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8-14 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Aug 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And -- Yes they broke the law but it's not a felony. It's kind of -- it's it's that it's so it's a it's an act of love it's an act of commitment to your family. It's hey look it's Tom -- It's live. These local rock. Being. Third. He had it. Not being heard Tom hourly. Effects. On news radio 930 and double -- It's never enough time to break -- it -- you think it. Dahlia Bailey elect to update to our -- a picture all right. All I just trying to track down the registration of the plane that that went down at greater Buffalo Niagara International Airport. Unconfirmed. Email that it is owned by prior we put out a call to prior. Pryor is not commenting at this time. And I'm trying to read the numbers on the plane and I can't quite make them out Joseph I don't know if you can't. And you wanted to play registrations search that would confirm one don't tell them to me just at the look. Okay. I'll hit a lot of we have to finally confirmed. Okay thank you. -- to me to snap ratchet up Michael wooten from channel to. He says it is owned by Chrysler which was my suspicion the cars Pryor has long used that don't worry about it it will and says well I'll leave it. Plots prior I don't personal experience. For years has used piper cherokees as training aircraft when I learned to -- I don't have a license I'm still a student pilot. But those planes. Some people prefer now what their pros and cons to a low wing play and let the piper jerky. Highway -- -- assessed once accused Google like. You've got blind spots no matter which plane you fly. I always preferred the low wing planes for the very mature reasons that the low wing play -- always made me feel like a World War II fighter pilot. As opposed to assess -- which just made me feel like somebody's uncle. But those planes seriously. I'm not only be so what lied about this because both people are going to be fine. -- people on the plate and it's pretty amazing to. Bad. Hi all the pilot. And if it was a student I'm sure they instructor took over -- bigger but how they took that plane and got it where they got it. In the rule that was available. Is pretty amazing. And if you ever had the -- don't -- folks don't ever let something like -- dissuade you. From learning how to fly at price or or somewhere else are I don't. Because I want to it's something. When you are. Trained. As a pilot. And when you get your solos it. Now so load of numerous occasions. It is such a sense of accomplishment. To look at that plane and say I'll -- -- I took it off I flew it. I like that it. -- Not only that. But you will be a mid eighties. At how your flight instructors voice in in my case it was a guy named John mail mature he's still around masterpiece -- -- that prior by. There's a time couple years ago I told the story out of here where the format of my Jeep got wedged. And its stock the accelerator down. And in shorter than the time it takes me to tell the story because of the flight training -- whoever -- expertise. -- -- -- keeps texting me and there are going to be deleted from my phone like now. Because if they don't know the money here and now they do not deserve to be my friend. All right hold I got a sorry guys I got the beat somebody from my list of friends because if if you're gonna text me when I'm on the year vineyard you're done -- by. The -- Goodbye and lost a friend right now anyway are getting back to. In shorter than it takes to tell the story. My mind went through the possibilities. OK I could hit the three people in front of me. I could hit a light pole. Or I could just steer my Jeep toward the creek in the back of the building. And I realized. If I could not get the -- to stop. It was going into the creek. Because people can't be replaced that it was hurt anybody light poles now that want to run the risk of a poll toppling and somebody -- it would just be me. All that happened in probably point 03. Seconds. Probably three tenths of a second. And the reason it happened. Folks I'm not exaggerate. My flight instructors voice was in my hat. And it just said OK what are your options quickly. Being being being done. And as it was I was able to get the -- to stop but I had outside a three different -- went through my mind. Only one of which made sense so again -- if you are ever interested in flying I mean. Point is -- that but try to sell ice in the middle winner is supposed. Don't let something like this dissuade you. Because it's a lot of fun. And these things do happen. Am. Name one activity that's fun that doesn't have a certain element of risk to. There isn't -- Walking your dog has an element of risk. Walking along the bike path at Amherst has that element of risk but the two ladies who died a few years ago. When the -- motorcyclist. Everything you do in life has risk. So you might as well live it and let -- do what it will. You'll go well -- pitcher time to go out. -- ago while about Robin Williams well it was his time to go out he couldn't take it anymore. But. In any event if you're