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8-14 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Aug 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. And and and it just system. That speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. We're here -- wasn't going to set -- world. Tom hourly just when I think you couldn't possibly be anything -- You go and do something like it's there in -- Yourself and it's live it's local happening over and you hope it's Tom hourly. Arthur -- news radio 930 W. Our idea is that ten minutes boy it was a mistake guys come. Sorry I. Amid a mistake here of going to. To our Rachel wells as a memorial page during the break and I'm I'm sorry -- Something. Something just hit me. On this page. There should not have done that right before heading to America in the year and I'm just gonna. Plunge back ahead in to the show because they can't afford to be this way. Off. Everything upset about Ted Nugent currently the -- pissed off vote again that'll do it. Everything upset about Ted Nugent you confines of my FaceBook page. And folks. All I can tell you it is. There. Are some men. And I will never understand this. There are some men who even has grown ups seem to need eight GI Joseph figure in their life. Like they seem to need a real life man. To -- they can look up and kind of pretend that they had the toy. You know Jesse Ventura would be one example Ted Nugent another. You know where they almost have these cult like following. Of men. Who own. Apparently are missing something in their own masculinity. If it's almost like they need to try to suck off some of Ted Nugent alleged masculinity. In order to feel fulfilled. Does that make any sense at all to -- I'm very comfortable in my masculinity. People who know me the best. And hoops team via my -- is no -- I'm comfortable in my masculinity. I'm a lover I'm not a fighter. But there's a lot. My best friends know there's a wide. And one of assured of a news. Getting back to Ted Nugent. -- I don't wanna do this is top. I just want to alert you to where this information maybe found. -- munitions. And ought to be clear about there's. They. Have Joseph I don't know what your pointer. Okay. Jordan Georgia say it email. I don't have the email but we have notes well is it possible to talk to Brian master -- instead of Reading an email on the year. So it's still going up okay this this is all the giant cluster. Anyway. Sorry folks were were a news station and sometimes my topics have to take second place the breaking news. Was that Brian results -- -- utterly irrelevant. A case of an earlier all right and this check email we'll get back into the Ted Nugent thing. And now folks I apologize. Will be at all over the place but you have to understand bad. When I come into the show I've got a certain road map but I'm trying to follow. And when breaking news happens at 303. PM involving a plane crash at the airport. I need to change my plans. And I'm happy that I'm able to be somewhat lighthearted. About this and I'm lighthearted. Because. This plane and it was a crash landing I think that's the best way to say a crash landing. If you're gonna ever have a crash landing. You couldn't ask for a better crash landing circumstance than this. -- that rain we had the other day that dropped to three inches arraignment at the airport in our. I want to think about that the folks. That was the first part of the ground the plane hit. And it cushion the -- well. It reminds me and I told you guys this story -- the 400 ones during an ice storm. And by the end car. Did at 360 it went off the road. It's suffered zero collision damage in Hawaii because it went into a march. The marsh absorbed the momentum there was no hard. Act which is what actually win -- like only it was -- and that's what this plane hit so if ever god forbid you're ever crash landing let me. Feel like this one head of the players totaled the plane has totaled that's where it got insurance. It's you can't replace that you would be airplanes. Can make a -- one relatively easily anyway the FDA. Says the plane lost power. OK so. If it played loses power. That points to eight mechanical issue obviously the FAA will have the final report Imus. The FDA says the plane lost power there were no injuries thank god only a minor fuel spill. The plane skidded across the terminal roadways. And two. The preferred parking lot. The up pilot. Lady who works at prior. Was taken EC MC she wasn't injured. Day simply. In outlook. If you're -- a plane crash or even in the car crash it never hurts to go to EC MC which is a level one trauma center just to make -- you know you don't have a cervical vertebrae and it's about the snap on. Does she want or -- to. -- -- -- -- -- There were apparently. Three people not to on board as originally reported so that was an error that I need to correct. Father and son on the plane did not require medical attention so they've got the lady who was piloting the plane. And you've got the father and son who were on the plane. They were on any sightseeing trip on the plane and Pryor does -- And a lot of times what happens -- those people go on a