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8-14 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Aug 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. I don't prefer taking administrative action. I'd rather -- permanent fixes. To the issue we face certainly that's true on immigration. I've made that clear multiple times I would love nothing more. Then bipartisan legislation to pass the house the senate. Land on my desk so I can -- wherever and whenever. I can pick up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do here. Com hourly and that's was -- within 200 feet of the school he or she. It's life. It's local group that is it's Tom hourly ask another question for me get this much this isn't the real Jesus knows. Wouldn't -- and he's Olympia. Now -- so on news radio 930 people here to tell you about an awesome place called new Verizon's. That's just -- possible -- yeah. I called Ted Nugent a phony for years and said the deal with his sect cult following calling me all kinds of things. And folks the proof -- in the morning and Ted Nugent is a fraud that Ted Nugent is a charlatan. And I have known this ever since the first rally in Albany against NY state. -- just hit -- with some facts here folks -- you can tell me that -- full of crap or you can tell me that I am telling you the truth. I have no reason to tell lies about Ted Nugent I don't care about Ted Nugent the guy got a couple hits in the 1980s. Big deal. So did the base city rollers I really don't care of the seventies I really don't care about Ted Nugent I've never been eaten -- of these so called. My natural ways. He is of an age where a lot of the guys I know I would call much year old. Were fighting in places like way. And were around during the Tet offensive in the Vietnam but let's I didn't go there right now. Ted Nugent a fraud. This gun and ammo nonsense Ted Nugent has been all over the past ten years all it is for Ted Nugent is a branding tool I hate the use the word it's all it is it's branding. And why I say that I say that because folks. IA -- the effects. Ted Nugent wanted a ridiculous. Amount of money 50000. Dollars plus. It was over 50000. Dollars to speak at the first anti NYC rally in Albany. He also won a first class airfare for himself. And I believe six members of his posse and four star hotel accommodations. Now Carl Paladino can't Albany in a box. Carl Paladino came in Albany on its own nickel. -- path that you know wore jeans and a baseball bat to that rally. Ted Nugent was only interested in attending if he got a big -- day. We're being mr. pro gun he's a charlatan. And he sits on the board of the NRA and he needs to resign immediately. Why. Because the same guy who school piers Morgan on American gun rights. Has refused. To disassociate. Himself from pierce munitions here in Western New York. A contributor. To Andrew Cuomo's campaign. Understand at the same time. As shooters committee on political education. And pro Second Amendment people were taking days off and losing days worth of pay. To go to Albany to fight against the unconstitutional. And -- straight act. Propelled into law by eight dictatorial Fiat by the power hungry and losing of honest eruption. Andrew ball ball. Ted Nugent one -- fifty grand plus first class error plus four star hotel accommodations to come do his thing. You guys took a day without pay he wanted to big payday. So the latest ladies and gentlemen is this manufacturer. Appears munitions has given in the thousands of dollars not just -- formal but two other pro. -- -- -- other anti gun politicians here in New York State. So there excuse that we only gave Andrew Cuomo because of the buffalo billion and we believe in supporting buffalo entrepreneur is is nothing but horse crap. And I wish I could say the full word because our president -- it get away with that I wish I -- So Ted Nugent has been made aware of the situation. Okay anger he is not ignorant of what's going on. Here's what he's doing now look it's his FaceBook page. Look I do this all the time. And I'm not gonna criticize Ted Nugent for doing what I do. Ted Nugent has do you leave that and banned people from his FaceBook page who were becoming a pain in the yes. Now the differences. Ted Sargent is the leading to -- any people were try to get the truth out about what I charlatan Ted Nugent is on the issue of guns. Ted argued that desperate for money. Did you will accept money you'll accept. Cash. In exchange for the use of your name. Your picture and the American flag on Ted Nugent ammo made by peers munitions. Ted -- that hard up for money. Let me tell you sent them. I have a guy I can get to in touch with. Jim Messina. Whip Richie fury and I think -- Jackson Browne. And if I made a few more calls I can probably get you in touch with Jon Bon Jovi and Donald -- those guys could use road race you know that you -- always -- -- -- if you that hard up for money. What did you call battle -- -- what do Steely Dan setup crew. Maybe Jon Bon Jovi could use a rhythm guitar player Ted if you're that -- up if the royalty checks from this from the seventies. Are that hard to come by now. And you -- whore yourself out. And screw your fellow gun owners and doing yet. It's time for you to step down from the NR AMR Nugent. It's time for you to resign from the NRA. I have long suspected you of being a fraud. What I found out about what you wanted to speak in Albany did nothing. Two mitigate my concerns. And