stuck in traffic and Genesee street. You wanna call invent. Knock yourself out I had not planned on doing this today's of topic but for reasons I do not understand. They are not letting you into the airport to either pick people up who just traveled across the country. And and not living in to the airport to drop people off who need to get connecting flight. So that sucks because flying is already become a colossal pain in the -- acts. I don't know what other letting people oats and talking about particular traffic through the airport. But they're not letting you in a job what he is -- are you telling me. They're letting people in on the east entrance. -- the east entrance. I'm trying to figure out which that would be. Across from Carroll's. The east exit. Entrance I don't know why I'm not able to place the east entrance I usually just use the big one. We talk of what is what Roberto. Okay I'll let -- errors were about the trip. Now all others get under the topic of -- and try to figure out the east entrance public. Cows come home in east north south west I can't visualize stuff unless -- actually see it. And if you have to go to the airport a tough job working -- Allan Harris we'll have a coming up four in traffic on WB -- It's one of those things I should know and I -- what -- I was there but I just can't -- right now I can't visualize it on the here. Anyway. Where are we now. Yes. Idea. Started off the show. By bringing you up to speed -- a story we broke earlier this week. And it would have -- I think before Robin Williams suicide. And it basically. The story involves two different components. You've got a local munitions maker exercising its first amendment rights. It has decided. In a bizarre. And ironic twist. A local munitions maker decided to donate not just under squabble. But two other anti gun -- New York politicians like Tim Kennedy. So the excuse. Made by purist munitions that while we're backing Cuomo because of his buffalo brilliant. Well what does the donation to the mayor of Rochester tested have to do with that. Mean they've made it seem like we're doing this up for other local entrepreneur doors. Well first of all. When you have a guy who is dedicated bogus is dedicated to the destruction of the Second Amendment is and -- ball. If you are involved in any aspect of the firearms industry donating Tibet kind of -- -- not. Is absolutely. Beyond the pale it's -- right. I would never take that away from you. Because. You have the right to give to the politician of your choice. Even if it make you anymore. -- munitions more shots makes them more -- you have a right to be stupid in America. That's one part of the story to me that's not even the biggest part of the story. The biggest part of the story is. A guy who has made a reputation. Because I think his advisors said you know -- it's been awhile since you've had a hit. Yeah I -- you can still put some families in the seats you when you go on to our board of royalty checks or start to get them. In the -- get those big money salad days like he used to. We need to figure out what your next career move is gonna be Ted how about guns. Yeah. God guns on the motor city madman. Nuts. So then Ted Nugent we can became this national big mouth about the Second Amendment. And I would also like to think of a big -- about the Second Amendment. But here's the problem with Ted Nugent. First of all I tried telling you guys this a year two years ago. Ted Nugent. Who has -- -- To say that he sacrificed. Was exact quote I've sacrificed more than anybody for the Second Amendment they -- had -- been to Arlington national cemetery. Yeah they sacrificed more than you hate to break your bubble big guy. Anyway it. Here as the mirror. To talk about the sacrifices she's made to defend the Second Amendment. What a self serving a pile of excrement. Because in my audience folks. Before that February 28 rally. And all but. So many abuse you know Tom I can't really afford. I can't really afford to take the day off of work and I don't get a paid vacation today but I am going to do it. Because I am going to support. Efforts to overthrow. -- safe and Andrew Cuomo you went huge sacrifice. Shooters committee on political education in New York State. Basically. They virtually drained their financial resources. To rent buses. To print signs. Bumper stickers to do everything they could be in terms of grass roots lobbying. To get people to Albany to protest. Andrew Cuomo is safe bet. Are right at the same time. As people with limited means were sacrificing their day's -- At the same time as shooters committee on political education scope. We're not talk in the mouth wash your weekly scope we're talking about the shooters committee on political education. The same time today. Were spending money because they had to get people to Albany. Mr. Second Amendment Ted Nugent. And folks take this to the bank. He demanded. What kind of a sacrifices this he'd demanded in excess of fifty. Thousand dollars just to speak. I will say that again. He demanded in excess of 50000. Dollars just to speak. He also demanded first class airfare for himself. And six other people and luxury