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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Buffalo Violence and Missouri Violence - Bishop Perry Davis

Buffalo Violence and Missouri Violence - Bishop Perry Davis

Aug 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Mr. thanks for joining us. At the beginning of the -- your group was the one that tried to call for and no murder some summer. Obviously that hasn't been achieved what are your thoughts today. Well yeah that would definitely out Mercury shot but he -- the ideal out there. I would hope that that would help curb crime crime or pilot William. Look at Donald some of the murders Brett. Could have occurred so. There's still no success or we're concerned because we will keep people didn't keep the kids. You know act have been built because summer. Vision Davis are you concerned that some of the violence of the protests the looting in Ferguson Missouri outside Saint Louis. Might break out in other cities of this thing isn't settled peacefully sometime soon. Well I'm -- local hoping that it you know a bit above that to happen and that is just stay in that area now and -- Basically you know they hit it taken care of the virtual. Is unfortunate that. It is like this is by the pop up all over the country are that would please let this happen around the culture that is very important. And do you see it as a trend do you see it increasing or maybe eventually. One of those things where we just noticed it because it's big but there are less of them. Well it seemed like the same pattern await the thing that happened with you know the police solve certain to go black you. All the you know the listed as -- happening to all in you know the same can with a developing. What do women. Certain neighborhood I would give it still includes local immediately. Being children -- -- was pretty educated man. -- -- I think we'll play that they can open that once. Put apple -- a little bit. Mission of Davis our new -- buffalo schools superintendent Donald Ogilvie. -- a conscious effort is going to be made to begin talking to. Young men -- young girls in our schools trying to get them to understand the enormity of the consequences. This violence the deadly violence at times. Are you encouraged. -- by this. Well it does thinking that if we give more people would come together and you know try to cope with a remedy your are -- got a situation that. Would actually curb things like that went import happens and then there was a Democrat elected leaders need to get together to keep. Everybody -- more. So that you will complement other people are innocent people. -- Talk about the future what can be done to change things what what would you like to see happen. Well or I think that it would be difficult booted up -- isn't good. And then pick I don't look like a good look at what we got at least publicly clear. -- you know in it particularly good I mean. There's been longer I mean this this continually happening you know and into it and not some random that is just study it was no politics. So we need to find out where it was going -- without police stations and on up to -- -- issues. And you said in any -- And he said and NEC do you think buffalo has a problem too. What have Butler had a problem well they don't go everywhere every every leader of the group when. -- report. Something -- is this you know two columns. I don't know what it is whether I I can tell you it's English page and gone on toward young black didn't stay in one -- department over the country. All right bishop David thanks so much for your time this morning. Glad you could join us this bishop Perry Davis with a stop the violence foundation.

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