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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Latest On Small Plane Crash - NFTA's Doug Hartmayer

Latest On Small Plane Crash - NFTA's Doug Hartmayer

Aug 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's Obama the WBBM live lineup welcome Doug -- Myers spokesman for the end of -- the Niagara frontier transportation authority were going to talk. Well the crash landing -- Single engine piper with three passengers on board including the pilot at buffalo airport -- yesterday afternoon Doug good morning thank you for joining us. Good morning John things. Settling down at this point at the airport -- -- very very late yesterday in my life and I drove past the lot. We're the small plane crash landed it was beginning to get dark we saw on the efforts that were still under way to remove the plan how long does that take. Well -- she and John that they were able to reconstruct. The accident which means they had to go through and literally catalogs. Approximately sixty pieces of the plane that we're in various parts. -- using some technology photographed all that so they can reconstruct the accident. That they were able removed -- somewhere around 9:30. Last evening. And where exactly come down -- If you don't in the west and upbeat preferred parking lot is where actually stopped. But it first made contact with the ground from a distance of about 300 feet which is eutectic football field and stated that. From wanted to be evident if you start to how high the plane was off the ground according to the pilot. When it started to turn the bank down and actually it was gratuitous physically handed you some Sharaud Curry. Just west of the circulatory roadways that we believe sort of offered. The impact and in the plane slid across -- -- weight over a small berms and land it in the west and popped -- preferred parking lot. The other would be right near Genesee and could you go because that's where we were when we saw the of the crashed a plane last night -- us a sense of while the plane took off on the prior aviation runways are correct and it was a social. What direction it was going in and when it when it turns to crash Landon when he lost our our. It took off from the main runways that to a tree and and an asset was able to opt in and -- to -- about 300 feet. We're recording that you were one of the officers hope the problems the pilots statement that the engine just apparently shut down losing power. He had a pilot made a conscious decision having seen. The open area in the parking lot yet but playing who that direction and so she banked. The plane and turning it around now what sort of had immunity easterly direction. When it came down into the shrubbery. And I said careened across the circulatory roadway landing in the parking lot -- it was a conscious decision according to our. Who saw that open space. And made it. I -- an extraordinary effort to get that went in there so it didn't hit car didn't land them terminal certainly didn't wanted to Genesee street. This surely could have been a lot worse. -- about a lot worse it was not -- to this that there were no cars going along that were totally disagree duty part of the afternoon around 3 o'clock. What you normally very busy. Everything sort of aligned or if you like all of -- that there could be as successful crash landing that's what we had yesterday. The man in his section -- old son who were aboard the plane heading on an excursion to a flying over Niagara Falls. Are they visitors are -- local people you know. I don't have -- -- Jon butcher right it was supposed to be just a nice afternoon -- dad and son going up for sightseeing trip. Possibly going out -- are also well fortunately it didn't and that way. But at least they were injured nobody else was injured. I think and a little cycles back school and the teacher asks what did you do over the summer he may have the best sort of helpful for a. Yeah ha ha yeah we agree what happens next dug the FAA comes in investigates do you need to repair the parking lot anything still. To happen here. Welcome -- the first question first the FAA there's an inspector on site. And they are working -- the PA police. We will be given that. All of our reports that we have gathered the interview documents that we have crumbled -- it in the bond in the Barack. He has such -- plane is secure in the hangar that they will then. The FDA local about. Looking at playing. And finding out just what may cause the -- engines shut down and lose power so the FAA is on site they'll be taking that part of the investigation. OK Doug good to talk -- you this morning and we're glad the story had a happy ending thank you. Absolutely mark dug hard -- with the NF TA.

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