sightseeing trip prior. And the pilot will say what they controls and before you know you've got yourself a new student pilot. And I hope that the father son don't let this. Interfere with any dreams they might have a becoming pilots. Because they have already beaten the odds folks. There is at least one laid open now to get in and out of the airport and the good news is no commercial airline flights were delayed. The question is did everybody make the commercial flights that were. -- My guess is there might be some people scrambling for some later flights to make connections. But that's just an educated guess but it was a female pilot. For prior. And I only mentioned that she's a female pilot because obviously I hate women and -- misogynist there was -- lady a -- pilot I've flown with women pilots are great. Father and son were on the plane and they were hurt but -- live a story to tell. -- what are they took pictures going down. What. That's not intended to be disrespectful at all. People do that. People above that. And if the father and son are listen if they wanna call me I'd love to talk to your 8030930. 8030930. I will ask you some questions -- before I -- job here as there would be some things that only somebody who was actually on that plane would know. And only somebody who is now. Obviously but I bet if the father and son. Wanna talk. There -- the welcome to call 8030930. Start at thirty on the cellphone. 180616. WBBM the pilot will not the pilot will only be talking to the FAK. That would be my guess. And again the early indication is this was a mechanical. Error this was not cold and here where they. Where they put an airplane in the control of -- duke -- -- business flying that plane. With fifty souls onboard. And that's the goal I get a tire to this day. That makes me angry and I lost nobody I personally do on that flight. But. Reading about back guy's history as a pilot. And realizing. That somebody allowed him to get behind the controls. Of that plane that night with that load. With a co pilot who was sick. Tired. Sleeping. -- -- that tragedy never had to happen that was a pilot error situation this was a mechanical situation and again. I just want to let you know I wanna say kudos. To the after the pilot. I don't know whether it was fortuitous. Or whether she chose that site. Two touchdowns the plane. But you could ask for you this is like the best possible. When the delivered here. Okay let's go to operate in Cheektowaga a WB yet frankly totally you are a former crash rescue crew member hello. Here I -- Obama. And I got a player that's what she did. Was one of the things they recommend the ball in the air forces tried -- -- But what I don't understand these days as we had a practice. We would -- the runway Pakistan thinks. They'll do that anymore and what you're used to -- -- Well they. They they they do when they know I don't think they knew a lot. It sounds to me and again I was -- at the press conference it sounds to me like everything went south on that plane and a big hurry and they haven't had time to put up -- -- -- made. Yeah isolated and have an. I haven't heard that you've done many years they did -- -- Oh they they do it you know at least once every two months you'll see video on CNN or fox or about forming a runway for you usually like a twin. You don't beat raptors opened sometimes a commercial airliner but they did -- -- month after the fact just to be ultra ultra ultra careful but frank if you. If you look at the pictures at WB EN dot com. You know put put -- hold it if you want I -- the position to be a computer. -- -- -- Well if you are you wanna call back later at do you see the pictures. You're gonna be impressed by what this pilot period. Well I can I can just imagine from what you're saying here. Yet on the unbelievable that they -- Thailand I mean it's because slid sideways flipped over -- and and overran everything. All she rocks this pilot -- a place up -- absolutely. Probable probably a job male student John was my flight instructor thanks very much of glad you called. Yeah this this pilot man I I just think the world of her. We'll talk she crashed the plane no mechanical error. Crashed the plane she had to choose where to go if she made the best possible choice in probably less than a second let's -- out about traffickers Alan Harris. All right -- thanks and AccuWeather part here patchy clouds tonight the overnight low in the fifties tomorrow partly sunny and breezy 71 right now with 63. At WBE and by the way best time of the year to fly is not the summer best time of the year to fly it is autumn. The air is -- You don't get as much convection as you get in the summertime going over you beard eastern -- for the parking lots and sometimes in the -- the air is as smooth as Lance. Time today I'd always -- early warning of -- Are right it's 523 is that Bryant now. Our Brian Nasser Al -- is AWB -- reporter and one of the best upcoming reporters in the business we were lucky to get him. Bryant the news conference is over and what have we found out about the crash landing that we did not know before. Well we found out that might stripper -- from this whole news conference was well it's plane crashes go. This was based successful. Which seems hard to believe there were three people on board this small aircraft at all sport people. And it was a oh what I would. 