believe that you were and are a fraud. But your refusal. To disassociate. Yourself. From a company using your day in your photo that has given thousands of dollars to -- -- -- ball and other anti gun politicians. Reeks. Of raging hypocrisy. Hey Ted may -- ought to put out the Ted Nugent lined a blank pistols sound and fury signifying. Nothing. Because that's all you are. All you are. Is a freaking blow hard without any ball without any principles. Without. Any sense of honor or decency. And -- something fed. I make money off of endorsements too if you wanna know the honest to god truth at this point I'd set down I tried to calculated. At this point in my career I've probably turned down one million dollars in my pocket. Because I did not want to endorse companies if I did not personally believe in those companies -- Ted if I can do it I'm pretty sure you can do. Show some class dead shows some balls. And I know you like to pretend you're mister macho men. You know and I watch shoots you to that any day with a 45 timber by the way -- by the way Ted Nugent. You wanna call me a member of the lying liberal media establishment. You had better. Ask some questions about me of the local gun owners and the local gun community. Because not only today but I will eat you for lunch with room left over for dessert because we can't stand phonies. I got a retired law enforcement officer all over this story for Ted Nugent is aware of what's going on. Ted Nugent will not disassociate himself from the ammunition company that is paying him. And are also paying Andrew Cuomo. I find that the situation discussed the frankly and hypocritical. But anyway. It's just it's so disingenuous. And it's such an insult by the way when -- get the story of the a plane crash. The other has been a small plane crashed greater Buffalo Niagara International Airport. I don't know the kind of plane involved actually -- just looking at a picture of her right now. And guys -- the picture be any smaller wanted to send the African thumbnail. If I know it's all you have I don't sorry. It does not look like the kind of crash that would have resulted in any serious injuries it looks like a low wing play and not a highway that look like assessment. Looks more like maybe a piper target help for frankly hope that it was a magnifying glass somewhere. Let me try another picture RC of the plane -- and the good news is it does not look under -- yeah it does not look like the kind of crash that would have caused the serious injury actually looks like the landing gear collapsed. That would be my guest. Kind of looks like one of my landings actually this is a low wing play and I think it's a piper but don't -- me on that I don't think it's a prior trainer. Dirt they use up piper. Up -- she's got a 180. And a 300 horsepower last I checked I don't think this is one of Ayers and I can't see the tail number. So I can't even look that up. But that's good news. Mike my guess my educated guess is this plane is gonna require some serious underbelly work. Definitely needs -- at the sponge bath on the undercarriage. And it's gonna have to have some new tires put on us and landing gear put on if I had -- guests. If I and again it's always dangerous guessing but as -- look at this picture. And I've flown low wing planes and specialists. And again my landings look about as good as this one might guess would be that this guy was coming in for a landing he touched down. And be landing gear gave way and it was a belly landing which also seems to have severely -- the propeller. But I see no evidence of a fire -- no evidence of smoke. I don't see any. There's nothing. Let's put it this way or go online and see the pictures of the Buddy Holly plane crash OK it's nasty. This way it looks like it is basically had a very very nasty belly landing. Joseph are we get a confirmation that there are any injuries of serious nature in this crash. Okay. Out -- how many people. Took two people aboard the plane this accorded to WG RC TV two people aboard the plane they both. Survived. We know that and as far as whether they were serious seriously injured. My guess is any injuries sustained in this plane crash could probably be taking care of -- chiropractor. On it and look I'm trying to make light of folks are really not. But there's a certain sense of humor that you have to have. If you're gonna be a pilot and there's a certain call -- -- mind you must have in situations like this. And any landing you can walk away from is a good landing. This one panel looks like. One of my wins. Except I haven't ever handled landing gear collapse under that's what this looks like. And I can't tell exactly what kind of -- it is other than to play at the -- wing. And it looks like maybe four to six -- but I can't again the angle at which I'm seeing the plane I can't tell. So the plane crash you're hearing about at greater Buffalo Niagara International Airport and I don't know which runaway. And I can't tell from it could be fourteen but I don't pull -- in that. It looks like fourteen but I don't know. And I don't know if the pilot. And others are going to be some help from some folks. I don't know if the pilots said hey I'm having some issues I don't know off the Lindy can I cannot tell specifically what model plane -- I don't know the lane that your is retractable or whether it's always -- I have no idea. My guess is. The landing gear collapsed. During landing. That would be my