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8-14 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Aug 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And -- welcome you. If they got the extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one -- with an assault rifle. No. Until then. -- -- -- -- Tom hourly. Column in the went up to. Now let everybody -- -- and I've got covered up right welcome -- it's life of its local capital. Home. Looks like it's huge it's Tom -- -- would have been the biggest stage and make the trip for her before. And 930 heavily yeah. That. It is -- -- and is ready at 930 WB the end it you know honestly I haven't had a -- ligament FaceBook page this is one of those days where it has been one thing after another after another after another. And thanks to the ridiculously antiquated computers here. What would take you less than a second to do takes my computer about ten seconds to do. But I need to. Some information on the piper PA 28 Cherokee. Those of you who would like to know more about the aircraft that had the crash landing today at the airport and a very nice listener has just sent me an article which I just saw. FAA AA recognizes. And it's deja. It's the earlier robot gold ski. Man it. Her name is spelled with two days in anesthesia. So maybe she does exist and I just spelled wrong on FaceBook. I haven't had a chance to look at the new spelling guys and -- an -- I mean frankly the look of computer. I can't I mean this is. You know here remake the world com and we'll give you tools from 1950. Ought to thanks anyway bomb. I also haven't had a chance to look at what you guys have said about what I got to do this. All the way while all trying to figure that out and. While -- wait for Jesus to come back. Which will probably happened before the computer buyers are armed. But not before I am. I wanna help Ted Nugent who apparently is so desperate for money. Bad he's willing to prostitute himself. And accept money. From a munitions manufactured here in Western New York that gives not only to Andrew global. But also to other gun grabbing politicians. Ted Nugent who claims to have sacrificed. For the Second Amendment. Really -- Was the sacrifice when you told people the scope that you wanted 50000 plus for speaking feet. 61 class airline tickets and luxury hotel accommodations. Boy this sacrifice. You know compared to what those guys that way and pollution went through Ted. Boy you really set a -- example. I guess the differences bears generally don't shoot back. But that's another story. Anyway and you can tell big Ted Nugent fans -- long told you he was a fraud and charlatans. And now maybe. The truth of what I've said. Is residency. But since Ted is so desperate for money. The royalty checks must be shrinking and a little bit about royalty checks because every time Mel Brooks baseballs is on TV anytime that show -- work my brother gets a royalty check. Because his song I just wanna be loved by you. Is part of -- soundtrack for the Mel Brooks movie baseball's so every time here's my brother -- money. For a song he wrote in two minutes. Thirty years ago so Ted. Because you obviously are struggling. To the point where your principles don't matter. And your career advisors have apparently told you that guns are the way to go to -- You can't make it's anymore so just be a -- guy. Had I just -- help out financially fifteen seconds. One of your songs. And the people Ascap can send -- -- -- cola. All right Ted thank you are you're you're very welcome and I hope that. I hope that that helps now by the way Ted just you know. I have contacts in the music industry. And I know -- I could hook you up as a road before Richie fury. No doubt that. Jim -- I can get to in touch with him he may need somebody to to his guitars. I think you could do that. I'm sure -- -- -- a couple of extra phone calls I can probably touch base with Donald Fagan. And Walter Becker and Steely Dan may be -- lecturer on the board for the I don't know. But if you're that desperate for money Jackson probably need somebody to -- is -- off Wednesday. Make that you there's always work to be -- as a road. So I'm just I'm just. Anyway. Everything I said by the way you can put is on my FaceBook page. And I frank true. Is the guy who is the retired law enforcement officer who has been all over this story. And a lot of went by frank truth to read post. The information about the campaign donations. That he is emailed to meet these will be longer -- than I usually would take my FaceBook page. But he has carte Blanche to put up the information. Because he is the one who's been tracking down the story like it dogs worrying a bowl. Now where I gotta go this hour -- one -- what do people want from the -- how -- up early aren't other match. Our -- our guys. Between computers -- with my brain kind of frightening that my brain is fast. Of them these computers. But your -- Anything except suicides. OK Tom why don't you commit suicide. Attempts are coming up from. All three are important. Police to reach. Depression. Do. Police and misery suicide and shooting and misery anything but the bills. Ghosts that was choice. To what was number two. I. Okay are -- all right okay. Now let me ask the question. -- forget suicide. While we don't do it but I won't lose -- Robert. I have an article -- you elevate -- -- -- for your thoughts at