31 year old she's asserted -- -- flight instructor up -- aviation. She was taking Roberts on on -- sightseeing or somewhere. In that lights. The plane lost power. Or the ending when it was going to land Beckett prior aviation. -- plane lost -- had to kind of crash land in the late into. If you can picture the airport where the road is after you drop off or pick somebody up -- Robert their flights. It skidded across the road. -- -- a couple of bushes and into a parking lot when there were no cars now the pilot had to be taken it easier seat. Which we had no injuries and the Roberts on. Had received no medical attention because they had no injuries and the only thing I would -- pitched where the plane. And you bought shoes that line between the road -- park. Up Bryant where when I look at the pictures sent to -- by great WBE and listeners were on the scene it looks like the plane hit the ground on the grass. First is that correct do you know. From what I understand the -- We're about world wars. And then. It'd across. The bushes and grass so we -- ended up in the -- Like -- don't believe it hit the -- first. At first it was reported that the when it hit the terminal that was not the case. You know -- -- the terminal and it's kind of on that road now we landed on the road. And skidded across it could mean it's a one quick hop and then crashed into was Bush's skidded across. No one knows exactly how many hops across the road that explains itself. But it is our I don't let it the -- first they went through divorces landed in the park. I I could see those bush is because we have pictures up from great listeners -- WB and dot com but it looks to me and again I'm not there it is going on photographs. That I -- photographs I'm just relying on pictures here on our website but. It looks to me like it hit the grass first it went about three inches deep into the grass probably about ten to twelve feet down. Looks to be elected nose wheel broke off at that point and then it's spun around. But I love that quote as far as plane crashes goal this is the way to do. That's right and they were quick to point out that that this eyelids. Whose name -- -- -- -- -- -- to my notes amnesty. -- Gold -- ski she's in the station called -- -- 31 year old pilot out of prior prior aviation she's a certified flight instructor. And the other day everyone who was there. Said that without her handling up -- and obviously there was quite a bit of luck involved who. How without her bullet hit the weight that she did it could've ended up a lot worse because. It's not a really big areas of planes could turn terminal could it. Another plane on the runway or it could pick right uncheck this street where there's all that traffic on. Or it could landed on the side streets is tragically back in the 1950s. Airplane did with their great lawsuit. Of life. All right so devastation gold -- ski well done girl well done you're gonna you're gonna crash land the plane you know you did the right thing she's got you wanna John male students because. And bigger issue -- the folks I'm telling you if she had any decision to make it was made in less than a second question did she have time. To put out any kind of radio call to put people on notice hey I've got an issue. Well I -- it. They were the initial call received that we were sold from the police that showed up on the scene. Would stand up plane had hit the terminal -- the crash landed I'm not sure what kind of signaled she was able to put out what you very much time. But obviously they know now that the plane had lost how war. And I don't believe that they were really aware of where -- -- coming in because the initial report. That they were acting -- was that. Plane hit it to terminal obviously didn't take them that long to figure out that no the plane -- sitting era preferred parking lot. Well yes somebody looking at a from a control -- though from their perspective it may well have appeared that it didn't hit the terminals so between what -- -- on their radar and between what they may have seen from the angle of the control tower it's easy to see how that miss story. Our could've gotten out here. I have one other question I was gonna ask you and that is. This is a private aviation owned airplane do you know did anybody ask if it was totaled or irreparable. Situation. I'm not sure on that says that -- I know about the playing for sure right now is they weren't sure if the landing gear had been deployed or which damaged goods were unclear on -- From looking at the plane. There is damage to one of the wings for sure you can see that from the pictures -- put up from the pictures other people put up. And other than that that's really all we know about complaint the plane was. 828. With a capacity for caring to read people. Now all and piper and now. Brian and their beautiful plains the great plains never let this keep you off of -- piper. Just so you know. I'm quite fond