guess. But again it's speculation and what you guys don't want is speculation. What you do what I know is that the people to people on board the plane that crashed at greater Buffalo Niagara International Airport. Both of them survived and again. They're dousing is it always either dousing OK the other ousting of the plane with with with all firefighting ball. They're I I saw zero evidence of any smoke. Are coming from the wing area or the fuselage or the tail section. And again just looking at the small picture on seeing it looks like maybe four to sixty plane. A long -- I can't tell precisely what kind because the picture is just too small. So while anyway I'm glad that the people walked away or looks at least it looks like they were able to walk away from the crash. Idea and by the way did you notice the doors of the plane were shot. OK that's -- that's. Again -- kind of tells you something again let's just infer from that if the people are out of the plane and the doors are shot what does that tell you. It tells you that the plane structurally. The fuselage. You were able to open the door to get out and you were able to close it behind you to secure the door. Which means that the damage probably was mostly on the underbelly. Of the small play. And by the way it. Regardless of the soup of the circumstances. Whether this was -- guess would be the landing gear collapsed on landing that would be my educate my somewhat educated yes. The fact that the pilot was able to keep it together. And again I don't know if this was a trainer. I don't know if this was a student pilot I don't know if it was somebody who is a fully licensed pilot. I just don't know. But again all we know right now is and I forgive me afterward I'm repeating myself. All right now is. To people on the plane the damage to the plane looks like. It's quite. -- -- And -- people survive and I'd be very surprised if there were serious injuries in this especially if they have their lap belts. Because that's that's a big deal and that's why by the we should always Wear your your seatbelts and play. I always Wear my seat -- out here from a 767. A 727. A summit and it would no I don't care what Obama. Because turbulence can always happen in this had nothing to do as far as I -- that would turbulence but. Folks when you're up there and you hit you're -- convection current or targets like going over maple wrote. Before they outputs of asphalt down to nasty all right so anyway bottom line is good news. Both people survived these small plane. Even though the crash is an accurate word it looks more like a really bad landing. Or landing went wrong. If you have pictures of it and you'd like to send them to me maybe get a better look at the plane and I can look up the ridge. -- you can go use the picture it is if you could safely take it. I don't want to speak it over the fence at the airport and get in touch with the transit cops. Because I -- sergeant over there who were personally kick my ass. What you wanna do Tom at WB EN dot com -- at WB EN dot com if you have. Shoot me if you have a photograph of the plane -- you'll see -- propeller. And you'll see a plane that is gonna tilt it off to be. Out to the starboard side just a little bit anyway so that's good news that's good news last night we talked anything like plane crash in buffalo it was not good news. And folks there I know I says a lot one of the most disturbing. Events. Of my thirty year careers in this business was the morning after the colgan. Plane crash. Were fifty people died. And we started doing the show at 9 AM after the news. Within five minutes. Little old lady called geo and said. Are you talking about this plane crash okay. Right at that very moment. I was really ashamed to be human being. I really lost a lot of respect. At that moment for little lol ladies. Almost like Jim Carrey in dumb and dumber. All right let's -- -- about senior citizens. Although slow and -- those behind the -- can serve a purpose. Don't take pictures of folks that to joke from a movie no need to send that email. Don't need to have to watch rumors about that you okay it has hourly and Israel at thirty WBE. Coming up -- talk with a guy who's been looking into the phonies who is Ted Nugent for us. He's made this his life's work now. We're gonna call him truth. On WB. Love down. And then now they got involved. -- is six -- got beat you double talk and you will soon be sort of gone. It is out there and I can't believe -- That we can and can't do not get together. -- -- -- -- We'll -- man on the whole the whole range of the rallies GM -- I'll see listeners tells me that the -- plane crash at the airport was not on the runway but there was actually in the park about the long term parking lot. Making it even a more impressive feat by the pilot to do that so well and and I don't know by the way. If the pilot knew. There was a situation with borer. It kind of hit them by surprise that there was a situation. But. In any event the damage to the plane looks rapper -- the important thing is both people on the plane. Are not. Well they survived. And I have to tell you I'd be surprised if they were seriously. Injured. So thank you very much for the photographs you have sent I just want to add one more. Two -- a list here. And before I go to the calls. Any any further pictures you've got of the plain. Incidents at the airport involving a small low wing aircraft. You can send them to newsroom at WB EN