first let me just tell you what your thoughts on what's happening in Missouri. And why it is happening in Missouri. And Missouri. And Saint Louis in particular and Ferguson and -- and Missouri are some are suburbs of Saint Louis. Saint Louis in so many ways is like buffalo. In so many ways. Now here is something about Saint Louis that I noticed that actually got the job -- came elects. The first thing the program director said to me was. Well Tom -- valuable event here for eight hours that. Your thoughts on Saint Louis. Ayatollah it'll. In many respects it reminds me of a Great Lakes city like Cleveland or buffalo. But I have to tell you I'm surprised that it seems more so -- in its gentility. Then does a place like buffalo or Detroit. He said you perceived that that quickly. -- said yeah that's kind of what I do. You're hired an -- it is at least twenty years ago. It -- a southern appeal to me Bull Connor southern feel I mean -- poll southern appeal to. Okay. It's hard to describes it it's almost like a cross between a midwestern city and it's others and that's one transit and I don't think that dynamic has changed. But there is a very interesting article that was sent to me by somebody and I really want to. One people try to commandeer my FaceBook post about a show with Steve -- know how about not -- sticking with the topic that I minister about my on my page sorry. Agree. The article. Once you get past the title. You may actually agree with it. Now before I get to this article which was sent to me by somebody I know. Have you been covering the riots in Saint Louis. Do you believe the police version of what happened which I'm gonna get into momentarily. Or do you believe that the people who were doing the rioting. And the looting have a legitimate agreements. And they are making their grievances known. In a way that simply contributes to the stereotype that blacks are violent. And that's say that's the irony here we have two stereo types both of which are being perpetuated. Stereo type number one white cops don't like young black men and would just as soon shoot them as look at them. Stereotype number one check. Stereo type number two black people are violent. -- -- stereotypes. Perpetuated. In one news story. And it's tragic. Especially for those of us who would prefer the country unite instead of divide. Now the title of this article. Don't be thrown -- Because I what I read the title almost did not read the article because the title is absurd. It's from the concourse. Dead -- dot com. America is not for black people. By a man named Greg -- I saw the article. And when I read something so stupid. I immediately. Go to F bomb mode. The president of the United States. Does not look like I look. The attorney general of the United States does not look like -- The richest woman in television history does not look like I look. So please don't give me the -- and don't give me the baloney. That America is not for black people. That is a loser excuse. However. The article. Is very interesting once you get past the title. The contents of the article is why I put it up. -- it's not my FaceBook page so your -- computer you can check it out if you're not I'll read it to your. So -- basically on the same page. But right now let's find out about traffic here's Alan Harris. And AccuWeather basically what you see is what you get patchy clouds tonight the overnight low in the fifties tomorrow partly sunny and breezy 71 as far as I'm concerned summer is over. It's done before in -- and I thought this summer's sucked. I will give it a four out of ten I give this summer -- the minus. I thought it was awful. And I thought we deserved a lot better after what we went through. In the wintertime but of course it is a subjective thing. And may AD. 82 and Stephanie is perfection. -- -- What we see right now now here's the article. Again get past this first paragraph because it's crap. The United States of America is not for black people. We know Beers and then we put it out of our minds. I can't even dignify that with -- an intelligent response to it doesn't deserve one. Then something happens to remind us. Saturday in the Saint Louis suburb of Ferguson Missouri something like that happened. And our armed eighteen year old black man was executed by police in broad daylight. Now here's where we get to the part of the article that made me wanna put it up but -- story. By now what's happening in Ferguson is about so many second order issues. Systemic racism. The militarization of police work. And how citizens can redress grievances. Among other things that it's worth remembering. What actually happened year. Now. Folks this is a very. And remarkable article about every controversial story. Michael Brown was walking down the middle of mystery. In Ferguson's can't feel agreed apartment complex around noon on Saturday with -- friend Nora Johnson. The two were approached by a police officer in a police truck. The officer exchanged words with the boys the officer attempted to get out of his car. At this point two narratives split. So here's what everybody agrees. Michael pandora and we're walking down the street. A cop in a police truck talked to the boards. That -- attempted to get out of his car. And we're gonna pick it up. After 630. With how the narratives split. And a wanna ask you. And again I know what people are gonna say well we -- -- how do we now. I'm asking you for your. By yes. I -- I'm asking you for your bias. In a situation like this. Are you more likely to believe. What the people who are -- are saying. Or are you more likely to believe what the cops are sick. And -- your opinion changed over time. And you know a lot. There are many points coming up in what I'm about to tell. That if you are one of my black Brothers and sisters. If you think. That you're white bread suburban my folks like your humble host. Don't agree with you. We need to understand each other better. Because. A lot of callers to the show especially over the last six years have expressed. Or. Concern. About the growing power and influence of government in our lives. All right I'll go anywhere much more to come on news radio 930 WB on the phone number 8030930. Start at 3180616. WB. And London the. You know I. The of the -- hey. Well the real forgive my black sense if you over another that a racial reference but. The difference between and a stage gold douse the as a pilot. And the kid who tried flying Ritchie Valens Buddy Holly and the big Popper. In -- a blinding snowstorm. In 1959. Is like night and day. That kid had no business flying that plane in those conditions. At a stage yet. Is an amazing pilot in fact if you go to my FaceBook page. IA thanks to you guys by the way thank you thank you thank you a number of listeners who have contributed to. Basically putting my FaceBook page at the cutting edge of the story the plane crash -- -- plane crash landing. At the airport tonight. We have an article up FAA AA recognizes anesthesia still irrelevant go about it. Article about her being recognized by the FAA which now is investigating the crash in which she was the pilot. And by the way in which she did everything right she dealt with mechanical failure not pilot error. And there's also a row that we've found. Thank you very much mark. Upload though we found Bob anesthesia. Any prior aviation. Function. -- their thumbs up. And she is a certified flight instructor and anesthesia. I hope the rest of my audience is joining me in giving you two thumbs up. For the grace under fire and the courage under pressure and the keeping your wits about you. That is so important in being a pilot. And you know I'll never forget my flight instructor saying Tom. The minute you start sounding panicked on the radio you've lost. I don't care if the plane is on five year. You keep your voice. -- home and well modulated. Don't freak out will never forget that. Ever. And anesthesia. I hope the beaches Sunday because. You pulled off seriously. Nobody wants to crash their place. But if you're gonna do it too like devastation it. Okay -- getting back to the article about what happened in these Saint Louis suburb of Ferguson Missouri. -- got tired old. Get past the title America is not for black people it's just patently untrue if that was the case. Barack Obama would not have been elected two times -- lol Oprah Winfrey would not be the richest woman ever to beyond television. I think the premise is is absolutely absurd. Mel let's get something that isn't absurd. Because the article itself is quite. Believe it or not quite ballots given other articles I've seen out there. And for those -- joining us Michael Brown he's he's the dead it. Michael Brown was walking down the middle of the street in the -- green apartment complex around noon on Saturday. Were you doing noon on Saturday well he was walking down the street with a body. The two were approached by a police officer in a police -- the officer exchanged words with the boys. The officer attempted to get out of his car. Everybody agrees on that. I don't know about what the two exchange of the three exchanged words. Meet exchanging words could be something as simple as good afternoon -- you built. I doubt it was that. I -- just based on. What I am reading and what I am hearing it is highly unlikely to be a collegial civil conversation. And we can argue I suppose over who's likely to be at fault for that but let me get up. So here's what we agree and -- both both sides if you will the probe police and the probe. It's April writers the up pro Michael Brown got murdered crowd that. Agree this is what happened. Yet these two black kids walking on the street white officer and a police truck talks to the boys exchanged words the cop tries to get out of his car but after that. Whom you believe. Because according to the cop. One of the two boys shoved the officer back to the police truck. And then wrestled with. For his sidearms. Discharging. One shot. Into the cabin. Of the vehicle. This is going to be a big part of -- justice in this case. Because. If I first of all different -- have a video camera. Is there collaboration. For what the cop is -- That this young man. Wrestled. With the cop for the gun. And approve it a shot was actually fired inside the police truck. -- forensics people will be able to determine from which angle was shot was fired. How close to the point of entry the shot was likely fired. And a video especially in in the side video. Which certainly reveal who pulled the trigger and whether there was in -- a fight for the got. Now cynics or organization or Tom the cop probably shopping -- after shot it yet because he knew what was gonna happen. I don't well. According to the cup one of the two boys shoved him back into the police