hotel accommodations. Some sacrifice -- -- -- You're charlatans and I told people that needed -- believe me because your personality cult. Called live subtle kinds of nasty things about me. I did get paid anything extra to go to Albany. I've made my daily seller. Big deal big what. I worked worked my bought up that there. -- -- Well we find out. That this so called champions of the Second Amendment. Is a -- and he knows about it now folks there is owed them buying Ted Nugent notes. Bet the company which is obviously paid him to use his name. And his likeness on ammunition it produces Ted Nugent ammo. He knows. They have given money and continue to give money to anti Second Amendment politicians. He refuses. To disassociate himself from -- munitions. The only honor -- two honorable things for Ted Nugent to do. Number one return every penny they -- Number two an immediate cease and assists you will not sell ammunition with my name and likeness on it anymore. Number three return every penny they paid you out of principle. Org donate a light about Disco. Used the money they paid you can't put -- Scopes coffers that would be honorable. Oh yeah and by the way Ted I think you should also stepped down from the board of the NRA the National Rifle Association. Because you're in it for yourself that. It is so obvious now. I knew you were faulty I knew you were fraud I knew you were charlatan. And for guys who schooled. Piers Morgan. On the Second Amendment thing about the irony here folks that Davis video. Pierce Morgan. Got shot down by Ted Nugent. Who accepts money from -- munition. That I find this to be just an outrage. Frankly. And folks. It just demonstrates. It just demonstrates what I told all -- Ted Nugent is a fraud who was looking for a new way to make delivery. After his rock general glory days done. The real heroes people like -- Schroeder. Steve Walsh thought Rus Thompson. Carl Paladino. And by the way Ted Carl's got a few more dollars than you do. Carl caved in a bus to Albany. With jeans and baseball cap. He didn't rent a private jet nor did he demand a first class ticket. Nor did he demand luxury accommodations. He returned the same day and busts. But there are some men out there were like little kids with a GI Joseph doll like they got a latch on to somebody they think is macho. I don't know what the psychology is there. But I'll never understand Schwartz 46 at WB. All my bags and -- -- -- News about the size of our. Time aide to lay you off. A good. But the song is brave and instead need. Taxis laying. Already. Didn't know Johnson who wrote this song did you. Well everybody talking about Robin Williams there is tying John Denver. That's real demons and -- I think his was mostly alcohol. I had to do an interview. With John Denver and everybody was war -- morning Tom. John Denver can be your really -- old SOB. Again. First thing I said John Denver. Rocky mountain high is one of the greatest songs ever written and changed my life. I had him for ninety minutes. Eating out of the hall of my hand he was agree. Seriously. All of what I've heard absolutely. Actually I -- so many people. Who also met John Denver who have similar stories I wonder where the stories came from but it wasn't such a nice guy. But although any any performer can have an off day. All right it is -- 437 newsroom the united thirty WB EN a man. Now we have pictures. At WB dot com. Of the crash of these small piper Cherokee owned by private aviation. At greater Buffalo Niagara International Airport and it wasn't on the runway. It was in the a lot more secure parking lot and what looks to me is. Eaton again I don't know if they were taking off and said. Oh we're losing something we gotta get back to the runway and didn't quite make it or they are coming in for a landing and lost power I don't know. It's obvious. That it looks like it clipped some trees and small branches on the way in unless those were branches from yesterday's storm. But the front landing gear it looks like the front landing gear broke off. When the plane impacted the wet grass. Now ladies and gentlemen do you think would make a difference if that's. The first thing on the ground that plane hit when it was coming and was wet grass. That cushion the ball well. Brokaw the front landing -- looks like but you can actually follow the line of that front tire until the point it broke off. And that seems to have absorbed most of the momentum. Of that plane coming up. And it looks like in the suggested estimation. It rolled maybe 7200 feet is to the long term parking area and the kind of spun around on its site. Propeller looks beat the crap. But both people on board survived and and that not only survive but are are fine. The one person -- the EC and -- just for the once over not a bad idea anytime you base area dramatic injury just to be doubly doubly sure by. They will be doing a news conference I don't know if will be carrying a lot. Joseph you know we do have access to certain places. As long as we credit them. To get that news conference on the year so I think people would like to know more about why they're stuck in traffic Genesee street. So. By