dot com. Idea will not be able to put up any more my FaceBook page because under I I can't multitask here at bat well. Okay. OK if you are going in to the airport I have just been advised. If your going end to the airport you're not going to get -- I can only imagine the backup that's gonna have a Genesee street. You can get out of the airport. But you can't get to the airport parking lot. Really. That makes no sense why. I don't understand this. It's a small plane crash. We are not talking about fatalities of course there will be an FAA investigation. But looking at where this -- is situated in what way shape or form could that possibly affect. The landing or -- pattern of the commercial airline traffic at the airport. Now a look at ultra at a critical here people but a layman here yet with respect that I don't know why you're not able to get into the airport at this point but if you are. Supposed to fly somewhere right now out of buffalo it's going to be a crapshoot. And flying at such a pleasure anyway now with TSA lines and take your shoes off and oh here's automatic ticket while you forgot your reading glasses well. So all here's your 25 dollar baggage free now -- absorb the pain in the past we will let you get at the airport parking one. You can leave the airport it can't get it. I'm sure there's a good reason for it I just don't know what it would be. You can see the pictures by the way if you go to my FaceBook page any further pictures sent them to newsroom at WB -- dot com. Now about the target in two other things here. Ladies and gentlemen I want to go to a man I am going to call truth. This man is a retired law enforcement officer. This man first alerted me to the fact that -- buffalo area munitions maker pierce munitions. Had donated money to the campaign. To re elect and group all call. Andrew Cuomo who passed the most draconian. Unconstitutional. Anti gun anti Second Amendment gun. -- in the United States receives money. From a company that makes and munitions are you kidding -- Now here's munitions put out a statement which basically said what else we gave to Governor Cuomo because of the buffalo billion because we support other entrepreneur or is this buffalo billions gonna help but then if you subsequent investigation revealed that other anti gun politicians -- -- money -- appears munitions. Now where the stuff that's disgusting about. But where this story becomes even more disgusting. Is mr. big bad Ted Nugent. You know mr. at a school piers Morgan on the Second Amendment has proven himself to be a fraud and -- Charlotte and when it comes the gun rights because he is still a how. -- munitions. To use his name and his likeness on its ammunition so out of the one side of his mouth. Ted Nugent who wandered over 50000 dollars to speak at Albany. First class airfare four star hotel accommodation to do an anti NYC speech at the rally. The other side of his mouth he takes money from a company. That gives mobile technology that is an unprincipled. Political prostitute. Truth. I wanna thank you for being all over this story. And already the Nugent called is latching on my FaceBook page I haven't read every thing it is said so Barbara. How can we rest assured that Ted Nugent is aware that a company he allowed to use his name. And lightness is giving to Andrew Cuomo and other anti gun politicians. Well we have full documentation. From the new York state board of elections financial disclosure reports. And -- year 2013. There were three donations. Given the -- won't -- -- munitions and pierce himself. Totaling 171500. Dollar. 171500. Dollars okay so we know the company has given money to Andrew Cuomo. Now. Tell us about your contacts. With Ted Nugent. And the less than forthcoming or amicable response from the Nugent people to York calling them out. As the disingenuous. Phonies they are. Well multiple. People -- school mom version very murmured. Went to movements Nugent. FaceBook page. And put notices up there he has made three denials that I know all of -- actually played I myself went to which page. And I gave them full documentation. Of the new York state board of elections financial statements. -- days. It didn't deny talk about -- he denied being connected to -- munitions or did he deny that pierce gave money to the politicians. Well I can I can read -- this statement we -- would be careful I think there's an F bomb. Known at this when there was an. What it's resolved. Another rate will poster. Which would be an immunity in contributing to formal. And -- in New York support the city. New entry and choose. What this media boys to divide. The old ball. Yup folks I'm such a leftist media tool -- Ted -- boy he's such a Smart guy because right on to me after thirty years. Pierce made it attribution to specific community economic development. And all those people are drawn from pierce now. As if anyone could possibly think there's an older human being. Which fought longer or harder and -- perforation more than myself for all things Second Amendment freedom. -- on our side or dumber than the enemy said and it. Okay -- I don't even know how we first of all the idea that Ted Nugent has sacrificed. Is crap. Ted Nugent explain exactly how much money you'd demanded if you were gonna come Albany to speak at the rally. And I'll tell the people -- it was over fifty grand plus first art class plane fare for yourself and your posse and four star hotel accommodations you go and try