truck wrestle for aside aren't discharging one shot into the cab of the truck. Then the two boys ranch. And the police officer once again stepped from his vehicle. And shot at the fleeing teenagers. Multiple times killing Michael Brown. According to. Johnson. Johnson yes according to Michael Brown's body advocate with whom he is walking down the street. And other eyewitnesses. The cop ordered the two young black men. To get that -- on the sidewalk. Get the -- on the sidewalk the teenager said they've almost reached their destination. That's when the officers and I guess I'm sure that's exactly what they said we've almost reached our destination. I doubt that was the exact choice of words they use. That is when the officers slammed his door open so hard. That it back. Bounced off of browned and and then closed again. The cop. According to Johnson's friend and other eyewitnesses the cop reached out. Grabbed brown by it and -- then by the shirt and said that I'm gonna shoot you. The cop shot him once. Brown was able to pull away. And the two young men were able to run away together. The officer fired again. Johnson. Who survived. Ducked behind -- car. But the cops second shot cause brown to stop. About 35 feet away from the cruiser. Still -- within touching distance of his body Johnson. Multiple witnesses -- At this point having been shot what twice. Brown raised his hands the order to show he was -- And -- Johnson remembered the brown also said I don't have gotten stopped shooting. Them at the officer shot him. Is the case. This cop deserves -- panel which Missouri hats. If this is what happened. I would have no problem saying that the officer you deserve the death penalty. Because. You you just don't do that. I mean according to this narrative. Which has backed up and again look I know the people are gonna say well Tommy and you can't really trust the witnesses because you know those black stick together. And and draw gonna say the same thing. I know getting here of but you've got -- Johnson. Who was with brown before the shooting and other eyewitnesses saying. That this is what happened get the -- on the sidewalk. The cop breads brown by the shirt says I'm gonna shoot Jew and that the cops shot it wants. And the ground is running. And -- Brown. Apparently was hit by a second shot. So we stopped 35 feet away from the cruiser that was hit was -- it. But he raised his hands in the air. To show hole he was on our. And that is when. He told the cop. I don't have a gun stopped shooting. The officer then shot him dead. And some of my audience may hate me for saying this. But if that is what happened. To me that's -- death penalty case. I don't care whether it was a cop or a plumber who did. That is absolutely. Well I don't -- draconian sometimes. How about 25 to life -- by the death penalty is in a situation where you want ago. If that's what happened it's absolutely inexcusable. There was no reason to use deadly physical force if that is what happened. Let's just move on here. After. Johnson after grown. Is shot again. Both sides that agree. The pro police cited in the pro Brown's side. Agree that. Brown was left where he died. In the Missouri heat for hours. And I can personally tell you that Missouri does become exceedingly hot and humid in the summertime. Finally he was ruled by authorities the officer was based on a placed on paid administrative. Leave. Now this article goes on to say that Michael Brown -- this case is not unique. And that we're seeing a pattern of police shooting. Up unarmed black man. And it cites specific examples. Now whether this represents. A statistical truth. Or cherry picked anecdotes I don't well. Because you could also cite cases of white people who have been brutally killed by black people. And try to make the argument the other way around the question is what do these statistics. But anyway. Here's what the article again folks. Here is where. I think life gets kind of interest. Because. How many times on this show. Have you heard conservative carry -- Republicans. Libertarians. Expressed real concerns. About the growing influence of government in our lives. A lot of us were dead set against Obama here because we know. That once the government controls your health the government controls view. Many of us were outraged by the IRF scandal. Many of us were outraged that the attorney general of this country refused to prosecute the black Panthers for voter intimidation. Many conservative Terry against Republicans libertarians. Were upset over what they saw as a government out of control. Running roughshod over the opposition I eat those nasty Tea Party people. So my friends here's where again life takes an interest in turn. You got white -- suburbanites. Like your humble host. Who have been talking for years. About increasing. Power of government. I have talked about the increasing militarization. Of local police. I have argued in favor of the legalization of drugs because the war on drugs is nothing but an excuse to incarcerate people. It is nothing but an excuse for funding and overtime and for police chiefs to get the latest voice of spare military equipment. You know which police chief doesn't -- haven't. Or armored humvee. You know -- big egos like anybody else. And are used local examples which aren't even true but hey if the top model wanna get the tape you know the -- -- Cheektowaga