hook or by crook at least let's carry that the first part of the news conference until such time we will hear -- until such time as. The questions become in the name. At which time it always have to bail out of the news conference now Joseph because of the situation Genesee street should we go to -- Should we I hate this humility questions -- can we go to -- now we're traffic because I'm guessing -- probably got some stuff Ellis. Now that he ordinarily wouldn't be dealing with a 440. -- I'm gonna throw it to you because I presume you're so busy haven't even had a chance to tell us gotta get on the year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Already yen well you know I've ever check. It would be doubly doubly re doubly sure that they have something that you need and not have a lot. Anyway. It's gonna be partly cloudy tonight the overnight but 56 downtown. The pictures are too which I referred a few moments ago are at WB EN dot com. WB Ian dot com and yes we've reconfirmed. The plane is registered to prior aviation and as I told you. Awhile back. All long time prior aviation has been using paper cherokees for tree and their children for airports. Seriously. -- ever bought an airplane I would buy a piper Cherokee. -- by the one with a maximum horsepower. Because -- an -- but because the feeling of taking off with 300 horsepower. Is so much more in the one with the modern when 61. Well. Would you rather have ample horsepower or all the horsepower I want is much of that yet nothing was always a joy to -- this looks like a much newer model. And it's going to be a little bit -- in certain spots that I can play after what happened that I liked it and to propel her new landing leader mute tiger's probably. Might need. -- opened the door the wings one of those wings looks like it might take in the the -- but it's okay. It seriously. Can replace. Human life cannot be -- -- kudos. This might sound stupid. And I hope you'll understand from where I'm coming when I say Davis. Kudos. To whoever was at the controls. Who either by. Design. Or circumstance. Hit the wet grass to absorb the shock first and then the plane rolled onto the asphalt. That was brilliant. -- -- Would you rather land -- a sponge. Or would you rather -- -- -- concrete literally a sponge. And that was one hell of a bit of piloting. Because you don't know what went wrong and play -- lost oil pressure. You might just all out and not wing stall the engine -- -- one thing's gonna happen. My guess is probably mechanical error as opposed to pilot error. But it's just the gas the FAA will investigate. Because that's what they do every time something like this happens they investigate they don't just investigate the big multiple fatality crashes. But all things being equal. I just -- extend a hearty congratulations. To whomever was behind the controls at this point. Guess if you're gonna have a crash landing. This is about -- as good a textbook crash landing as you'll ever had. You might remember a guy by the name at all like. -- -- -- I worked in buffalo re grew up in Amherst work in buffalo radio he was captain topped the traffic. And he -- the guy famously like 28 years ago. He's due to traffic report right now he's not fly in it he's just doing the report and the pilot says are crap. And -- -- What. Pilot says we're losing oil pressure big time we're gonna go down. Now you're tumbling -- your in your twenties pilot says we're gonna go down. You're thinking littered scattered. The they were over a golf course. They managed to get it down on the golf course. And I talked to -- Meyer zillion times about this. I don't think he was scared I don't think he had time to be skier and if you're -- pilot. You can't afford to be scared. Because when things start to -- haywire on a small plane for which you were responsible. You cannot afford emotion. You cannot afford panic you cannot afford fears. You have to be 100%. Focused. On the job at hand. Getting that plane down and everybody out alive and that's what happened with captain Tom -- Meyer and his pilot. And it is what gloriously happened today at greater Buffalo Niagara International Airport. And if you really want to understand. Where I'm coming from about what a great crash landing this was and I know it's -- -- For it for those of you never flown a plane you don't even. I can understand why you think of himself like a -- right now. You could not ask for a better landing or better circumstances. For a crash landing. -- the first thing you'd touch on the ground being soft grass. That was inundated by rain a couple of days ago. And you can see. That the front landing gear that front we all went probably two or three inches deep into the ground. If you think that doesn't make a huge difference it does it cushion the blows significantly. For the people on that play the to a bit -- folks are on the play. And as I said it looked under estimating looks like it rolled maybe 74. Hour. 100 feet on its belly before it spun around to a stop and there was not a fighter afterwards. And as I pointed out earlier. Just to give an idea of what a well built airplane the piper Cherokee years just