to deny that Ted you're doing you'll be a phony. He's he's made multiple denials and -- what page. When I posted that I -- numerous -- ruling people's list -- because I wanted to give them all via evidence to work with. So we didn't think it was just somebody trying to gamble. Pop by the time I looked did that this morning everything was deleted and -- this also happened with several other people. They've posted this information on his page if it was promptly deleted. So if -- indeed. Cover up situation. He doesn't want -- want it now at these donations by years. You know initially. We found out about this revenue 500 dollar donation and and we started checking into little little bit closer. And we find another 101000 dollars in donations to Cuomo warned that the and it beats number. And the 23 in the twenties the most about a Christmas gift the -- something. And he -- another 101000 dollars. Then we started -- He gave me another 2500. Dollars to Tim Kennedy who voted for the -- -- and supported it. He gave another 12100 dollars. Ms. Lowe Lee Warren was the mayor of Rochester. Apple supporter and a secret supporter. Call and there's other there's other politicians involved two world. Match reporters the Second Amendment to receive money from -- career or piercings. I need the points up and out here are just so nobody misinterpret its truth I irate I need to pointed out look the First Amendment. -- munitions and or its executives can donate to whom whomever they wish to donate it's their right as Americans. But for technology. Out of one side of his mouth. To pretend he's this big supporter of the Second Amendment. And on the other hand. Allow pierce munitions. Which contributes to these politicians. To used -- in the regions like this and his name and even his own brand of ammunition. Other the other side of his mouth for which I'm sure he's getting a pretty endorsement and he is absolutely. Disgusting the hypocritical. He would yeses and and the other -- like the point out is this man is on the board of directors is the honorary. Eighteen years duties and responsibilities. It in taking that job and you know I'm linked it to donate to one of the arch enemies of this Second Amendment in the country. They're being called ball this year and this is ridiculous. You know we hit the school perjury was highly depleted in this battle against. The street fair. We had so we chartered many boxes. We have three different demonstrations in Albany but you're there for the first one. You know at least it did it was a slap in the face of the -- all urgent and to the Second Amendment supporters to have an aviation company. Dole leading to somebody who straining to remove the right to the people to all of our. And to make it even more onerous the ammunition company is allowed by Ted and now -- uses may have with his like this and put out Ted Nugent ammunition. Ted urgent needs to step down from the board of the NRA immediately. I I don't even know how to address this kind of Podemus. Exactly. You know I think it's probably a situation work. He is a financial investment in this whose -- munitions been distributed across the country. I don't know maybe you'll turn into a collector's item. The because. Because of the -- situation with this company. What you know he's in it I think a lot of it is just so showmanship. There are I think the guy might be a descendant of PT Barnum jumping cord damage. I think that Ted Nugent my -- look -- this is not a new thought -- expressed this up before. Ted Nugent latched on to the gun issue as a branding. Tool. OK I hate to use the word branding but. Would you. You're a position to confirm what I'm saying. About Ted Nugent and what he demanded to come speak at the scope rally correct. -- -- It was an excess of -- just get this straight it was in excess of 50000 dollars plus first class airfare for himself and six of his policy plus luxury hotel accommodations MI correct. Here. And he has the nerve to say that nobody has sacrificed as he has for the Second Amendment has even talked this -- -- as he talked to my listeners who make ten bucks an hour who took the day off to go to Albany to fight. The politicians. -- ammunition donates to and appears -- -- that takes that money it makes off of -- up from gun buyers and -- at the Ted Nugent missed a close Second Amendment makes cents. Well one thing I'd I'd have to bring up he could. You just be given the benefit of the doubt to a point. He may not have known about these donations by the company and the owner of the company what he's known for at least three days. And he continues to Stonewall and denied. You know and and I mean -- it's just not right I mean okay. If he didn't all -- it he needs to come out and Syria and he needs to make this statement that -- he needs to disassociate himself from peer. Yeah well absolutely because I I put a FaceBook post up truth. And I hope everybody distributes this FaceBook post. Because. Ted Nugent cannot keep ducking and covering he cannot dodge this story. No absolutely. It's it's starting it's starting to spread across the Internet to. Or other foyer and large organizations across the country. This story is leagues it's it's gonna keep on going. The longer he stonewalled in the longer he does this the more it's going to hurt him if he would -- It's who -- this role and said I didn't all while it. I wasn't aware of it boredom I -- ending the relationship. It would have been a