of them. And -- anybody wants to buy -- Christmas present I'm just saying. So are we don't -- yet time to put -- radio call is the FA is already on scene investigating this because they will be the lead body. They are in the routes from Rochester right now they may have gotten. -- well I was talking with you -- well we were in the -- out that they were in groups from Rochester and they are taking over. The investigation one thing you want and because it's that we work sure. What we arrived on the scene at the entrance at Genesee street by where the plane has crashed. Was close to the airport the main entrance that -- want to -- off for the 33. But there was an entrance open at the other side other and at the airport water line. Which opened four -- to come through in -- to go by except no flights were delayed. Or anything like that obviously a lot of people were inconvenienced by this send traffic around Genesee. I noticed her. Heading down to the -- myself wars. Not good you know moving at all. And they're probably some people who missed if you like but he kept the schedules. The runaways weren't affected by the crash and none of the planes were and they were able to kind of maintain. His usual. The pilots less -- -- spelled GO OLB like gold and and how ski. I GO LD like Gordon and OW KYO. SK YR -- what if you're related to anesthesia called out ski air or you know -- -- related or in the lower. I think she's a -- hero honestly for the way she crash landed that plane. And I'd love to know little bit about her interest in flying. And what she's like. Because this is a young lady who is as cute cool as a cucumber. Under pressure and she did everything the way you're supposed to do it. And the fact that everybody got off that plane and nobody was. And it scratched as far as we know just a tribute to her training at presumably prior. And her piloting skills thank you very much Bryant of alleged regroup in time for a news okay. Prime minister ask you from WB yeah it's 531. So if you know a mythical Belsky maybe your relative brother sister mom bad. Tell us about this young lady does a lot of meters she sounds awesome on WB yeah. -- It's. You -- just the worst. Saw that he had Jim Croce John Denver and Leonard Skinner and you gotta figure Buddy Holly will be 630. Look folks I've flown planes. At solo. People who see me fly. I'm a match -- all. Okay I'm not a natural at landing a kind of socket crosswind landings but I love flying it is absolutely one of the best things I've ever done. Now by the way. I've looked up at a -- gold Belsky the pilot of the plane. And apparently -- station doesn't exist because she doesn't have a spot on FaceBook. Now I do see an -- Asia gold how's the listed as owning a company called gold -- sky media. I don't know if it is the same anesthesia gold Belsky who was at the controls. Of the here's -- of the yup PA 28 bit -- be successful crash landing at the airport today. But I do notice. I -- by audience. And there are people out there who know Amanda there are people out there who know. Her love of aviation. And what a dedicated pilot she is. I'm sure she has family members out there who would like to talk about how -- they are of her. And I would love to know more about NS major goal vows ski and her interest in the aviation. And she is a certified flight instructor. She is what 31 years old sorry Amanda gentleman should never talk about a lady's -- that way. But folks I can appreciate us. -- and I think anybody who has ever done a solo or taken any flight training whatsoever can really appreciate. What. Anesthesia gold -- pulled off. When you have basically. An engine goes south idea. And you have to make the decision folks usually within less than a second. Gravity doesn't give you a lot of time. And anesthesia. Did -- you know every whether it was pro vicious. Or whether it was great pilot or a combination of the two. And a -- Asia -- out sticky. Her actions. Hurt quick thinking. Her -- old piloting -- it wasn't her fault that the plane lost power. Her skill piloting resulted in. A plane crash. That as far as plane crash goes. Is the best kind of plane crash he can ever net. -- I told any time anybody's ever taken flight class. You know the old joke gives -- A landing is just a controlled crash and the other one is any landing you walk away for a is a good landing. And what she did guys I don't know if you can appreciate there's. Under the worst possible circumstances. She was able to put that plane down in such away. As to be like it was like threading a needle are. Because when you're up there. You lose power. You basically are at the whim and caprice of gravity. And what she did was just an amazing feat there really wants. And I would love to talk to anybody who knows her who has followed her aviation career. I don't know if she had the same flight instructor I have John mail the Pope John still around is that it was a long time ago. But today at a station called -- ski I got a tiger congratulations. You. You're really you don't -- as basic. Father and son or your passengers on a sightseeing trip. Now it's interesting because the only and a staging gold