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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Made In Buffalo - Dave Debo "Discovers" Dupont

Made In Buffalo - Dave Debo "Discovers" Dupont

Aug 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So they have let's talk about your visit to the DuPont plant -- well -- It's sort of talked between GM and the Dunlop plant exactly right it's it's actually it's got to the GM facility kind of to the south and across the way it's got the Ed Dunlop facility. It's at the confluence of river road in Sheridan drive about 95 acres it's pretty large facility. But it does sort of toil in obscurity and as you and how we're joking earlier. A lot of people don't necessarily seem to know what they make there. Well you've enlighten me you know growing up as a kid I can remember a DuPont to had -- paint. But no other end of the Korean which is one of the most popular items that he was making household good color -- absolutely -- they they have two main. Products they make their Korean. Which is basically yes as you said countertop. These days in this was kind of cool we will have photos online just a bit. They have an R&D facility there that works with. The material it's more than just counter tops they're developing and testing in machining and heat forming and molding and they're trying to develop new ways to use this thing so yes it's something that a lot of people know is countertop material. But they molded into shapes for chairs they have developed and this is really cool again you have to with the pictures. They've developed a way of engraving from the back so it's sort of like this luminous and slide showing pictures and murals on the walls. A lot of people are using it outdoors as well like on the outside of buildings to make it. Decorative and some point is that impervious to like bright sunlight and very much all those car. I don't know about the coloring per say but they they certainly they take a lot of time to work on things like what it looks like. There are corporate headquarters across the world to use this on the outside of the building to make it decorative. Most folks is that -- countertop know in their homes. Artists and designers are going nuts over this products that's number one that scoring in the one thing they make the other thing they make is something called Ted block. It's a polyvinyl chloride film. In an almost looked like an and they showed me a piece of it a piece of freezer paper. But it's used in all sorts of things. If you're walking through an error an airplane touched the sides of the inside -- on the baggage you're touching -- It's also a film that they use in the skin of the Goodyear blimp. So this is a very strong very lightweight impervious material. That is used in a lot of aeronautic applications that even now in the past couple years have started to put it. Inside solar cells outside on buildings because again is very impervious very thin very light weight. Both of these products are made at the time -- want to -- earlier in what are your reports Hewitt talked about. The man you were talked into Warner pointless sportsmen for DuPont described. This nesting material that your final supermarkets like wegmans and tops and inside there's nothing material which is -- bed. A large groups fruits vegetables things like that. Left is a product of Kevlar no no he when he mentioned that he was talking historically. And that's a netting called facts are it's one of the things they used to make there. This plant has an amazing Mosul is no longer made -- right now it's just Korean intent lab at the history is insisting and makes that netting material facts are. Back in the day this is where cellophane. Was first made and pioneer while back and today. This is where cellulose sponges were first made -- cellophane is still a big big product I guess not necessarily here at this plan but yes. They're back in the day this was the plan that first pioneered radeon. So they've got this very history of advanced materials and now they've decided to concentrate specifically on those two. The -- film. And the Korean counterattacks and mr. -- mentioned you 600. People are lucky to have employment there and many of them are in there. -- mid late forties sees it that's right he believes that within the next four years about half of the workforce will reach retirement age. So they're gearing up basically for hiring. They're reaching out to colleges they want people who can do things they don't necessarily need someone with an academic degree. But they want someone who can do things who can learn things who is technical enough to be able to make things happen and keep the plant running. But isn't necessarily. A four year college graduate. Taking care of that and the other challenge that they say. Is taking care of kind of the institutional knowledge base bringing in new employees is great and they're gonna have to do that but he says is a real challenge to make sure that. All the things that people who are there now know. Doesn't go out the door when they do.

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