different situation yes with. This stonewalling. Is if it's hurting them. Well absolutely. He is -- right he's at three days now. And you know what I do is not all that different from what Ted Nugent does businesses engaged my name and my reputation to advertise. Their products. The difference between Ted Nugent. And your humble host is if this had been made. -- would have had a cease and desist order on the CEO of pierce munitions desk. That day after I found out it'd donated to Andrew Cuomo and I would have returned every single penny they had they'd be out of sheer principle. Absolutely every Yelp pair terms is The -- has the -- to donate -- to whoever he -- -- that. We also they have the right not support people that are enemies in the Second Amendment and when were supporting pierce. We're indirectly supporting his political donations to call and -- still investigating this they're. They're maybe other donations this -- only for the year 2013. So and and there may be more here or we haven't had time to get into it I've been. I've been and a computer here ten hours a day communicating with people -- it. And or we're still looking into it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But for Ted Nugent. To the associated with this company he knows what's going on he is trying to Stonewall. And he's he's tried to avoid this we got a major that I either -- it. Look I I think the guys -- fraud at a Charlotte and I've been saying it for years but maybe now with the people. Well it was a real slap in the priest of the Paul what I would do it all three of these all when he rallies plus several other. And I saw the World War II -- you're walking with teams. And several guys you've been and we'll cheered they've made this effort to go there. And screaming out in the cold you were there for the first one you remember what it was like it was a rock -- sixty days. And yell everybody was they're making a lot of effort giving up at 3 o'clock in the morning to grow older and take -- auction right all day. Yeah we did 60000 dollars worth the damage to twenty dollars worth the grass which was pretty impressive. Outlook I have to go to keep us updated I know will be in constant email and cell phone touch. My friends think your lover. Redmond that its duties like six foot nine and 300 browns are let's find out what's going on with traffic airport and elsewhere -- Lot of via airport we understand that and Genesee street all the entrances actually to the to the airport closed right now because of the small plane crash in the parking lot. Once again nobody was injured the pilot was apparently -- in the UC MC news we checked out. But right now you can't get into the airport we understand. You can get out if you're at the airport -- -- people get out. And their -- and be holding a news conference and talked about this for an hour or else I'm not too bad shape a little bit busy guy who was whose -- holes already busy in the main line move -- way. But Tennessee street is that jammed up what we understand from our callers. In the Libyans was a little much after -- Eleanor stoically. You know Joseph -- -- firearms from the NF DA to explain why they're not letting people into the airport it's a small plane crash were not talking about a commercial airliner. Or thirty got a call -- OK because I got to play it makes -- cents on the surface haven't we got people backed up and Genesee street if your Internet traffic and Genesee street and you wanna bet. Be my guest -- at 930 is the phone number AccuWeather some clouds tonight overnight low 5056. Downtown tomorrow will be a 71 degrees. Partly sunny and breezy Jawad that you wanna break out of here right now out of your. Yeah out on WBE edit your traffic on Genesee. Talk -- friends to talk to your friend -- All right it. Regarding these small plane crash at the greater Buffalo Niagara International Airport you cannot get into the airport parking lot right now. So are you might be trying to pick somebody up from flight in the buffalo -- you might be trying to drop somebody off so they get somewhere else. It's going to be a problem. Now a and listeners says that it's a piper. Cherokee and it's owned by prior and they used it as a trainer. That is an upset unsubstantiated. Email that I received but I will tell you that in years gone by. Absolutely Pryor has used that piper cherokees -- trading and other terrific smaller point and that when I was in training mode it. They had to. One was an 880 horsepower and the other was close to 300 horsepower and guess which one I always wanted to fly. I had to have it 300 it's -- one. So if it was a -- that means I mean I don't know this if it was a student who is in the year plan. -- don't know if somebody was so I have no idea. But the good news news. Nobody was seriously hurt. And they talk one of the two people in the plane the EC MC for a checkup which is always a good idea. But. Players can be repaired in -- propellers can be replaced. Wings can be redone. Humans can never be replaced that's the good news and as. Somebody once told me Avery veteran pilot who has flown bigger better faster planes and -- touched. Any landing you walk away from sun. Any landing you walk away for a not the ideal situation but hey thank god nobody was killed. 356. News radio 930 WB will have more on why Genesee street is a Mongolian clustered dance and this play -- coming up on WB.

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