Belsky a confined on line. Owns this -- guy media company which looks like a a photo company. So I wonder if taking aerial pictures is also part of what she does. And then taking people up for sightseeing tours so they can take aerial pictures as a part of -- I don't know that would just be speculation. But I'd -- little more about this young lady she will not call. And she shouldn't call the only people with whom she should talk are returning if I always say that. And the investigators from the FAA the only people she needs to talk to. Are those people. But if you know analyst Asia and you like the teller a little bit more tell us more about her. I think she's a very special young lady who pulled off a tremendous -- today. In the parking lot. Of the greater Buffalo Niagara International Airport. And again forgive me for repeating myself and I know I do that sometimes but. I I've I've been there. I have never had a crash landing. But there have been situations that have happened nothing major. But. You have to think fast. And you have to keep your -- Because the -- You lose. Your -- the minute. You panic. You were -- You must maintain. Composure. At all times. And things can go south -- up big hurry. When you're up there a single engine plane actually though I'd rather be in a single with a double. Is twins have I mean I've heard horror stories about people flying twins in the I don't know -- wanna get that certification. After I get my -- official pilot's license but in any event. Had to stay -- go about ski. Really I think I hope I'm never in your position. But if I ever am I hope I can emulate what you did in getting that plane on the ground and everybody's okay. Visit apparently nobody knows and a station gold -- Because nobody's called to tell us about it she's the mystery woman. Maybe she's a fan that. -- has anybody thought that perhaps she is the reincarnated a million air heart and that's why nobody knows you're. I wanna find out more about my first response are. I think to a break here on WB and we've been map obviously so what truncated and all over the place -- owing to that breaking news that every day we talk a plane crash of the airport. By the way why does not everybody had EZ pass I will never understand that as long as I live I personally have had the talk like five people beginning easy it's why are you waiting in line while it is too easy as -- all right so heck you weather for today. Patchy clouds overnight low 5056. Downtown. Tomorrow partly sunny and breezy and 71 right now sixty story at news radio 930 WB EM. And the ladies and gentlemen I don't mind telling you that I had absolutely. Putt every minute of the program scripted out -- well. Basically planned today as I usually do. And the breaking news at the airport obviously. Forced a change at the line we had to do an audible call at the line. Because in addition to being a talk station. We're -- station. And I felt an important -- -- latest information out. On what was going on at the airport. Eric you know I'm also kind of glad that even though looking -- -- -- Charles Lindbergh please don't get it out. Please please don't about Chuck Yeager please don't get that that idea. Norway I believe I am. But. I have just enough. Under my belt in terms of flying. Bet there is an element of relate ability to this story with me. I had and a perspective that I hope I can bring to it and I hope I brought to it that you might not have gotten elsewhere. And if that is the case. I feel as though I've done you a solid today. And you know very early on. Before anybody knew who I talked about eight. Pryor has used. Diapers for years portrayed as my first thought I wonder if this is a prior plight. And at this point it may be an after play -- will -- that one of my callers is probably going to be totaled and you know. If that is that is all I know the people on border. Any okay and that's all that matters salt. Coming up in the last -- of the show I must tell you I'm born. Because a part of me still feels as though. I wanna do suicide as a cup. Part of me says we have not done that justice. Because we didn't have a lot of time to spend money yesterday because of something that was a breaking news story. Now the other part of me. The other part of -- says. We should talk about the situation. In Missouri. Well Tom you still -- Saint Louis I have lived in Saint Louis since 1909 the two. And I lived in saint Charles. Says to me force it was a place I would drive through. But I don't think ever had a cup of coffee in -- at Missouri. I lived in saint Charles I did my business in Saint Louis and I went back to saint Charles. So I can't really speak with great authority about matters in fluorescent Missouri. But. You know what I put it up like FaceBook and -- you guys want me to do. How is that. You wanted to do suicide. Do you want -- to do. The police shooting and the riots what's -- what they are civil disturbances is just a BS euphemism. Or do you want me to -- open on the bills. For the final hour all write something up quick about FaceBook page and that it back with you.

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