is gonna wanna. You know you you and you can't be out and of the department plays with ego. -- One of the reasons. We're seeing so many black men killed is that police officers are now best understood are now best. Understood less as members of communities. Dedicated. To keeping the peace. Instead. Many of us are seeing the police as domestic soldiers. Ladies and gentlemen. There was a time many of us might assemble this is a black person's argument. From -- skewed black perspective. Could this argument as the mayor and bitch all I white -- several sites. Especially with the hullabaloo over analyze it. How many times that we said. We don't want to -- the state police. Confiscating. Our fire arms for our homes. We don't want eight domestic soldier force in America our founding. Is did not want a domestic soldier forced in America. And the article goes others say the drug war. As long functioned as a full employment act for arms dealers. Looking to sell every town and village in the country on the need for military grade hard we're. 9/11 made things worse local police departments grabbing for cash to better defend against any and all terrorist threats. War had reached our shores we were told police officers needed. Weaponry to fight. Well see the reality is a lot of the military equipment that police are using is military surplus. That is offered to departments. So that part of the article is factually incorrect. What is correct though is one way or another officers have tanks now. They have drones automatic rifles planes helicopters. They go through military style boot camp training. They've always gone through military style boot camp training that is nothing new. I mean the the article does make some good points. My opinion but the writer also betrays a basic ignorance. Of police work and police training. For example. Why shouldn't a cop have an automatic weapon. Have you ever watched the real life video of the shoot out in LA. Where the cops were completely outgunned by two guys in full body armor with fully automatic weapons. They literally had to go to gun stores. And that shall we say. Grab up all be available. Heavy duty weaponry just -- up. You know and you've got to -- that the consideration to -- Look no you know -- am -- running at a primary robbery. I'm a -- with tomorrow's topic maybe 8030930. Is for government frankly I don't have time -- calls today. Any more calls today in the -- Guess I'm working hard but I guess it's been a good show people are big and our whole -- news radio 930 W. All right it is 652 good -- regulatory WB the and partly sunny tomorrow temperature in the seventies by the way. Those keeping track it says 63 degrees. You know folks problem. This article again. It's my FaceBook each and please. Go past the title. I am glad I did because the person who said that to me and this person well enough. Bet they know all that might likely reaction to seeing an article America is not for black people. Is to say WTF. A -- But I immediately. Said if this person is sending this to me there's got to be something to the article I need to read it. And I found it to be very interest. It's not a perfect article. Because the writer Greg Howard. I'm afraid does have an ignorance. Up police. Am. I don't think he realizes that. Police training has always. Like military boot camp training it's like this is something new. Hell watch one of the 1970. Episodes of Adam well. You'll see the academy. And it's like yeah that always. So police police departments have always been viewed as a paramilitary. Style organization. That's the trade in the rose two and they also after their training are viewed as to protect and server. So the training is the same in terms of physical fitness and ability with weapons of self defense but the application of that training is different. You know it's not search and historically it's not search and destroy it protect answer. So the training is the same the application of the trading is different. But. Boy I wish everybody would read this article. -- this was going to be my topic today before what happened at the airport happened at the airport today. I'm looking forward to reading your comments on the article. -- I have -- questions about office. Now the police officer was was was placed on leave which is you know pretty much standard procedure. To those people who are releasing the officer's name address. And his children's. If anything happens to back up where his family. Their blood will be on your hands and you're no better. Then this cop if the cop was in the wrong in this shooting and you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Because you were basically setting up a lynch mob mentality. And for the people -- aggravated with the police. Never has a a mob. Violence situation. Resulted in anything good ever. Never ever ever. And you know you've got to -- stereo types and they're playing themselves out tragically. In the streets around saint Louis Missouri. I'm hopefully I'm gonna be able to talk about this tomorrow but please read the article. It's gonna be Joseph beavers last thing here so we have to make him work. As hard as I did today Joseph is always a fine job by you. John Sherman a great job call screening. And if they -- department thanks to you guys for all the help two worse no yourself. --

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