imagine the kind of stressed that plane was under. And it appears to me that both pilot. And passenger were able to not only open the ports for inside but then close them. Now open and current accidents were you got to the door shut before you drive of the collision shop. -- the piper Cherokee it's just it's good to great African aircraft seriously. And other people that prior. Our largest seriously there terrific salt of the earth and don't ever let -- collectors get in the way you're wanting to learn how to fly. You know this actually you know this makes me want to do this makes -- -- continuing and just give -- -- But that have to buy an airport. Joseph. Could you see me in my own airplane. And fly and actually. Except landing part a kind of a natural. Yet crosswind landings folks I never could get those. My crosswind landings looks something like the pictures you see at WP yet that -- of a link to hear this airplane right here. So our outlook I don't think the lap of not making light of you have to understand it's a sense of humor. That and if you ever flow you've ever lived the drone plane you can relate to everything I'm saying. Could you went through the same thing when you were learning -- -- crosswind landings. Are right now coming up we will carry the news conference laws we have access to it I think we should. From greater Buffalo Niagara International Airport with more information on exactly what happened. For me factual point of view I've been presenting what I believed to be fairly educated although imperfect. Speculation. But one of the real story coming up in which everything is Kim. Contingent upon an FAA investigation anyway I'm WB -- and I still. I still have topics that get into a news radio and on news radio 930 WB. All right and AccuWeather -- a -- night partly cloudy overnight low fifties inland 56 downtown tomorrow partly sunny and breezy 71. Joseph I haven't even asked you for the temperature -- what is -- sixty degrees. Sixty to air at news radio 930 WBE and now this is -- Thursday I told -- earlier about the propeller damage. Now I thought there had been a redesign. An email her who is much more conversant on an airplane design -- MIA says. Due to what the propeller of the -- that went all the way through the engine that this plane is probably told. It I can believe that I thought third battery design but again I am of an engineer in a lot of aircraft mechanic. That's set. But. You know they could do. You're -- Charlotte's airport who hasn't done. Never -- the area where they have that each plane hanging down in a huge terminal in Charlotte. Maybe they can just take this in the terminal now wouldn't work would look -- -- is trying to add to the aesthetic appeal. All right it is up 452 news radio 930 WB the end. All right we're do I wanna go right now. Well there is some. Concern. Not answer a confusion. Over whether or not the news conference at the airport is going on now or not. I see no evidence or information that there is a news conference going on now -- team in the next room is monitoring everything including around prime minister -- ski -- look like LeBron. All right is he there are ready to carry it when we need to okay. So we'll get more information win we are able to bring it to -- Are coming up. After the news at five. I have to admit I'm a little tour. Again breaking news always takes priority. Over anything else but. I wonder did you do we haven't I -- This is to what happened. Listening to me right now. Because. Right after I asked for photographs to be sent -- photographs. And I just use in 1950s okay somebody just me Joseph carte Blanche hit me I deserve a break my nose again. Just come on and I -- I got a freebie I just said photographs. Can you believe that. We the -- that I said send your pictures. Public of the airplane as -- safely do it about five phenomenal pictures sent him so if you're an eyewitness to what happened. I'd love to talk to. For that matter for the FAA would as well but I'd like to talk to. There's also what's going on in -- place by which I used to live. Ferguson Missouri and -- Missouri which is outside of Saint Louis used to drive through there quite a bit. And that was twenty odd years ago by the way a lot has changed in Missouri's since I last lived here. For example house are sold for 80000 dollars now we give me 300000 dollars don't even get me started. But that's another story altogether. So. -- on the situation in Missouri. I think needs. Some focus. Because somebody set an article. Bet if you are black you are unwelcome in America. My first thought when I see an article like that is. Is not a good. Because I immediately go in to -- mode like are you freaking kidding me. But when I looked into the article here's what surprised me. If you are one of my black Brothers and sisters you might be amazed at how many white bread suburbanites conservatory. Ends. Agree with some of what is being said. About what's happening with the police in -- That might surprise some of my beloved white Brothers and sisters but according work on news radio 930 WB and lost -- --

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