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Made in WNY- Inside DuPont Tonawanda

Aug 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is a pretty good sized plant in the in the -- of DuPont and I think even in this area and plant manager Warren Hoya says it has a lot of history to some things people recognize whole thing started here there's a product called facts are which if you -- will you and a -- or someplace halls and you buy fruit or vegetables that are kind of expendable plastic -- that used to be made her one time Rayon polyester. It was made here these days there are two product lines in the sprawling 95 acre plant -- fire and Korea if you're in an aircraft there's a pretty good chance if you touched you overhead baggage compartment gore. That's votes we've got a thin film of -- stretched over the surface about 210 cars a plastic film almost like a really durable sheet of freezer paper. Use these days and solar panels and other places there was a story not too long ago about Peter launching -- -- new -- the outside skin of the -- is made with -- and the other product is Korean known to most people as the basic building block of a kitchen countertop before boy it's a lot more the you can machine at Lakewood -- -- this -- it and shape it doesn't have a -- -- promote bacterial growth so it's becoming very popular and on health care applications. All of these things there are some of the new frontiers that we're working on along with picture planning all right but why is it. Korean journalists wouldn't refer to it as using it a and acrylic polymer. And and then there's a mother out of this particular color and different properties depending on the application but fundamentally to what we would call and an acrylic polymer. Inside the plant in a fairly private -- process they make Korean by taking some minerals and water and other materials mixing them together and like a pancake batter. And squeezing out -- -- -- countertop user full -- support as they come off the production so. Typical wolf what works for us. A lot of mature movement a lot of handling. Up next more on the modern nature of the factory and one of their specific need the next four or five years about half the workforce we -- over her eligible. Our average employee you're probably always pushing high forties in terms of page plan manager Warren -- tells me there are some major issues facing the facility. You know we have we have people that 2520. -- service is probably -- average with that comes a challenge. Also set -- regularly get the next four or five years about half the workforce -- forward are eligible. So. We like collect some other facilities in the area are going through a significant. Turnover in our peoples or are challenges to capture all that knowledge. In -- way that we can pass them on ensuring that the next generation of employees here. Is that the biggest challenge the facility faces is making she got staff. If I would say internal view the biggest internal challenge we have is is -- finding the funding column that next generation. Talk about the west New York workforce why is that challenge you just don't have train people ready to step in. Well I think the main thing is is if you look back in the seventies there was. You know buffalo and still among the companies like a really big here I think -- there was. Camera the numbers do you like. Forty to 45% of the jobs. In the buffalo Niagara Falls area were were manufacturing base that numbers are only 8%. And in I think the the education systems and some of the other things that. Before work on the set up to drive people and -- support them entry give them give them training. A lot that's going away so you know word we and -- a number of other companies are trying to connect with. Community colleges and even -- a high schools now to try to. Give some kids some motivation to pursue. Science technology engineering math. Certainly for. For a high science application but we also need you know the operators and mechanics and we are you know given the use of computers and other technology group we need them to have some horrible -- higher levels of skill coming in the door here to up next to look at the company's research and development facility. It's always -- the proving grounds here and that we take that information share with our customers. They're technical literature through hands on training and so forth. What we do yours even though it's been there since 1921. Plant manager Warren Hoya says it's not just old fashioned production work only about applications for lasers and other things that we're working on to build on accuracy and everything that we do here. All were in front of the global Korean research and development senator. Steps from the plant and a separate building chemist Jeff rose runs and R&D facility. We deal with a lot of architects and designers. And designers view Korean more -- clay than they used standard building material and it's really through manipulation of the material cutting standing. -- -- -- That they can get that again and limitless number of of possibilities as walls are decorated with all the ways that Korean can be used as technicians work to test the limits of the substance -- heated up so. Three and 38 degree Jeff -- laying it into a mold where heat and vacuum sucker down and given a new shape. And we vacuum precedent on to the mobile and your purpose here to find out how much of that you can do. Yeah a lot of that we do studies who's the al-Qaeda were rated that we have new material that were involved in here and are -- Group leader Chris there was more with how it reacts to light and sound. It's a speaker housing made out -- pouring rain actually has really good acoustic properties. EDT here bird bath as waiting inside of it. These are cheers me four and there's number there's a number of designers particularly those in Europe that they pouring -- make it into furniture. If -- fancy routers here elsewhere machine will -- Korean into shapes and technology associate mark Canadian looks at how the pieces come together. I'll call. We learn how -- left foot speed in feet of run that and we -- and fabricated that haven't seen them like that. Here is that we actually make -- like plot to think about an inkjet printer and what it -- -- -- printed the -- back and forth across the sheet. Cutting the image and and the -- up next a look at the rest of the. Land on the news internal traffic report and he referenced. Dunlop plant and the GM plant and junior were already in between them but it doesn't like anybody really knows we're here.