -- 301806169. Through music and start there. -- got -- sandy beach in tomorrow's the big day. As the big day the bit the seventh annual gun buyback program by the city of buffalo Byron brown. A few days ago I told reporters that indeed. If just one and done is taken up the street that may have been you lose. In the commission of a crime this is worthwhile. I mean really how vague and you get. I would challenge to the mayor of this -- had seven. -- this is the seventh gun buyback program. You -- taken 4457. Guns. And exchanged them for money in the form book -- cards democratic okay. I challenge you to say which one of the 4457. Guns. That you bought back. Has been used in the commission of a crime just want. One you up on -- you know I corrosion and even check them for that did you. There they weren't even checked forward if they were used in crimes. The according to earlier releases. They weren't checked no questions asked and they were destroyed. So the though the answer that question is no. So it's it's a fool's -- designed to make the public feel a little bit better even of their own press release. It it says that they think these programs will instill a sense of confidence and safety. Among the law abiding citizens. Stuff I mean rarely use gets old real fast. So as I said we've done six shows on this -- the seventh show because it's seven gun buyback program Chris we have some of FaceBook postings. Why don't we you know why don't we go through a couple of them at a ball this is from Craig he says -- Second Amendment. I don't care about gun buyback programs are just a place to make certain people happy it's new but it doesn't help. It's a complete waste of our money is out the waste of money waste of time in the dangerous part is if you do have. A sense of confidence and safety because of it you are really putting yourself at risk. This will not influence crime one iota. Not one nobody who intends to use a -- for criminal purposes is going to turn him begun for the money. No gang bangers Goran turn in their nuclear arms for the money's not gonna happen. Grandma's going to find a piece of metal that her husband left in the back of a closet when he died 43 years ago. And she's gonna trade traipse down there and get 110 dollars for okay that's what's gonna happen. It was not could not -- up growing non functioning. It's it's the kind of thing words just so silly. That they even trying to ram this down our throats. But no the answer is no it is not going to help fight crime and other employees. This is from Thomas he says what criminal or illegal gun owner is gonna go to a buyback program and seller got criminals don't care about this and even if they did have a gun that was used -- illegal act they're now destroying the evidence the I -- a complete waste. I one they said we're not going to test them and indeed where going to destroy the guns. I mean that is like if that's almost like aiding and abetting criminal. If your -- if a person that. As an attitude about things and -- committed a crime with a with a gun and you still have -- And you go to one of these drop off boys and you exchange for money. They actually their cards. That. Their bank cash cards okay and so you've committed a crime with a gum and attitude about it so you go. You're turning the -- you get the money they don't ask you any questions about the gun where you've got and how long it had that nothing they just give it a money you give them a gut. Then they allegedly don't look at it again and totally destroy it. So you actually have the police. Helping you with the commission of a crime because that evidence will never be recovered. And usually. And a a gun especially in firearms type crimes. If you use that to shoot somebody you need begun in the gutsy new ballistics. On it and without the gun the case goes south so this is actually counterproductive. As far as I can see. To normal police work. Now the question as they've shown us as best I know. You know when you watch the the early news or via -- knows -- -- bill bill -- card table out there with a velvet. And that really scary looking guns and the -- narrower or via the commissioner will tell you how much -- the streets are. But they -- military how many guns they collected how many cars they handed out. But they never show the follow up they never show. The destruction of the guns they never showed a melting them down or or however they intend to. Crushing them whatever however they intend to make drama. Unusable. -- so bad that that's always and insisting point to me one would question whether indeed they have been destroyed or not. -- 309301806. 169236. Start 930 keep in mind I notice is very -- thing. Here's what -- get are not working anti gun including a BB gun or pellet gun for ten bucks. Came by -- -- -- for -- -- rifle or shotgun fifty bucks handguns 75 an assault weapons. Which of for the sake of argument today let's just say they're a art types okay air fifteen whatever. In there may by different manufacturers. But the bottom line is you get a a crisp 100 dollar -- well. That's up. If you turn in your assault weapons of a city. He got a hundred dollars. If you sell your assault weapon on the street to a to a gang banger bad -- get a whole lot more than a hundred dollars but of course then you're dealing with. Bad guys a mobile don't apple what I'm saying has these aren't exactly going rates. And so would be good -- sure charade of making the streets safer with a gun buyback program to me is laughable. Tom -- Tom here on WB yen. -- Food yeah. I hear nothing on the outline -- nothing here. Oh -- -- TomTom. Eloquent that it expected when you're the first while you're the first one time over it in. The early bird yes what do you think about this is this gonna make you feel safer. Well that is the call me. You brought up by is my first thing -- if that would allow the criminals are what he's the poor crisis yet but also importantly what do they need money for. Drugs drugs -- the user or users or addicts do whatever I want to determine the last but anyway they use them. And a quick money I mean that this person was thinking about going to try to hold up a convenient little piece in the paper every decade or three robbery -- there was that the value of the gone for that they'd like things like disable bit quick action now. Why don't we just exchanged -- confiscated drugs for the guns or have a get out of jail free card. Real pro. Right now what I have our our our our. Our cards showing which would you prefer some drugs we've confiscated or or get -- -- were yeah. Reality of what are we you know you got back or not that's a good idea thank you I will be back after the news I think that would be a good idea. You gotta get out of jail free card who you know found here. Like that I have made do you have a sliding scale and his turn in the assault weapons that didn't feel assault battery and it's nice to have those in your wallet occasionally. They use in court costs will be back after this. --

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